Scream Queens – Post #8

For those anxiously awaiting the next episode of Scream Queens like myself, we will unfortunately have to wait one more week to see how the comedic show will continue on. FOX will instead air the MLB World Series this week, taking much deserved precedence over all other programming. Had FOX not been the station covering the game, I wonder how ratings would have fared out for Scream Queens as it sways towards a younger female audience. With that, will other shows be heavily impacted by viewers instead tuning in to watch the Mets and Royals duke it out in the best of 7 game series?

Next week’s episode of Scream Queens will guest star Tavi Gevinson and be centralized around a funeral for an unknown character. Promos will be featured during this week’s series to gain anticipation and hopefully boost ratings up as a result. Also, FX is planning a Halloween night marathon of the first six episodes, so for those who are a bit behind I highly suggest you take this week to catch up. Enjoy!