The Resident #3

Chances of renewal seem likely for “The Resident”. According to a TV by The Numbers columnist, the chances are better than 50/50 despite the shows’ average ratings in its Monday 9PM time slot. Fox’s sister studio 21st Century Fox owns the show, which almost always guarantees renewal. However, there are major changes happening at 21st Century Fox, so by next fall the studio could very easily not own “The Resident” anymore. When the new schedule is being set this May, the heads of Fox will also be running the studio. This is very unusual and will cause big changes in the business model at the company.

A better explanation of what is happening to Fox here:

Fox’s other new drama “9-1-1” is performing very well and will definitely be picked up for a second season. Something interesting to look out for in the coming weeks is Fox decided to pair up “The Resident” and “9-1-1” for a special to gain exposure for both shows. I think that the mashup will enhance “The Resident”’s chances of getting picked up for a second season.

Shades of Blue: Post #3

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NBC’s Shades of Blue is taking on another season:

Variety reported this week that NBC picked up Shades of Blue for a second season. The show’s ratings have decreased slightly week-by-week, but they still show promise because of the star power of Jennifer Lopez.. This past week the show got a 1.09 rating with about 5.4 million viewers.  Lopez has such star power that overall she is carrying the show and it has still been successful for NBC.

Thursday night at 10:00 can be a tough program slot, but Variety also reported that Shades of Blue gave NBC “it’s first Thursday-at-10 wins with in-season regular programming over original competition on ABC and CBS since March 2010 in the demo and since March 2008 in total viewers.”

The number of episodes for season two was not announced, but due to Lopez’s star power season one (13 episodes) went straight-to-series. Variety reported that since Lopez has such a busy schedule it is likely that the second season will also be short.

Shades of Blue twitter following update: 16.9K followers

Blindspot is Headed to Season 2!

Blindspot just seems to be killing it.  This week, the NBC drama was the top rated show in the 10 PM Monday night time slot (if you include The Voice, NBC owned the entire night).  With a 2.2 rating and 7.6 million viewers, the ratings number experienced a bit of a spike up this week.

I am also excited to share that Blindspot has been picked up for season 2.  This is the first freshman series of the fall to receive a second season order.  According to the producers, they have a story line mapped out for season 2 AND season 3.  This seems very early to be announcing a second season pick-up.  Usually, for even the veteran shows, next season pick-ups aren’t announced until the end of the spring TV season.  NBC seems very confident in this show… and they have good reason to.  The ratings are a hit, fans are obsessed with it, and critics have taken a liking to it.


Season 2: