Grandfathered Post #12

In recent Grandfathered news, the show announced a new guest starring role with Drake Bell. For fans of the Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh, the duo of Josh Peck and Drake Bell has been around since the early 2000s. This addition of the guest star will helpfully draw younger viewers from the millennial generation into the show and hopefully captivate them with the humor in the dialogue.


If you take a closer look at Fox’s website for the show there are quite a few interesting components. First, all of the episodes from the season are available for streaming. This feature allows for viewers to catch-up if they missed an episode, but also encourages the development of new viewers because they can start the show from the beginning. Another interactive feature on the website is the prominence of the #BeYourFoxYSelf. This feature allows viewers to upload their own photos and put their faces next to John Stamos. These “new” photos are on display on the website to create an interactive platform. Another interest component of the website is it’s alliance with a website called Instacart. The main chef in the show is the “owner” of the account and places the ingredients in a virtual cart to fans can see what he cooks and make it on their own. Also, there is a promotional offer in which if you use the promo code GRANDFATHERED you can receive five dollars off your next order.

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