Hearst Television Inc.

by Whitney Marin

Hearst Television, Inc.
300 W 57th Street #39, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212- 887-6800
Website: http://www.hearsttelevision.com/

Company Overview

While larger networks such as CBS and NBC reach much higher percentages of households, Hearst is the leader among independent broadcasting companies in number of households reached.

Hearst Television Inc., a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation, consists of 29 television and 2 radio stations in the United States including 13 NBC affiliated stations, 10 ABC affiliated stations and 2 CBSaffiliates. Formally known as Hearst-Argyle Television, Hearst Television, Inc. was founded in 1994 and operates in the Boston, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Orlando and Baltimore markets. In 2009, Hearst Television Inc., became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hearst Corporation. (1) The company’s television stations reach approximately 18% of U.S. TV households, making it one of America’s largest television station groups. (2)

Hearst Television Inc., is the six-time consecutive winner of the USC Annenberg Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism and three of their stations, KCCI-TV, KITV, WBAL-TV and WCVB-TV, received the Radio Television Digital News Association’s (RTDNA) Edward R. Murrow Award in 2012. (3) In 1999, the company began a partnership with Internet Broadcasting to facilitate a network and marketing brand for broadcast television stations. (1)

As of August 5th, 2009, Hearst Television Inc. no longer reports to the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as an SEC reporting company including periodic and annual reports. (4) In 2010, the Leadership Directories cited that Hearst Television Inc.’s annual revenue exceeds $750 million compared to $720.5 million in 2008. (5) (6) Hearst Television Inc. employs approximately 3400 employees and their top competitors include Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., Raycom Media, Inc. and Local TV, LLC.

David J. Barrett, President & CEO
Jordan Wertlieb, Executive Vice President
Frank Biancuzzo, Senior Vice President
John J. Drain, Senior Vice President of Finance
Suzanne Grethen, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Promotion


Hearst Television Inc. has ABC, NCB and CBS affiliates as well as a partnership with Internet Broadcasting.

WCBV – Boston, MA – ABC affiliate
WMUR – Manchester, NH – ABC affiliate
WMOR – Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL – Independent
WESH – Orlando, FL – NBC affiliate
WKCF – Orlando, FL – CW affiliate
WTAE – Pittsburgh, PA – ABC affiliate
WBAL – Baltimore, MD – NBC affiliate
WYFF – Greenville-Spartanburg, SC – NBC affiliate
WPBF – W. Palm  Beach, FL – ABC affiliate
WGAL– Lancaster, PA – NBC affiliate
WXII – Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC– NBC affiliate
WLKY – Louisville, KY – CBS affiliate
WPTZ/WNNE – Burlington, VT/Plattsburgh, NY – NBC/ABC affiliate
KMBC – Kansas City, MO – ABC affiliate
KCWE – Kansas City, MO – CW affiliate
WISN – Milwaukee, WI – ABC affiliate
WLWT – Cincinnati, OH – NBC affiliate
KOCO – Oklahoma City, OK – ABC affiliate
WDSU – New Orleans, LA – NBC affiliate
KCCI – Des Moines, IA – CBS affiliate
KETV – Omaha, NE – ABC affiliate
WAPT – Jackson, MS – ABC affiliate
KHBS/KHOG – Fort Smith/Fayettville, AR – ABC/ABC affiliate
KCRA – Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA – NBC affiliate
KQCA – Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA – MNT affiliate
KOAT – Albuquerque, NM – ABC affiliate
KITV – Honolulu, HI – ABC affiliate
KSBW – Monterey-Salinas, CA – NBC affiliate 

WBAL– Baltimore, MD – AM station
WIYY – Baltimore, MD – FM station

Recent Developments

One July 19, 2012, Hearst Television Inc. announced that they have reached a transmission deal with Time Warner Cable (TWC). Fourteen of Hearts’ stations were blacked out on TWC’s packages and the two companies were negotiating a fair fee to retransmit the signals. (7) Time Warner issues a statement about the agreement. “We have reached a long-term agreement with Hearst Television and our customers can expect their signals to be restored to our cable systems shortly. We thank our customers for their patience and their willingness to stick with us through another unnecessary broadcaster blackout.”

Hearst Television Inc.’s Election 2012 application for iPhones and Android phones included in-depth coverage of the National Presidential Election.

On August 30, 2012, Hearst Television Inc. launched an “Election 2012” application for iPhones and Android phones featuring up-to-date coverage on the 2012 National Presidential Election. The app consisted of a countdown to Election Day, voters registration information, an Electoral College map, live election night content and commentary as well as Facebook interaction. In coordination with Internet Broadcasting, local content from Hearst Television stations are distributed through the application. The app is also a part of Hearst Television’s Commitment 2012 project, a continuation of their election coverage based Commitment 2000 project, which won a Peabody Award in addition to USC Annenberg Walter Cronkite Awards. (8)

Current CEO and Chairman of Hearst Television Inc.

