The real O’neals 4/25/16

This week wasn’t the best week for The Real O’neals. They received a .84 rating from the 18-49 demographic, and a total viewership number of 2.984. This is the first time this show was dropped under the 1.0 number. This could be for a number of reasons though. One, the NBA playoff’s have began and that will be taking viewership off sitcoms. Until the middle of June, when the NBA finals close. Also, the run in show (Fresh off the boat) had a rerun play in its original time. This could have also lead to the low number, especially because the 1-2 punch of both shows have been a moderate success for ABC. Also, according to TV by the numbers, this show has a good chance of being renewed for the second season. The show, After its 6.8 premier has been steady between the 3 million viewers and between 1.15 to 1.0 for the 18-49 demo. Add to the fact that ABC has a full ownership to this property? This may just be a placeholder until the network finds something better for its place. But for now, The Real O’Neals has been successful. Let’s see what happens next week when the lead in show has a new episode this week!

The real O’Neals 4/17

This week seems to be the normal performing week for The Real O’Neals. The show came in at a 1.04 number for the 18-49 demographics and a 3.648 Total viewers number. This show has been consistent between 1.0 and 1.4 for about four weeks now, as well as being consistent around the 3.6 million viewers mark. This show has obviously found a loyal following, which will be a good thing to know when renew or cancel decisions are made. I imagine the NBA playoffs will place a dent in next week’s episode, however ABC will not have any problems with this, especially since they are covering it extensively.

The real O’Neals March 30th

The Real O’Neal’s did very well this week. The show received a 1.4 Rating in the 18-49 demographic as well as a  share. These numbers were very competitive with the rest of the competition for day, as well as the show’s 3.67 million viewers. This and ABC’s Fresh Off the boat seems to be a good 1-2 punch for ABC. With this success of this 1-2 punch for ABC, I’m pretty sure this show will be renewed now for a second season. Twitter followers continue to slowly build to 6,095 which isn’t what I would like to see but from looking at the numbers isn’t detrimental to the show’s success.

The Real O’Neals update 3/30/16

To be honest, ABC has a bit of a dilemma on their hands. The show “The Real O’Neals has had very inconsistent ratings during their time on ABC. This week they garnered a 1.0 rating, which is consistent with the last week rating, but not consistent with the 1.85 rating that it received with the second episode which gave us a lot of hope for the sitcom. Also, Christian and Catholic groups as well as publications such as The Christian Examiner have went on a attack, saying that the show mocks God. Let’s see how this backlash affects next week show. Personally, I would not renew the show but as we all know, numbers speak louder than words. I believe they won’t renew if it goes lower than a 1.0.

Twitter followers for the show are now at 5717 which is also a confusing sign. Are the followers of the show not social media users? Or is the show just not picking up with the youth and the trend setters?

The Real O’neals 3/15

Today was a decent showing for The Real O’Neals. The show pulled in a 1.03 rating for the 18-49 demographic, as well as a decent 3.469 million viewers. This is a change from the last three episodes higher ratings, however this was to be expected. The way they launched the show with the certified hit Modern Family, there was bound to be a drop off in viewership until we reached a consistent point with the show. This happens with many shows that aren’t out of the gate successful, but find a cult following that keeps the show alive until something better comes up. Social media output has steadied since the launch of the show, however its less of a forceful pushing and more of a normal push now.

The Real O’Neals 3/8

This second official week of The Real O’Neals is hard to really understand. There was a big drop off in viewers for this week, bringing in a 1.14 for the 18-49 demographic with close to four million viewers. Last week’s numbers were 1.79 and 1.85 for both episodes with around 6 million viewers for each one. The show did move to its main day (Tuesday’s 8:30 PM) and now have a weaker (but successful) show in Fresh Off The Boat. It’s a bit early to really decipher how successful this show will be so far, but we’ll see if the show sinks or swims in it’s original time. Also, advertising on social media is still seeming to be flooding my timeline, but that’s good for reaching us. If it goes too long though it may have a negative affect on the perception on social media.

The Real O’Neal’s Debut!

Great news: The Real O’Neals have finally Launched!. And ABC has ramped up the promotion of the show. I’ve personally seen The Real O’Neal’s ads on ABC, USA, and Twitter as promoted content. Speaking of twitter. The Twitter account has experienced more than 60% More followers, with 3,233 followers as of today.

Now. For the ratings. The show was smartly placed before and after a Modern Family episode, which is a huge success for ABC. So we know that ABC is giving this show a great opportunity to shine. Two original episodes debut day is something i haven’t seen, but i personally like the idea. Further research showed me that ABC had this same strategy with Fresh Off The Boat, another show that did good for the Network. The First original episode had a 1.8/6 in 18-49, 6.3 million viewers overall. This was after the Goldberg’s, another good show from ABC that produces quality ratings. Now the episode after Modern Family got a (1.9/6 in 18-49, 6.1 million viewers overall. Now comparing this to The Goldberg’s (2.0) and Modern Family (2.6), this has potential. The .1 Rating increase gives hope to ABC that this can be a successful show.

Maybe this show has more potential than I imagined. Let’s see what happens next week!

The Real O Neal’s Update!

We have progress! Commercials started displaying on networks such as ABC and USA (which is random, because USA is a NBC owned network) promoting the launch of The Real O Neal’s. What ABC is doing is clever in regards to giving the show a chance to gain a following. ABC is programming it with Modern Family. A new episode of The Real O Neal’s at 8, Modern Family at 9 and another New episode of The Real O Neal’s at 10. This move is trying to give the show the Modern Family fan base, which is one of the most loyal and reliable fan bases out there at the moment. This is a good strategy. Social media numbers have remained the same at this point. And ABC should really ramp up promotion on this show to get the word out. If it wasn’t for this being assigned, I most likely would have no clue this show exists.

The Real O’Neals- Update

Lawrence Hudson
Journal Entry

Good news about The Real O’Neal’s: They put up a new video! A short snippet (15 seconds) of the show to increase interest on the show. It seems to be the commercial that will be premiering on television very soon.

Bad news: This is newsworthy only because there has been hardly no movement with this show. The page still has about 6 videos promoting the show.

Twitter followers are currently at 1,301 and have been stagnant ever since class began. ABC is not promoting this show at all. Stars Noah Galvin has been promoting with almost every tweet to his 1,273 followers and Jay Ferguson has been promoting to his 2,687 followers with every 5-6 tweet.

With ABC’s actions, it seems that the network has no faith in this show’s staying power. Hopefully things ramp up in the current weeks.