Grandfathered Blog #5

Last week, Grandfathered premiered on Tuesday September 29th at 8 PM. The episode introduced the audience to the new characters including John Stamos’ character Jimmy who is a middle-aged bachelor who owns and runs a trendy restaurant and gets the surprise of his life when his unknown son Gerald, played by Josh Peck comes into the restaurant his daughter, Jimmy’s grand-daughter. Within the first few minutes, the audience gains a clear insight to who each of these characters truly are through the comedy writing.

GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

GRANDFATHERED: Pictured: John Stamos as Jimmy. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co., John Stamos talks about how Grandfathered character is nothing like his real-self.


In terms of ratings, the show was competing against The Voice (Results), NCIS, The Flash, and The Muppets, and these shows emphasized the variety of programming for broadcast on Tuesday evenings. Although, the live premiere ratings were not phenomenal with 1.5/5 share rating. The live + same day + 3 days grew 33% and become 7.1 million after the 3 day result. This indicates that many people were curious about this new programming but the time slot might not have worked in their schedule. It will be interesting to see if those curious viewers stick around for another episode.