Blood & Oil: Post #3

With less than a week until Blood & Oil premieres on ABC, the social media tactics employed in the coming days could gauge how many are tuned in Sunday.

Blood & Oil’s Twitter handle has about 16.6k followers to date, which do not seem too terribly low for a new series. However it will be premiering against the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation two-hour finale special on CBS; in which CSI has over 114k followers. With the fan following and recognition for CSI, it’s doubtful fans will tune away from the series finale for the Blood & Oil premiere.

Source: Blood & Oil on Facebook

Across its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, the show has promoted “5 Reasons to Watch the Blood & Oil Series Premiere“, which provides some compelling reasons to tune in–specifically, their male leads: Don Johnson and Chace Crawford. The two gentlemen will likely prove worthy for female viewers in both younger and older demographics, which seems to be the target for the show. Working on this tactic, Blood and Oil’s Instagram consists mostly of on-set shots of their male actors.

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Source: Bloodandoilabc on Instagram


Will their social media presence be enough to drive viewers for its premiere? Maybe not the big numbers, but certainly could create a core viewership.

Blood & Oil Premieres this Sunday, September 27th, at 9/8c on ABC.

Blood & Oil: Post 2

In addition to a fairly star-studded cast, Blood & Oil‘s off-screen talent provides insight on the quality that viewers may expect come its premiere later this month. For the writers: Josh Pate, whom has had relative success in film bearing titles as Deceiver and The Gravepairs with Rodes Fishburne, a novelist whom makes his TV writing/producing debut with the premiere of Blood and Oil.

The show, which has gone through multiple name changes, from tentatively “Oil” to possibly “Boom” to finally Blood & Oil, could be potentially defined by the talent and ambition of its producers.

Tony Krantz, the man behind the success of 24, could be the game changer for Blood & Oil. While his latest broadcast venture Dracula with NBC was canceled after its first season, Krantz has brought heart and ambition to Blood & Oil.  Don Johnson, arguably the show’s most recognizable and experienced actor, claims he originally said no to the series. However, after meeting with an insistent Krantz, Johnson claimed he was taken by “the passion that everyone had with the project” (Source: Entertainment Weekly, Sept. 18-25 issue #1382).


TCA SUMMER PRESS TOUR 2015 - "Blood & Oil" Session - The cast and producers of ABC's "Blood & Oil" address the press at Disney | ABC Television Group's Summer Press Tour 2015 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. (ABC/Image Group LA) JOSH PATE (CREATOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER), RODES FISHBURNE (CREATOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER), TONY KRANTZ (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER), AMBER VALLETTA, DON JOHNSON, CHACE CRAWFORD, REBECCA RITTENHOUSE

TCA SUMMER PRESS TOUR 2015 – “Blood & Oil” Session – The cast and producers of ABC’s “Blood & Oil” address the press at Disney | ABC Television Group’s Summer Press Tour 2015 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. (ABC/Image Group LA)

Blood & Oil – Post #1

ABC’s Sunday Primetime lineup will have two new additions: one being Blood & Oil, a soap drama with high stakes scheming and ruthless ambition. The series, which boasts the tagline “Millionaires are made everyday”, follows a hopeful young couple as they move to modern-day North Dakota on the heels of America’s greatest oil discovery.

The classic “striking gold” storyline may fare well for younger audiences craving a rag to riches story with plenty of edge. ABC’s hugely popular Once Upon a Time, which got top ranks for the 18-49 broadcasting demo, acts as the lead in for Blood and Oil, and seem to target the same younger viewers.  Based on the choices for on-screen talent, “Blood and Oil” has a lot of potential to carry some of the “Once” numbers at its 9 o’clock slot. Lead protagonist Billy Lefever is played by Chace Crawford, who will certainly create interest amongst the 18-24 demographic following his fame on the hit series Gossip Girl.  Playing the other half of the new-chance seeking couple as Cody Lefever is Rebecca Rittenhouse; who is set for a hopeful splash on ABC after her role as Brittany the short-lived Fox teen drama Red Band Society. Also starring are TV vet Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and supermodel-turned-actress Amber Valletta from ABC’s recently finished series Revenge. Johnson and Valletta will play opposite Crawford and Rittenhouse as ruthless oil tycoons Hap and Darla Briggs. 


Blood and Oil premieres at 9/8c September 27th on ABC.