ABC’s Of Kings and Prophets – Post 1

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Of Kings and Prophets is a new ABC biblical saga premiering Tuesday March 8th at 10:00 pm. The show’s plot is based on the Old Testament story of Saul, the first king of the Israelites dating from 1000 B.C. It is prophesized by Samuel that God wants Saul to destroy an ancient Israeli army in order for him to keep his throne. With his refusal, Samuel then prophesizes that Saul will lose his power and it will be given to another: David the shepherd (from the story of David and Goliath). The show stars Ray Winstone as King Saul, Olly Rix as David, and Mohammad Kari as the prophet Samuel.

With this show being based on characters from the Bible, it was only right for two of the executive producers to be Bill Collage and Adam Cooper who are also the creators of the show. They were also the writers and executive producers of the recent biblical film Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) which told the story of Moses starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton. Other executive producers include Chris Brancato, Jason Reed, Reza Aslan, and Mahyad Tousi.

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As far as promotion goes, there is a dramatic trailer that is available on along with a blog post from November 2015 by Aaron Welsh. There are also many promotional videos that includes cast videos, behind the scene looks, and 30 second clips of episodes. The cast is full of new faces so having detailed videos available is important for potential viewers and fans. It allows them to do a bit of research and gain a connection with the type of actors they will be watching.There is a Twitter page with only 962 followers but executive producers Collage and Tousi have been tweeting heavily about the show with a combination of 4,000 followers. There is also a Facebook page that has 9,466 followers and it has the same videos that are found on the ABC website.


ABC’s The Catch – Post 3

With the recent release of the official trailer, The Catch has gained over 1,500 followers on Facebook which lands them at 28,533 followers today. Their Twitter is in the low range of 3,777 but the premiere date is more than a month away so those numbers may rise closer to March 24th. The show’s first major promotional spot was last Thursday during the #TGIT lineup winter premiere night. The Catch will be joining the lineup taking the place of How To Get Away With Murder and being led in by The Family at 9:00pm which premieres on March 3rd then the local news afterwards at 11:00pm.

It does have to compete with shows with older followings like Elementary on CBS and Shades of Blue on NBC. Both shows also have strong female leads but what their advantages come with female leads who are veterans in a primetime slot. Jennifer Lopez’s (34.8 million followers) notoriety for Shades of Blue helps the show maintain a loyal fan base with a collective Twitter following for the show at 16k. Elementary (which premiered in 2012) has a Twitter following of over 66k and Lucy Liu’s (181k followers) fan base has been a great support for the show. Mireille Enos’ Twitter was created in January 2016 (most likely for the show) and only has 431 followers. The three tweets that she has are about The Catch; two Instagram posts and one post announcing the premiere date. Hopefully social media will help this show live up to the #TGIT powerhouses built by Shonda Rhimes.

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ABC’s The Catch – Post 2

On February 11th, the official version of the preview for The Catch was released on its Facebook page. Its previously noted that another preview was released on that did not feature Peter Krause from NBC’s Parenthood. In the false preview, the character Keiran Booth is played by Damon Dayoub. The two previews are very similar. They both portray Mirelle Enos as a PI who searches for people who have committed high profiled fraud and that her fiancé embezzles millions from her then disappears. This questions the credibility of as a source for it does allow access for anyone to update the information similar to Wikipedia. Another website that premiered the promo video was which has articles about cancelled, new, and renewed shows. They published their information about The Catch from and had the same promo video that Facebook had. Peter Krause has been confirmed to play Keiran Booth on this site as well. Under The Catch blog on, there is the official trailer for the show as well published by Derek Wong.

Further research revealed that there was a major recast of the show back in May 2015 where Damon Dayoub and Bethany Joy Lenz were no longer part of the show. This was confirmed by,, and The trailer on has not been updated since the change last year which has been giving viewers old content.

ABC’s The Catch – Post #1

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Shonda Rhimes has done it again! Premiering March 24th at 10pm on ABC, the new crime drama The Catch will be joining the #TGIT line up taking the place of Rhimes’ other hit show, How to Get Away With Murder. Alice Vaughn is a forensic accountant in LA who specializes in cases for high profiled frauds. But when her fiancé cons her out of millions and disappears weeks before their wedding, her new focus is finding him and regaining her funds. Unfortunately, its discovered that he was in a master con plan with another woman while still falling for his mark: Alice.

Alice is played by Mirielle Enos who is best known for her Emmy and Golden Globe nominated role in AMC’s hit drama The Killing. Another familiar face within the cast is Bethany Joy Lenz from CW’s One Tree Hill. According to and, Peter Krause from NBC’s Parenthood would be playing Alice’s fiancé Kieran Booth but the show’s trailer depicts an up and coming actor named Damon Dayoub who played a reoccurring role in Freeform’s Stitchers.

Production for the show is taking place in LA at the ABC Studios and Shondaland. Rhimes is the executive producer but is also partnering with Betsy Beers. Beers has worked as a producer on Rhimes other ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy which will air before The Catch on #TGIT at 9pm.