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Address: 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521 Phone: (818) 560-1000 Website: www.waltdisneystudios.com/corp Executives: Dr. Ed Catmull – President, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. … Continue reading


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a public broadcasting corporation originally founded in 1922 in London, England, United Kingdom. In 1936, it launched the first television service. It is composed of several different media affiliates: BBC News, BBC Worldwide, BBC Radio, and BBC Films. Today, the BBC’s emphasis on changes such as becoming more ingrained with the digital world reflects the current global trends in broadcasting.

A timeline of important events of the history of the BBC can be seen on the BBC page.[1]

BBC Logo


Location and contact information

Media Centre

201 Wood Lane

London W12 7TQ

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 8433 2000

Fax: +44 20 8749 0538

html: http://www.bbcworldwide.com[2]


News about Shows and Channels

The past several months displayed much activity in the development and broadcasting of various shows. BBC picked up new shows such as Crash Course.[3] BBC premiered seasons for returning shows such as Top Gear.[4]

On February 29, BBC had announced that, with Clarkenwell Films, they would produce Wired, a show about our utilization of technology, and The Dead Beat, about a living and a dead cop working together.[5]

In April, BBC began to show, for the first time, the complete US version Planet Earth. In addition to this, BBC also debuted a two hour making of the series called The Making Of Planet Earth, narrated by Dan Stevens.[6]

BBC has also increased its presence on Netflix, with the service now streaming Merlin and Satisfaction.[7]

BBC Worldwide announced on their blog on February 22 that they were thrilled about launching their new site, BBC Future. BBC Future will be a site that will be dedicated to the changing and ever developing trends in technology, medicine, and society in general. The website will be divided, as the blog stated, into 12 columns. The columns will deal with discussions aforementioned. Also, the website will work heavily with the series Click, a BBC World New’s show about new technology. The site will also include a Facebook and Twitter link.[8]

Much buzz has been spurred by the new stills from the upcoming season of BBC One’s Doctor Who. The eighth series will be shown in October. The team was filming in New York City in April, and crowds had gathered to watch the filming take place.[9] There is much anticipation for the series as the show is entering its 50th year anniversary since the start of the broadcast, and a new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will be introduced. Fans seem to be having a mixed response over the new companion. Some seem excited, as she gave a quirky interview talking about when she learned that she had achieved the part. Others, however, view her as “dim.”[10]

Another BBC show that has been enjoying the limelight in the last few months is BBC One’s Sherlock.  It is a mini-series program that was first broadcast in 2010. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and it is set in a modern day version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.[11]

On January 15, 2012, 8 million people in the United Kingdom came together to watch the second season’s finale, “The Reichenbach Fall.” There was much reaction from viewers, and they vented about the cliffhanger on various social mediums such as Twitter.[12]

In addition to large names like J.J. Abrams becoming interested in Cumberbatch as a result of his Sherlock Holmes role, an intense and creative fanbase surrounding the actor’s fame has developed, starting Internet memes such as “Otters that Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch.” He has been reported saying that he thinks these affectionate memes are “brilliant.”[13]

Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch


Deals and Developments

The BBC oversaw developments in different executive roles and deals made with companies these past few months.

The BBC named Helen Pendlebury the head of Commercial, Entertainment & Children’s Brands in BBC Worldwide Austrailia. With Pendlebury’s new job, she will work to not only promote shows like Doctor Who worldwide, but she will also manage cross optimization by incorporating different platforms with shows, such as gaming or home entertainment.[14]

In late March, BBC America and SBS Australia made a deal to remake Go Back To Where You Came From. This marks a new stride for SBS, as this is the first time that that the SBS will have signed with a US broadcaster. This is not the only broadcaster, however, that wants to get involved with the project. Apparently, “Tuvalu Media, Studio Hamburg DocLights, Snowman Productions and Curious Pictures have all signed on having the option to produce local versions of the docu-series in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and South Africa respectively,” according to Cynopsis.[15]


New Technology

A growing trend in the social media technology is the development of apps being incorporated to shows and channels. These apps help the viewer to become more involved with the programs they are watching by enhancing their viewer experience through statistics, information, and games.

Announced in April, BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment & Games worked in collaboration with 6wave to create and distribute new Facebook games. Shows like Top Gear will be featured in said games. The Top Gear game will be a racing game.[16]

In March, the Foundation, a BBC company, helped come up with a Waybaloo app for kids. It was had worked with Zodiak Kids. The app will feature mini games and fans of the show will recognize elements of the story from the show itself.[17]

Another prominent app that the BBC recently launched in April was the BBC Sport app and News app. These apps were in conjuncture with Tivo and were with Tivo’s Red Button.[18]

On March 1, BBC News allowed users to have access to their new app for Android and iOS, called Pulse news. The app allows users to get the facts and details about the news around the world by simply interacting with the touch screen.[19]


Miscellaneous News

The BBC television centre is in need of repair, and the issue has been exacerbated to the point where, in March, there was reports of a rat infestation. Many workers there have been complaining about the issue.[20]



Ion Media Networks


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Quick Facts Founded: Florida Founder: Bud Paxson Current CEO: Roy Brandon Burgess Headquarters: West Palm Beach, Florida Background ION Media Networks is a privately owned American television broadcasting company. It owns and operates over 60 television stations in most major American markets. ION Media Networks was founded in … Continue reading

Columbia/ TriStar Pictures


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Located in Culver City, California, Columbia TriStar Pictures (a.k.a Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group) is the movie marketing, licensing, and promotions arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)1. SPE is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, which is a subsidiary of … Continue reading



by Melissa Hewitt History/Overview Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a public, non-profit organization founded in 1969. PBS is made up of over 350 public television stations in all 50 states, all of which are noncommercial, educational licensees that expose Americans … Continue reading

ABC Radio

At its start, ABC Radio was one of two radio networks owned by RCA – then known as NBC Blue Network.  The network was sold in 1943 to Edward J. Nobles, who re-branded the network as simply “The Blue Network,” and was renamed the American Broadcasting Company in 1945.  Thus, ABC Radio was born.  In 1996, ABC Radio became a part of the Walt Disney Company when Disney acquired the entirety of ABC in a $19 billion deal. Despite the purchase, ABC Radio remained its own entity, with its holdings remaining ABC Radio holdings.  As recently as 2007, ABC Radio included multiple large-market radio stations as well as Radio Disney and ESPN Radio.  In 2007, however Disney released a statement stating:

“The Walt Disney Company and Citadel Broadcasting Corporation announced the completion today of Disney’s spin-off of its wholly-owned subsidiary ABC Radio Holdings, Inc. and its subsequent merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citadel. Prior to the spin-off, Disney transferred to ABC Radio Holdings its ABC Radio Business consisting of 22 large-market radio stations and the ABC Radio Network. The transaction did not include Disney’s ESPN Radio or Radio Disney network and station businesses.” [1][2]

This marked an end to the cohesiveness of ABC Radio.  It was no longer one network, with set holdings.  Instead, ESPN Radio and Radio Disney were in the ownership of The Disney Corporation while the majority of ABC Radio’s holdings became a “wholly-owned subsidiary of Citadel” by 2009.

Citadel’s ownership of the ABC Radio holdings did not last long, however.  The company itself did not last long past the purchase.  In 2011, Citadel crumbled to debt, to be bought out by Cumulus Media for 2.5 million, including its debt.   The deal was struck March 2011, and the transition was completed by September the same year. [3]

Currently, ABC Radio’s holdings are split between The Disney Corporation and Cumulus Radio and consist of ABC News Radio, ESPN Radio, Radio Disney, 22 large market radio stations and some other radio stations located in minor markets.

