Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders #12

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders numbers have been doing ok since its plummet due to American Idol’s last viewing. Now that American Idol is over, Criminal Minds: Border Borders went down from a 1.46/6 to a 1.3/4, which isn’t a huge downward dip. In fact, the show is still holding on and will probably be here to stay. For Criminal Minds: Beyond Border is still doing better than Chicago PD (0.8/0.3) and Nashville (which was the least favored show among 18-34 year olds with the same low rating of 0/8/3 last week). 18-34 ratings aside, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders hasn’t changed its time slot of 10pm on CBS and continues to be the top show to watch at 10pm on Wednesdays specifically.

The show’s continuous competition with shows like Survivor that come on at 8pm, has been around before the show premiered and still has higher 18-34 ratings and viewership than the show according to tvbythenumbers. Furthermore, social media (especially their twitter and Youtube channel) continue to be active with 6,511 followers on twitter where they post videos of episode previews and updates. They also on their twitter have been highlighting prime actors such as Daniel Henney’s interaction with fans, who seems to be getting a lot of critique from critics for being the quote “man candy” of the show. This review by Sharmila Nair from states how she believes Henney is the only reason why the show is popular:

Overall, based on the shows decent ratings and constant 7.48 to 8 million viewers according to tvbythenumbers, I believe the show has a chance of doing pretty well.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #9

The ratings of last Wednesday’s episode on March 30th have made a drastic downturn. The culprit for the show’s decrease in ratings was due to Empire’s return to FOX, which was so successful in its first run that it even outdid the ratings of Survivor (Survivor had a 2.0/7 rating for 18-34 year olds compared to Empire’s 4.8/15 rating). estimated that as a result of Empire’s return, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Survivor both went down a tenth, with Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders going down from a 1.5/5 rating from its second episode, to a 1.3/5 rating for 18-34 year olds on its most recent one. Empire also had a great amount of viewership compared to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Empire had a whopping 12.46 million viewers).

According to, Empires viewership was in fact had the largest number of viewers out of all of the shows that tuned in on March 30th. The original Criminal Minds was the second most viewed with 9.17 million viewers. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders had 7.07 million viewers, which is not awful but still not as great of a number as Empire’s. Empire’s large number in viewership could be because of the show’s timing. Empire comes on at 9pm and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders comes on at 10pm. And, even though it’s a good sign that the show has not moved its time slot, and also continues to have a decent amount of viewers, the show’s decrease in ratings could mean that Empire takes over as the most watched show on Wednesdays.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders #8

To recap from the show’s ratings from their premiere last week Wednesday at 10pm, with a 18-34 rating of 1.6/6 and 8.65 million viewers according to Their second showing last week on March 23rd at 10pm, the episode, “Turning Point,” had a 18-34 rating of 1.5/5. This was a tad lower than the premiere episode, but not to extensive of a drop. The show also had a decrease in viewership by 1.05 million (in total they had 7.60 million viewership this time around). Last week’s episode was also a tenth higher than the show “Code Black,” according to tvbythenumers.

Even though there was a drop in viewership and 18-34 rating, the drop was not a drastic one. As shown above, viewership only went down by 1.05 million, and the 18-34 rating only went down by 0.1 (1.6 rating minus 1.5 rating). ABC’s Blackish was before the show, but had less viewership of 6.07 million, though their 18-34 rating was higher with 1.9/6. Similar to the primeire of the show, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was more popular than Nashville when it first premiered…but Nashville has since increased its rating on rated Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders with a 5.7/10 stars compared to Nashville’s’s rating of a 7.7/10. The user reviews about the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders were negative, claiming the show was too “cheesy and without depth.”

Despite the negative backlash from critics, their social media continues to thrive, where they now have 5, 2006 followers.


Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders #7

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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders made its premiere last week on CBS Wednesday March 16th at 9/10pm east standard time with the first episode titled “The Harmful One.” The My TV Ratings website stated that the show had a decent premiere, with an 18-34 age rating of 1.6/6 and 8.65 million viewers. There were about 12 shows airing before the premiere, including the original Criminal Minds, which could pose as a conflict against the pilot show of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. This is due to the fact that critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 14% on the Tomatometer and a 40% of an average audience score. Criminal Minds airing before the pilot and the hype before the premiere pose as factors, with critics and audiences alike already expecting the pilot show to be great. But, critics said the show “relies on the same characters and storylines the franchise has used for years, with an extra undertow of xenophobic paranoia,” a low blow that may negatively affect the show’s viewership in the future. The show is up against Criminal Minds’s 9.62 million viewers and 1.9/7 rating, something to consider as the show continues to air.

In contrast, the show’s social media has been positive, with 4, 621 followers on Twitter, and a continued fight for viewership and an increase in fanbase by posting a “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Premiere Episode,” and a video of the show’s cast giving a tour of the jet plane they flew in the premiere.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #6

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With 2, 850 followers and 66, 775 likes on Facebook, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is continuing to increase its following as the premiere draws near on March 16. There was a moment when the following count stayed at 2,530 for a good week, but then the count jumped drastically after posting where the cast would be traveling on the show. The new cast also continues to interact with not only fans, but to cast members of the original Criminal Minds (who re-tweet whatever the new cast members post in support).

Subscribers on Youtube have also been increasing as the show premiere draws near. Yesterday, there were 293 subscribes, now their are 305. You can find on the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Youtube that they have two videos uploaded of some of the cast members answering silly travel questions such as, “what is your craziest travel story” (a great example of how the shows focus is on building a relationship with the cast and its followers). Another trend that has just recently started on the show’s twitter is posting travel tips from different countries located in the show, which is supported by the hashtag #TravelTuesday (it has 10 reblogs and 18 likes so far).

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #4

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Since Gary Sinise’s appearance at the grammy’s, and CBS’s inclusion of a Criminal Minds: Beyond Border’s preview on the Super Bowl, the benefits of coming from a popular show and popular channel are beginning to show.

Criminal Minds was the 7th most watched show on CBS, with 8.852 million viewers according to the CBS 2015-2016 rating on An article on stated that CBS as a channel itself drew the third Largest TV audience on record, with 1.4 billion viewers as they also streamed the game on their channel. This means that the third largest audience was watching the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders commercial as well. And, since it is also a spinoff of a popular show such as Criminal Minds, the show’s viewership has a chance of becoming popular as well. Though there aren’t a lot of reviews yet predicting the popularity of the show, a review came out recently by critic Matt Webb Mitovich telling of its predicted success. He stated that the new spinoff sets in a “Criminal Minds-type case in a different country each week,” and therefore lands Beyond Borders “correctly in the Criminal Minds family but with its own identity.”

The complete review by Matt can be read here:

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – Post #1 by Tionge Johnson

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The release date for the new “Criminal Minds” pilot on CBS, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” a spinoff of the original crime drama, premieres March 16, 2016. Social media buzz surrounding the show has already developed, and the show has been busy marketing towards companies such as TV Guide and Youtube. The new pilot is promoting its new cast by interacting with actors on Twitter such as Daniel Henney (Big Hero 6, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and by sharing a special “Meet the Cast” article published on that was also posted on Twitter. Youtube promos and Twitter promo’s have been focused on these new actors and their past credentials. And, to further promote these actors, actors from the original “Criminal Minds” are also interacting with the new cast, wishing them good luck on the new pilot on Twitter, which has 1, 693 followers already.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” has its own Youtube Channel with 3 videos posted (They’ve only been active since last Friday). The first promo into the first episode had the most views of 880 out of the three videos, which was posted just yesterday, January 27th, 2016. Overall, their Youtube channel has 57 subscribers since last week Friday, which isn’t too bad for just starting up.