Scream Queens – Post #3

Last night was the official two-hour premiere of Scream Queens on Fox. As promised, multiple characters died within the span of 120 minutes, and I frequently found myself laughing out loud to edgy humor. A reviewer for EW made a great point in saying that the show isn’t for everyone. “Some will find it too sadistic or too campy, or unfairly dismissive of Millennials.” For someone like myself though, I would say the show is hard-hitting in all the right ways.

ListenFirst Media provided The Wall Street Journal with DAR (digital audience ratings) for all current shows resonating content most among Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Wikipedia combined. From August 15th through September 15th, Scream Queens generated a DAR of over 6 million. This number exceeded all other new fall shows by an ample margin. Scream Queens landed in 8th place last week in overall broadcast DAR ratings with a total of 2,255,000 ratings, as reported by Variety.

Next weeks blog will include the official ratings from last night, as well as Live+7 as I am positive that a great percentage of viewers will fall into that category. Stay tuned to see the results!

Scream Queens – Post #1

In a little over three weeks, the highly anticipated two-hour pilot episode of Scream Queens will finally air on FOX at 8 pm. I say finally because of the impact of FOX’s marketing methods, which started way back in February, initially without ever filming a single frame. As producer Ryan Murphy set his key cast members in place, Joe Earley, Fox Television Group’s chief operating officer realized that it didn’t make sense to wait until the first episode was shot to begin releasing ads.

Earley paid special attention to the shows combination of blood and bubblegum, adapting this vibe to the show’s first 12 second teaser featuring a college-aged girl blowing a giant bubble that is popped by a knife revealing the show’s logo. This video was released on February 13th, a Friday. March also consisted of a Friday the 13th, where a second video teaser was released featuring Emma Roberts. The show’s actors as well as Murphy himself have frequently tweeted and uploaded to Instagram to keep potential viewers invested in the show.

Seven months is an unheard of lead-time for a show on broadcast, but it may become more common as TV continues to lose its dependency by viewers to watch content. We will see if the early start was worth it on September 22.