Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders #8

To recap from the show’s ratings from their premiere last week Wednesday at 10pm, with a 18-34 rating of 1.6/6 and 8.65 million viewers according to Their second showing last week on March 23rd at 10pm, the episode, “Turning Point,” had a 18-34 rating of 1.5/5. This was a tad lower than the premiere episode, but not to extensive of a drop. The show also had a decrease in viewership by 1.05 million (in total they had 7.60 million viewership this time around). Last week’s episode was also a tenth higher than the show “Code Black,” according to tvbythenumers.

Even though there was a drop in viewership and 18-34 rating, the drop was not a drastic one. As shown above, viewership only went down by 1.05 million, and the 18-34 rating only went down by 0.1 (1.6 rating minus 1.5 rating). ABC’s Blackish was before the show, but had less viewership of 6.07 million, though their 18-34 rating was higher with 1.9/6. Similar to the primeire of the show, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was more popular than Nashville when it first premiered…but Nashville has since increased its rating on rated Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders with a 5.7/10 stars compared to Nashville’s’s rating of a 7.7/10. The user reviews about the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders were negative, claiming the show was too “cheesy and without depth.”

Despite the negative backlash from critics, their social media continues to thrive, where they now have 5, 2006 followers.