Time Warner Cable


By Gauraa Shekhar
The Time Warner Company logo

The Time Warner Company logo


Time Warner Cable, Inc. was founded in 1990 when Time, Inc. merged with Warner Communications. Being the second largest cable provider in the United States, the company owns and manages cable systems in over 29 states as of date. Time Warner Cable offers a vast array of customer-friendly family oriented home entertainment, including high speed Internet, digital cable, on-demand video, and phone services. [1]

 Key Executives

Being a massive corporation, Time Warner Cable has a staff of over 10,000 employees. In 2013, Glenn Britt, who had been with the company for twelve years, announced his plans to retire and was thereby replaced as chairman and CEO by the Chief Operating Officer, Robert D. Marcus for the year 2014. [2]

Robert D Marcus, courtesy of Time Warner Cable, Inc.

Robert D Marcus, courtesy of Time Warner Cable, Inc.

Marcus started working at Time Warner Cable in 2005 as the Senior Executive Vice President and gradually moved up the ladder by moving the company forward through its consumer centric focus. He carefully coordinated TWC’s move from a private company to a publicly traded one, and played a huge part in getting the company to where it is today.

Dinesh C. Jain, courtesy of Time Warner Cable

Dinesh C. Jain, courtesy of Time Warner Cable

The current Chief Operating Officer is Dinesh C. Jain, who has been with the company since 2003. He held the position of Chief Financial Officer, where he closely monitored operations, and orchestrated product development, and content acquisition functions. As current COO, he holds the responsibility of overseeing the company’s sales, marketing, strategy and development marketing. [3]



Ever since the company went public in February 2007, it has delivered good results while making the investments needed for longer-term success in a competitive market. Currently, the largest segment is Cable TV which makes about 44.7% of the TWC business. Their second largest segment is Broadband Internet which constitutes of 33.8% of their stock price estimate. Though digital phone services, advertising and franchising also constitute as important segments of the company, the company generates majority of its revenue through subscription fees and pay-per-view programming. In the year of 2013 alone, Time Warner Cable Inc. generated over $22 billion in revenue, with a remarkably high market share. Their cash flow became drastically stronger, and the shares that they repurchased totaled approximately $2.7 billion. After their acquisition of Communications for $3 billion, they grew up in many key financial and operational metrics. The company also announced a merger with Comcast Corporation earlier this year. [4]

Recent Acquisitions and Activities

Acquisition of DukeNet Communications

DukeNet Communications, courtesy of DukeNet Communications

DukeNet Communications, courtesy of DukeNet Communications

This year, TWC announced that it has acquired DukeNet Communications, LLC, a fiber optic network that enables cloud computing and high bandwidth applications for enterprise, data center, government entities, intended for wholesale carrier costumers. By this $600 million transaction, Time Warner was able to add over 8700 miles to its service network. This allows the company to target a large number of customers in the Southeast, particularly enabling them to tap into the markets in North and South Carolina. It will also enable the Time Warner Cable Business Class to put the additional fiber capacity that DukeNet offers to use by offering enterprises and commercial firms services like high speed Internet and cloud enabled hosting.[5]

Merger with Comcast Corporation


Comcast Time Warner Cable

Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger, courtesy of The Wrap

Another activity that stirred a lot of controversy this year was Time Warner Cable’s merger with Comcast Corporation. Owning media companies like NBCUniversal, Universal Pictures and producer of multiple television channels including E! Entertainment Television, the Golf Channel, and NBCSL, Comcast is the largest Internet service provider and Cable Company in the United States, and the largest mass media and Communications Company in the world by revenue. The merger was a strategic win-win for both participants, as it would accelerate the delivery of Comcast’s Technologically Advanced Products and Services to Time Warner Cable’s Customers. The transaction, founded on the basis of future growth, will operate at a greater efficiency, creating multiple benefits for the two companies. They portmanteau company is looking forward to working with their team to adjust the operating cash flow levels.[6]

Sponsorship Deals:

In the past, Time Warner Cable did not have the healthiest relationship with Madison Square Garden. This was partly because they were competitors who successfully took a slice of the market share away from them by drawing fans in to switch cable companies so as to be able to watch Rangers and Islander games. However, in 2012, the two rival companies waved white flags and struck a multimillion dollar partnership instead. Time Warner agreed upon a long-term contract to become an official sponsor of MSG, replacing Absolut as a partner. [7]


Katy Perry Time Warner Concert Series, courtesy of Time Warner Cable

Katy Perry Time Warner Concert Series, courtesy of Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has since been a sponsoring company, not only to sports series but also to musical concerts, covering everything from Knicks games to Madonna shows. This year, they are the official sponsors to Katy Perry’s MSG shows. They further use this partnership opportunity to leverage their On Demand Movie service. In this case, they are also using the MSG concert series to promote the pop sensation’s documentary movie, “Part of Me”. [8] [9]


 Upcoming Projects: 

According to its Annual Investor’s Report, Time Warner Cable is positioning itself to continue generating strong operating results and financial results in the coming years. The company is aiming to improve its reliability, quality and customer service by revitalizing and scaling residential services, specifically video, phone, and HSD. Furthermore, TWC is emphasizing on rolling out next generation products  such as DVRs with an improved video on demand capacity of 75,000 hours. Since their IP video app was so successful on tablets universally, they are also looking into expanding community WiFi beyond the 200,000 hot spots that exist currently. [10]

Time Warner Cable’s New “Max”:

Additionally, TWC intends to re-brand its previous TWC City by City with TWC Max, starting with New York City and Los Angeles by the end of this year. The company will replace set top boxes with new boxes at no cost to the customer, plant certification programs, and carry all video in crystal clear digital format only. They will also implement significantly higher speeds and state-of-the-art in-home WiFis with its new acquisition of the nationwide fiber backbone. The company is also gearing its new technology towards other states to capitalize on future growth capacity.[11]


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CBS Corps.

By Maggie O'Reilly

CBS Corporation

CBS Logo, photo courtesy of forbes.com

CBS Logo, photo courtesy of forbes.com

CBS Headquarters
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188


About CBS Corporation [1]

CBS Corporation is a mass media corporation, primarily operated in the United States. Originally founded as Viacom in 1971, the modern-day CBS Corporation is the result the 2005 split of Viacom into two publicly traded companies. With the split, CBS Corporation retained the rights to all CBS broadcast networks as well as pay-cable stations. Their current television assets include CBS, Showtime, and CBS Sports Network. They also have a 50/50 share of the CW with Time Warner’s Warner Bros division.


Key Executives [2]

Sumner M. Redstone

Sumner M. Redstone, photo courtesy of CBS Corporate website


Sumner M. Redstone: Sumner M. Redstone serves as Chairman of the Board of both CBS Corporation and Viacom. He assumed these roles after the 2005 split of Viacom into two separate companies. Prior to the split, Redstone had served as Chairman of the Board of Viacom since 1987 and CEO of Viacom since 1996. Currently, he is the controlling shareholder of both companies.


Leslie Moonves

Leslie Moonves, photo courtesy of CBS Corporate website


Leslie Moonves: Leslie Moonves is President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation. He was was named CEO of CBS Corporation upon its creation in 2005. Prior to this, he had served as CEO of CBS Television since 1998 and was briefly Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Viacom from 2004 to 2005.





