Lucifer Post #14

This week Lucifer aired its season finale, which brought in a rating/share of 1.3/4 and 3.86 million viewers. Although these were the same numbers as the episode last week, the series did manage to increase from a 1.1 to 1.3 from a few weeks prior. Lucifer has now finished up season one and will begin working towards season two.

Since last nights episode, Twitter has been extremely active with fan tweeting about the shocking finale and all that is to come for next season. The Lucifer Twitter account is currently still posting short memes and clips about the finale, along with replying to fans consistently. As for lead actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German, they both continue replying back to fans and showing gratitude towards everyone who has supported them throughout.

In regards to Tom Ellis, he has done an exceptionally well job at promoting the series since it’s premier back in January. Not only has Ellis been promoting Lucifer through social media, he has maintained relationships with fans each week. When starting off the series, Ellis was at 97.6 thousands followers and now has 123.8 thousand. The official Lucifer Twitter account also has drastically increased in followers, first starting off with 24.8 thousand and now having 57.6 thousand. Both accounts have used social media to help promote the show and keep fans involved, which has been a great strategy.

Overall, with Lucifer coming to an end for season one, it is safe to say the series proved critics wrong. Before the show premiered, many critics, such as those on Rotten Tomatoes, stated Lucifer was going to shortly get cut and fail due to its story plot. However, despite its story line that some found offensive, Lucifer came in strong and moved its way to renewing another season. Regardless if the series brought in the highest rating for its Monday 9:00 PM time slot, Lucifer has maintained steady ratings and viewers since the beginning, and has shown to attached viewers from all around.

Lucifer Post #13

On Monday, April 18th, Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.3/4 and 3.86 million viewers. Both ratings and viewers jumped up a tad from the week prior, which had a rating/share of 1.1/3, and 3.47 million viewers. As the season slowly comes to an end, it is great to the numbers increase. especially since Lucifer will be continuing onto season two.

In regards to how Lucifer has been doing during its time slot, well, it remains locking in the second highest scores during the Monday 9:00 slot. Since the premiere of the season, Lucifer has been struggling to beat Scorpion’s (CBS), rating/share and viewers. However, the series has still continued to bring in higher numbers than Jane the Virgin (The CW).

As for social media, both the Lucifer Twitter and Facebook page have continued to be very active with fans. Both social media accounts have showed tremendous enthusiasm towards the series being renewed. The cast of Lucifer has also been very attentive and responsive towards fans on their personal Twitter accounts. Many cast members continue to promote the series and interact with fans daily. Currently, cast members are tweeting and posting mainly about the season finale, which airs April 25th at 9:00 PM.


Lucifer Post #12

This week Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.1/3 and 3.47 million viewers. Although both rating and viewers are a little down from previous weeks, the series overall has shown a consistent rating/share since it’s premier back in January. Lucifer still remains the second highest rating in it’s time slot, with Scorpion taking the lead at a 1.6 rating and 8.49 million viewers. However, FOX finally announced that Lucifer has been renewed for a second season. The network did not release a date as to when it will begin, but sources say (Deadline and Sports Rageous) the production team wants to keep it a secret for now, so fans can anxiously await the announcement.

As for social media, the cast has vividly shown their excitement on Twitter and Facebook. Both cast and crew have expressed their gratitude to fans and critics for supporting the new series. Lead actor Tom Ellis, has personally thanked many fans for the love that they’ve shown throughout and states he will continue to make them proud from here on.

On Twitter, Ellis is now up to 118.1 thousand followers and has consistently tweeted about the series, especially it’s streaming on Amazon Video UK. Ellis’ co-star Lauren German, also has shown Twitter much love towards her fans. German actually now has more twitter followers than Ellis, racking in 118.7 thousand. However, regardless of followers, both stars have done an incredible job promoting the show and interacting with fans. Since Lucifer’s premier, both have been fully engaged in the fans thoughts and feelings towards each episode.

Lucifer Post #11

This week Lucifer aired a rerun of a previous episode and brought in a rating/share of 0.6/2 and 2.11 million viewers. Although this week was a rerun episode, the rating/share and viewers did drastically drop in comparison to previous weeks. However, despite this week’s ratings and reviews, Lucifer has been staying steady in both ratings and viewers when a new episode is aired. For the last three weeks the series remained at a 1.2 rating and roughly around 3.79 million viewers. Next week Lucifer will be airing a new episode so let’s hope it draws in more viewers and a rating above a 1.2.

Lucifer Post #10

This week Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.2/4 and 3.79 million viewers. Both rating and share stayed exactly the same from the week before, but viewers went up 0.03. Over the last few weeks Lucifer has been maintaining a steady rate/share, although their viewers have been slightly fluctuating each week. However, since it’s premier back in January, Lucifer has been doing fairly well.

In regards to social media, Lucifer has been extremely active on their Facebook page with consistently posting newest clips and previews. Currently, the account has been promoting each recent episode and encouraging fans to go watch on FOX NOW. As for Twitter, Lucifer seems to be focusing on their hashtag, #LuciferOnFox, which is trending majority on Tom Ellis’ Twitter posts. However, last nights episode was the first episode that Ellis and co-star Lauren German, did not tweet or post any memes/clips about the show. But, German did post a short sneak peek to the Monday episode two days prior.

Although the stars weren’t active in tweeting during this weeks episode, both themselves and the Lucifer Twitter account continue to increase with Twitter followers each week. They all still maintain a strong interaction with fans and critics from all around.