Current President of Hearst Television Inc.

December 6, 2012 marked a slight change in leadership at Hearst Television Inc. An announcement was made my Hearst Corporation that current President and CEO, David J. Barrett, will be the CEO and Chairman and current Executive Vice President, Jordan Wertlieb, will take on the role of Hearst Television Inc. President, both effective immediately. Barret was CEO and President since 2001. Prior to that, he had a six-year tenure as deputy general manager of Hearst Broadcasting and four years as executive vice president and CEO of Hearst-Argyle Television. (9)

Hearst Television aims to improve air transmission quality while complying with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Commercial Audio Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, effective on December 13, 2012. Joe Addila, the director of technology projects for Hearst Television Inc., has chosen to use the Linear Acoustic AERO.air transmission audio loudness manager and LQ-1000 loudness quality monitor to control the loudness at all Hearst stations. (10)



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Columbia/TriStar Pictures

by [David Jocson]

— Courtesy of Flavorwire.com

— Courtesy of Google Images

Columbia/TriStar Pictures

10202 W Washington Blvd [1]

Culver City, CA 90232

Telephone: 310-224-4000

Website: www.sonypictures.com



Michael Lynton: Co-Chairman & CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment [2]

Amy Pascal: Co-Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment | Chairman, Sony Pictures

Entertainment Motion Picture Group

Doug Belgrad: President, Columbia Pictures [3]



Sony Pictures Entertainment [4]:

Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group:

Columbia Pictures

TriStar Pictures



Headquarters: Culver City, CA [1]

Columbia Pictures Production Asia [5]: Hong Kong

Columbia Pictures Producciones Espanolas: Madrid, Spain

Columbia Pictures Producciones Mexico: Mexico City

Additional operations in: Japan, Brazil and the UK



Warner Bros. Pictures [1]

The Walt Disney Studios

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Company Description

Columbia and TriStar Pictures operate as divisions under the Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) [5]. Columbia Pictures produces Sony Pictures’ commercial feature films [1]. TriStar Pictures distributes and markets SPE’s films, delivering entertainment to over 150 countries [6] [7].

Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures Group has released many notable franchises such as the James Bond and The Amazing Spider-Man franchises [8]. Its movies make up the bulk of the Sony Pictures’ library that includes over 3,500 films, 12 of which are Best Picture Academy Award winners [5].

The “Columbia Lady” precedes every feature film by Columbia Pictures [9]. It is the studio’s iconic trademark, having appeared in its motion pictures since the very beginning of the company.



Columbia Pictures began in 1918 when Jack Cohn, Joe Brandt and Harry Cohn began making short films [10]. CBC Films, as it was named after its founders back then, produced its first feature film, More to Be Pitied Than Scorned, in 1922 with great success. Two years later, the founders changed the name of CBC Films to Columbia Pictures Corporation.

The company rose to fame after signing legendary director Frank Capra to direct its feature films in 1927 [10]. Capra won Columbia Pictures its first Best Picture Academy Award for his film, It Happened One Night, in 1934. He also directed the studio’s first complete “talkie” motion picture.

In 1982, The Coca-Cola Company purchased Columbia Pictures [10]. (reuters)

In 1983, Columbia together with CBS and HBO, formed TriStar Pictures [10]. It was the newest production studio in decades. It quickly emerged as a major contender in the industry by releasing major blockbusters such as Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Sony Corporation purchased Columbia Pictures from Coca-Cola in 1989 [10]. The new owner placed Columbia under its new division, Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony also moved the Columbia Pictures studio from Burbank to Culver City, CA. The studio operated on the former MGM lot where classics such as Citizen Kane and Gone With The Wind were produced.

In 2000, Sony created Sony Pictures Digital [10]. Sony Pictures Digital comprised of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation. Imageworks developed CGI and VFX for Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures Group and the animation division. The animation division produced Sony Pictures’ animated feature films.

Today, the Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures Group releases Sony Pictures’ biggest films such as The Amazing Spider-Man, 21 Jump Street and Men In Black 3 [8].


Fall-Winter 2012

Looper [11]                                                                                                                                    

Action | Sci-fi | Crime

Budget [12]: $30 million

Worldwide Gross: $165 million

U.S. Release Date [11]: Sep. 28

— Courtesy of IMDb.com

Directed by Rian Johnson


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe

Bruce Willis as Old Joe

Emily Blunt as Sara

Looper tells the story of Joe, an assassin for the mob, who is sent back in time to kill himself in order to “tie a loose end [11].”


Hotel Transylvania [13]                                                                                                             

Family | Animation | Comedy

Budget [14]: $85 million

Worldwide Gross: $296 million

U.S. Release Date [13]: Sep. 28

— Courtesy of IMDb.com

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky


Adam Sandler as Dracula

Andy Samberg as Jonathan

Selena Gomez as Mavin

Kevin James as Frankenstein

Hotel Transylvania is about Count Dracula overprotecting his teenage daughter from falling in love with a human boy who stumbles upon Dracula’s “monster resort [13].”

The film is Genndy Tartakovsky’s first feature motion picture. Tartakovsy is a three-time Emmy Award winner known for creating famous cartoons such as Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory [15].

Hotel Transylvania became the best opening movie of all-time for September. It also became Sony Pictures’ most successful animated feature at the box office [16].


Skyfall [17]       

Action | Crime | Adventure

Budget [18]: $200 million

Worldwide Gross: $872 million

U.S. Release Date [17]: Nov. 9

— Courtesy of IMDb.com

Directed by Sam Mendes


Daniel Craig as James Bond

Javier Bardem as Silva

Judi Dench as M

Skyfall is the 23rd installment of the Bond franchise. It is about a former agent of M who comes back to seek vengeance upon her while terrorizing MI6 and battling agent 007 [17].

In early December, Skyfall became the highest grossing film ever in the UK [19].

The movie also marked Judi Dench’s final role as M [20].


Zero Dark Thirty [21]

Action | Drama | History

Budget [22]: n/a

Worldwide Gross: n/a

U.S. Release Date [21]: Dec. 19

— Courtesy of IMDb.com

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow


Chris Pratt as Justin, a member of Navy SEAL Team 6

Jason Clarke as Dan

Jessica Chastain as Maya

Zero Dark Thirty recounts the hunt for Osama bin Laden that began after 9/11 and culminated in his death by SEAL Team 6 in May 2011, after a decade of searching for the “world’s most wanted man [21].”

Zero Dark Thirty was the last feature film Sony Pictures Entertainment was going to release before the end of 2012 [23].

Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, the minds behind The Hurt Locker, collaborated again to produce the widely-anticipated movie [23].



Sony Pictures Entertainment became the highest grossing movie studio of the year, having earned $1.7 billion in the U.S. alone [24]. Internationally, it earned over $4 billion, beating its previous record of $3.5 billion in 2009 [23]. The new record was achieved in large part to Skyfall, the highest grossing Bond film ever. The film received a cumulative $669.2 million during its opening weekend alone. However, other blockbusters helped too. The Amazing Spider-Man earned $754 million, Men In Black 3 earned $624 million, Hotel Transylvania earned $283 million and 21 Jump Street earned $201 million. Sony Pictures Entertainment released a total of 9 No. 1 movies at the domestic box office in 2012.

Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony Corporation, told The Hollywood Reporter that Sony was not going to sell Sony Pictures Entertainment amidst rumors that Sony was going to sell the film division due to financial losses [25]. The Hollywood Reporter quoted him saying, “There is no reason to sell these industry-dealing businesses and no consideration is being given to the idea.” Hirai made it clear that Sony Pictures Entertainment was not going to be sold anytime soon.

Sony Pictures Entertainment joined video game company Electronic Arts to raise $1 million in donations for American troops [26]. EA planned to release its new game, Medal of Honor Warfighter, on Dec. 17th after its rival, Activision, released its game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The release date was also planned to coincide with Columbia Picture’s Zero Dark Thirty that premieres on Dec. 19th. EA prepared exclusive maps that featured locations from the feature film available for purchase. The company said it would take a portion of the proceeds to donate a minimum of $1 million to nonprofit veterans organizations.

On October 5th, Columbia Pictures joined MGM Pictures, Passion Pictures and Red Box Films in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise by releasing Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 [27]. The documentary chronicles the lives of the franchise’s author Ian Fleming and producers Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli.

October 5th also became Global James Bond Day [28]. The worldwide event included an online and live auction charity event in London, a franchise exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and an evening of Bond music hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.


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Clear Channel

by [Holly Parker]


Address: 200 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

Telephone: (210) 822-2828


Clear Channel Communications is a private communications company, founded in 1972 and based out of San Antonio, Texas. It is privately owned by Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners. Clear Channel is most well known for its radio station ownership but the company also owns outdoor advertising around the country. The two main divisions of the company are Clear Channel Media & Entertainment and Clear Channel Outdoor. [1]

Clear Channel Media & Entertainment

Clear Channel Media & Entertainment (CCME) is the radio division of Clear Channel and serves 150 cities through 850 radio stations. Its stations are broadcast on a wide variety of platforms including AM/FM stations, satellite radio, HD radio, and iHeartRadio which streams music on mobile phones and the Internet. CCME has divisons including “radio broadcasting, online and mobile services and products, syndication, music research services and independent media representation.” [2]

Clear Channel Media Statistics [2]

  • With 239 million monthly listeners in the U.S., Clear Channel Media and Entertainment has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America.
  • 100 million listening hours a month
  • Over 45 million monthly digital uniques
  • 15 million+ fan reach through station and radio personality Facebook pages

