The Resident #10

Fox has partnered with Universal Channel UK to distribute The Resident. The show appears on Sky/HD 113, Virgin Media 137, BT TV 320/858, and TalkTalk. Viewers can also watch on Facebook Live. The UK debut premiered on Tuesday April 10th at 9pm.

Cast members Emily Van Camp and Matt Czuchry flew to England to do a press tour to promote the show. Universal UK did a live pre show at 8:30pm and a 10PM Q & A after the show.

Universal UK has been promoting the show a lot on social media. They have been promoting the premiere on twitter since March 17th. Universal UK has picked up a lot of new shows this season, others being NBC’s Gone and the Canadian drama series The Disappearance. Fans are already responding very well to the show. It seems like this is the beginning of a hit for Universal UK.