Black Lightning #6: Tuesday Night Competition

After special programming, this year shows on every network are settling into their scheduled times for the remainder of this season. With that being said, every premiere of a new episode of Black Lighting is in heavy competition with popular shows on other networks. At 9:00 p.m., NBC’s This is Us, CBS’s Bull, FOX’s LA to Vegas, and ABC’s Black-ish air and are proving to be huge competition for Black Lighting.

This past Tuesday, February 27th gives a sense of the how viewership and share of these shows will most likely continue to have in weeks to come. This is Us and Bull are in the lead with a 2.5 and 1.1 viewership for adults 18-49 and a share of 9 and 4. Although having a re-run episode, Black-ish ties La to Vegas with a .7 rating for adults 18-49 and a 3 share.

Although strong in ratings for The CW, Black Lighting only had a .5 rating for adults 18-49 and a share of 2. With heavy competition on Tuesday nights but still staying strong, it will be interesting to see if The CW renews the show and places it on another night where they can demand higher audience ratings.


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Black Lightning #5 – Cast Advertisements

As Black Lightning took a week break, the stars and famous writers of the show are ramping up on advertising. I have mentioned before how the cast of the show has taken a lead role in the advertisement of the new series. We a one week break from airing new episodes, The CW’s star characters and writers posted various advertisements urging their followers to watch the episode live. When viewing different social media platforms, it seems as though Instagram and Twitter are the main tools used by the cast and crew. When averaging the total followers of China Anne McClain, Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, and Krondon they alone reach over 4 million people on Instagram.

According to TV by the numbers, the show stays consistent with its 0.5 rating after a week off due to the Winter Olympics. The constant advertisements of the show from the cast and crew seem to aid in the steady viewership of new episodes.


Black Lightning – The Affects of the Winter Olympics #4

As the Winter Olympics continues to air, networks are making the decision to hold off on airing new episodes of their premiere shows. The CW is among this group that chose to skip airing a new episode of Black Lighting for this week (February 20th). Black Lighting had a drop in rating’s last week (February 13th) from 0.8 to 0.5 for viewers 18-49. The Flash also experienced a similar drop that same night. The decision to skip this week is a good strategy for The CW to maintain good ratings of their premiere shows/episodes.

On the other hand, The CW has turned their social media aim towards advertising other ways to watch Black Lighting. This may allow for the show to continue to gain viewers on other streaming sites and applications. Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, and The CW app are just a few of the services highlighted on The Cw’s social media pages.  With special programming continuing of the Winter Olympics, The CW is using their opportunity to advertise the other streaming sites that allow for viewers to watch their shows.