Robert Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel

Key Executives [3]

  • Robert Pittman, Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Pittman is a giant in the world of media communications. He is the founder of MTV and became CEO of Clear Channel Communications in October 2011. He has helped increase the company’s digital presence and stated that he wants to make Clear Channel’s stations free on as many platforms as possible. [4]
  • Tom Casey, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Robert H. Walls, Jr., Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • John Hogan, Chairman and CEO, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment

Financials [5]

  • In the third quarter of 2012, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (CCME) was up 1%, or $7 million, in revenues compared to the third quarter of 2011. This increase was primarily the result of a 3% increase in radio revenues, due to an increase in national advertising, digital radio services, and the iHeart Radio Music Festival in September.
  • At the end of the third quarter, CCME had a revenue of $798.8 million, and Clear Channel Communications increased its overall revenue by 2% up to $1.59 billion.
  • However, the company may have some financial troubles in the coming years. It needs to refinance more than $10 billion in debt, due in 2016. Its debt by this year will likely outnumber its asset value. This debt has caused some to speculate that the company may have to merge or sell off some of its assets. [6]
iHeartRadio is a company owned by Clear Channel consisting of a mobile application and an Internet radio website. Its website states that iHeartRadio is a “free, all-in-one digital radio service that lets you find more than 1,500 Live Stations or create commercial-free, all-music Custom Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music” [7]. The company has proved quite successful for Clear Channel and has helped keep radio in the 21st century. It allows users to stream from a wide variety of radio stations around the country. The company has evolved to become more versatile than just streaming radio stations over the Internet; it now has customizable stations similar to Pandora.
In November, iHeartRadio announced that they had reached 20 million users and surpassed 135 million app downloads [8].

iHeartRadio’s website homepage

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012

The 2nd annual iHeartRadio Music Festival was held this year on September 21 and 22 in Las Vegas, and featured popular musical acts such as Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, No Doubt, and Aerosmith. The festival was also broadcast on The CW on October 1. The first iHeartRadio Music Festival took place last year and kicked off the official launch of iHeartRadio. Of the festival, CEO Robert Pittman said: “The iHeartRadio Music Festival is an indication of Clear Channel’s ongoing commitment to music and artist development — maximizing artists’ exposure to fans and audiences nationwide.” [1]

Katz Media Group

Katz Media Group is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications and a leading media representation company in the United States. Katz’s website explains: “With more than 4,000 radio stations and 500 television stations retaining our services, we are the only media representation company to serve a variety of over-the-air and digital platforms.” [9] Katz recently announced that it set a digital sales record for its Digital Display Network and Online Audio Network, reaching more than 100 million and 66.5 million unique monthly users respectively. [10]

Other Clear Channel Media & Entertainment News

September 27, 2012: Clear Channel made an agreement with Glassnote Entertainment Group, that will “align the companies’ business interests, accelerate growth and innovation in digital radio and enable Glassnote and its artists to share in all Clear Channel radio revenue streams.” [11] The agreement comes in hopes of accelerating the digital music industry. Glassnote, an independent record and publishing company, represents such artists as Mumford & Sons, Childish Gambino, Phoenix, and The Temper Trap. These artists and others represented by the music company will benefit from this deal with Clear Channel.

October 12, 2012: The Australian Radio Network (ARN) announced that they would launch iHeartRadio in Australia and New Zealand, providing a lucrative opportunity for Clear Channel Media & Entertainment to expand their company internationally. The service will launch in Australia and New Zealand in 2013 and will be marketed through Clear Channel International’s media assets. [12]

November 8, 2012: Clear Channel Media & Entertainment announced, in partnership with The Madison Square Garden Company and The Weinstein Company, plans for a concert called 12-12-12, A Concert For Sandy Relief. The one night only concert will raise money for people in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) affected by Hurricane Sandy and will take place on December 12, 2012 in Madison Square Garden. All money raised will be administered to the Robin Hood Relief Fund. John Sykes, President of Clear Channel Entertainment Enterprises, will help produce the event. The lineup for the concert includes huge name musical acts such as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, The Who, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Alicia Keys, and Kanye West. [13]

November 20, 2012: Clear Channel will sponsor a series of annual holiday concerts across the country called Jingle Ball 2012. Each year Clear Channel stations across the country host Jingle Ball concerts in local cities, featuring performances by top recording artists and emerging new talent. Washington, DC’s Hot 99.5 and Atlanta’s Power 96.1 are hosting Jingle Ball for the first time this year. Concerts will also take place in Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, and Seattle. [14]

December 3, 2012: Triton released its Online Audio Rankings for October 2012, declaring Clear Channel #2 in ratings behind Pandora. The report lists Clear Channel as having 281,782 Average Active Sessions (AAS). AAS is defined as Total Hours Listening (total number of hours the station/publisher has streamed) divided by hours in the reported time period. Clear Channel is also listed as having 0.61 average hours listening. Above Clear Channel, Pandora has 1,561,757 Average Active Sessions and 0.64 average hours listening. [15]

December 6, 2012: Clear Channel made a number of layoffs in large and mid-sized markets. It is unclear how many layoffs were made, but the company said in a statement that “this creates some new jobs, and unfortunately eliminates others.” The company is continuing to evolve its organizational structure. [16]


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Belo Corp.

by Jingjing Shen

Address: 400 South Record Street,

 Dallas, Texas 75202-4841

Phone: 214-977-6606

Fax: 214-977-6603

Official Website: www.belo.com


With its values of Integrity, Excellence, Fairness, Sense of purpose and Inclusiveness, Belo Corp. is a multimedia company whose headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. As one of the most respected and largest television groups in the nation, Belo’s television division owns 20 television stations that include but are not limited to affiliation with FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC and CW Network. Its main markets reach not only audiences from Dallas and Houston in Texas, but also the fast-growing Seattle market in the Northwest and Phoenix market in the Southwest. The Belo stations, which rank either first or second in practically all 15 markets where its business takes place, are capable of reaching more than 14 percent of U.S. television households in 15 highly-attractive markets. Under the leadership of President Dunia A. Shive and Peter L. Diaz, Vice President Carey P. Hendrickson and Guy H. Kerr, the 2,300 employees of the company achieved $650 millions in annual revenue in the year of 2011. Looking at the numbers of 2012, it is not hard to see a tendency for further growth.

Dunia A. Shive President and Chief Executive Officer; Guy H. Kerr Executive Vice President; Carey P. Hendrickson Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer; Peter L. Diaz President/Media Operations [1]

For more about Belo Corporation and its television division please click here [2].


Brief History:

The footprint of Belo Corp. can be traced back to 1842 when The Daily News had its introduction in Galveston, Texas. In 1981, Belo’s stock officially entered the market and  two years later it was on the list of the New York Stock Exchange. On October 1, 2007, the separation of Belo’s newspaper and television businesses was announced by stripping off its newspaper business to the shareholders as the A. H. Belo Corporation, the same name as the original company when it was first founded. The transaction was officially completed in February 2008, and the television business thus became a legal successor of the prior company. It keeps the name “Belo Corp.”

One of the earliest The Daily News newspapers in 1842

For more about Belo Corporation’s history please click here [3].



In the third quarter of 2012, Belo’s net earnings per share was $0.24, which almost doubled the number $0.13 of the third quarter in 2011. (The third quarter of 2011 included a credit of $0.02 per share because of the satisfactory resolution of a tax matter.)


Belo’s Stock Overview of the Third and Fourth Quarter of 2012 by Wall Street Journal [4]

Station programming, including the operation expense, decreased $1.3 million, which is two percent compared to the third quarter of 2011. This was mainly due to the reduced syndication programming costs. In the same quarter, Belo’s Station adjusted EBITDA grew almost 50 percent compared to the same time period of 2011 and still had a margin of 40 percent compared to the third quarter of 2011.

In this quarter, Belo earned $17.7 million in political revenue and $13.4 million in Olympics revenue, both of which were significantly higher than the revenue recorded in the third quarter of 2008. Revenue from advertising, retransmission fees, barter, network compensation etc. increased nine percent in the third quarter of 2012 compared to the same time in 2011. This is mainly due to the double-digit increase in both Internet and retransmission revenue. In this quarter, the company generated the total revenue of $176 million, 16 percent higher than the third quarter of 2011.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, the Board of Directors declared a particular cash dividend of $0.25 per share for each share of the Series A common stock and Series B common stock that would be paid on December 21, 2012, to the recorded share holders on November 20, 2012. Also, funded primarily by the company’s available cash, Belo announced that 6.75 percent of its Senior Notes, which the principal amount would be $175.9 million, would be redeemed on November 30 of this year, due May 2013.

For more details about Belo’s cash dividend please click and listen to Belo at Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference [5] on October 10, 2012.

For the fourth quarter, Belo expected the political revenue to finish in the margin of $29 million to $30 million, which would result in $58 million to $59 million of political revenue for all of 2012.

For more about Belo Corporation financial report please click here [6].



Primarily due to the increasing annual merit, the employee benefits, wages and station salaries of employees as well as the higher commissions of Belo Corp. raised as high as 4 percent, in other words $2.3 million during the third quarter of 2012 [7].


Stations & Audiences

Belo television station group includes affiliations with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and MyNetwork TV, which reaches more than 14 percent of U.S. television households in 15 highly-attractive markets.

Belo’s Twenty TV Stations in Four Major Market Region [8]

 For more about Belo’s Television Group please click here[9].


Latest News:

It’s Your Time Logo from 13-WVEC Website

Belo announced its election coverage plans, stating that the company’s news-producing stations would televise at least one hour of political coverage each week in the six weeks prior to the general election on November 6. The 2012 election coverage might include issue- and ad-watch programming, debates, and interviews with candidates from the local, state and federal level. A special spot named “It’s Your Time” which candidates can use to announce why they should be elected on Belo’s multicast channels was offered to them for free. 159 congressional and gubernatorial candidates participated in this program[10].

To watch all It’s Your Time vedios online, please click here [11].


KGW NewsChannel 8 was named Television Station of the Year by the Oregon Association of Broadcasters at its annual conference on September 7, 2012. For nine of the last ten years, the station had beaten its competitors and kept the title. KGW NewsChannel 8 also earned nine “Awards of Excellence”, and defeated all the other Portland television stations[12].


Linda Danna, President and General Manager of WHAS-TV[13]

Belo Corp. announced on the 18thof September, 2012 that Linda Danna had been named president and general manager of WHAS-TV, Belo’s ABC-affiliated station in Louisville, Kentucky. She would be in her new position on October 15, 2012. Danna recently served as vice president and general manager of KGPE-TV in Fresno, California. During her previous career, Danna had been an outstanding leader who was keenly aware of the media landscape and its emerging opportunities[14].



One this day, Belo’s Dallas-Fort Worth television station broadcasted a debate featuring U.S. Senate candidates, in which Republican candidate, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz, and Democrat and former State Representative Paul Sadler squared off in a live broadcast. WFAA, Belo’s ABC-affiliated station in Dallas, Taxes, would carry the debate live along with Belo Corp. Belo’s subsidiary station KENS in San Antonio would broadcast the debate on a delayed basis[15].


The award was accepted by Eric Valadez, a WFAA producer, and Art MacLaren, WFAA’s chief director of the 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. newscasts [16].

Belo Corp. Television Station WFAA-TV, the ABC-affiliated station in Dallas was honored with a National News & Documentary Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on this day in New York.
A Day of Weather, WFAA’s winning piece, continuously covered a heavy storm that inundated Dallas in September 2010 [17].





Belo Names Brad Ramsey President of General Manager of WVEC-TV[18]

On this day, Belo announced that Brad Ramsey had been named president and general manager of WVEC-TV, Belo’s ABC-affiliated station in Hampton/Norfolk, Virginia. He would start his new role beginning November 5, 2012.
Since July 2008, Ramsey has served as vice president and General Manager of WCAV-TV (CBS), WAHU-TV (FOX), and WVAW-TV (ABC), all in Charlottesville, Virginia. His experience in the Virginia marketplace would be a significant asset to WVEC[19].


Lone Star Chapter of the National Television Academy[20]

On this day, Belo’s WFAA took home 21 awards of excellence presented by the Lone Star Chapter of the National Television Academy. This Belo’s  Dallas-Fort Worth station was honored in various news categories including sports and weather, team coverage, breaking news, as well as in categories for technical achievement and local programming, topping all the other stations in the same market[21].



The Nielsen survey result which took place from October 25 to November 21 proved that KGW NewsChannel 8’s leadership position in news continued. KGW NewsChannel 8 has the highest viewership of both local and national news programs by a wide range of audience in both rating and share averages in the entire 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. block as measured by Nielsen station estimates live and same day viewing [22].



Looking to the fourth quarter, Dunia A. Shive, Belo’s President and Chief Executive Officer, indicated that the November 30 redemption of the 6.75 percent Senior Notes due May 2013 was expected to result in an after-tax charge of approximately $2.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2012. This would be an after-tax savings in interest expense of approximately $3.1 million in the first five months of 2013. On November 30, Belo’s Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend for the first quarter of 2013 of $0.08 for each share of Series A common stock and Series B common stock to be paid on March 1, 2013, to shareholders of record on February 8, 2013[23].



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Ion Media Networks

by Daniel Buczakowski

Address:  601 Clearwater Park Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone:    (561) 659-4122
Website: ION Media Networks

Key Executives:

Brandon Burgess
Chairman and CEO

Chris Addeo

Stephen Appel








Jeff Quinn

Terri Santisi

Marc Zand
Programming Acquisitions








Douglas Holloway

Dan Hsieh
Michael Hubner








Joseph Koker

David Glenn
Russel Frederickson
On-Air Services








Major Competitors

Fox Broadcasting Company
Colombia Broadcasting System (CBS) Broadcasting Inc.
Sinclair Broadcasting Group Inc.
American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
The CW Television Network

A Brief History

ION Media Networks was founded in 1984 as Paxson Communication in Clearwater Florida.  Owning multiple radio stations and a few ABC and NBC network affiliate stations, Paxson Communication eventually became Florida’s largest radio group.  In 1994, Paxson acquired 55 percent of American Network Group for $2.5 million.  As American Network Group was a publicly held company, Paxson itself became a public company, and by doing this avoided the costs inherent with an initial public offering (IPO).  This also gave Paxon access to public capitol to help the company grow through more acquisitions.  In 1998 the company decided to build it’s own independent television company, and PAX TV (Later to be known as the PAX network) was born.  1994 was a big year for Paxson, this was the year they also acquired their first television stations, WPBF-TV  in West Palm Beach, Florida, WTLK-TV in Atlanta and Rome, Georgia, and WYVN-TV in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  By the end of 1997, Paxson had grown so large that it owned more then 60 stations and covered 60 percent of all US households, and had revenues that exceeded $88 million after selling it’s radio division to Clear Channel Communications for $693 million in cash.  However, operating loss had also grown to $22 million, a major difference from the $4 million of 1996.  This was just the beginning of Paxson’s financial problems, for by 1998, Paxson’s operating capitol had shrunk to $1.8 million and it’s net loss had risen to $137.9 million, while total revenue was only $134.7 million.  By the year 2007 after lengthy legal battles with NBC Universal, the company’s founder Bud Paxon sold his shares of the company and retired.  Branden Burgess replaced him as President and C.E.O. and the company was renamed ION Media Networks Inc.

History of Financial and Legal problems

1999 Paxson reports a negative cash flow of $102.6 million with a long term debt of $382 million.

September 1999:  NBC buys 32% share in Paxon for $415 million.  Effectively bailing Paxson out and to Paxon’s consternation, becoming effectively an equal partner rather than a minor shareholder.

December 4, 2001:  Paxon files and arbitration to block NBC’s acquisition of Telemondo.

September 2002:  Paxon arbitration against NBC was denied.

November 13, 2003:  NBC requests redemption of it’s $549.2 million investment in Paxon.

August 2004:  NBC Universal files lawsuit against Paxon.

November 7, 2005:  In and agreement with NBC Universal, Lowell Paxon leaves the company and sells his shares to NBC Universal.  He is replaced with Brandon Burgess.

November 2007:  ION Networks is taken to trial by Positive Ions Inc. for trademark infringement.  ION Networks loses and is forced to pay Positive Ions $1.7 million.

May 19, 2009:  ION Media Networks files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with $2.7 billion of debt.

December 2009:  Emerges from bankruptcy as a privately owned company under the ownership of its bondholders and secured lenders.


Currently, ION Media Networks is one of the largest privately owned television networks in the country, with over 60 television stations in North America.   Under Brandon Burgess’ direction, ION Media Networks has rewritten it’s policies to follow four main objectives:

  • Innovation

By fostering an environment which gives it’s employees the freedom to explore new ideas, while also helping them stay focused to the task at hand, ION Media Networks is able to create new opportunities as opposed to rehashing the same ideas over and over.

  • Diversity

Understanding that sometimes the greatest ideas come from differing viewpoints, ION Media Networks takes great pride in hiring a diverse group of employees.  Their motto being that multiple inputs often yield the most valuable outputs.

  • Empowerment

By providing the tools and support needed to succeed, Ion Media Networks empowers their employees to take the necessary steps to accomplish their goals.

  • Accountability

ION Media Networks fully stands behind all of it’s employees.  Holding themselves accountable not only to their audience, but to themselves as well.  Each employee shares in the companies success as well as the burden of their failures.

Major Divisions

ION Media Networks is broken down into four major divisions:  ION Television, Qubo, ION Life and Dyle.


One of the fastest growing television networks in the nation, ION Television focuses on syndicated network shows as well as introducing new original programming and special event programming.  A leader in the Adult 25-54 and Women 25-54 demographics, ION Television reaches more than 100 million US households.  Starting in October of 2012, ION Television adopted an 108-hour network programming schedule, providing general entertainment programming from 11am – 3am Mondays – Fridays, 1pm – 3am Saturdays and Sundays.  All other times are filled with religious programming or infomercials.


Cold Case
Criminal Minds
Law & Order:  Criminal Intent
WWE Main Event
My Name is Earl
Without a Trace
Married With Children

Specifically targeting children in the 5 – 8 age range, Qubo offers quality children’s programming 24/7.  Available via over-the-air coverage, cable, satellite and telco, Qubo has won multiple awards from both the FCC and the US government in recognition of it’s dedication to improving children’s health and reducing childhood obesity.  Qubo was also recognized by the US government as one of the most trustworthy sources of children’s television.  Qubo is a joint venture between Ion Media Networks, NBC Universal, Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana, Scholastic Corporation and DreamWorks Classics.


