Minority Report- Post #9 Spielberg’s Involvement

This week on Minority Report the ratings dropped again. The ratings dropped to a .63 and it had about 1.7 million viewers. There hasn’t been much buzz around the show lately except for when Fox dropped the last three episodes, which is surprising considering Spielberg is the executive producer of show. I was curious if he had any involvement or if he was just given a check so that the show could put his name on the show. It turns out that he was involved a lot in the beginning of the show. He took part in casting to the point where he had to sign off on every casting decision and allowed the producers and directors to use the same machinery and props from the original film. Spielberg was involved with everything preproduction involving casting, visual affects and props, and cinematography. He was not however involved in the writing which makes me wonder how he feels about having his name attached to a show that is not doing very well and will eventually be canceled.