Minority Report- Post #10 Bones aired instead

This week on Fox, Minority Report’s 8th episode did not air so there are no ratings for the show this week. Instead Fox played a rerun of the 200th episode of Bones titled “The 200th in 10th”. This was a rerun of the 200th episode that originally aired back in 2014. This episode scored lower than Minority Report normally scored in terms of ratings. Bones got a .5/2 rating and only had 1.58 million viewers. Fox as a whole isn’t doing so great in terms of ratings either. Fox averaged a 1.0/3 and 2.85 million viewers for the night. This was high compared to the CW, but still far behind NBC, ABC, and CBS. As for Minority Report, Fox most likely held back on airing episode 8 because they need the series to last until November 30th. There are 3 episodes left to air and 3 weeks left to air them now. The show will most likely not be returning in 2016 though.

“Rosewood”-Post #2

The Fox Network seems to be continuing its male/female partner dynamic tendency with their upcoming fall comedy-drama “Rosewood”. Fox already has many shows that center around a male and female duo, such as “Bones”, “Sleepy Hollow” and “Minority Report”. “Rosewood” will continue this trend with a pathologist and detective duo that come together to fight crimes in Miami. Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz team up in “Rosewood” to create an interesting dynamic on screen. Ortiz plays a distant and abrasive counterpart to Chestnut’s fun-loving and outgoing nature. This seems strangely similar to Fox Network’s “Bones,” where the female plays the more distant and cautious partner to the outgoing male anthropologist, which is starting its 11th season this year.

With the predestined ending of “American Idol” this coming January, Fox is putting all its marbles in it’s hit series Empire. Thus, putting “Rosewood” in front of Fox’s leading series says a lot about how the network feels about their new comedy-drama. Fox is counting on “Empire” to promote its 2015-16 season launch of a fall slate.