Lucifer Post #9

This week Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.2/4 and 3.76 million viewers. Compared to last weeks ratings, the series did stay the same in both ratings and shares, but dropped a tad in viewers. However, the show is still maintaining a solid viewer base and not drastically decreasing each week.

Currently, the series still remains in conversation of whether or not Lucifer will continue onto season two. According to TV Series Finale, the show has the overall ratings to proceed, however, many want the show to be canceled due to religion and moral beliefs. As stated on TV Series Finale, One Millions Mom Group wants the show to be canceled strictly because of the main character being the devil, and the overall story plot. Sources say a decision will be made sometime in May in regards to a second season.

As for social media, both the Lucifer cast members and production team continue to interact with fans through Facebook and Twitter. The account pages of Tom Ellis, Lauren German and the official Lucifer FOX have all shown great excitement to each upcoming episode. Blurbs, memes, and short clips have been posted daily both on the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Fans have been active in re-tweeting, posting, and sharing all promotions via social media.The hashtags #LuciferisHere, #Lucifer, and #RenewLucifer  are all still trending on Twitter.

Lucifer Post #8

Last week (March 14th episode), Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.2/4 and 3.87 million viewers. The series took a slight drop in both ratings and viewers from the week prior, but have still remained a strong social media stance. Although Lucifer has slowly dropped since it’s premier, it has still shown a great deal of communication between fans and cast/crew.

In regards to the Lucifer cast, Tom Ellis is now at 111.5 thousand followers, co-star Lauren German is at 116 thousand, and the Lucifer FOX account is at 44.3 thousand. Since the promotions began for Lucifer back in the fall, all three accounts have increased a significant amount each week. All accounts have maintained a strong connection with fans from all over, including those who view the series through online streaming. Tom Ellis alone posts an average of 3-4 times a day about the series, mainly focusing on answering fans tweets or tweeting about next weeks episode. In comparison, Lauren German’s posts also focus on conversations between fans and other co-stars, such as Rachael Harris.

Currently on social media, the Lucifer cast/crew and fans have been mainly focusing on this weeks upcoming episode, which features actor Colman Domingo. The cast and crew have shown their excitement of Domingo’s guest appearance on the series by posting sneak previews to the March 21st episode. And by the looks of it, many are excited to see the role of Domingo’s character.

Lastly, Lucifer is still in the talks of whether or not the series will be getting renewed for season two. As fans and cast members await the decision, #RenewLucifer still remains trending.

Lucifer Post #7

On March 7th, Lucifer brought in the same rating as the week prior, a 1.3. However, the share went down to a 4 and viewers went up to 4.35 million. Although the rating stayed the same, it’s great to see the viewers growing. Lucifer remains airing on both Amazon and Hulu, which has helped attract more viewers after each episodes airing. Those in the U.K have made a significant impact on streaming ratings by tuning into the series through Amazon. As for social media, over the week Lucifer continued to grow both on Facebook and Twitter. Both social media accounts remained very active in communicating with fans/viewers.

According to Twitter, Tom Ellis has started to advertise the show more on his account page by promoting his new hash tag, #RenewLucifer. It is quite clear that both cast and production team are working towards renewing the series for a second season, and by the looks for it, many fans are for it as well. Co-star Lauren German has also started to post more about the series and has begun interacting with fans on a more conversational level. In comparison, the Lucifer FOX page, still continues to re-tweet and post memes/pictures of both past and future episodes, as well as answer any questions that fans may tweet.

Overall, Lucifer is doing fairly well with both ratings and social media. By the looks of it, all those who are involved with the series have made a tremendous effort to show their fans how appreciative they are of their support.

Lucifer Post #6

Last week Lucifer’s rating/share came in at a 1.3/4, with 3.92 million viewers. As seen in previous weeks, the series seems to be slowly decreasing in both ratings and viewers each week. Although there hasn’t been a drastic drop, Lucifer is still receiving lower numbers each week, which may be a cause from other shows playing during this time slot, such as Scorpion on CBS. However, online screaming has been helping the series out by gaining for viewers throughout a three day period.

In regards to social media, lead actor Tom Ellis is still gaining a solid amount of followers. Ellis is now at 107.8 thousand followers and has recently been tweeting more with fans than normally. On his current Twitter page, #Lucifer is being shared through a photo post that states rules on how to get #Lucifer to trend. Also on Twitter, co-star Lauren German has consistently been tweeting about the series both during and after the show. As for Facebook, the Lucifer page has maintained posting short clips of the series and has a large amount of viewers and shares.

Currently, Lucifer is up for discussion to see if the series should continue onto season two. As of now, things are looking very good for Lucifer, bringing in a 1.48 for renew/cancel index.

Lucifer Post #5

On February 22nd, Lucifer brought in a rating/share of 1.5/4 and 4.91 million viewers. Since the premier of the series, both ratings and viewers have slightly decreased each week. However, the show still remains attracting viewers through online streaming, such as Hulu.

As for social media, Tom Ellis is now at 104.2 thousand followers and the Lucifer FOX account is at 36.4 thousand. Both accounts are still doing very well interacting with fans and critics. On Twitter, the shows hashtag has seem to change from mostly using #LuciferisHere to now just #Lucifer. From just #Lucifer, there has been 13.5 thousand tweets since the premier.

The Lucifer Facebook page has also been doing well with attracting fans each week. According to their Facebook page, they have 230,558 “likes” and a very active posting routine. After the series premiered the show began to post more episode previews on the Facebook page, which has large range of views. Many of the episode/series previews range between 13.6 million and 78.6 million views. Although this range is quite broad, the Facebook page shows to gain more viewers on their videos when the posts are more spread out.