Blindspot Fall Finale

Blindspot aired its fall finale on November 23.  The drama aired 10 episodes over the course of its introductory fall season.  The show is scheduled to be returning to its regular Monday night 10 pm time slot on February 29th.  There are 13 episodes scheduled to run through May 23 for the spring season.

Filling the Monday night time slot previously held by Blindspot is the freshman comedy, Superstore.  I find it interesting that they put a comedy in the old place of Blindspot.  Knowing how well a drama did in that time slot, I would have thought NBC would have replaced the show with another drama.  But, then again, all the other networks are probably changing up programming too.

The live ratings for the fall finale were not that strong.  The show pulled in a 1.9 rating with 6.9 million viewers.  This is the first time that the show has dropped below a 2.0 rating.  The live +3 ratings, however, were the largest for any show that week.  The show managed to increase by 58% to a solid 3.0 rating… right on par with the series premiere ratings.  Seeing as how Blindspot lead-in, The Voice, was also very low in the ratings, perhaps the night’s top program, Monday Night Football, attracted the live holiday week viewing audience.

Live ratings:

+3 ratings: