Scream Queens – Post #7

Scream Queens has been receiving some strong backlash lately from The Parents Television Council for showcasing “graphic decapitations and discussions of necrophilia”.
Although the comedic horror is rated age appropriate for 14-year-olds and airs at 7 pm in some time zones, the council doesn’t find these topics to be suitable for such an audience. Arguments are increasing against the show’s excessive use of violence, general nastiness and sexualized dialogue. Parents are warned to keep their children and teens as far away from viewing this program as possible.

The most surprising foscream-queens-ptc-mcdonalds1cus within these complaints is how McDonalds, an active advertiser during the show, is being urged to stop its affiliation with the program. The Council states how these weekly commercials reflect the brand’s positive stance on sexual fantasies with corpses and senseless killings. The organization went on to say that sales are falling for The Golden Arches due to poor sponsorship decisions and their own franchise is being negatively impacted through such relationships.

At the end of this week’s episode review, a link was included to write to McDonalds to share concerns. Is PTC taking this too far?