The Aboriginal People’s Television Network: The Here and Now

The Aboriginal People’s Television Network is a national television Network in Canada whose focus is telling the stories of the First Nation, Metis, and Inuit people of Canada. This national Aboriginal network, which was the first of it’s kind,  broadcasts a variety of programming that relates to the lives of Aboriginal Peoples. From dramas and cartoons to news and documentaries, APTN offers programming that relays the lifestyle of Aboriginal Peoples.(10)


In the years prior to APTN   programming with Indigenous content was broadcast on a few networks, but during the most unfavorable hours.  Furthermore, the Northern areas of Canada, which possess large indigenous populations, really lacked television content  and coverage that was relevant to their lives.

In 1983 the Northern Broadcasting Policy and Northern Native Broadcast Access program gave Indigenous people the opportunity to have their own transponder that would distribute unique programming all over Northern Canada. This resulted in the creation of Television Northern Canada (TVNC), a TV network that was owned and operated by 13 Aboriginal organizations. Realizing the need for nationwide Aboriginal programming, TVNC   submitted proposals to the Canadian Satellite Communications Corporations. Finally in 1999 APTN was launched, and within two years was viewed in over 8 million households across Canada via cable television, direct to home and wireless service. APTN is currently funded through subscription fees, contributions and advertising.(10)


Being that they are the only Indigenous network in Canada, APTN  must offer a large variety in the way of their content. Unlike like many other networks that have the freedom to focus on specialized programming, APTN has to offer a little of everything to everyone in the Indigenous community. Their programming varies from children’s shows and documentaries to racy  dramas, and live music concerts. APTN works to represent the enormous variety of Native communities all across Canada.(15)

APTN purchases its content from over 100 production companies all over Canada. APTN broadcasts programming with 56% offered in English, 16% in French and 28% in Aboriginal languages. A majority of the programming (75%)  is produced in Canada. The remainder of the programming comes from international sources, usually from film acquisitions.(3)

In order for a show to be considered for purchase, the producer must be an Aboriginal person which is defined to include:

a) First Nations, Métis or Inuit person who resides in Canada; or
b) An Aboriginal production company, which is defined to include:
ii) A sole proprietorship, a limited company, a co-operative, a partnership, or a not-for-profit organization in which Aboriginal persons have at least fifty one (51%) percent ownership (13)


Although APTN appeals to all age groups, it attempts to target the 18-34 year old group the most. This is the  fastest growing  and media savvy demographic in the Indigenous community. Thus, much of APTN’s content is geared to their interests.(13)

Popular Shows in 2012

Blackstone– An HBO-esqe program, this hard hitting drama won various awards at the 2011 Gemini awards (APTN). Known for it’s controversial content, strong language and nudity, Blackstone continues to be one of the trademark programs at APTN. Blackstone Season 2 (11)

Fish out of water-A documentary series that follows a host to various indigenous communities through the U.S and Canada to experience to compare and contrast different lifestyles (14)

Caution: May Contain Nuts– An original sketch comedy series. Nominated for the 2011 Gemini awards for best comedy series.(12)



APTN features music from many artists in the Indigenous community. One program called First Tracks, asks users vote on their favorite up and coming artists in the Canada, and APTN produces music videos for the winners. The artists chosen in 2011 were: Cris Derksen, Joey Stylez, Beatrice Love, Desiree Dorion, Dylan Thomas and Saali. Their videos are currently in production.(16)

APTN also hosts and broadcasts live concerts and variety shows, the most popular being the annual concerts held on Canada’s National Aboriginal Day. On June 23rd APTN will host a National Aboriginal Day Live. The day will be marked by music and festivities with two major concert venues, one in Winnipeg and the other at the First Nations University in Regina. This is the 6th year they’ve held these concerts, and in 2012 are expecting an all Star line up, with some of the biggest names in Aboriginal music and television. The Winnipeg event will be Co-Hosted by APTN personalities Don Kelly,  (Fish out of Water); Candy Palmater, (The Candy Show); and Upload personality Chantelle. Co-hosts for the Regina event include Aboriginal DJ and actress Crystle Lightning and producer and actress Jennifer Podemski.(1)

APTN was also the only Canadian to broadcast the 2012 Arctic Games. The Arctic Games are a sports and cultural festival that incorporate both contemporary and Indigenous events like dog mushing, curling and snow shoeing. The festival also features many artists from aboriginal communities like Tutchone, Dene and Inuit. (16)



In 2011, APTN revamped the News portion of their programming, dedicating an entire hour a day of news broadcasting. The News covers stories all throughout  Canada, particularly those concerning Aboriginal peoples. (15)

APTN announced that beginning on May 7th, 2012 APTN’s award winning news reporter Cheryl McKenzie will be  be joining APTN news anchor Michael Hutchinson as host and anchor on APTN National News.(3)

APTN News Cheryl McKenzie

On January 23  APTN National News covered of the opening ceremony of the Crown – First Nations Gathering. It was the first meeting for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the collective First Nation leadership that discussed the relationship between the First Nation community and the Federal government.(9)


APTN is a founding member of World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN), an organization dedicated to unifying aboriginal broadcasters world wide for the purpose of preserving Indigenous languages and cultures. Other members of WITBN include representatives from New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Hawaii. (2) APTN is in the works of creating  network with the other members of WITBN, where news is exchanged and broadcast internationally. (15)

Interactive Future

Digital Drum

Realizing  the need to change with the times, APTN has started  to venture away from traditional linear broadcast model and into the realm of interactive media. In 2012 APTN will launch their new multimedia platform known as Digital Drum. Already in it’s soft launch, Digital Drum is an online experience, where users will be able to meet and interact with others in various Indigenous communities. Digital drum will also provide a platform for users to upload and share some self generated content. (15)  Digital Drum site.

Although APTN is only funded for television programming, they plan on earmarking a portion of their budget to bring Digital Drum to fruition. (15)


Awards 2011/2012


The 2011 Gemini Awards

Best Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role-Michelle Thrush (Blackstone)

Best Achievement in Main Title Design-Robb Thompson, Darren Bierman, Shelley Cornies and Steve Seeley (Blackstone)

Best Host of a Variety Show or Series– Adam Beach and Evan Adams (The 18th Annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards)

Best Photography of Performing Arts Program or Series- Kelly Jones (The 18th Annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards) (17)

2012 KIDSCREEN Awards

Best One‐Off, Special or TV Movie Award-Dark Thunder Productions (Wapos Bay: Long Goodbye) (7)


2012 World Indigenous Journalism Awards

World Indigenous Journalist Honor– Rob Smith (“Journey Home”)

World Indigenous Journalist Special Recognition-Jorge Barrera, Ken Jackson, Paul Barnsley and Mark Blackburn (“Water Exploitation – Bruce Carson”)(8)

Corporate Restructuring

On January 4, 2012 Vera Houle was appointed as APTN’s new Director of Community Relations. Houle will work as a liaison between the Network and stake holders. She will support strategies and initiatives that will benefit Aboriginal communities. (6)

On January 13, 2012, APTN announced that Monika Ille would be their new Director of programming.  Ille, a graduate of Université du Québec à Montréal has over 20 years in the broadcasting and film. She had once worked for the Société Radio‐Canada and then went on to work for The National Film Board (NFB).(4)

On March 8, 2012, Lisa Squire accepted the position of Director of Marketing. Squire’s focus will be the development of APTN’s showcasing of Aboriginal People and their stories.(5)

Senior Management

Jean LaRose -Chief Executive Officer

Sky Bridges -Chief Operating Officer

Wilf Blondé -(Acting) Chief Financial Officer

Vera Houle -Director of Community Relations

Monika Ille -Director of Programming

Wayne McKenzie -Director of Operations

Aimee Powell -Director of Sales & Business Development

Lisa Squire -Director of Marketing

John Stott -Director of Human Resources

Lea Todd -Director of Creative Services and Scheduling (16)

APTN Headquarters


339 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, MB R3B 2C3




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NBC Universal (Broadcast Division)

NBC Universal Logo

Click above image for link to NBC Universal Broadcast homepage. [1


NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment company specializing in the production of cable and broadcast television, film, as well as  amusement parks around the country. [2]

Quick Facts

Broadcast Divisions [4]:

Key Executives [5]:


The company began back in 1926, when the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) established the Unites States’ first radio station. In 1921, NBC expanded to television, with experimental broadcasts. In the mid 1940s, the company expanded its network to four major cities on the Atlantic coast. Finally, in the 1950s the station moved into color broadcasts, and the Today Show broadcast as the first early-morning television show. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the company started making radical changes by pursuing a larger and more diverse range of channels. First, was the formation of two cable TV networks: CNBC and America’s Talking. Then, in 1996 NBC joined with Microsoft to create MSNBC to create an all-news cable television channel. Finally in 1998, NBC went worldwide after partnering with Dow Jones & Co. In 2002, NBC acquired the Spanish-language broadcast channel, Telemundo. Finally, in 2003, due to a financial crisis, Universal Studios’ parent company, Vivendi, sold 80% of its stake to GE (NBC’s parent company). GE merged the two companies, to make the current company we know today: NBC Universal. [3]

January 2012

To kick off the year, NBC Sports Group announced their partnership with Panasonic to broadcast the London 2012 Olympic games in 3D. This year’s Olympic Games will be the first ever broadcast in high definition 3D technology. [6]

Click image to Official site London 2012 Olympics [7

“NBC has a history of utilizing technological innovations to distribute the Olympics in new ways for viewers,” said Gary Zenkel, President, NBC Olympics. “We are proud to continue that tradition by partnering with Panasonic and Olympic Broadcasting Services to distribute the first 3D broadcast of the Games in the U.S. in partnership with our multichannel video programming distributors.” [6]

On January 23, NBC Sports Network announced a deal with the Breeders’ Cup for a multi-year broadcast agreement. The agreement includes the first ever primetime broadcast coverage of the Breeders’ Cup. NBC will present 9.5 hours of live coverage of the 2012 Breeders’ Cup happening in this upcoming November. The NBC Sports Group is the exclusive home to the most popular and prestigious horse racing events. 2011 was the first year that all three Triple Crown races appeared on the NBC network since 2005. [9]

In addition, NBC Universal announced the company’s involvement in Super Bowl XLVI. While multiple NBC channels featured segments about the Superbowl, the NBC Sports Network was the primary broadcaster, airing over eighteen hours of live coverage. [10]

On January 26, NBC News and NBC 5 Chicago announced a multi-million dollar commitment alongside Comcast to fund the new Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, Illinois. The museum is expected to open later in 2012, and will serve as a tool to educate the visitors about the history of the TV and radio industries. Because of NBC’s strong financial commitment to the museum, the principle presentation area will be named the “Comcast NBCUniversal Center.”[11]

February 2012

On February 6, Superbowl XLVI was reported to be the most-watched show in U.S. television history with over one hundred ten million viewers. This game topped the last NBC broadcast Superbowl (2008) by 12%. Because of these high numbers, NBC Universal’s NBC Entertainment program “The Voice” delivered the highest ratings for an entertainment program in six years at 37.6 million viewers overall. [12] Watch Full Episode (2/5/2012) of “The Voice”. [12]

Manuel Martínez [21

On February 14, NBC announced that Manuel Martínez has been named the President and General Manager of NBC 6 Miami, after working at Telemundo 51 Miami, where he’s been a part of the NBC Universal family since 2007. [13]

March 2012

In similar news to Manuel Martínez’s promotion, Eric Lerner was named President and General Manager of NBC 10 Philadelphia / WCAU on March 8. Previously, Lerner served as Vice President and General Manager of KIRO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Seattle, for the past six years.

“I am thrilled to be joining the NBC 10 team in Philadelphia.  It is an exciting opportunity,” said Lerner.  “The commitment from the NBC Owned Station Group is extremely impressive, and I can’t wait to build on the success at WCAU.” [14]

Click to watch CNY Central’s report on “NBC News: Hiring Our Heros” [23

In an another collaborative project with Comcast, NBC Universal pledged to participate in the “Hiring Our Heros” initiative. Together, the two companies will hire 1,000 over the course of the next three years. NBC News began the project about a year ago in an effort to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment in the private sector. [15]

April 2012

In more NBC Sports Network News, the broadcast division announced its involvement in the broadcasting of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This is the first time in the 95-year history of the NHL, when every playoff game will be televised nationally. The games will be presented on the following NBC Universal channels: NBC, the NBC Sports Network, the NHL Network, and NBCUniversal’s business channel CNBC in primetime. In addition, will also provide online-exclusive coverage of the playoffs, with contributions from Comcast SportsNet insiders. [16]

“One Small Act” iPhone App [26

During the week of April 15-22, NBC Universal showed its support for a healthy planet with their eco-themed content for all shows in the mass media company. NBC News joined the effort for a cleaner environment by doing constant reports on pressing environmental issues facing our world today. Through both on-air and online media outlets, NBC Universal streamed over one hundred hours of environment-friendly content. The company encouraged viewers to track their environment contributions through their new app, “One Small Act.” [17] [25]

On April 18, NBC Universal began promotions for the London 2012 Olympics, marking 100 days from the July 27 Opening Ceremony. On that Wednesday, all NBC Universal stations participated in a 30-second “roadblock.” During the 30 seconds, the company aired two different spots. One spot played the “30 Greatest Moments” of the Olympics over the years. The second spot was meant to generate the excitement of the games, as viewers watched citizens from nations all over come together to London to compete. [18]

Most recently, NBC made more changes back on the business side of the company. On April 25, veteran television business executive George Cheeks was named as Executive Vice President and Business Operations of NBC Entertainment and Universal Television. Cheeks will be responsible for overseeing Business Affairs, Music Services and Production Operations for Universal Television. [19]


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by Samantha Hart

(Click the Univision logo above or here to view The New American Reality of Univision[1][2][3]

Type: Broadcast Television Network
Broadcast Area: United States, Puerto Rico
Country: United States Production
State: Doral, Florida
Slogan: Todos Estamos con Univision – “We All Are With Univision
Launch Date: September 30, 1962
Official Website:
Former Names: Spanish International Network (1962-1986)
Key Executives for Univision Communications, Inc. [4]
Randy Falco  – Chief Exceutive Officer
Cesar Conde  –  President
Kevin Conroy – President; Univision Interactive Media and Enterprise Developement
Chiqui Cartagena – Vice President; Corporate Marketing
Charlie Echeverry – EVP Sales; Univision Interactive Media
Jessica Rodriguez – Senior Vice President, Univision Cable Networks
Graciela Eleta – Senior Vice President; Client Development Group


Univision Properties [5]

Brief History:

The Univision / Telefutura Television Group, Inc. operates as a subsidary of Univision Communications, Inc as of 1992. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Univision / Telefutura Television Group, Inc. owns and operates a network of English and Spanish-language television stations (full-power and low-power) in the United States and Puerto Rico. It owns and operates 19 full-power and seven low-power stations that assist the distribution of the Univision Network in multiple areas. These stations are considered to be the number one Spanish-language stations in most markets and continue to outdeliver some English-language stations. Continue to learn the history of Univision Television Group, Inc. [6] [7]

January 2012:

Kicking off in January, DISH Network became the first distributor to launch a number of of Univision’s television networks. The combination of the nations third largest pay-TV provider (DISH Network) and America’s leading company serving the Hispanic demographic (Univision) has led to a multi-year, multi-platform agreement that will begin in the first half of 2012. This will give DISH Network subscribers, specifically Latinos, a chance to obtain a selection of Spanish-language networks and programs from their own homes. DISH subscribers will be provided with Univision Deportes, Univision Tlnovelas, Univision Noticias and Univision Deportes Dos. [8] [9] [10]

In relation to distribution, Univision has highly popular cable television shows and continues to create an assortment of series to relate to the viewer. For example, “The Biggest Loser” is one of America’s most watched reality shows and Univision will be bringing a similar series to its weekly airing during primetime: “Dale Con Ganas.” A reality show, relatively similar to that of “The Biggest Loser,” its host will be Alfonso ‘Poncho’ de Anda, who is also a co-host of “Despierta America” (Wake-Up America).  Four Hispanic trainers, Maria Simon, Mercalo Crudele, Oscar Luna and Luis Alberto Aracena will work to train four Hispanic families over the course of three months. These contestants will fight to lose the most weight in order to receive a whopping $100,000 in prize money and a feeling of satisfaction in themselves and each other. Premiere date is Wednesday, January 11 at 10 PM ET/PT (9 p.m. CT)[11][12]

Another show that premiered on January 30 at 8 P.M. ET/PT (7P.M. Central) is “El Talismán,” a new type of drama between a cynical, yet loving father who loses everything in a poker game. His daughter, Camila falls in love with a man, Pedro.  Secrecy, lies and manipulation drives this television show, enabling Camila’s father to destroy their relationship. The deceit and manipulation keep the audience wanting more, keeping them interested while Camila and Pedro search for the “talisman.” [13] In fact, “El Talismán” delivered the highest produced novela premiere.  Over 5 million viewers tuned in to watch this premiere on Monday, January 30th. [14] During this premiere time, Univision was ranked as the No. 2 broadcast network, beating a number of well-known networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and CW). [15] This show continues to show high ratings weekly according to TVbytheNumbers, Network TV’s Press Releases. [16] [17]

A new cooking show, “Delicioso,” will debut on February 4th at 1:00 P.M. ET/PT (12 P.M. Central). [18] Celebrity chef, Ingrid Hoffmann will be the main host during this one-hour show that will run on the Univision Network. She will teach and instruct viewers how to create and prepare delicious, easy cooked meals for families and friends.  The show will also feature special guests and offer healthy lifestyle commentary and cooking recommendations. [19] Hoffmann commented that her “style of cooking is that of simple and delicious recipes that don’t require elaborate techniques and hours of slaving in the kitchen,” which will be appealing to most viewers due to simplicity. [20] To learn more about Ingrid Hoffman’s cooking show, “Delicioso,” go to, keyword: Delicioso. [21]


February 2012:

Univision Communications Inc., announces the new vice president of Programming and Production for Univision Cable Networks as Cristina Schwarz. Being a part of the Univision family for seventeen years, gives her the experience needed to hold such a position with honor and respectability. [22]

TeleFutura is set to premiere International Hit Series of Family Guy on Monday, February 20th at 7 P.M. ET/PT 9 (6P.M. Central). [23] [24] This  hit series portrays the “odd” Griffin  family with sarcastic humor and screwball characters.  The family centered characters consist of Peter (father), Lois (Mother), Brian (Dog), Meg (Daughter), Chris (Son), and Stewie (Baby).  It follows the adventures of this chaotic and irrationally hilarious family in the imaginary town of Quahog. [25] It is sure to win over Hispanics across the country when it is premiered in Spanish. Learn more about Seth MacFarlane’s, Family Guy and it’s outlandish plots. [26]

The finale of “Los Heroes del Norte,” a Galavision original series, ranks as the #1 primetime Spanish-language telecast last night. Over 2 million viewers tuned in to the show’s finale, which followed the show’s five band members on their quest for stardom.  For those who missed the latest episode, episode recaps, videos and photos of the cast are available online at, keyword Los Heroes del Norte. [27] “Los Heroes del Norte” did exceptionally well this season, with 18 full episodes airing on Galavision. An average of 278,000 viewers tuned in weekly, a triple-digit growth from last year’s number of viewers. [28]

The hit reality beauty competition “Nuestra Belleza Latina” is set to return for a 6th season.   It will premiere on Sunday, March 4th at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT on the Univision network.  The eye-catching glamour and the thrill of the competition has been reaching the consumer with grand numbers. [29] In fact, the recent premiere of Nuestra Belleza Latina reached 6.7 million total viewers who tuned in to watch the two-hour broadcast. [30]

Univision, the leading Spanish-speaking broadcast network, outranks ABC, NBC, and CBS as the #2 Network for Adults 18-34. The network, which has an average primetime audience of almost 3.6 million viewers, generates 40% more viewers than its leading competitor, ABC. Univision was the only broadcast network that didn’t lose primetime viewership, citing a +5% increase in viewers, while ABC suffered a -2% decrease, CBS suffered a -2% decrease, and Fox suffered a -19% decrease. [31] Sunday nights are the network’s most successful, with shows like “Parodiando” and “Sal y Pimienta” which rake in an average of 2.4 million viewers each week. [32]

March 2012:

TeleFutura delivers double-digit audience growth in February Sweep 2012 in comparison to Novemeber 2011 Sweep.  Set to end the February 2012 Sweep with an extremely strong audience growth in the course of all key demographics. [33] Univision is also set to finish February sweeps as No.1 network on Friday nights among Adults 18-34 with an average audience of 3.6 million total viewers in this specific catgory. [34]

“Nuestra Belleza Latina,” Univision’s top-ranking reality series, announces the 12 finalists that will continue on in the competition. Half of the show’s 24 female competitors were eliminated last night. Friendships were tested and bonds were broken. The remaining contestants will be relocated to a mansion in Miami. There, they will compete in difficult challenges and showcase their talents, in hopes of winning $250,000 in cash and prizes, and the opportunity to become a Univision television personality. The series, in its most-watched season to date, airs every Sunday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Univision. Since its debut in 2007, the reality show has become one of Univision’s most popular series. [35] [36]

Univision names Michael Rodriguez as Vice President and General Manager of (Miami) Univision Television Group. Making his start at Univision Radio, Rodriquez has upheld his title and experience, and has made a shift in the direction of the Univision Television Group.   [37]

April 2012:

Univision announces that the series finale of “Parodiando,” its top-ranking talent and comedy show, will be two hours long, and air this Sunday at 7 p.m on Univision. The final show will feature the remaining 10 finalists competing for the glory and title of best celebrity impersonator. The series originally featured 58 aspiring comedians, who were one-by-one eliminated by judge and famed celebrity impersonator, Gilberto Gless, as well as a group of Mexican comedians. [38] [39]


Univision, the leading Spanish-speaking broadcast network, names Antonio Roman as senior vice president of National Sales for the Television Station Group. Mark Dante, executive vice president of Television Station Group Ad Sales, made the announcement today. Roman’s experience and his ability to form relationships and develop solutions made him the ideal candidate for the position, Dante said. Roman’s relationship with Univision spans over a decade. He started as an account executive at the KMEX Univision in Los Angeles in 1996, and worked his way up from there, serving as the local sales manager, the vice president of Marketing and Business Development for the Univision Television Group. He also served as vice president of Network Sales, Southeast and Southwest Regions. [40]


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