Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders #12

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders numbers have been doing ok since its plummet due to American Idol’s last viewing. Now that American Idol is over, Criminal Minds: Border Borders went down from a 1.46/6 to a 1.3/4, which isn’t a huge downward dip. In fact, the show is still holding on and will probably be here to stay. For Criminal Minds: Beyond Border is still doing better than Chicago PD (0.8/0.3) and Nashville (which was the least favored show among 18-34 year olds with the same low rating of 0/8/3 last week). 18-34 ratings aside, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders hasn’t changed its time slot of 10pm on CBS and continues to be the top show to watch at 10pm on Wednesdays specifically.

The show’s continuous competition with shows like Survivor that come on at 8pm, has been around before the show premiered and still has higher 18-34 ratings and viewership than the show according to tvbythenumbers. Furthermore, social media (especially their twitter and Youtube channel) continue to be active with 6,511 followers on twitter where they post videos of episode previews and updates. They also on their twitter have been highlighting prime actors such as Daniel Henney’s interaction with fans, who seems to be getting a lot of critique from critics for being the quote “man candy” of the show. This review by Sharmila Nair from states how she believes Henney is the only reason why the show is popular: ¬†

Overall, based on the shows decent ratings and constant 7.48 to 8 million viewers according to tvbythenumbers, I believe the show has a chance of doing pretty well.