The Resident #2

I decided to watch “The Resident” on to analyze the advertising and to see if that can tell me anything about who Fox is trying to target. Since I am watching digitally, there are fewer commercials. There are five commercials in total. The first commercial at 12:10, but it skipped right through. At 20:53 I received the option to select one ad or multiple ads. First I watched a heartwarming commercial for Nationwide that felt family oriented. Next up was a Verizon commercial. Then a Hidden Valley Ranch “without ranch, pizza is naked” advertisement. Then a Royal Caribbean ad. I would then assume “The Resident” is trying to advertise to adults with families, which is why the 18-49 audience makes sense. Finally, Showtime showcased its original drama “Homeland”. I found this ad odd since Showtime is owned by CBS Corporation, not Fox. On the next commercial break I selected the “one ad” option. FoxNow asked me questions to make my ad experience more relevant by selecting my gender and age. It asked me about children, pets, housing, vehicles, entertainment, if I buy the latest technology and gadgets, if I travel, and if I want to watch ads in Spanish. I find it fascinating that the technology to target audiences and enhance the viewer ad experience exists.