Shades of Blue: Post 6

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Shades of Blue is down in ratings these past few weeks, and continues to look viewers. Neilson reported that in the 18-49 demographic in the last week viewers went from 4.98 to  4.73 million viewers. The rating stayed about the same at 1.

Dan Buffa, an Entertainment contributor of KSDK, did a review on the show that brings insight to some of the choices NBC may be making.

Unlike most reviews I have read, Buffa said that Ray Liotta is what makes a “normal run-of-the-mill cop show” great. Although he said Liotta helps the show, he said a show like this shouldn’t expect to see any Emmy Awards.

“All network cop shows have some good and lots of bad. The days where David Mamet and Michael Mann patrolled these streets are long gone and showrunners like Adi Hasak (screenwriter of 3 Days to Kill and From Paris with Love) try to do their best imitation of true grit for a season or two before it starts to stink,” he said.

Although Buffa said a show like Shades of Blue has many imperfections, he suggests people “soak up the tiny moments of greatness. It’s a fast food restaurant with an occasional great order. It has its moments.”

Buffa notes that this is because there are some very well written scenes and great acting with Liotta in season 1.

“He is the reason to watch this show,” Buffa said. “Without him, the show dies faster than a romantic subplot.”

He believes Liotta is key to the show because he “automatically commands your attention with his intensity, approach to a character, and complete buy in.”

On the note of Jennifer Lopez, Buffa said, “when you look at J. Lo and wonder if she went from the set straight to her concert show in Las Vegas, just look back at Ray and smile with satisfaction.He’s a real old school actor. He elevates this show. Hasik knows this and puts him in nearly as many scenes as Lopez.”

Buffa said he thinks the show has gotten better week by week, but the ratings don’t agree with that. Regardless they have been picked up for a second season.

“NBC knows it can leverage a corruption story mixed between NYC cops and the FBI for at least one more season. With star power like Lopez and a talent like Liotta, this show can run for a while. Law and Order: SVU may run until I am in a nursing home, so Shades of Blue has a little pasture to gallop across and the writing doesn’t have to improve much,” Buffa said.

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