Scream Queens – Post #10

640After a week off due to the World Series Game 1 last week, Scream Queens came back with a much duller episode than fans and critics were hoping for. Although it was only a one-week hiatus, the returning episode should have gotten audiences back in the groove – “Beware of Young Girls” did not deliver to such requirements. Critics stressed that this episode was one to attract those who are loosely watching the show, and they fear that many of those non-diehard viewers may now have lost the need to keep up with the show due to the interrupted airing.

It was equally interesting to read up on Metacritic reviews as many of the critics have yet to update their opinions, while users are very mixed with their feelings about the show. Many of the lower ratings are actually by users in languages other than English; Spanish and French – I wonder where the disconnect is between nationalities. American’s are either enjoying the show or upset with the large difference the comedy has from American Horror Story. I will be sure to stay up to date with these reviews and keep track of additional write-ups.

“Rosewood” Post #9

Due to Game 2 of the World Series, “Rosewood” did not have a new episode this week. Instead, the series is using this time to promote viewership among past episodes on Also, the series is using this time to promote their upcoming guest stars. Jaina Lee Ortiz recently instagrammed a picture with Lisa Vidal (“Third Eye”, “The Division”, “ER”) with the caption “Sneak peak…you’re gonna fall in love with her #mom,” so we can only assume that Vidal will join the series as the leading actress’s mother.

Moreover, a lot of the promotions that could be found on the TV series’ Twitter and other platforms revolve around this idea of family and showcasing the relationships between the characters and their family members. This seems like a new concept for a medical show, which helps to set a part “Rosewood” from other medical dramas. I look forward to seeing how these new guest stars and family dynamics play out with the full season order.

Scream Queens – Post #8

For those anxiously awaiting the next episode of Scream Queens like myself, we will unfortunately have to wait one more week to see how the comedic show will continue on. FOX will instead air the MLB World Series this week, taking much deserved precedence over all other programming. Had FOX not been the station covering the game, I wonder how ratings would have fared out for Scream Queens as it sways towards a younger female audience. With that, will other shows be heavily impacted by viewers instead tuning in to watch the Mets and Royals duke it out in the best of 7 game series?

Next week’s episode of Scream Queens will guest star Tavi Gevinson and be centralized around a funeral for an unknown character. Promos will be featured during this week’s series to gain anticipation and hopefully boost ratings up as a result. Also, FX is planning a Halloween night marathon of the first six episodes, so for those who are a bit behind I highly suggest you take this week to catch up. Enjoy!