Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #9

The ratings of last Wednesday’s episode on March 30th have made a drastic downturn. The culprit for the show’s decrease in ratings was due to Empire’s return to FOX, which was so successful in its first run that it even outdid the ratings of Survivor (Survivor had a 2.0/7 rating for 18-34 year olds compared to Empire’s 4.8/15 rating). estimated that as a result of Empire’s return, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Survivor both went down a tenth, with Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders going down from a 1.5/5 rating from its second episode, to a 1.3/5 rating for 18-34 year olds on its most recent one. Empire also had a great amount of viewership compared to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Empire had a whopping 12.46 million viewers).

According to, Empires viewership was in fact had the largest number of viewers out of all of the shows that tuned in on March 30th. The original Criminal Minds was the second most viewed with 9.17 million viewers. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders had 7.07 million viewers, which is not awful but still not as great of a number as Empire’s. Empire’s large number in viewership could be because of the show’s timing. Empire comes on at 9pm and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders comes on at 10pm. And, even though it’s a good sign that the show has not moved its time slot, and also continues to have a decent amount of viewers, the show’s decrease in ratings could mean that Empire takes over as the most watched show on Wednesdays.