Kings and Prophets #3

With the premiere of Kings and Prophets came gut wrenching reviews that left viewers not surprised. According to, the downfall before the show premiered was predicted because it was the same team that produced the biblical “flop” Exodus: Gods and Kings. The USAToday article stated:

The problems with this laughable, sometimes unintelligible gloss on the biblical story start with Saul himself. In the Bible, he’s the ancient uniter of Israel and Judah. In the hands of British actor Ray Winstone, he’s more like a London mob boss who’s losing control of the family business while fighting off attacks from the rival Philistine gang.

The show’s initial ratings were in 0.8 in adults 18-49. It was troublesome for the network and with the history for the Tuesday 10pm time slot, it could be possible that the show will be cancelled. Last premiere season, Wicked City had the Tuesday 10pm slot and was cancelled after three episodes.

Kings and Prophets: Post #2

With the Eater season upon us, ABC has chosen an ideal time to promote a biblical series around the holiday. Premiering on Tuesday March 8th, Kings and Prophets is the tale of King Saul and David from the Old Testament. has made the Kings and Prophets page live with profiles of the new face cast, videos of behind the scenes, and public blog posts from an ABC writer. Critics are anxious to see the collation between this biblical series and biblical film Risen (premiering February 19th) and FOX’s live special Passion which is a musical that portrays a modern view of the Resurrection.

Critics are also concerned with the writing team for Kings and Prophets. Exodus: Gods and Kings (premiered in 2014) caused some negative reviews based on the “white-washing” of the cast portraying Egyptians and the Jewish slaves. Adam Cooper, who was a writer for the movie, is now the principle writer for Kings and Prophets. 

ABC’s Of Kings and Prophets – Post 1

king and prophets

Of Kings and Prophets is a new ABC biblical saga premiering Tuesday March 8th at 10:00 pm. The show’s plot is based on the Old Testament story of Saul, the first king of the Israelites dating from 1000 B.C. It is prophesized by Samuel that God wants Saul to destroy an ancient Israeli army in order for him to keep his throne. With his refusal, Samuel then prophesizes that Saul will lose his power and it will be given to another: David the shepherd (from the story of David and Goliath). The show stars Ray Winstone as King Saul, Olly Rix as David, and Mohammad Kari as the prophet Samuel.

With this show being based on characters from the Bible, it was only right for two of the executive producers to be Bill Collage and Adam Cooper who are also the creators of the show. They were also the writers and executive producers of the recent biblical film Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) which told the story of Moses starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton. Other executive producers include Chris Brancato, Jason Reed, Reza Aslan, and Mahyad Tousi.

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As far as promotion goes, there is a dramatic trailer that is available on along with a blog post from November 2015 by Aaron Welsh. There are also many promotional videos that includes cast videos, behind the scene looks, and 30 second clips of episodes. The cast is full of new faces so having detailed videos available is important for potential viewers and fans. It allows them to do a bit of research and gain a connection with the type of actors they will be watching.There is a Twitter page with only 962 followers but executive producers Collage and Tousi have been tweeting heavily about the show with a combination of 4,000 followers. There is also a Facebook page that has 9,466 followers and it has the same videos that are found on the ABC website.