Blindspot Fall Finale

Blindspot aired its fall finale on November 23.  The drama aired 10 episodes over the course of its introductory fall season.  The show is scheduled to be returning to its regular Monday night 10 pm time slot on February 29th.  There are 13 episodes scheduled to run through May 23 for the spring season.

Filling the Monday night time slot previously held by Blindspot is the freshman comedy, Superstore.  I find it interesting that they put a comedy in the old place of Blindspot.  Knowing how well a drama did in that time slot, I would have thought NBC would have replaced the show with another drama.  But, then again, all the other networks are probably changing up programming too.

The live ratings for the fall finale were not that strong.  The show pulled in a 1.9 rating with 6.9 million viewers.  This is the first time that the show has dropped below a 2.0 rating.  The live +3 ratings, however, were the largest for any show that week.  The show managed to increase by 58% to a solid 3.0 rating… right on par with the series premiere ratings.  Seeing as how Blindspot lead-in, The Voice, was also very low in the ratings, perhaps the night’s top program, Monday Night Football, attracted the live holiday week viewing audience.

Live ratings:

+3 ratings:

Blindspot #11

Blindspot continues to perform well for NBC.  The show just reached a 5 week high in the ratings, dominating the 10 PM time slot for NBC with a 2.3 rating and 8.2 million viewers.  These are the best numbers for the show since the October 12th episode.  That scored a 2.3 rating with 8.2 million viewers.  Also up by 7% was the Blindspot lead-in, The Voice.  NBC ranked #1 for the entire night.

This lead me to look at exactly who is watching Blindspot.  The Blindspot audience is the most “upscale” of the night among all the major network’s scripted shows.  The show scored a 124 index in the 18-49 demo, with $100k+ income.  The intelligent story lines and intricate characters are attracting the more upscale viewer.  I think that NBC would be wise to continue Blindspot in the Monday night lineup for the spring season.  It seems like it competes well with the other Monday night lineups.

Ratings and Demo:

Blindspot is Headed to Season 2!

Blindspot just seems to be killing it.  This week, the NBC drama was the top rated show in the 10 PM Monday night time slot (if you include The Voice, NBC owned the entire night).  With a 2.2 rating and 7.6 million viewers, the ratings number experienced a bit of a spike up this week.

I am also excited to share that Blindspot has been picked up for season 2.  This is the first freshman series of the fall to receive a second season order.  According to the producers, they have a story line mapped out for season 2 AND season 3.  This seems very early to be announcing a second season pick-up.  Usually, for even the veteran shows, next season pick-ups aren’t announced until the end of the spring TV season.  NBC seems very confident in this show… and they have good reason to.  The ratings are a hit, fans are obsessed with it, and critics have taken a liking to it.


Season 2:

Blindspot Massive with DVR

NBC’s hit show Blindspot is growing even larger with the live+3 and live+7 ratings.  For the final week of October, Blindspot grew 62%!  That is a huge jump.  The show lifted from a 2.15 to a 3.49 rating, jumping from 7.9 million to 12 million viewers.  The 4.1 million viewer increase was the biggest lift of the night, beating out hit shows such as, Big Bang Theory (3.9 million lift) and Supergirl (3.1 million lift) both on CBS.  The week prior to last, Blindspot‘s live+3 rating lift of 4.2 million was broadcast television’s biggest live+3 ratings lift of the entire week.

I have a feeling that once Monday Night Football comes to a close next year, the live ratings for Blindspot (assuming they stick with the Monday night 10pm time slot) will get a lift.  I think a portion of the viewers are holding off and waiting for DVR because of the Monday Night Football competition.

I also find it interesting that the creators of the show already have an ending mapped out.  They are prepared for cancellation (which at this point seems highly unlikely) and have the story all planned out in case they don’t receive a second season.  This is the number 1 scripted show for NBC, so I can see the network green lighting a season 2 early on in the spring.  I think it is good for the fans to know that the creators care enough about the show and the story that they already have a complete road map designed just in case… but something tells me Blindspot isn’t going anywhere.

In case of cancellation:

Blindspot – Post #8

“Blindspot” seems to have hit its average. The past few weeks in the ratings have been somewhat of a rollercoaster, with the ratings increasing and decreasing. The steady stream has seemed to hit an even baseline. This week, the rating was a 2.1 with 7.91 million viewers. This is a .1 drop from last week’s ratings. It was the top rated program in the 10 P.M. time slot among all the major networks.

I also wanted to point out some interesting information I got from an article published in Variety this week. The article was a series scorecard for all of the new shows. “Blindspot” was pointed out as the top freshman series out of all the network’s new launches.

The show has slightly declined in live ratings since its premiere. But that is pretty normal for a show to open high and slightly decline. The key to the show’s success in the ratings is the DVR/VOD audience. “Blindspot” is the new fall show with the biggest DVR and VOD playback. The pilot episode premiered to 10.61 million viewers, but lifted to 16.59 million viewers. With an additional 5.98 million viewers, the lift was the highest among all network shows.


“Blindspot” Receiving Full Season!

“Blindspot” is becoming quite the story of success for NBC. The network recently placed a full-season order for the Monday night drama. The show was the first freshman series to land a full season order. This came only two weeks after the network placed an order for nine additional scripts.

Full season order:

Also, in addition to getting a full season order, the show saw a rise in ratings… and this is week four! The ratings never usually rise in week four of a series. Last Monday night, the show drew in 8.5 million viewers with a 2.5 live rating. This is up a tenth in the target demo. “Blindspot” is also the first freshman series this season to increase in the target demo week-to-week.


On a really cool side note, I have been tweeting a lot about the show on my class Twitter page. One of the producer’s on the show, Martin Gero, favorited a “Blindspot” related tweet! I just thought that was really cool!