Grandfathered Post #10

Tonight is the sixth episode of Fox’s Grandfathered. After being picked up for a full season the show is beginning to find it’s groove and that character are working together more efficiently. For the past six weeks, excluding October 27th due to the World Series, Grandfathered shows at 8PM on Tuesday evening, but starting in January the show will be moved to 8:30PM on Tuesday evenings. Currently, The Grinder, starring Rob Lowe, is in that time spot and it will be interesting to see how Fox will shift around it’s January lineup. The Grinder will be moving to 9:30PM on Tuesday nights to be closer in the lineup to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, currently one of Fox’s most successful comedies.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.39.50 PM

This week, one of the show’s leading cast members, Josh Peck, sat down with LA Confidential Magazine and discussed the dynamic of the Grandfathered cast. He gushed about John Stamos and it was evident he was working to bring some positive attention to this new show. Grandfathered has become pretty stable in the ratings averaging about a 1 week to week and around 3.17 million viewers in 18-49. Hopefully, with more positive PR, the show’s fan-base will start to grow.