Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #6

Word Count: 195

With 2, 850 followers and 66, 775 likes on Facebook, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is continuing to increase its following as the premiere draws near on March 16. There was a moment when the following count stayed at 2,530 for a good week, but then the count jumped drastically after posting where the cast would be traveling on the show. The new cast also continues to interact with not only fans, but to cast members of the original Criminal Minds (who re-tweet whatever the new cast members post in support).

Subscribers on Youtube have also been increasing as the show premiere draws near. Yesterday, there were 293 subscribes, now their are 305.¬†You can find on the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Youtube that they have two videos uploaded of some of the cast members answering silly travel questions such as, “what is your craziest travel story” (a great example of how the shows focus is on building a relationship with the cast and its followers). Another trend that has just recently started on the show’s twitter is posting travel tips from different countries located in the show, which is supported by the hashtag #TravelTuesday (it has 10 reblogs and 18 likes so far).