Roseanne #3

Roseanne has remained the top show for delayed viewing measures. It topped all of its broadcast competition, with its closest competition being “The Big Bang Theory”. However, even though Roseanne continues to do well, people are still outraged by the antics of the show. After the fourth episode of Roseanne, multiple plot holes and timeline inconsistencies were introduced. WIth this, it completely rewrote the original season finle as if it didnt happen, enraging many loyal viewers who had been waiting for the reboot anxiously. Overall, people are continuing to watch and love Roseanne, even though they might not completely agree with Roseanne Barr, that does not mean they don’t like the show.

Station 19 #12

Station 19 is currently at four bears, according to “TV By the Numbers”, meaning it is more likely than not that it will be reneewd for another season. Even though it has not been a breakout hit for ABC, it has maintained good enough ratings to be renewed. Renewing Station 19 is the best case solution for ABC to continue with its TGIT branding, especially now that Scandal has ended. With two more episodes before the finale, Station 19 has pretty much found their adueince. The ratings have remained consistant, more notably with the last two weeks with a 1.0 share among 18-49.

Roseanne #2

ABC’s reboot of the sitcom Roseanne continues to be the surprise hit of the season. Per data from analytics firm Samba TV shows that the number of households who are fans of Fox News that watch Roseanne have skyrocketed 65% meanwhile viewership among households who are fans of cable shows like MLB Channel, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and BET, which tend to attract younger and more diverse audiences, have fallen by around 40%. This has to do with Roseanne Barr continuing to promote President Donald Trump and her right-wing conspiracy theories on Twitter. This has struck a nerve among many conservatives who had previously felt their views were being underrepresented in the media. ABC has already renewed Roseanne for another season, which they are proud of due to the immense negative publicity surrounding ABC’s reboot of American Idol.


Another issue being brought up regarding the renewal of Roseanne is the fact that the reboot is straying from the original characters and plot. While the original focused on Roseanne coming to terms with the physical abuse she suffered for years due to her father, and why she was against corporal punishment. However, in an episode this season she is seen pinning her “bratty teenage daughter Harris” and spraying her with a kitchen sink hose.




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Station 19 #11

Station 19 has not been a tremendous hit for ABC, but has done well enough to most likely be renewed for a second season. It most likely will build a shared world with Grey’s Anatomy, much like the Chicago shows on NBC.  This will most likely help Station 19 with ratings. Station 19 is also the best solution for ABC to continue its TGIT branding on Thursday nights through next season, since Shondra Rhimes will be making new shows for Netflix. However, ABC will try to hold onto Rhimes shows for as long as possible. In this weeks episode, “Shock to the System”, the team responds to a dangerous car accident that could have shocking results. Dr. Miranda Bailey, from Grey’s Anatomy, makes an appearance to check out husband Ben Warren’s, star of Station 19, new work community and meet the fellow firefighters. This is the first of many crossovers that are bound to happen between the two shows. As for Station 19’s ratings, it got a 1.0/4 with 5.59 million viewers. It came in second, below Mom on CBS but was above Showtime at the Apollo (FOX), Will & Grace (NBC) and Arrow (CW).

Station 19 #10

Station 19 episode 4 – which aired on April 5 is being called the “best episode so far”, except the ratings fell since last week. However, it is beginning to find a steady audience so hopefully the ratings will begin to stay consistent week after week. As for promotional talks, Jason George and Jaina Lee Ortiz talked to ABC7 about their characters and what we can expect to see this season. Jason George got emotional when he talked about how Shonda Rhimes approached him to leave Grey’s Anatomy. However, he believes it was an opportunity he could not pass up, and is so thankful he took it. Their twitter continues to be constantly updated every Thursdays with gifs about the show. No sign yet if it is going to be renewed for next year, but hopefully we will know by the halfway point of the season.

Roseanne #1

As Roseanne aired their second episode of the new revival season, it delivered a 3.9 rating in adults 18-49, which is down 25% from the premiere last week. However, it is still Tuesday’s number one show by a large margin and is effecting ABC’s other comedies. Roseanne is up against The Voice (NBC), NCIS (CBS), Lethal Weapon (FOX) and The Flash (The CW). It has also already been picked up for a second season next year. The huge success of the reboot has captured many peoples attention, but mainly ones in political circles due to the enormous viewership in “Red America”.  With the star, Roseanne Barr, who has a heavy media presence, between exhibiting conspiracy theories and quixotic readings of the president’s intentions, she is striking up a chord within America. People are opting to not watch the reboot because of Barr’s political views. However, many that do watch Roseanne say that it does not influence their political views and are able to separate a TV show from their own personal views. It will be interesting to see how Roseanne continues to do as the “newness” of the reboot wears off.

Jesus Christ Superstar Live

Jesus Christ Superstar Live

Sunday, April 1 on NBC.



Aired on primetime from 8-10:15 pm ET/PT and was also available on HULU instantly.

It starred John Legend, Alice Cooper and Sara Bareilles and was set during the final week of Jesus’ life, with the story being told from the perspective of Judas Iscariot, the infamous betrayer. As more followers are drawn to Jesus, Judah becomes worried that Jesus is losing sight of his principles and becoming arrogant. So, suddenly when Jesus attacks the people in charge of money in a temple, Judas turns on his teacher which sets the path to tragedy. Jesus Christ Superstar was originally developed as a concept album which hit No. 1 on Billboard charts, and paved the way for the Broadway show in 1971. It received five Tony nominations, and won a Drama Desk Award.


NBC is trying to change the way they have been previously presenting live musicals, and instead are going to present Jesus Christ Superstar Live as a “Rock Opera”. It was shot in Brooklyn, New York with a multi-level stage that featured thirty-two musicians interacting with John legend, who is playing Jesus.


Jesus Christ superstar live went off without a hitch, and finished with the dramatic crucifixion scene of John Legend’s Jesus Christ, which left audiences at home amazed by the elaborate set. It ended by Legend being lifted into the air and disappearing into a cross made of light


The original stage production of the musical was highly criticized by religious organizations, with Jewish groups calling it anti-Semitic and catholic and protestant organizations felt it was incorrectly represented. However, the NBC adaptation went off without any of these criticisms and instead was highly praised.  Being as how it aired on Easter, a day when families are together, it is when people are looking to share common experiences and have bonding moments, making this a family piece of entertainment. “The message is perfect for not only Easter but what is going on in our world right now and in our country…It has a universal message and it has universal entertainment appeal.”

However, people watching this at home complained of the audience being too loud and being unable to hear the vocals during the performance.





1.7 rating and a 6 share in the demo and 9.36 million total viewers This special led NBC to its most-watched Easter Sunday in 12 years, since April 2006. It also topped the most recent live musical on a broadcast network, Fox’s A Christmas Story Live last December.




Jesus Christ Superstar was up against American Idol, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Instinct and Madam Secretary. American Idol hit a new viewership low and demo low, along with CBS’ Instinct which drew less than half of the 1.3 demo rating that it scored last week.


Jesus Christ Superstar tied with CBS’ 60 minutes as the top program of the night in households.





Track were prerelease the day before the show aired to gain excitement. Promotional photos were released on March 21st and interviews were being conducted across all major online newspaper outlets prior to the show. As for during the show, Chrissy Teigan was live-tweeting and #JesusChristSuperstarLive was trending on Twitter as of midnight Sunday night, four hours after it premiered on NBC.





The most prominent advertisers for Jesus Christ Superstar were McDonald’s, Jeep, T-Mobile, Progressive, KFC, Microsoft and Google. NBC did not integrate any sponsor messaging within the show. However, John Legend appeared alongside his wife Chrissy Teigan in a 30 second Google ad while his collaborator, Common, appeared in Microsoft commercials. NBC also used the large size of their holiday audience to promote in-house shows. During two minutes of airtime, NBC ran spots for “The Voice”, “Rise”, “Good Girls”, “Timeless”, “Dateline”, and “2018 Billboard Music Awards”.


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Station 19 #9

Station 19 is on its second week and the ratings grew on Thursday night, compared to the previous week’s two hour 9-11 pm launch (1.2 vs. 1.1), which is rare for a debuting show. Station 19 took the No. 1 spot at 9pm on the 29th and was ABC’s biggest overall viewing in that timeslot since Premiere week, earlier in the year. As Station 19 marks Shonda Rhimes last new show with ABC before moving to Netflix, it is showing a promising trajectory with viewers, and is more successful then her other new show, For the People.


During the second episode of Station 19, the hashtag #Station19 was not trending, however the Shonda Rhimes #TGIT twitter was at the top throughout the night. The Station 19 twitter has been relatively active on days of the show, posting gifs with quotes to get interaction with fans




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Station 19 #8

“Station 19” premiered with an average of 1.1 rating among adults 18-49 for its two-hour premiere, which was below NBC’s “Chicago Fire” which was 1.2 for both hours in the demographic. “Fire” had more total viewers overall, averaging 6.88 million over the two hours compared to “Station 19”’s 5.42 million. “Station 19” was premiering against non-time zone adjusted NCAA games, which might have been a reason for the lower viewership.  “Grey’s Anatomy” was the lead-in to “Station 19” which pulled a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 and 7.5 million viewers, coming in second place right after college basketball. These numbers for “Station 19” are not up to par with what ABC had predicted, but still hoping that viewership grows in the next week, especially with “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” having their season finales soon. This is the first-time Shonda Rhimes has showed a Latina leading one of her shows, which is a shift from the black and white heroine’s viewers are used to seeing. Andy Herrera, the main character, shows that Latinas are more than their stereotypes of “spicy” eye candy and irritating supporting roles, and are strong woman who are the same as everybody else. As for press, Herrera talked to E! News for an exclusive first look at the poster and talked about her character on the show.

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Station 19 #7

With the premiere of Station 19 looming, the press has been buzzing with news regarding the premiere. Many local news sources have written articles regarding what Station 19 is about and how it will be parallel to Grey’s Anatomy, just with firefighters. In the “Seattle Times”, Station 19 was described for “viewers who crave sophisticated characters or innovative plotting [who] might be inclined to scream “Fire!” in a crowded living room to escape.” Meanwhile, it will run parallel to all of Shonda Rhimes shows with the classic voice-over narration, multiple strong female characters, a diverse cast, a love triangle, and some lighter moments of humor. It will continue to push the limits, as do Rhimes’ other shows. However, as for the press tour, it is interesting that none of the stars of Station 19 are scheduled to go on Jimmy Kimmel this week to promote. As for twitter, the account has been officially verified and now has over 13,000 followers. It has been tweeting gifs and sneak-peeks this week to get the fans excited for the premiere.