CBS Corporation has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since  January 3, 2006. On March 6th, 2014, their stock price hit an all time high, reaching $67.55. Since then, the stock price has been steadily decreasing. Their current stock price is $60.64.[3]

photo courtesy of nasdaq

photo courtesy of nasdaq.com

In the 2013 fiscal year, CBS earned revenues of $15.3 billion with net earnings of
1.9 billion, a strong 19.4% increase from their 2012 net earnings. At the end of the 2013 fiscal year, CBS Corporation’s assets were valued at 26.4 billion while their debts are currently calculated at roughly 6.5 billion. [4]


Assets [5]

.CBS EyeCBS: The CBS broadcast network, formerly the Columbia Broadcasting System, first launched as a radio network in 1927. Currently, CBS is one of the “Big Four” television networks, competing with NBC, ABC, and FOX.

.Showtime: CBS Corporation’s premium-cable channel, Showtime, launched on JuShowtimely 1, 1976. The original Showtime channel has served as a flagship for Showtime Networks, which now consists of over 10 premium cable channels, including The Movie Channel, FLIX, and Smithsonian Networks.

the CWThe CW: The CW was launched on September 18, 2006. The CW is the result of merger between UPN (formerly operated by CBS) and the WB (formerly operated by Warner Bros). The CW’s target demographic skews a bit younger than CBS and Showtime networks.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports: CBS Sports is sports-oriented cable channel that was originally launched as the National College Sports Network in 2002. In 2011, the channel was re-branded as CBS Sports Network. The channel currently airs the PGA tour, US tennis, NCAA basketball, and college football.


Top Rated Programming

The CBS Television Network, has been #1 in total viewers for 10 of the past 11 years. [6] This is largely due to CBS’s successful prime-time lineup. Currently, CBS airs television’s #1 drama, NCIS. During the first week of February 2014 sweeps, NCIS brought in an impressive 19.53 viewers. CBS also airs several other acclaimed television dramas, including NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, and Person of Interest. [7]

photo courtesy of nbcpressexpress.com

Cast of NCIS, photo courtesy of nbcpressexpress.com

CBS is also home to television’s #1 sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. In the first week of February 2014 sweeps, The Big Bang Theory drew in 17.53 million viewer whereas ABC’s best performing sitcom, Modern Family, only attracted 9.87 million viewers. CBS also airs several other incredibly successful sitcoms, including 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, and Two and a Half Men. [8] [9]

photo courtesy of nbcpressexpress.com

Cast of The Big Bang Theory, photo courtesy of nbcpressexpress.com

In the week of April 7th, 2014, it was reported by Nielsen that 7 of the weeks top 10 broadcasts aired on CBS, helping to further cement CBS as the top rated channel on television. [10]


CBS in the News

How I Met Your Mother Ends Legendary Nine Year Run

Cast of How I Met Your Mother, photo courtest of cbspressexpress.com

Cast of How I Met Your Mother, photo courtesy of cbspressexpress.com

CBS’s long running sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, came to an end on March 31st, 2014 after nine successful seasons. The series followed the lives of main character, Ted Mosby, and his group of friends living in Manhattan. During How I Met Your Mother’s nine season run, it received 28 Emmy Award nominations, of which it won 9. The series also turned several of its stars into household names, including Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel. The series finale was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans. While some praised the finale for tying up loose ends, others were left disappointed, believing that the writers disregarded nine seasons of character development. Despite the mixed reaction, How I Met Your Mother’s series finale was the highest rated episode of the series, drawing in 13.13 million total viewers. It was also the #1 18-49 broadcast during the week that it aired, with a 5.4 rating. [11] [12] [13] [14]

NCAA Basketball Tournament Draws In Big Numbers for CBS

NCAA Division I Championship Game, photo courtesy of CBS philadelphia

NCAA Division I Championship Game, photo courtesy of CBS philadelphia

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball championship game aired on CBS on April 7th, 2014, drawing in an impressive 21.2 million viewers and a 7.2 rating in the 18-49 demo. However, the UConn vs Kentucky game did not beat the numbers of the 2013 championship game between Louisville and Michigan, which brought in 23.4 million viewers. The rest of the tournament games averaged 9.3 million viewers, which is a 3% increase over 2013 numbers. [15] [16]

David Letterman Announces Late Show Retirement, Stephen Colbert Named as Replacement

 Long time Late Show host David Letterman announced his retirement from the program on April 3rd, 2014. Letterman, who has hosted the show since August 1993, will leave his position as host of the Late Show when his contract expires in 2015. The news of his retirement comes not long after the retirement of his foremost late night competitor, Jay Leno, who hosted his last episode of NBC’s The Tonight Show on February 6, 2014. Jay Leno has since been succeeded by the much younger Jimmy Fallon, who has been averaging an impressive 1.53 rating in viewers 18-49 since taking over. Comparatively, Letterman has been averaging a .56 rating in the same time period. [17] [18]

Stephen Colbert (left) and David Letterman (right), photo courtesy of yahoo.com

Stephen Colbert (left) and David Letterman (right), photo courtesy of yahoo.com

On April 10th, 2014, CBS announced that they plan to replace David Letterman with Stephen Colbert, who currently hosts The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Interestingly, The Colbert Report has also been averaging a .56 rating among 18-49 year olds. Reactions to CBS’s decision to bring Stephen Colbert on as host of The Late Show have been mixed. While many agree that Colbert is definitely comedically competent enough to take over The Late Show desk, some wonder if CBS missed an opportunity to change the current trajectory of late night. [19] [20]


On The Horizon

CBS Renews Most of its Lineup
CBS recently renewed 18 of its current programs, including favorites like The Big Bang Theory,  The Good Wife, Elementary, and Two and a Half Men. CBS also renewed several newcomers, including The Millers and Mom. [21]

current CBS schedule, courtesy of cbs.com

current CBS schedule, courtesy of cbs.com

Thursday Night Football
In February, CBS won the bid to air Thursday night football this upcoming fall. This will certainly affect their current schedule, as their #1 sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, currently airs on Thursday nights. Nevertheless, CBS plans to broadcast eight Thursday night games this fall. [22]



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By Sam Cohen


Courtesy of Wikimedia [17]

Key Executives

Courtesy of Forbes.com

Courtesy of Forbes.com [18]

Sumner M Redstone – Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder

Courtesy of allthingsd.com

Courtesy of allthingsd.com [19]

Philippe Dauman – President and CEO

Courtesy of Viacom.com

Courtesy of Viacom.com [20]

Thomas Dooley – COO

The current incarnation of Viacom was founded in 2005 after the company split from CBS Corporation and took certain media properties with it. Viacom — short for Video & Audio Communications — is owned by National Amusements Inc., which also owns CBS Corporation. [1]

Viacom owns a number of media outlets, including Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks, Comedy Central, BET Networks, Nickelodeon Networks, Spike TV, CMT and VH1, as well as music production and online divisions. However, this profile focuses on the television holdings of the company.

Viacom's headquarters in New York are at 1515 Broadway Courtesy of worldpropertychannel.com

Viacom’s headquarters in New York are at 1515 Broadway.
Courtesy of worldpropertychannel.com [21]

In 2013 Viacom has had a very successful third quarter, reporting $3.65 billion in revenue, up 9% from the third quarter last year. Net earnings for the third quarter were $806 million up 25% over the same period last year. Viacom’s total adjusted net earnings for 2013 were $2.32 billion, up 2% from the previous year. Viacom Media Networks, which accounted for $2.46 billion of that revenue, up 7% from the previous year’s third quarter, also accounted for revenue of $9.66 million in all of 2013, up 5% from last year [2]. For full 3rd quarter financials click here

This semester Viacom has been maintaining strong ratings for its established shows with returning seasons and relying on healthy ratings for event specials and award shows that have been held throughout the past few months and those that are scheduled in the coming months. These specials span the networks owned by Viacom and have battled both cable and broadcast shows for the top spot in the 18-to-49 demographic during their time slots. Viacom has also managed to effectively use social media to get more press for their specials and shows.

Miley Cyrus' controversial performance at the VMAs Courtesy of http://ibnlive.in.com

Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance at the VMAs.
Courtesy of ibnlive.in.com [22]

The first of these major events was the MTV Music Awards, which became national news because of the controversial performance by Miley Cyrus. The show was watched by nearly 10.1 million people and had the second highest viewership of any show on cable that week, losing only to A&E’s Duck Dynasty by 40,000 views [3]. The award show also topped most shows that week in the broadcast world for number of people who watched live or same day. The only show that beat out the Music Awards was Under the Dome, which aired that week on CBS [4]. The event was also a social media sensation, creating 120 national and worldwide trending topics on Twitter and 1.2 million like on Instagram [5]. The MTV Music Awards also broke a Twitter record: During Miley’s controversial performance 306 thousand tweets were tweeted per minute [5]. The show also garnered the ire of the Parents Television Council and was talked about across the news sphere for several days. in case you didn’t catch the performance you can see it here

Comedy Central has also done quite well this fall with strong showings from a number of returning shows as well as one new show, @midnight. Network ratings were up 10% across the board with Tosh.0 leading the way as the #1 cable program with males 18-to-24 [6]. That show was also the third most watched cable program on the night of its fall premier with two million viewers. [7]

The return of John Stewart to The Daily Show saw the show continue its dominance over late night in the cable world with The Colbert Report also coming in strong [8]. Key & Peele also have had a strong year, making number 1 in its time slot among men 18-to-24 and having 49% growth in audience from last season. [6]

@Midnight has been a successful addition to Comedy Central's late night line up Courtesy of laughingsquid.com

@Midnight with host Chris Hardwick has been a successful addition to Comedy Central’s late night line up.
Courtesy of laughingsquid.com [23]

South Park began its 17th season with stellar ratings. The season premier was the top show on cable among adults 18-to-49 and was the top show on TV among men 18-to-34 and men 18-to-24 [9]. Finally the network debut a new show @midnight to follow The Colbert Report. The show, which, Comedy Central had hoped would piggyback off of The Colbert Report, did more than that even beating Colbert in certain demographics. [10]

SpongeBob SquarePants has been the most watched kids show this quarter Courtesy of tvbythenumbers.com [14]

SpongeBob SquarePants has been the most watched kids show this fall.
Courtesy of tvbythenumbers.com [14]

Another Viacom media property that has had a good fall is Nickelodeon. The station consistently led the total day viewership among cable networks including, for example the three consecutive weeks ending November 3 [11], November 10 [12] and November 17 [13]. Nickelodeon has also dominated cable networks among the 2-to-11 demographic. The network has been top in the kids demographic for six straight weeks [14]. SpongeBob SquarePants has helped propel Nickelodeon to such heights as the number one program with kids 2-to-11 [14]. Nickelodeon has also had nine straight months of year-over-year ratings gains.

Nick Cannon Hosted the 2013 HALO Awards courtesy of theholleywoodreporter.com [24]

Nick Cannon Hosted the 2013 HALO Awards.
Courtesy of theholleywoodreporter.com [24]

Nickelodeon also had a special this weekend on Nick at Night: the TeenNick HALO Awards, which honored four teens for their community service and featured a number of celebrity guests. The show used social media to engage and connect with viewers by encouraging live tweeting and posts to Instagram with the hashtag #HALOawards [15]. Nickelodeon hoped that this interactive experience would change the way that award shows would take place in the future.

Another big upcoming event takes place on Viacom’s Country Music Television. CMT has done well this fall with music video ratings up from last year [6], but they’re hoping for a big boost from the upcoming CMT Artists of the Year special scheduled for primetime December 3. For more information on the event click here. CMT hopes to garner some solid ratings among certain psychographic groups especially the believer and maker psychographics.

Michelle Obama was a guest on a special 90 minute 106 and Park Courtesy of Newsone.com

Michelle Obama was a special guest on a 60 minute episode of 106 and Park
Courtesy of Newsone.com

The final Viacom network that just received a big boost is BET, which had two major events: one on Tuesday, November 19 and the other on December 1. On then 19th The First Lady of the United States appeared on 106 & Park, which has been the top music variety show on cable for the past 15 quarters [16]. Ratings for the special were not yet available as of noon on November 20th. On the 1st The Soul Train Awards hopes to duplicate the success seen by The BET Awards earlier this year.

Viacom has used its many networks to ensure that profits will continue to increase through the 4th quarter of 2013 and into 2014. The company’s strategy of getting strong showings from returning programs and excellent ratings on its large specials is working. The channels of the Viacom Media Networks clearly reach the demographics they are targeting and make Viacom one of the leaders in cable television programming.


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By Brianne Sabino
Disney/ABC Television Logo

Disney/ABC Television Group Logo[1]

Disney/ABC Television Group

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521


www.disneyabctv. com


Walt Disney Company Logo

Walt Disney Company Logo [33]

About The Company:

The Disney/ABC Television Group is made up of the Walt Disney Company’s television properties.  Included in the group are ABC Television Networks (ABC News, ABC entertainment group, and ABC Daytime), ABC Family, Disney Channels Worldwide, and SOAPnet.  Disney/ABC Television Group has an 80% stake in ESPN, a 24 hour sports station.  The other 20% belongs to the Hearst Corporation which also has a joint ownership of the A+E Television Network.  Disney/ABC Television group produces content worldwide reaching hundreds of millions of people the United States and internationally with content on multiple platforms.  [3]

Brief History

    On April 18, 1983, the Disney Channel started broadcasting 18 hours of programming a day under Walt Disney Television. In 1996, Disney bought Capital Cities/ABC which included ABC Television Network Group, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime Television.  In 1999, Walt Disney Television studio merged with ABC Entertainment group, renamed Touchstone Television.  It was given its current name of Disney/ABC Television Group in May of 2007. [10]

ABC News:

ABC News Logo [4]

ABC News Logo

  ABC News delivers news to more people than any of their competitors.  This group is responsible for providing programming to the Disney/ABC owned television, radio, and internet platforms.  Their 2,400 affiliate stations reach about 180 million people globally per month.  In addition, the ABC Owned television stations group includes 8 stations in the major markets. [5]

ABC Entertainment:

ABC Entertainment Logo [6]

ABC Entertainment Logo

 ABC Entertainment programming includes ABC Family, ABC Daytime, and SOAPnet.  The ABC Entertainment Group includes ABC Studios which produces shows for ABC owned stations, as well as for national syndication. ABC Daytime includes popular shows like Katie and The View. ABC Family caters to a younger audience with more scripted drama shows like Pretty Little Liars.  [7]

Children’s Programming:

Disney Channel Logo [7]

Disney Channel Logo [27]

Disney/ABC Television Group includes very successful children’s programming through Disney Channels Worldwide, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.  This section of the group focuses on multi-platform strategies for children.  Disney Channel, their 24 hour per day station composed of children’s programming, was ranked #1 for children ages 2-11 and boasts about 560 million viewers worldwide. During the daytime, a block of time called Disney Junior is aired for younger audiences aged 2-7. [8]


Anne Sweeney- President, Disney | ABC Television Group.

Anne Sweeney- President, Disney | ABC Television Group.

Rebecca Campbell- President, ABC Owned Television Stations Group

Rebecca Campbell- President, ABC Owned Television Stations Group


Kevin Brockman-Executive Vice President, Global Communications

Albert Cheng- Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media [9]

Albert Cheng- Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media


On August 21, Disney/ABC was forced to lay off 175 workers, mostly from its operations department and its cable networks. The Disney CFO said in July that the group had seen a 7% decrease in advertising revenue in Q2 2013. However, by the fourth quarter, revenue was back towards a slight increase at 1% on the broadcast side and 2% on cable, thanks to higher ratings and a bump in online advertising rates. The group’s prime time shows are still under performing and ESPN’s numbers are trending downwards as rates to broadcast the NFL and college football are rising. [32]

Earlier This Fall…

Earlier this fall, Disney/ABC’s new Marvel show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a spinoff from The Avengers, premiered to nearly 12 million viewers.  The ratings have been fallen 53% since the premiere with the last episode viewed by about 6.6 million people.  Other new prime time shows were The Goldbergs, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Lucky 7, which was cancelled due to producing the lowest ratings of a fall premiere in ABC history.  ABC Family Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Ravenswood which is about mid-way through its season right now had the biggest cable premiere in three years to a 2.1 million audience. [24] [25] [26]

 Right Here, Right now

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Recently, Disney announced that it’s new Disney Junior show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West will not premiere on Television, but on a Disney Junior App.  Recent studies have shown that preschool aged children are primarily getting their media from mobile devices, especially tablets. In an effort to reach their target demographic, the show will be released on the Disney Junior App on November 24.  Sheriff Callie’s Wild West will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior television stations early next year.  [11]


 On December 31, 2013 Disney/ABC Television Group announced that it will no longer provide SOAPnet to cable operators.  They will be getting rid of SOAPnet to expand Disney Junior which is more relevant with current technology.  The channel was created in 2000 and featured fresh content as well as re-runs of classic soap operas like General Hospital and All my Children.  Its highest revenue year was 2010, when it brought in $111 million.  Disney expects to bring in over $1.8 billion through Disney Junior in 2013. [13]

Netflix Deal

Marvel and Netflix have struck a deal.

Marvel and Netflix have struck a deal.[16]

Disney is creating more content with their acquisition of Marvel.  The television group announced that it had come to an agreement with Netflix to develop four new television series, as well as a miniseries that will stream on Netflix instead of traditional television.  Disney will create four, thirteen episode Marvel shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage which will all debut in 2015 on the online streaming site.   [15]


ABC and Univision Fusion Logo

ABC and Univision Fusion Logo[19]

A few weeks ago, ABC News and Univision launched Fusion: a new English language cable channel targeted at young Latinos.  The new channel is a 50-50 joint venture between ABC and Univision, targeting Latinos between the ages of 18-34 by having a lot of humorous content.  It started with a limited release of about 20 million homes.  Fusion plans to have a mobile app up and running by 2014.  Although it launched a few weeks ago, the channel is not generating much buzz online so far. [17] [18]

 Disney Vs. Dish Dispute

Dish Logo

Dish Logo

Disney has been having a dispute with Dish Network since September about the future of the two companies.  Disney wants Dish to get rid of its program “Hopper”, a digital recording system that allows viewers to skip through commercials.  Dish wants Disney to give it permission to stream their content in new ways.  So far the companies have avoided a blackout of Disney owned companies like ESPN and Disney Channel for Dish subscribers, and they are expected to come to an agreement for a deal in the near future.  [20]

Selling Local TV Stations

Disney-ABC Television

Disney-ABC Television [23]

  Disney is considering selling its 8 owned and operated stations for billions of dollars.  Disney considered selling the stations once before in 2010, and now is toying with the idea again since they are worth even more.  Cable retransmission fees are higher than they have ever been, but other sections of the television group have been more successful.  The broadcast stations brought in a revenue of $5.82 billion last year. [22]


Roku Logo

Roku Logo

On November 12, Disney announced that it had struck a deal with Roku, a media streaming platform, to allow live programming and Disney/ABC events to stream over Roku.  Roku device users will now be able to access WATCH ESPN, WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD on their devices.  Roku is a subscription based service for users and provides services to over 5 million users.  [28]

New Shows

Resurrection Logo [31]

Resurrection Logo [31]

830x3502Mind Games Logo

Mind Games Logo [31]






ABC Primetime has four new shows scheduled to premiere later in the year.  Resurrection in March, and Mixology, Mind Games, and Killer Women for next season.  [30]  For a complete schedule of ABC’s mid-season changes, click here: ABC Television Midseason Changes

Mind Games Logo

Mind Games Logo [31]


Mixology Logo [31]





Resurrection Trailer




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Comcast – NBC Universal


By Angela Saggiomo



30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Key Executives [1]


-courtesy of nbcuni.com

  Stephen Burke
CEO, NBCUniversal


-courtesy of stopthecap.com

Brian Roberts
Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation


-courtesy of nbcuni.com

Stuart Epstein
Executive VP and CFO, NBCUniversal


-courtesy of nbcuni.com

Robert Greenblatt
Chairman, NBC Entertainment

 About the Company [2]


This picture provides a detailed list of holdings under the NBCU umbrella for each platform. (courtesy of williamsager.com)

NBCUniversal is a major American media company that owns and operates content across multiple platforms. NBCU distributes content through broadcast and cable television, film, and digital media. The company is owned by the Philadelphia based Comcast Corporation.

History [3]


-courtesy of toobtalk.com

In 2004 NBC and Universal merged to form NBCUniversal, a company jointly owed by General Electric and Vivendi. In 2009 the Comcast Corporation announced intentions of acquiring NBCU and the venture was completed in January of 2011 when Comcast became majority stockholders. In 2013 Comcast gained full ownership of the media conglomerate after purchasing GE’s minority stake for $16.7 billion.

Financials* [4]

NBCUniversal had a very successful third quarter in 2013. Overall revenue increased 3.9% to $5.9 billion. For the cable networks revenue is up 4% to over $2 billion, increasing 5.4% and 4.6% in distribution and advertising respectively. Broadcast also saw an increase in revenue, up 2.6% due to an increase in retransmission fees. This is an important increase because it is a fairly new revenue stream for the company.

*all financials are compared to third quarter results of 2012 excluding extra revenue generated by the 2012 Olympics which were broadcast by NBCUniversal during that period

In the News

The Esquire Network 


-courtesy of g4tv.com

In early 2013 NBCUniversal announced plans to launch the Esquire Network on the low performing G4 [6]. However after examining network brands, and with less than a month before its unveiling, it was announced that it would instead replace the female skewing Style Network. With channels like Bravo, E! and Oxygen which tend to perform better with females, NBCU saw the launch of this network as a chance to appeal to a more male audience.

Since its debut in late September, Esquire has premiered original programming as well as aired rebroadcasts of NBC favorites such as Parks and Recreation and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The new network appeals to a male audience but differs greatly from its direct competition Spike and FX. The target audience is of the more sophisticated male population with many new shows about travel and cooking [7]. Esquire joins the ranks of NBCUniversal owned networks that are programmed around a very distinct brand, allowing them to better target specific audiences for advertisers.

Welcome to the Family! [5]


-courtesy of kidscreen.com

On November 13th Comcast NBCUniversal announced the acquisition of the popular children’s cable network PBS Kids Sprout. NBCU already owned 40 percent of the network, buying the rest from PBS and HIT Television Ventures. The company first acquired management of the children’s network in 2011 during the merge with the Comcast Corporation.

The new ownership signals a significant change for the network, which will drop PBS from its title. NBCU plans to create much more original programming and mobile content for the network in order to better compete with rival networks such as Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. Overall NBCU has had trouble keeping up with social media content and this acquisition shows a step towards increasing their presence online [12]. By creating original shows for the network NBCU will own all rights and therefore be able to create much more digital content at a much lower cost.

On the heels of this announcement NBCUniversal also revealed that they would be shutting down KidsCo in early 2014. The network, co-owned by Corus Entertainment, could not find footing among the wide variety of children’s programing available in today’s market. Rather than splitting original children’s programming across multiple networks NBCU has decided to focus on one channel, allowing them to better distribute the content across multiple platforms. [8]

Ad Sales Overhaul


-courtesy of bloomberg.com

Following a successful season in upfront ad sales NBCUniversal has decided to revamp its Advertisement Sales Department [10]. Previously, the company would sell ad inventory on a single network. Rather, they plan to sell ad time based on “demographic and thematic lines” [9]. This way ad reps can offer sponsors distinct audience groups for a more targeted sales approach. Because NBCUniversal has so many cable channels with such defined brands they can use this new sales structure to capitalize on this strength.

Networks will be split into two major groups: mass-entertainment programming and lifestyle cable channels. The mass-entertainment channels will include NBC, USA and Syfy while the lifestyle group includes networks like E!, Bravo and Esquire [11]. The department also saw a great amount of layoffs as a result of the restructuring because many of the channels are being packaged together for ad sales.

On the Horizon

2014 Winter Olympics


-courtesy of www.mcwade.com

NBCUniversal will air the 2014 Winter Games this February, which will take place in Sochi, Russia. NBCU has been a long time broadcaster of the Olympic games, a deal that has proven very lucrative for the company in the past. Comcast NBCUniversal made a deal to pay $4.38 billion for the exclusive rights to the next four Olympic games. The deal also stated that NBCUniversal would air all the events live for the first time. This is a decision made after the results of the events at the 2012 London Summer Olympics were revealed through social media prior to their primetime broadcast [14].

This year’s winter games will involve six new events: the ski halfpipe, women’s ski jumping, biathlon mixed relay, a figure skating team event, and luge team relays [15]. However, the games have already received a great deal of bad press as a result of strict anti-gay laws put in place by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The politician enacted a national law that bans all homosexual activity and even support [16]. While the International Olympic Committee has ensured that this will not affect the games, many have chosen to boycott the events. It is still unclear as to how this will affect the NBCUniversal coverage of the games.

To Infinity and Beyond [13]


-courtesy of chatter-fest.com

NBCUniversal has made a deal with Virgin Galactic to broadcast the eccentric billionaire Richard Branson’s first commercial flight to space. Multiple networks within the NBCUniversal family will cover the flight, which takes off next year. It will begin with a primetime special of the take off followed by interviews conducted next day on the Today Show.

This deal signals a “continued push for live event programming from entertainment channels and news organizations,” an idea that was previously unpopular because of its lack of rebroadcast opportunity[13]. However with the emergence of new media, live broadcast such as this can be very lucrative because it can air across multiple platforms at the same time. This allows companies like NBCU to maximize their reach for a single broadcast.


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Seth Goldstein


605 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10158



Key Executives

Haim Saban – Chairman

Randy Falco

Randel A. (Randy) Falco – President/CEO and Chairman

  • Served as President and CEO of AOL Inc. from 2006-2009 
  • Before that, had spent over 30 years at NBCUniversal Television Group; most recently as President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Responsible for both groups commercial and operational functions including affiliate relations, cable distribution, business development, information technology, and network and studio operations.

Andy Hobson

Andrew W (Andy) Hobson – Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Shared several positions at Univision (Chief Strategic Officer, Executive Vice President)
  • Before Univision, Hobson was a principal at Chartwell Partners from ’90-’93; where he was instrumental in the 1992 leveraged buyout of Univision


Roberto Llamas  – Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Llamas comes from a background where he was head of Human Resources at Nielsen; a company with over 35,000 employees in over 100 countries 
  • Has held previous human Resources positions as Lehman Brothers, TRW, and General Electric


Beau Ferrari – EVP of Operations (Univision Networks)

  • Responsible for the growth and profitability of Univision’s content 
  • Serves as interim co-head of Univision Sports; he is responsible for the content on the 24-hour channel Univision owns titled, Univision Deportes


Univision was started in 1960 as an International Spanish Network by Emilio Azćarraga; a media-mogul responsible for forming and operating Grupo Televisa (Leading Spanish Network at the time). Through a partnership with Jerrold Perenchio of Venevisíon, the two business bought out two major network stations ins Houston, TX and Chicago, IL respectively. This led to to the 1996 formation and announcement of the company now known as Univision Communications. THe company has been focused on pertaining to the hispanic demographic across the United States through various media channels featuring, television and radio. They have had a lot of success standing at the top of their class and ratings for a hispanic-television station.


Univision Communications Inc. is the leading media company serving Hispanic Americans. With a number of current channels owned and operated by Univision Communications Inc., Univision Communications Inc. stands alone at the top of the Spanish-American Television totem-pole. The recent news coming out that as of last year,was that Univision Communications Inc. had surpassed ABC for the most watched network at night reaching over 10.8 million homes on the average evening. The numbers do not lie, and the numbers are what has led ABC and Univision to fuse together for a somewhat of a merger, creating a new English-based news channel covering Sports, Entertainment, and original Media Content.

Ben Sherwood of ABC News has been quoted saying “Fusion will be the ultimate meeting place for English-speaking Latinos. Our goal for this young, vibrant, and media-hungry audience to come to Fusion to be informed, entertained, and empowered. It will be fresh, fun, and optimistic and great interest to latinos and non-latinos alike” (WSJ, 1). Fusion will be interesting to see, as watching ESPN has become very natural for the majority of Americans. Seeing the potential cross-branding initiatives of both companies come into full effect will be very interesting.

The medium has been necessary overdue to the high volume of hispanic viewers and the somewhat smaller numbers of American viewers. The medium that “Fusion” will be provide will be one unlike any other, as no major company such as ABC has ever made such a strong push into the Latino marketplace for telecommunications. Other current competitors to Univision include; Belo Corporation, Citadel Corporation, and TV Azteca; which is Univision’s top competitor.

Univision currently has been seeing a large share of their viewers tune in for their shows

  • Arranque de Pasion 
  • Pq El Amor Manda

In addition to their 24-hour running show on sports titled, Univsion Deportes. Univsion offers multiple telenovelas which are spanish-based romantic dramas which seem to be the most popular based off of ratings in the hispanic marketplace. In addition to the telenovelas, the Univision Communications Inc. have worked very hard on various media platform operations. A mobile application for your smartphone will now allow the user to access exclusive Univision content and be regularly updated with new news developments, television episodes, in addition to exclusive webisodes featuring interviews with the cast members of some of the most highly-watched programs.

Univision Deportes

Univsion Deportes serves similar to ESPN’s “SportsCenter”, providing around the clock sports information and news headlines with a large team of anchors and reports. Univsion Deportes does not only entertain the hispanic or latino viewer, but anyone who can understand the spanish language will be able to see that the content is universal. Strongly pertaining to sports that are well-liked in the Spanish community, however, are still relevant in non-hospanic parts of the world.


Arranque de Pasion is a Webnovela series by Univision known for the drama between characters Checo and Ela. The stories and episodes vary on the never-ending lust and personal conflict that take place in this show. It is the 2nd highest rated show on the Univision network, and is becoming more popular in The United States.

ABC and Univision announced their finalized merger on February 11. This let the world know that two of the most powerful media players will be joining forces to bring together the American and Hispanic television communities together through cross-media branding and promotions. This will not only allow the American-based ABC to start branding themselves more in the hispanic markets, while Univision creates their name as a go-to news site in the United States and other english-speaking territories. The merger could not have taken place on a scale of much bigger proportion due to the conglomerate size of both of these companies individually.

The merger with ABC was a substantial power move for the American-based company, that saw the hand-writing on the wall of how successful the potential of a major media merger over different languages could possibly be. Teaming up with the strongest player in the spanish telecommunication game, ABC was able to do just that. Offering their content over cross-media platforms and opening doors for quality product enhancement from both the hispanic and non-hispanic communities alike.


1. Wall Street Journal

  • http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130211-909202.html?mod=crnews


by Juan Alvarez


-Univision’s Newest Corporate Logo (Updated in October 2012)

(Photo courtesy of Univision Corporate website) [4]

605 3rd Ave.
New York, NY, 10158 United States
(212) 455-5200



Key Figures

(Picture Courtesy of Univision Corporate Website)

(Picture Courtesy of Univision Corporate Website) [1]

Randy Falco

        Joined Univision Communications in June 2011 as President and Chief Executive Officer. Before joining the company he was Chairman and CEO of AOL. Since his arrival, Univision has added three new cable networks and steadily increased its net revenue. [1]

Cesar Conde

Cesar Conde
(Picture Courtesy of Univision Corporate Website)[1]

Cesar Conde

      Mr. Conde is president of the Univision Networks and is responsible for every television network including Univision Network, Unimas and Univision Cable Network. He is also responsible for the Univision Studios which were established in 2009. He previously served as Executive Vice President of Univision Communications. [1]

Andrew W. Hobson

Andrew W. Hobson
(Picture Courtesy of Univision Corporate Website)[1]

Andrew W. Hobson

      Joined Univision Communications in 1993 as Executive Vice President of Univision Network. In 2007 he became Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Univision Communications playing a vital role in the company’s recent financial growth. [1]


      Univision Communications is the leading spanish broadcaster in America with a pedigree of television, radio and interactive media operations. The company’s primary audience are Latin American families in the United States. Univision Communications runs the top-rated Univision Network, as well as sister networks UniMas and Galavision. In addition, the company owns and operates about 60 local TV stations and 70 radio stations all across the nation and an online division which owns and distributes a network of online and mobile products like Univision.com. Some major competitors include TV Azteca, S.A. de C.VLiberman Broadcasting, Inc. and NBCUniversal Media, LLC. [2] Some of the most successful current programs are Sabado Gigante, which has been on the air since 1997, and Primer Impacto since 1994.

The following video summarizes what Univision’s vision consists on:


        Television: The television segment owns a large number of TV stations and networks of which the most successful is Univision Network, the driving force behind the company. Univision Network has the largest spanish speaking television audience in the world and has reached parity with the 5 major english television networks outranking The CW several times. The television department also owns UniMas a spanish language broadcast television network, as well as Galavision a cable network in the U.S. In addition to the three major networks the company recently added three single format 24-hour cable networks: Univision Deportes Network, ForoTV and Univision Telenovelas. In 2009 the company founded Univision Studios, their own production division. Last year the company announced the creation of Fusion, an english language joint venture with ABC targeted at hispanic americans. [3]


Univision and ABC joint venture (photo courtesy of mediabistro.com) [10]

        Radio: The radio segment owns and operates 69 radio stations in the United States. In 2003 Univision completed the acquisition of the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation to form Univision Radio, the largest spanish language radio broadcasting company in the United States. In addition, the company founded Univision America this past summer, which is a spanish talk radio network that operates in major states like California, Texas and Florida. [3]


Univision America (photo courtesy of mediamoves.com) [11]

          Interactive Media: This segment is responsible for operating a network of online products of which Univision.com is the most important. Univision interactive media was launched in 2009 to house Univision Movil and Univision.com, an online publisher that features entertainment, news and information. The interactive media segment also includes UVideos, a bilingual digital network and Univision Partner Group, a publishing network. [3]

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.09.34 PM

Univision.com Homepage
(photo courtesy of Univision.com) [12]


       In 1955 KWEX-TV, the first full time Spanish language station in America was founded. The station changed owners several times until in 1968 the new owners decided to name it Spanish International Network after buying channels in New Jersey and LA. By the mid 1970s the company had grown into a national network in the United States. In 1986 a Partnership of Televisa (a major media production company) and Hallmark cards bought the network formally naming it UNIVISION. Univision online was launched in 2000. [4]

      In the past decade Univision Communications has grown in many fronts of the industry launching UniMas, formerly known as Telefutura (2002), Univision Radio (2003), Univision Studios (2009) and Univision Interactive media (2009). [4]


      During 2012 Univision Communications Inc. reported a steady rise in their financials. Both their OIBDA and their total net revenue increased in comparison to the previous numbers of 2011. For the full year, net revenue increased 7.4 percent to $2,442.0 million from $2,273.5 million in 2011 and OIBDA increased 7.4 percent to $1,003.2 million from $933.9 million in 2011. Moreover the increase took place in each of the three media production areas of the company (Television, Radio and Digital). [5]

2012 Financials-Univision

(photo courtesy of Univision Corporate financial statement 2012) [5]

In the News 

     January [6]

  • The new revamped UniMas was launched coast to coast on January 7th premiering two prime time series that same night: Made In Cartagena and Quien eres tu.

(photo courtesy of underconsideration.com)

  • Quinceañera” the groundbreaking production that catapulted Thalia and Adela Noriega is being rebroadcasted by Univision Telenovelas on January 7th.
  • Univision Communications announced a partnership with Samsung to carry their digital video network UVideos, in all 2013 Samsung smart TVs and connected devices.
  • Univision Network launches new talent competition show Lo que mas quiereson January 27th.

Lo que Mas Quieres ad campaign (photo courtesy of latinospost.com) [13]

February [7]

  • Univision’s Despierta Americaestablished itself as the fastest growing morning show in the current season regardless of language registering its seven month of consecutive growth among adults 18-49 and 25-54.

Despierta America (photo courtesy of tucuentas. com) [14]

  • Univision’s Premios Lo Nuestro“, which is Television’s longest running Latin music  award show, aired on Feb 21 reaching 11.6 million viewers and making Univision No. 2 network for the night among adults 18-34 for fourth consecutive year.
  • WXTV Univision 41 New York received 22 Emmy Award nominations. According to Nielsen, Univision 41 was also the #1 newscast in the 6pm slot during the month of January.
  • On February 11 ABC and Univision announced their joint venture news and lifestyle network for Hispanics is being named Fusion and is set to launch during the second half of 2013.
  • Univision set milestone as the No 4. network in February sweeps ahead of NBC. Univision out performed NBC establishing a 26% margin among adults 18-49 and a 47% among adults 18-14.

The following video demonstrates the recent rating success of Univision.

UNIVISION COMMUNICATIONS INC from Univision Insights on Vimeo.

March [8]

  • Premiere of new romantic comedy telenovela Porque el amor manda” on Univision Network set for March 11.
  • Nuestra Belleza Latina” a beauty competition show is set to launch its seventh season March 10 on Univision Network. The show includes sponsors like AT&T and Subway.

Seventh season of Nuestra Belleza Latina (photo courtesy of lagranciudad.net) [15]

  • The season finale of Por ella soy Evamade Univision stations #1 among adults 18-49 and adults 18-34 in several cities like Los Angeles and Houston and Chicago.
  • On March 11 Univision Radio and TuneIn announced an alliance to extend the reach of 50 terrestrial stations via TuneIn.
  • Univision Studios announced the premiere of Arranque de Pasion, La historia de Ela“, an original webnovela produced exclusively for Univision Online and mobile properties set to begin April 1.

Arranque de Pasion webseries (photo courtesy of univision.com) [16]

  • Univision signs a major contract with DirecTV enabling the satellite provider to carry all of Univision’s own and operated broadcast stations, as well as the network feeds for Univision, UniMas, and Galavision.

Future of Univision 


ABC News and Univision News merge to create Fusion in 2013
(photo courtesy of Univision Corporate Website) [4]

      When it comes to its future Univision Communications seems stronger than ever. If the current trends continue the network could become a recurrent top four in the United States Television market because of the constant increase of the Latino population. Furthermore, Univision is on the verge of launching a great number of new series including Los Heroes del Norte(NotiMas) andQue Bonito Amor (Univision), which are two long awaited primetime series set to premiere this April. Last but not least, Univision News is focusing greatly on the creation of the new joint venture with ABC news called Fusion (to be launched sometime this year). The new network will be carried by 5 cable operators and will serve 50 millions Hispanics; a number expected to double by 2050 [9]. This measures are expected to further enhance the company’s presence in the multimedia market during the next decades.


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16. Arranque de Pasion promo  http://univisionnetworks.com/assets/uploads/homepages/ArranqueDePasion1.jpg

Tribune Broadcasting

Anthony Phillips

Tribune Company
435 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
312.222.9100 / www.tribune.com

Company Overview

In 1847, this Chicago based company was created with the start up of the Chicago Daily Tribune, which had a circulation of 400 copies (1). After success in the newspaper industry, the Tribune Company has expanded its media platforms with the launch of its first radio station WGN in Chicago in 1924, and then its insertion into the TV industry in 1947 (2). With its rapid expansion in publishing, digital and broadcasting, Tribune has now become one of the principal multimedia companies in the nation.

Tribune Broadcasting Overview

After the company launched its first television station, KTLA- TV, Los Angles in 1947, the company expanded rapidly, tripling its station ownership by the next year. Now, Tribune is one of the leading broadcasters, with ownership of 23 major-market television stations across the US reaching an estimated 80 percent of TV households.  The company also has a hand in the cable industry, with the WGN America cable network, which has an average viewership of over 70 million households through cable and satellite providers (3).



Peter Liguori

CEO of the Tribune Company, Liguori has worked for the Fox Broadcast Company, and most recently as Chief Operating Officer of Discovery Communications before coming on board with Tribune.

Larry Wert

President of Broadcast media, Wert was appointed in February 2013, and is in charge of the company’s 23 television stations and WGN Radio in Chicago (4).

Matt Cherniss

President & General Manager of WGN America & Tribune Studios, Cherniss is responsible for creation, strategy, and operations of the WGN superstation and Tribune Studios (5).

Chandler Bigelow

Appointed in March 2008 as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Bigelow oversees all corporate finance functions (6).



The staple of its broadcasting, WGN America, offers an array of content as “home of the superfan” with popular shows in syndication, movies, news, and Chicago based sports (7).  As of July 2012, coverage estimates for WGN America were a little over 66 percent reaching a little under 76 million households (10).

With its ownership of 23 major-market television stations, Tribune has thirteen affiliations with The CW, seven with Fox, two with MyNetworkTV, and one with ABC (8). In addition to these major market stations, Tribune Broadcasting also has ownership of the CLTV, Chicagoland Television, which partnered up with Tribunes prominent WGN-TV station in Chicago to deliver 24 hour local and regional news coverage for the Chicago Area (18).

Financial Information

Tribune used to be a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange as of 1983, but in late 2007 the company became privatized again. In December 2008, due to an unexpected decline of revenue and too much debt to handle, Tribune had to file petitions for Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (11).  After four years of restructuring, Tribune was able to recover from Chapter 11 with a new term loan of $1.1 billion and $300 million revolving credit facility to maintain operations of the company (12). Even though Tribune is now a private company, they still voluntarily report annual and quarterly financial statements, but they are only estimations and subject to change. On September 23, 2012 the third quarter results were released publicly, and the company had an estimated $2.2 billion operating revenue with a net income of $254 million. Since these financial statements are voluntary for the company they only have reports of the entire company and subsidiaries together. The only assets reported for the broadcasting division were the broadcast rights for this quarter, which were $26 million (9). With an up haul of restructuring and reorganization, Tribune has shown with their profitable assets that they are on their way out of bankruptcy. Tribune also has equity interests in broadcasting and digital content like the Food Network, NimbleTV, and TOPIX, which all have been helpful in its financial return and have contributed a good amount of success to Tribune’s already existing assets.

In the News

As of April 2nd Tribune Broadcasting’s creative division, Tribune Creative Group has partnered up with the production company Turbo Dog Productions. With its advances with equipment and creative expertise, this newly formed partnership will expand Tribunes footprint in its advertising. Turbo Dog Productions will now be located in Manhattan under the newly formed Pix11 studio, with state-of-the-art equipment like Motion Capture technology, a Virtual Camera system, full CGI and VFX, and multiple green screens (14). Andrew Kessler, CEO of Turbo Dog Productions stated that this new collaboration, “will ensure we remain significantly ahead of our competition and further our ability to provide both our domestic and overseas clients with the highest quality of content over the full spectrum of visual creative materials” (14).

PHL17, Tribune’s MyNetworkTV affiliate in Philadelphia announced on March 28 that the station would broadcast the 2013 Season Opener for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team game against the Atlanta Braves, with a pregame show at 6:30pm following up to the opener at 7:05pm (15). Nielsen ratings the next day estimated that the game averaged an 11.5 household rating, which set an unprecedented record high for the station over the last 17 years. These results gave an estimate that over 339 thousand homes tuned into the game, making it the number one programmed broadcast for the night (16).

Combined with its already prominent scheduling of popular syndicated shows like 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Scrubs, WGN America announced on March 26th that they would be adding additional network shows to the mix. Hoping to boost ratings, Tribunes cable network will be airing marathon blocks of

The Vampire Diaries and Arrow. Original content from The CW Network, both of these shows have been the most popular shows to date for the network, with The Vampire Diaries being the highest-rated drama while Arrow has been the most-watched show. With the new addition of these shows through block programming, WGN America hopes to get viewers attention so they “can catch up on all the action-packed drama before the final original episodes of the season on The CW” (17).

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News Corporation



http://www.newscorp.com | @NWScorp | 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 | (212) 852-7000


A Brief History

News Corporation was formed in 1979 when Rupert Murdoch needed a holding company for News Limited. News Limited began as a small Australian newspaper founded by the Murdoch family in 1923. Rupert Murdoch helped turn that small paper into one of the largest media conglomerates the world has ever seen. News Corporation has holdings in print, television, film, and web. They own everything from the Wall Street Journal to 20th Century Fox. Even after being hit by an international phone hacking scandal, it seems like nothing can slow down this media empire.

News Corporation is perhaps best known for their work on the small screen. They are behind such classic shows as The Simpsons, American Idol, Family Guy, Glee, and everything else under the Fox umbrella. The juggernaut behind one of the most successful networks in the world still has the drive to grow and prosper. Their effort, combined with that of NBC Universal and Disney saw the creation of Hulu.com, an ad-supported television streaming site. There is also a lot of speculation that the Murdoch Empire plans to add the LA Times to their collection.


Board of Directors

Rupert Murdoch – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, News Corporation


Jose Maria Aznar – President, Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis, Former President of Spain

Chase Carey – President and Chief Operating Officer, News Corporation


Natalie Bancroft – Director, News Corporation

Peter L. Barnes – Chairman, Metcash Limited

News Corp continues to invest in cable TV while other content providers worry about the long term security of the revenue stream. It was announced in late March 2013 that the channel FX would be getting a sister channel named FXX [1]. FXX will be targeting the coveted 18-34 demographic. In order to reach this younger audience, content will be transplanted from FX to FXX. Shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be moved to FXX once the channel launches on Sept. 2nd [2]. Because the channel will be launching with a potential audience of 70 million homes, News Corp is hoping that such a large potential audience will bring in lots of ad money [2].


New logo for FXX channel

New logo for FXX channel


Always Sunny – FXX Promo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPGvs9ewFiE

FXX isn’t the only new channel that News Corp will be launching. They will also be launching a new sports channel, dubbed Fox Sports 1 [1]. Launching the new channel won’t be as expensive for News Corp as it would seem. What the company is essentially doing is rebranding their existing Speed Channel into a seemingly different channel [1]. Because they already own the rights to NASCAR, the NFL, MLB, and more than twenty local sports channels, finding content for the new channel won’t be a difficult task [1].

Although it sounds like News Corp is just shifting around their existing content, the stock market is expected to respond positively [3]. It might take a few years for Fox Sports 1 to gain an audience, but investors see a lot of potential in the new channel. Matthew Harrigan, a Wunderlich Securities analyst, raised his price target to $36, a $4 jump [3]. Although they don’t expect to be able to compete with ESPN, that might not be the case for competitor NBC Sports. President and COO Chase Carey told investors that the channel should see a loss for the first few years in order to give it the financial boost it needs. He urged “not to try to beat ESPN”, stating that financial success of the network would come in time [6].

The company is doing very well financially. According to the second quarter earnings released for 2013, News Corp reported earnings of $1.58 billion, up from $1.5 billion a year ago [4]. Their current stock price sits at $31.57 a share [5].

Current stock listing for News Corp

Current stock listing for News Corp

Despite their financial success, News Corp is worried. Every TV network has been closely watching the Aereo court cases. After Aereo won the first two court cases again them, the content producers started to get upset. Producing content becomes a lot less profitable when your content can be streamed online without any compensation. President and COO of News Corp Chase Carey might end up changing the way his network runs if this trend continues. On April 8th at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, Mr. Carey claimed that if Aereo came out on top in court, he would take Fox off the air in favor of a subscription-based service [7]. Although doubtful that Carey could pull Fox off the air, it’s too early to predict what will happen next.

Disney and News Corp. are trying to figure out what to do with Hulu. On April 7th, 2013 a bid was placed on the popular video streaming site [9]. The $500m offer came from Peter Chernin, the former president of News Corp [9]. It is not yet known if the offer will be accepted or not. Earlier reports indicated that even if somebody were to buy Hulu.com, they wouldn’t necessarily be buying the content that goes with it. After spending millions of the website, the new owner would still have to go through discussions with Disney, News Corp, and NBC regarding the cost to stream their content on the web [8].

Although News Corp is doing well, so are their competitors. The Walt Disney Company is currently listed at $58.82 on the NASDAQ [10]. Comcast, now the parent company of NBC Universal, is listed at $41.63 a share [11]. The competition will only increase, but News Corporation has what it takes to compete.


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Always Sunny in Philly FXX Promo

CBS Corp.

by Weiran

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

CBS Headquarters,

51 W. 52nd Street,

New York, NY10019-6188




Originally founded as Viacom in 1970, The Columbia Broadcast System (CBS) Corporation separated from Viacom and became an independent new firm in 2006. It started trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in January 13, 2006. CBS focuses on every field of media and entertainment, including cable, publishing, radio, local TV, film, outdoors advertising, and interactive and socially responsible media. It owns the most-watched television network in the U.S. and one of the world’s largest libraries of entertainment content.

Key Executives:

Sumner M. Redstone, Executive Chairman

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Corporation

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

Anthony G. Ambrosio, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, CBS Corporation

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

Louis J. Briskman, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, CBS Corporation

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

Martin D. Franks, Executive Vice President, Planning, Policy and Government Affairs, CBS Corporation

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

The CBS Corporation:


Photo Courtesy of CBS.com [12]

CBS Television Network was founded in 1928. It offers more than 200 television stations and affiliates reaching virtually every home in the United States. The Network has the No.1 drama/scripted program, NCIS; No.1 sitcom, TWO AND A HALF MEN; and No.1 daytime drama, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. It programs with CBS Entertainment, CBS News, and CBS Sports.


Judge Judith Sheindlin hosts the courtroom presence on the TV show Judge Judy, Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

CBS Television Distribution (CTD) is successful for its television syndication. It holds the largest distributed television library at 70,000 hours strong. Well-known as its critically-acclaimed programs, CBS Television Distribution produces the No.1 syndicated series Judge Judy; talk leader Dr. Phil.
As a big unit of CBS Corporation, CTD handles the domestic television distribution of CBS News, CBS Films and Showtime.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Corporation [2]

Formed as a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation, the CW is the only broadcast network “targeting women 13-34”. [3] The network currently runs programming six days a week: Monday through Fridays in the afternoon and in prime time, along with a Saturday morning children’s programming block produced by Saban Brands called Vortexx.Financials:

The stock price of CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS) has been going up since the beginning of this year. It has been on the top watch-list and top stocks for three month. CBS.A and CBS has become the most active NYSE stocks and surged up 2.51% to $44.88 on a traded volume of 10.59 million shares. [5] Shares of CBS Corporation closed at $44.98, up $0.29 (+0.65%) in the first trading session this year. [6]

The stock moved ahead 0.04% and closed the trading activity at $45.92. The day range of the stock was $45.44 – $46.00. The yearly trend of the stock remained positive +52.25%. [7]

CBS has seen an increase in hedge fund sentiment recently. Greenlight Capital holds the largest position in CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS). The second is Highfields Capital Management, which held a $156 million position. Highfields Capital Management established the most valuable position in CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) and invested over 150 million into CBS Corporation at the end of the quarter this year.

CBS Corporation has reported regarding its intention to publish results for the Q1 f 2013 after the New York market closes on 1st May, 2013. At the same day, CBS Corporation will also report results for the first quarter of 2013 after the market closes. The Company will then conduct a teleconference call at 4:30 PM, ET. [8]

In the News:

In March 13th, 2013, CBS Studios International and Japan’s Avex Entertainment Inc. announced the expansion of their multi-year licensing agreement to include CBS programming on SoftBank Mobile’s subscription video-on-demand service, UULA. The UULA service will include the content from CBS’s extensive television library, including early seasons of current hits such as NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and 90210 and full seasons of classic series such as Star Trek, Star Trek: Enterprise, Medium and The 4400. [9]

The expansion of CBS Corporation is not only international. In March 14th, it announced the launch of the new CBS App for iPhone and iPad users, offering full-episode streaming of CBS programming from primetime, daytime and late night. The new app further extends the approach of the shows’ audience, providing more flexibility and opportunity for catch-up viewing and opens yet another monetization window for the Company’s industry-leading content. [10]

In March 26th, 2013, CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS) and Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) announced that the companies have entered into a 50/50 partnership. Under the deal, CBS will acquire a 50% stake in entertainment cable network TVGN and TVGuide.com. The basic cable network will still be entertainment focused. CBS is using content brands to gain access to a highly distributed basic cable network from Lionsgate. The venture combine CBS’s programming, production and marketing assets with Lionsgate’s resources in motion pictures, television and digitally delivered content. [4]

In March 27, CBS Corporation has announced that it will be renewing 18 prime-time shows, including 4 comedies and 8 dramas. Only one of the network’s newcomers will have a new lease, Elementary. [11] Another remarkable information from this announcement is that CBS has not included one hit drama series, Criminal Minds. However, there is a possibility that it is delayed by ongoing re-negotiations of contracts for the cast.

Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn


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