Weird Loners – Blog Post 8


   At this time, I would like to extend my condolences to the people who believed in the success of Weird Loners, which premiered Tues., March 31st at 9:30/8:30 c.

The show’s rating was 0.7 for ages 18-49 with a share of 2. Approximately 1.92 million people watched the show’s premiere.

Before we dive into how depressing these numeric figures are, let’s take a look at feedback for this show…

According to various sources, they are almost certain this show will be canceled by May of this year. The Daily Free Pressfor example, notes that this show is neither, “genuine” or “funny.” In fact, the critic found, “none of the protagonists of “Weird Loners” [to] have anything in common with each other except for the fact that they’re all single and decently annoying.” While he notes the show is not entirely “unbearable,” he does urge viewers to search out other programming if this pilot is any indication as to what the rest of the season may look like.

While many publications and critics agree with the Daily Free Press, there has been some positive feedback, as well…

The Michigan Daily, for example, believes the show effectively targets a demographic that is otherwise neglected in the entertainment industry: 30-year-olds. On the same note — however — the author does acknowledge, “a degree of predictability that at times runs counter to its message, making it a strength as well as a hindrance to a new series that must set itself apart in a crowded field of similar sitcoms.”

If the ratings the premiere received are any indication of this shows success, this show will not make it to May. Tonight’s second episode may put the nail in the coffin to this show’s season. Thus, Weird Loners — on some level — is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: neither delivering on its promises nor satisfying the needs of the demographic in mind.