Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #5

Word Count: 197

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is starting to garner interest from pop culture writers, as reviews based on predications of what the new pilot of Criminal Minds will bring show up. For example, culture writer Anthony D’Alessandro of had some of his own opinions as well as concerns about the show. D’Alessandro wrote his review in a sort of feature story format, with an interview from executive producer Erica Messer. This review is imperative to viewership of the show, especially since D’Alessandro used to be a feature writer for Variety magazine. Thus, he’s pretty well-respected and well-known, so his voice could affect viewership when it premiere’s on Wednesday, March 16.

Criminal Minds already dished out promotional videos on the Super Bowl and through social media (their youtube channel now has 253 subscribers, with videos usually reaching about 1,000-10,00 views roughly). Therefore, reviews from culture writers such as D’Alessandro are already expressing their concerns and predictions, which can either hurt or help viewership depending on how audiences respond. So far the reviews are promising, with only mild concerns over how other countries will be portrayed to the American public (stereotyping continues to be the main concern).

D’Alessandro’s review:¬†