Grandfathered Post #4

Is John Stamos involved in too much?

A simple Google search of John Stamos provides you with millions of results. Unfortunately for Fox, most of the links relate to the Full House spinoff, “Fuller House”. Although the extensive publicity for Fuller House cannot be blamed on Stamos, it could cause some worry for Grandfathered executives who appear to be having difficulty spreading the word about this new show. John Stamos went on the Today Show and had a one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer, but the highlights from the interview revolved around Stamos’ rehab stint and Fuller House. Stamos’ social media platform is also not focused around Grandfathered, which might damage the premiere ratings on September 29th. On the contrary, Josh Peck, the younger star of Grandfathered has been covering his social media accounts with posts about Grandfathered to help create buzz for the show.

John Stamos on the Today Show

John Stamos on the Today Show


Also, Grandfathered reviews have arrived from a multitude of sources praising John Stamos for his performance and claiming that he fits really well into television narratives. This positive critical acclaim and lackluster social media presence could lead to unpredictable viewership for the premiere.

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The Slap-Beyond the Screen

It seems as though The Slap is getting more comfortable in its new 10 pm timeslot on NBC. After taking a hit on 3/12 and dropping to 2.74 million viewers with a 0.6/2 rating, it rose closer to the numbers from previous weeks with 3.18 million viewers and a 0.7/2 rating. With 2 episodes left, I expect the ratings to stay around this zone.

The Slap was recently prominently featured in a New York Times article. A woman who lives in Brooklyn (where the show takes place) was walking down the street and nearly run over by a young boy on a scooter, prompting her to yell an expletive at the child. His mother was appalled but the “victim’s” community (read: Facebook friends) supported her actions, some even feeling she didn’t go far enough. It seems these kinds of discussions on parenting styles are being fueled by the show. Even if they haven’t seen it, the people of Brooklyn have an opinion. One resident said, “These are some of the most hateful people you will find, until, of course you leave your apartment.” So even if The Slap isn’t winning in the ratings, they seem to have struck a cord of realism, at least in their New York setting.