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With Empire still leading as the top watched show on Wednesday nights, with 11.33 million viewers and a 4.2/14 rating amongst 18-34 year olds, and with Survivor on air the same night (Surviver has been having a constant rating within the 9.0 range), Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has been up against some real competition. explained that Empire and American Idol were the only shows that went up by a tenth in ratings, while Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders suffered against the competition between Empire and American Idol’s closing episode.

American Idol’s performance on FOX went up to 2.2 from a 2.1 rating for adults between 18-34. Empire’s ratings still beat out all of the other shows ratings that aired on Wednesday, even though its 4.2 rating for 18-34 was a 0.6 drop from its 12.5 percent rating when it first returned. As a result, Empire’s leading ratings among 18-34 year olds made FOX’s channel the #1 watched channel on Wednesday with an average rating for 18-34 year olds of 3.2/11. CBS’s channel with Survivor and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders were the third most watched shows, with an average rating among 18-34 year olds of 1.4/5. Overall, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders dropped by a tenth with a 1.2/4 with 6.94 viewers.

Though Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders saw their 18-34 year old rating drop by a tenth yet again, the reviews from IMBD are actually becoming more positive. When the show first premiered, it had a 5.7/10 rating, but now has a 5/8/10 rating. Their social media is still affective, but has focused more on posting Youtube videos from their Youtube channel onto their Twitter account (which has 739 subscribers now) of show sneak peaks, and cast interviews doing co-interviews with casts from the original Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #5

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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is starting to garner interest from pop culture writers, as reviews based on predications of what the new pilot of Criminal Minds will bring show up. For example, culture writer Anthony D’Alessandro of had some of his own opinions as well as concerns about the show. D’Alessandro wrote his review in a sort of feature story format, with an interview from executive producer Erica Messer. This review is imperative to viewership of the show, especially since D’Alessandro used to be a feature writer for Variety magazine. Thus, he’s pretty well-respected and well-known, so his voice could affect viewership when it premiere’s on Wednesday, March 16.

Criminal Minds already dished out promotional videos on the Super Bowl and through social media (their youtube channel now has 253 subscribers, with videos usually reaching about 1,000-10,00 views roughly). Therefore, reviews from culture writers such as D’Alessandro are already expressing their concerns and predictions, which can either hurt or help viewership depending on how audiences respond. So far the reviews are promising, with only mild concerns over how other countries will be portrayed to the American public (stereotyping continues to be the main concern).

D’Alessandro’s review:

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Since Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a spinoff of Criminal Minds, the actors who are more well known to CBS have already been interacting with fans who follow them on social media. The show is doing this in order to maintain the same relationship with their fans as they did with Criminal Minds. The original Criminal Minds series had an average of 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and two of the shows main actors, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler (two of the most popular cast members with twitter followers of over 2 million), are most beloved by fans. Both Moore and Gubler continuously interact with their fans on twitter as well as Facebook. Moore even goes as far as choosing a fan of the week (usually a female fan) to call “baby girl,” which he calls one of the female characters in the show.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has been copying the same method, probably after observing the positive response fans from the original show. Using two of the more well known actors, Gary Sinise (CBS’s NCIS: NY) and Daniel Henney (made cameo in Criminal Minds as Matthew Simmons and NCIS: LA), to connect with their fans via twitter and Facebook as well. This way, this show can use them as a brand to garner more viewer attention.

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Media marketing has been on the rise for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders recently, as seen by their recent commercial during the Super Bowl. Their activity on Twitter also revolved around the Super Bowl this past weekend, sharing a post on which Criminal Minds character should attend the big football event. So, the show has been really marketing towards what viewers are watching currently, and where they are most active on social media. And, for all of the right reasons.

CBS has continued to share commercials promoting their channel, which means they are also financially benefiting from the Super Bowl. So, for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders to share their commercial as part of the CBS commercial package, they not only gain much needed publicity, but an increase in viewer interest. Basically, by watching the commercial, viewers would want to learn more.

The shows twitter rose from 1, 078 followers, to 2,097 followers in just two days after they aired their commercial on the Super Bowl, an excellent example of how knowing what consumers watch will help benefit ratings and views.