Cooper’s Guide – Post #3

Although, as I mentioned last week, the social media presence of Cooper’s Guide is lacking, the show does have the support of a solid website for fans to visit.  On the show’s section of the FOX website, fans have access to full episodes that have aired as well as individual clips.  Other available clips include behind-the-scenes interviews with the actors and previews of upcoming episodes.  There is also a tab on the site titled “Barry’s Grandma’s Hangover Cure” which encourages fans to tweet their preferred hangover cures using the hashtag #CBHangover (perhaps the producers took notice of my previous blog post which was critical of the lack of hashtags for the show).  This is an effective method of keeping fans involved while the show is still on its hiatus.


Cooper’s Guide still boasts average scores on most sites on which fans can rate it, with the lone outlier being, on which it boasts a significantly higher rating.  The numbers are as follows:

5.8/10 – IMDb

51% – Metacritic

8.6/10 –

50% – Rotten Tomatoes