The Resident #3

Chances of renewal seem likely for “The Resident”. According to a TV by The Numbers columnist, the chances are better than 50/50 despite the shows’ average ratings in its Monday 9PM time slot. Fox’s sister studio 21st Century Fox owns the show, which almost always guarantees renewal. However, there are major changes happening at 21st Century Fox, so by next fall the studio could very easily not own “The Resident” anymore. When the new schedule is being set this May, the heads of Fox will also be running the studio. This is very unusual and will cause big changes in the business model at the company.

A better explanation of what is happening to Fox here:

Fox’s other new drama “9-1-1” is performing very well and will definitely be picked up for a second season. Something interesting to look out for in the coming weeks is Fox decided to pair up “The Resident” and “9-1-1” for a special to gain exposure for both shows. I think that the mashup will enhance “The Resident”’s chances of getting picked up for a second season.

The Resident #2

I decided to watch “The Resident” on to analyze the advertising and to see if that can tell me anything about who Fox is trying to target. Since I am watching digitally, there are fewer commercials. There are five commercials in total. The first commercial at 12:10, but it skipped right through. At 20:53 I received the option to select one ad or multiple ads. First I watched a heartwarming commercial for Nationwide that felt family oriented. Next up was a Verizon commercial. Then a Hidden Valley Ranch “without ranch, pizza is naked” advertisement. Then a Royal Caribbean ad. I would then assume “The Resident” is trying to advertise to adults with families, which is why the 18-49 audience makes sense. Finally, Showtime showcased its original drama “Homeland”. I found this ad odd since Showtime is owned by CBS Corporation, not Fox. On the next commercial break I selected the “one ad” option. FoxNow asked me questions to make my ad experience more relevant by selecting my gender and age. It asked me about children, pets, housing, vehicles, entertainment, if I buy the latest technology and gadgets, if I travel, and if I want to watch ads in Spanish. I find it fascinating that the technology to target audiences and enhance the viewer ad experience exists.

The Resident #1

This semester I will be covering Fox’s new winter 2018 medical drama “The Resident”. The show stars an optimistic young doctor (played by Matt Czuchry of “The Good Wife”) who discovers through his senior resident and expert villain (played by Bruce Greenwood of “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” and “Mad Men”) that modern day medicine is not always for the good of the people, it is about making money. The target audience for this show is 18-49. You can watch the trailer here:

The show premiered on Fox on Sunday January 21st around 10pm after the NFC Championship and postgame show. Outside of the super bowl, a series cannot ask for a better lead in, but the numbers fell flat. Episode 1 received a 2.6 rating and 8.65 million viewers.

Here are the numbers from shows that premiered following the NFC Championship in years past:

Experts say that “The Resident” lacked due to the decline in both overall primetime and NFL ratings this season. Monday’s premiere, which will be its usual air time at 9pm, took a hit as well. Episode 2 received an 1.0/4 rating and 5.7 million viewers. Episode 3 flattened out and was only shy of its competitor “The Good Doctor” on ABC, with a 0.9/3 rating and 4.68 million viewers. “The Good Doctor” received a 0.8/3 rating and 5.01 million viewers.