The Resident #12

Since it can be inferred that “The Resident” is almost definitely making it to season two, I will try to predict how it is going to perform in the upcoming year.

“9-1-1” is an already renewed show of a similar genre. It would pair well going back to back with “The Resident”. I think it would be great for Monday nights, because “9-1-1” has a very strong following. This season, “9-1-1” premiered on Wednesdays. It did well in the ratings consistently every week. Airing at 9 p.m., the season finale of “9-1-1” drew a 1.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.6 million viewers.

The Resident #11

“The Resident” is back to airing new episodes and pulling the same exact numbers as before. The April 16th show generated an 0.9/3 rating/share and 4.2 million viewers. This is the exact numbers the show received on 3/12, 3/19, and 3/26. It is clear that the show has its core following and is not changing. The show has not done any major promotions to increase this viewership.

I cannot find any information on when Fox’s upfront is happening. However, I can see on Cancel Bear that so far only “The Gifted”, “911” “The Orville”, and “The Simpsons” have been officially renewed. These shows are produced in house and owned by Fox, hence why they are an obvious renewal. “The Resident” is also owned by Fox, so it’s chances of renewal by May 2018 is high. This in combination with consistent ratings is a recipe for success.

The Resident #10

Fox has partnered with Universal Channel UK to distribute The Resident. The show appears on Sky/HD 113, Virgin Media 137, BT TV 320/858, and TalkTalk. Viewers can also watch on Facebook Live. The UK debut premiered on Tuesday April 10th at 9pm.

Cast members Emily Van Camp and Matt Czuchry flew to England to do a press tour to promote the show. Universal UK did a live pre show at 8:30pm and a 10PM Q & A after the show.

Universal UK has been promoting the show a lot on social media. They have been promoting the premiere on twitter since March 17th. Universal UK has picked up a lot of new shows this season, others being NBC’s Gone and the Canadian drama series The Disappearance. Fans are already responding very well to the show. It seems like this is the beginning of a hit for Universal UK.

The Resident #9

Why did The Resident absolutely tank in ratings this week compared to last week?


On March 26th the show received a rating of 0.9, and on April second it went down to 0.3. Last week it had 4.21 million viewers, this week it had 1.78.


The drop in ratings was due to the March Madness final game on TBS.

Most Networks knew they would lose ratings so they chose to air repeats of episodes. Fox took the night off and showed repeats in all time slots, including The Resident. CBS showed repeats as well except for its new show Living Biblically. This was strategic because the networks know they cannot compete with such a big event.


NBC and ABC still decided to show new episodes because they lead Monday nights with The Voice and American Idol. The Voice generated 9.91 million viewers while Idol generated 7.08.

The Resident #8

According to cancel bear, “The Resident” is most likely to be renewed by May 2018. The show has an 18-49 rating of 1.13 and a Renew/Cancel Index of 0.43, which is very good. Since the show is owned by Fox’s affiliate studio, why haven’t they sealed the deal yet?

One possible explanation could be the Network does not want to commit to anything until upfront happen. Perhaps the network has an allocated budget to spend on certain shows, and if advertisers want a new show in the mix, they could forego “The Resident” to make room. Fox has not even announced its upfront date yet.

Another possible explanation is the network is trying to decide if “The Resident” is worth keeping around when “9-1-1”, which is of a similar genre, has already been renewed. Since critical acclaim has not been great, this could be a feasible explanation.

Even though the show is staying consistent in ratings, Fox is holding off until the last possible minute.

The Resident #7

The rumors about “The Resident” and “9-1-1” collaborating on a show together turned out to be not true. They should have done this to increase ratings. I am not sure why they never followed through with it.

“The Resident” still seems to be holding on despite the addition of “American Idol”. On Idol’s premiere on Sunday March 11, “The Resident” only dropped by 200,000 viewers. That week, Idol had 8.36 million viewers. The following week, “The Resident” actually gained back those viewers despite Idol having 7.74 million people watching. It seems like “The Resident” is going to stay consistent with numbers even though major players got added into the game.

Also new at “The Resident’s” 9pm timeslot is iZombie on the CW. iZombie premiered on February 26, 2018. It does not seem to be competition at all because it cannot bring in a million viewers.

The Resident #6

According to Cancel Bear on TV By The Numbers, The Resident has increased its chances of renewal. In week eighteen of the 2017-2018 television season cycle Cancel Bear gave the show three bears. Now in week twenty-three, the prediction has increased to four bears. Overall the show has an 18-49 rating of 1.28 and a renew/Cancel index of 0.58. Based on the ratings of the other shows, this looks promising.

If a show is in the negatives for the renew/Cancel index, then it is highly unlikely to get renewed. With that in mind, any renew/Cancel index above a 0.5 is highly likely to get renewed. If the show has a low renew/Cancel index but a high 18-49 rating, then the chances of the show getting renewed are also very high. You have to give the people what they want!


The Cancel Bear noted in its article that if The Resident could remain above a 1.0 rating, it would likely survive. For the next few weeks it managed to do that. However, last week it fell to a 0.8, its lowest 18-49 rating so far. However, the chances of renewal are still likely. We will have to wait until May 2018 to see!

