Blindspot #11

Blindspot continues to perform well for NBC.  The show just reached a 5 week high in the ratings, dominating the 10 PM time slot for NBC with a 2.3 rating and 8.2 million viewers.  These are the best numbers for the show since the October 12th episode.  That scored a 2.3 rating with 8.2 million viewers.  Also up by 7% was the Blindspot lead-in, The Voice.  NBC ranked #1 for the entire night.

This lead me to look at exactly who is watching Blindspot.  The Blindspot audience is the most “upscale” of the night among all the major network’s scripted shows.  The show scored a 124 index in the 18-49 demo, with $100k+ income.  The intelligent story lines and intricate characters are attracting the more upscale viewer.  I think that NBC would be wise to continue Blindspot in the Monday night lineup for the spring season.  It seems like it competes well with the other Monday night lineups.

Ratings and Demo:

Blindspot Staying Strong

Now into its third week, ‘Blindspot’ is still holding strong in the ratings.  What is even more impressive than the live ratings is the heavy increase in Live+3 DVR ratings.  The ratings for  the 18-49 demo raised 1.6 points, bringing the total to 4.2.  The 1.6 increase beats out the 1.33 lift that NBC saw last year with “The Blacklist.”  This is now the largest DVR lift that the network has seen.  In addition to the higher ratings, viewership increased by 4.5 million viewers, which is the largest increase in viewership for ANY network show of the week.

Also interesting to note is who is tuning into “Blindspot.”  Currently, “Blindspot” holds the top spot for three race demographics among the new fall shows.  The NBC drama is the most popular premiere among Whites, Hispanics, and Asians.  The show falls into the number four spot among Blacks.  That is still very impressive.

As we get further into the coming weeks, I suspect that, given its proven success, “Blindspot” will stay in its Monday night time slot once networks begin to shift around their Fall schedules.