Scream Queens – Post #6

Rumors are popping up; Scream Queens may be included in 2015’s canceled TV shows, due to it’s lagging ratings. This past Tuesday, ratings fell to 1.2, down 14 percent from last week. Overall, the show has fallen 25 percent against its premiere.

There may not be much truth to this assumption though, as Dana Walden, Fox Television Group Chairman and CEO has openly discussed interest in a second season. In an interview with the Wrap, Walden discussed how he’ll wait a few weeks for data to trickle in to make an ultimate decision, but the seeds have been plotted. The show itself has a large following of powerful endorsements, as well as the continued increase in ratings 3- 7 additional days after airing each week. This is perfectly exemplified by the official viewing numbers from the show’s premiere. According to ZapToIt, Scream Queens had a ratings increase of 1.4 in it’s first week, going from 1.7 to 3.1; an 82% increase. That equates to 7.1 million total viewers after 7 days.

The viewer interest is there, the numbers exhibit that, but the timing is proving to be an issue. How will this all play out?