Grandfathered Post #12

In recent Grandfathered news, the show announced a new guest starring role with Drake Bell. For fans of the Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh, the duo of Josh Peck and Drake Bell has been around since the early 2000s. This addition of the guest star will helpfully draw younger viewers from the millennial generation into the show and hopefully captivate them with the humor in the dialogue.


If you take a closer look at Fox’s website for the show there are quite a few interesting components. First, all of the episodes from the season are available for streaming. This feature allows for viewers to catch-up if they missed an episode, but also encourages the development of new viewers because they can start the show from the beginning. Another interactive feature on the website is the prominence of the #BeYourFoxYSelf. This feature allows viewers to upload their own photos and put their faces next to John Stamos. These “new” photos are on display on the website to create an interactive platform. Another interest component of the website is it’s alliance with a website called Instacart. The main chef in the show is the “owner” of the account and places the ingredients in a virtual cart to fans can see what he cooks and make it on their own. Also, there is a promotional offer in which if you use the promo code GRANDFATHERED you can receive five dollars off your next order.

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Grandfathered Post #11

With any new show, it is critical to generate both viewership and revenue. Selling ad space for a new television is extremely challenging because advertisers do not want to waste their money on a product that will not sell. Also, when selling advertisements, advertisers want to know who will be watching their advertisements through the show’s viewership demographics to ensure that it is a worthwhile investment.

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All of the already premiered Grandfathered episodes are available on, which allowed me to get a preview of some of the ads for this show. One of the most interesting patterns is that the content of the advertisements is very diverse because the viewership demographics are varied. For example, there were commercials that focused on food products like Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, Reese’s and Honey Nut Cheerios, but also advertisements for technological products like the Nexus and the Droid and Google Play. This diverse set of advertisements shows that Grandfathered does not have a specific target audience. Since the show is still new, there is the ability to show a wide array of commercials from Lowes Home Improvements stores to Tide detergent. This flexibility in advertisements will probably become more focused over time as the viewers for the show become more regular.

Grandfathered Post #10

Tonight is the sixth episode of Fox’s Grandfathered. After being picked up for a full season the show is beginning to find it’s groove and that character are working together more efficiently. For the past six weeks, excluding October 27th due to the World Series, Grandfathered shows at 8PM on Tuesday evening, but starting in January the show will be moved to 8:30PM on Tuesday evenings. Currently, The Grinder, starring Rob Lowe, is in that time spot and it will be interesting to see how Fox will shift around it’s January lineup. The Grinder will be moving to 9:30PM on Tuesday nights to be closer in the lineup to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, currently one of Fox’s most successful comedies.

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This week, one of the show’s leading cast members, Josh Peck, sat down with LA Confidential Magazine and discussed the dynamic of the Grandfathered cast. He gushed about John Stamos and it was evident he was working to bring some positive attention to this new show. Grandfathered has become pretty stable in the ratings averaging about a 1 week to week and around 3.17 million viewers in 18-49. Hopefully, with more positive PR, the show’s fan-base will start to grow.




Grandfathered Blog #5

Last week, Grandfathered premiered on Tuesday September 29th at 8 PM. The episode introduced the audience to the new characters including John Stamos’ character Jimmy who is a middle-aged bachelor who owns and runs a trendy restaurant and gets the surprise of his life when his unknown son Gerald, played by Josh Peck comes into the restaurant his daughter, Jimmy’s grand-daughter. Within the first few minutes, the audience gains a clear insight to who each of these characters truly are through the comedy writing.

GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co., John Stamos talks about how Grandfathered character is nothing like his real-self.


In terms of ratings, the show was competing against The Voice (Results), NCIS, The Flash, and The Muppets, and these shows emphasized the variety of programming for broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Although, the live premiere ratings were not phenomenal with 1.5/5 share rating. The live + same day + 3 days grew 33% and become 7.1 million after the 3 day result. This indicates that many people were curious about this new programming but the time slot might not have worked in their schedule. It will be interesting to see if those curious viewers stick around for another episode.


Grandfathered Post #4

Is John Stamos involved in too much?

A simple Google search of John Stamos provides you with millions of results. Unfortunately for Fox, most of the links relate to the Full House spinoff, “Fuller House”. Although the extensive publicity for Fuller House cannot be blamed on Stamos, it could cause some worry for Grandfathered executives who appear to be having difficulty spreading the word about this new show. John Stamos went on the Today Show and had a one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer, but the highlights from the interview revolved around Stamos’ rehab stint and Fuller House. Stamos’ social media platform is also not focused around Grandfathered, which might damage the premiere ratings on September 29th. On the contrary, Josh Peck, the younger star of Grandfathered has been covering his social media accounts with posts about Grandfathered to help create buzz for the show.

John Stamos on the Today Show

John Stamos on the Today Show


Also, Grandfathered reviews have arrived from a multitude of sources praising John Stamos for his performance and claiming that he fits really well into television narratives. This positive critical acclaim and lackluster social media presence could lead to unpredictable viewership for the premiere.

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