Life Sentence #2

With the premiere date approaching, CW’s Life Sentence, created by Erin Cardillo, Richard Keith, is stepping up their game with promotions.  While having a twitter account since January of 2017, a Facebook account Instagram account created around the same time, and actors from the show tweeting, the shows social media presence is ever growing. Actress, Lucy Hale, is consistently sharing photos from set on her personal Instagram and twitter to promote the show to her already consistent fan base. CW also released new promotional trailers this past week.

While looking at the facts of the show, one needs to look at the upcoming competition. The television listings showcase that Life Sentence will be competing with shows like Law and Order: SVU on NBC, Relative Success with Tabatha on Bravo, Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network, Property Brothers on HGTV. Along with these comes the ever growing popular online service programs, and reruns being shown on television as well.

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Legends of Tomorrow Post 3

Three is an important number in the world of television and film. There’s the rule of thirds for getting the perfect shot, there’s trios of characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and there’s the first three episodes for new television shows.

This kind of makes sense at least.

For a new television show the premiere episode is always daunting, and comes with a lot of pomp and circumstance, but it’s the subsequent episodes that will make and break a new broadcast television show a hit, a bust, or a future example for television students of what not to do.

Legends of Tomorrow has begun to fins it’s groove, but has it found an audience?

Since we can really know exactly how a show is going to preform until it actually when the episode actually debuts. But looking at the other CW show’s that share a universe with Legends of Tomorrow we can compare to see how well this show is fairing. Overall, Legends is down in overall viewers compared to all three DC Comics related content on television, but it’s not doing poorly compared to the CW’s ratings standards. Overall Arrow, The Flash and CBS’s Supergirl all had large rating’s in their respective series premieres before trickling down slowly before settling in at season averages of 3.4 million, 3.8 million, and 8.3 million, respectively, and Legends rounding out it’s first three episodes at 2.8 million. Legends is not far off by any means, and I would even doubt that they are under preforming. They appear to be doing just as expected in the current CW network landscape.