Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Post #4

Word Count: 204

Since Gary Sinise’s appearance at the grammy’s, and CBS’s inclusion of a Criminal Minds: Beyond Border’s preview on the Super Bowl, the benefits of coming from a popular show and popular channel are beginning to show.

Criminal Minds was the 7th most watched show on CBS, with 8.852 million viewers according to the CBS 2015-2016 rating on An article on stated that CBS as a channel itself drew the third Largest TV audience on record, with 1.4 billion viewers as they also streamed the game on their channel. This means that the third largest audience was watching the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders commercial as well. And, since it is also a spinoff of a popular show such as Criminal Minds, the show’s viewership has a chance of becoming popular as well. Though there aren’t a lot of reviews yet predicting the popularity of the show, a review came out recently by critic Matt Webb Mitovich telling of its predicted success. He stated that the new spinoff sets in a “Criminal Minds-type case in a different country each week,” and therefore lands Beyond Borders “correctly in the Criminal Minds family but with its own identity.”

The complete review by Matt can be read here: