Grandfathered Blog #2

Grandfathered – Blog #2

As Grandfathered prepares for its premiere on Tuesday September 29th, Fox must consider this show’s competition for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, Grandfathered will be directly competing against the CW show, The Flash. The Flash is known for being one of the first Superhero TV show hits in recent years. This along with Jane the Virgin helped boost ratings on CW Network last year. This show and network are targets younger viewers in their teenage years, so Grandfathered might lose some younger viewership to this program.

Also, Grandfathered will be competing against NCIS, which has long-standing viewers that tend to be older. NCIS, draws in a solid following, but their viewers could be becoming bored with their average content and might look to some new programming like Grandfathered. Completely different genres, but hopefully Grandfathered can steal some of this viewership.

ABC will also be premiering a new show at this time, The Muppets. The Muppets, always a fan favorite might cause some shifting in this Tuesday night lineup and it will be interesting to see what age demographic ABC will be targeting.

Grandfathered – Post #1

Grandfathered – Blog Post #1

John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse from Full House is one of the most beloved television characters from any sitcom. Grandfathered, premiering on September 29th on Fox, follows John Stamos’ ‘new’ character as he plays a lifelong bachelor who discovers that he not only has a son, but now a granddaughter. This show takes John Stamos’ strengths from Full House and incorporates it into this new show’s storylines. Fox appears hopeful that surrounding Stamos with components that made Full House successful could make this show a success, too.

This show has been gaining a lot of traction due to the wide appeal of the content. Although, not as family friendly as Full House, it is hoping to tap into similar demographics. From a business standpoint, this show has the potential to do extremely well in the 18-49 demographic because the older portion of this age group remembers Stamos in his iconic role. Also, the younger demographics are drawn into the show because of stars like Josh Peck and Christina Milian. Overall, it appears that the show will reach a wide array of viewers, which is a positive sign for advertisers.