Citadel’s Debt and Losses:

Citadel Broadcasting Company had been facing financial struggles as early as 2009, when Citadel Broadcasting and its subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy. The Company’s bankruptcy plan was approved by the United States Bankruptcy court the next year, in May 2010. The Merger with Cumulus was announced shortly before Citadel’s plan was approved – March 2010.  The merger was approved by the FCC September 14, 2011 and by stockholders the very next day. [4][5]

Financial Impact of Citadel Acquisition on Cumulus:

The sale of ABC Radio’s various holdings within the Citadel transaction has had a resonating impact on Cumulus.  On March 12, 2011, Cumulus Media released it’s 4th Quarter earnings report – which included the acquisition of Citadel for $2.5 million.  As a result, Cumulus reported a $13.1 million loss – 14 cents per share.  Additionally, the citadel acquisition resulted in an increased number of shares. Despite the inevitable loss of revenue that occured in the acquisition, the companies new holdings have been active.  However, the true financial impact cannot be fully measured until Cumulus releases it’s 1st quarter report for 2012 on May 7. [6]

Disney’s Holdings

Despite the merger, The Disney Corporation did maintain some holdings that once belonged to ABC Radio – Radio Disney and ESPN Radio.

“Radio Disney is a 24/7 radio network for kids, tweens and families. Radio Disney is available on 34 terrestrial radio stations, 31 of which we own, and on RadioDisney.com, SiriusXM satellite radio, iTunes Radio Tuner, XM/DIRECTV and mobile phones. Radio Disney programming can be downloaded via the iTunes Music Store. Radio Disney is also available throughout most of South America via a separate Spanish language terrestrial broadcast.” – Disney’s 2011 Annual Report [7]

Since the merger, Radio Disney has maintained it’s success in it’s taget demographic with various events and releases. Most notably, the exclusive premiere and radio play of Justin Bieber’s lastest hit “Boyfriend,” released March 25, 2012, accompanied by an in-studio interview. [8]

In addition to media attractions, Radio Disney has undergone a recent management change – Phil Guerini was named Vice President and General Manager of Radio Disney in a February 2, 2012 press release stating: “As the leader of Radio Disney, Guerini’s new responsibilities will include strategic direction and daily management of the network, which is available nationally via 31 owned terrestrial radio stations and via RadioDisney.com, Sirius and XM satellite radio, iTunes Radio Tuner, mobile phones, the Radio Disney iPhone and Android Apps and Radio Disney’s Facebook page.” [9][10]

The Disney Company also maintained possesion of popular sports radio network, ESPN Radio. The network is “carried on more than 750 stations, making it the largest sports radio network in the United States.” of which ESPN owns 4, and 355 are operated full-time. – Disney’s 2011 Annual Report [7]

ESPN Radio has made major developments this year, including a growing trend toward FM broadcasting, most notably in the New York City market.  The station made the transition to 98.7 FM in the market. Dave Roberts, Vice President and General Manager commented on the switch: “By combining the FM reach with our wide variety of digital offerings from ESPN AUDIO, we are uniquely positioned to provide coverage of all of New York’s sports.” [11]

New York City is not he only market station making the jump. April 30th also marked an announcement that ESPN Radio will be simulcast on 106.7 FM in Fort Wayan, IN come June of 2012. [12]

ESPN Radio is also growing in the form of ESPN Deportes and ESPN mobile.  For example, SiriusXM satellite radio is launching an App for Droid users that will include both English-language ESPN and the Spanish – language ESPN Deportes. [13]


Cumulus Media Holdings

Cumulus Media is “America’s second largest owner of radio stations and the premier local marketing company in 68 cities across the US.”  In the merger, Cumulus got the bulk of ABC Radio’s holdings, including over 20 stations in major markets and popular news source ABC News Radio. [14] [15]

Like ESPN Radio, ABC Radio is also reaching out to the digital sphere, particularly in advertising. The network is incorporating TargetSpot advertising, both visual and audio, that will air in-stream on their various digital platforms – including ABC News Radio online and on mobile devices. [16]

Overall, Cumulus’s new acquisition is predominantly individual stations throughout the United States and have integrated into the already thriving corporation.

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