Olympic Closing Ceremonies

The Olympics closing ceremony took place on Saturday, February 24 2018. The event was broadcasted on Sunday, February 25 at 8:00PM on NBC. Some of the program was shortened in order to fit the two-and-a-half-hour time slot. Some of the highlights of the night included a sports recap in the beginning of the show, a montage of medal ceremonies, Jessie Diggins carrying the flag, a 13 year old guitarist, Korean pop superstars, a look forward to the 2022 games in Beijing, and a performance by Martin Garrix. The major issues surrounding the closing ceremonies were the loss in overall ratings and the time change causing a tape delay and shortened content.




Prior to the closing ceremony, NBC put on an “Olympic Gold” special, which brought in a rating/share of 1.6/7 and 8.35 million viewers. NBC’s new show A.P. Bio followed the closing ceremonies at 10:30pm. It put up a promising 1.1/5 rating and had an impressive 4.69 million viewers. The Olympics definitely helped A.P. Bio, so it will be interesting to see if the show will hold on its own.



The closing ceremonies brought in a 2.4/9 rating and 14.87 million broadcast only viewers according to Variety. This is significantly less than the opening ceremonies, which brought in 17.2 million viewers. It is expected for a closing ceremony to have a smaller viewership than the opening ceremony, but overall the Pyeongchang winter Olympics lost viewership by 7% compared to Sochi in 2014. Specifically, Sochi beat Pyeongchang closing ceremony viewership by .4 million. Since viewing habits have changed over the past four years, this is not considered a huge loss. According to the Chicago Tribune, On NBC alone, the Olympic coverage averaged 19.8 million viewers across broadcast and digital platforms, while the combined average for ABC, CBS, and Fox was 9.8 million. That is an 82% advantage, up from a 43% advantage in Sochi and an 8% advantage in Vancouver. These numbers are very pleasing to NBC.




Competing shows throughout the night did not come close to beating the Olympics in ratings. “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” on CBS received a 1.4/5 and 5.18 million viewers. “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” on ABC received a 1.1/4 and 4.19 million viewers. “The Simpsons” on Fox received a 0.7/3 and 1.81 million viewers. “Ghosted” on Fox received a 0.5/2 rating and 1.21 million viewers. “Family Guy” on Fox received a 0.5/2 rating and 1.31 million viewers. “La to Vegas” on Fox received a 0.4/1 and 1.1 million viewers. “Shark Tank” on ABC received a 0.8 and 3.12 million viewers. “NCIS: Los Angeles” on CBS received a 0.4/2 and 3.42 million viewers.



Promotions for the closing ceremonies revolved strictly around promoting NBC only content. The network promoted shows across all categories such as news, entertainment, and even special events. To begin, NBC News teased an Ivanka trump interview regarding the Olympics, and said that more would be shown on NBC Today the following morning. There were promotions for the Olympic Channel, The Voice, Good Girls, AP Bio, Chicago Med, and the special event Jesus Christ Superstar. Interestingly, the network showed three spots promoting the NBC Snapchat account. This shows that NBC was conscious to hit traffic in all areas.




Immediately following content before cutting to commercial break, NBC highlighted its main sponsors. Some of these companies included McDonalds, Intel, Toyota, and Google. These companies paid more money for these sponsorships because they attract more attention than a regular commercial. The commercials that aired during the event were consistent with NBC’s and the Olympic committee’s values. The network showed commercials that appealed to the 18-49 demographic because that is the program’s most successful target. The network chose commercials that were family oriented and appealed to everyone. The companies with the most spots were Toyota, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Samsung Galaxy X9, Coca Cola, and Hershey’s. Visa used its two spots to cross market with NBC, using the Olympians as the stars of the commercial. There were three local commercials during the program. Two were for Adirondack furniture in Syracuse, and the other was for Laserview of CNY. According to the Chicago Tribune, NBC made a profit off this Olympics with $920 million in national sales. Sochi only brought in $800 million.

The Resident #5

“The Resident’s” biggest competitor this season is ABC’s new medical drama “The Good Doctor”. The show follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The show is the #2 show on network television this season, behind NBC’s “This Is Us”. It has received critical acclaim. Freddie Highmore has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a television series – drama. He was also nominated for a Critics Choice Award for best actor in a drama series.

“The Good Doctor” has exceeded expectations. The pilot on September 25 put up a rating of 2.19 and over 11 million viewers for the 18-49 demographic. The shocking part is the show’s ability to keep those ratings. The show’s biggest viewership deficit was 8.17%, but then went back up the next week 12.49%. While it has not been officially picked up for a second season, it is a shoe in for renewal. Overall, “The Resident” is no threat to “The Good Doctor”.

The Resident #4

It is no secret that network medical dramas like to play up soap opera storylines. Specifically, these shows love to get people talking about all the on camera relationships. We have seen it time and time again with General Hospital, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy. Now I see Fox using the same strategies on “The Resident” but with a modern spin.

Notice how every woman who tweets at the show is female. I like to say that the people tweeting at this show have a “fan girl” attitude, where they most care about the looks of the characters and the on screen relationships. The show picks up on this, which is why they post interactive quizzes on twitter and gifs about these subjects. Now with social media, the way we interact with shows is different. Fox is capitalizing on this “fan girl” attitude to boost social media traffic.


“The Resident” will be back next Monday 2/26 with a new episode. It took a three week hiatus because of the Olympics.