One Big Happy ep. 2

As predicted, the ratings for One Big Happy have decreased from a 1.6 series premier rating to a 1.2 rating for the second episode, falling 25 percent. I did not see a lot of twitter buzz about the show, but I did see some interesting comments on different blogs. One author from said she actually liked the second episode of the show and stated, “I was shocked at how many commenters said they would give the show a couple more chances to knock their socks off, and if it failed, they’d just change the channel to one of 20 more shows with lesbian characters that air on Tuesday (deliberate exaggeration). It says a lot about how far we’ve come that we can afford to be picky.” Again, many viewers felt the show was trying to use the same type of humor as shows like Two and a Half Men. Some viewers said they wish OBH would write for the audience it wants rather than an audience created by other successful comedies. Promotion continued for the show this week as one of its stars, Elisha Cuthbert, appeared on The Tonight Show. One Big Happy competes with shows including iZombie, Weird Loners, The Dovekeepers, and Criminal Minds.

One Big Happy Pre & Post Season Premier

As expected, the promotion for One Big Happy dramatically increased as soon as March hit. First, executive producer Ellen DeGeneres talked about and even showed clips from the show during her talk show time. One Big Happy commercials also became more frequent as the premier date approached. Also, The Today Show’s Matt Lauer gave OBH a shout out during the eight o’clock hour. Lauer also conducted an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, asking about her roll as executive producer, and what she wanted the audience to take away from watching the show. DeGeneres said she did not want the show to focus on the lesbian co star, but rather have it just be one of the many components in the show that make it unique. DeGeneres also tweeted about the show several times before the premier.


After One Big Happy premiered, I looked to several websites like Rotten Tomatoes, to see what critics thought of the show, and the results were not pretty. Most websites said the show was cute but lacked original humor. Others said the show relied too heavily on the humor from past sitcoms. One critic from Rotten Tomatoes said, “Although Ellen DeGeneres is an executive producer of the show, her influence is undetectable.” Another said, “Obvious, dumb and mostly unfunny, One Big Happy is an embarrassment for all involved.” And the comments only got worse. I don’t see the show surviving for very long.