Taste Buds
Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
Willa’s Wild Life
The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Animal Atlas
Dex Hamilton Alien Entomologist
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller
3 2 1 Penguins!
Turbo Dogs
Mighty Machines
Jane and the Dragon
Rescue Heroes
My Friend Rabbit
Jacob Two-Two
Vita Minix
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
The Zula Patrol
Miss BG
Pippi Longstocking
Rupert Bear

Focusing on adult viewers, ION Life is dedicated to helping people live healthier, more active lives.  Featuring programs featuring:  home design, wellness, healthy and active living, adventure and community engagement, ION Life is is focused on celebrating life’s positive adventures.  Available via over-the-air coverage, cable, satellite, and telco.  The Network was going to be named iHealth prior to Ion Televisions name change.


Absolute X
Alive + Well
Body Fuel
Drop In
Gadget Girlz
Killer Comebacks
My Green House
Planet X
Positive Living
Power Yoga
Smart Cookies
Style by Jury
The Right Fit

The mobile branch of ION Media Networks, Dyle Mobile TV allows viewers to watch broadcast television shows right on their mobile Android and IOS devices.  Partnering with major broadcasters ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox among others, the application also allows viewers access to live local and national news as well as sports and entertainment.  Although currently limited in coverage, future expansion is expected soon.  You can check availability in your area on their coverage map.

Recent News


ION Television debuts WWE Main Event.


ION Television acquires off-Network rights to Numb3rs

ION Television acquires Law & Order:  Criminal Intent


Flashpoint debuts Season 5


ION Media Networks announces agreement with DirecTV


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* All images are courtesy of ION Media Networks *


by Will McDonald

MGM Studios
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 449-3000

MGM’s Logo



MGM Studios Inc. is a privately held entertainment company that produces motion pictures and television programs worldwide. It has won over 175 Oscars, including 14 Best Picture wins. Leo the Lion is MGM’s mascot, who appears at the beginning of all of the films. Above the lion on the mascot is MGM’s logo “Ars gratia artis,” which is Latin for “Art for art’s sake.”

Major Competition:

Lions Gate Entertainment 
Sony Pictures
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Key Executives: 

Gary Barber-Chairman and CEO
Ken Schapiro-Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Glickman-President of the Motion Pictures Group

In October, Chairman and CEO Gary Barber announced that Jonathan Glickman will continue his role as president of the Motion Pictures Group until 2017.

Jonathan Glickman


Brief History of MGM: 

In 1924, MGM came to be when Marcus Loew arranged a merge between Goldwyn Pictures, Metro Pictures Corp, and eventually Louis B. Mayer Pictures, creating Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The studio dominated the Hollywood industry for many years, discovering many new stars and producing award winning movies, such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz.

In 2010, MGM filed for bankruptcy, hindering their ability to make new movies. Fortunately, that same year, MGM emerged from this crisis and began to produce movies again.


In November 2012, MGM reported a $23.4 million net profit for the the third quarter in 2012, increasing from the $15.2 million net profit from the third quarter in 2011. MGM had a $4.3 million loss in operating income, as opposed to its $32.8 million gain in the third quarter of 2011. CEO Gary Barber claimed that the results were hurt by distribution and marketing costs of the films, which MGM spent more money on this year than the previous year. Yet, he remains optimistic, as MGM expects to have a substantial increase in revenue in the fourth quarter results with the succesful release of Skyfall and the highly anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Recent News:

In October 2012, MGM won appeals court in a long battle against the financial backers of the movie Madison, starring Jim Caviezel. In 2009, the backers of the 2005 film sued MGM, claiming that MGM’s failure to distribute the film cost them millions of dollars. The backers of the film sued the studio in Illinois, but the court ruled in favor of MGM, deciding that MGM did not have enough contact with this state as a basis for the lawsuit.

Roger Birnbaum, who became co-CEO with Barber in December 2010, recently stepped down in November to become one of MGM’s producers. He wanted to focus more on movies and talent, instead of working on the business side of the film industry. He will begin his new role as the executive producer of RoboCop, set to release in 2014. RoboCop is a remake of the 1987 film.

Relevant Movies:

Co-produced by MGM and Time Warner, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit, will be released in the United States on December 14, 2012. This film is expected to break box office records, contributing to an annual box office increase, which hasn’t happened since 2009. Media analysts predict that this film will help draw viewers into the movie theaters again, despite the growing competition of the television and the Internet. This film has been widely anticipated, ever since the release and success of the Rings trilogy. This film will also be released in 3D and IMAX. The director of the film, Peter Jackson, shot the film in 48 frames per second, compared to the 24 frames per second of standard films. His goal was to make the audience feel more engaged and part of the journey. Some fear that this will make them feel sick, but scientists assure audiences that this won’t be an issue.

According to the movie’s twitter handle, @TheHobbitMovie, audience members can buy their tickets ahead of time through Fandago, an online service that sells movie tickets via the internet, and get a free song from the soundtrack in exchange.

Skyfall, MGM’s latest James Bond movie, has brought in $869 million worldwide. MGM co-produced this movie with Eon Productions and Sony Pictures. This latest chapter in the franchise is the highest grossing James Bond movie of all time, starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem. This film was released on the 50th anniversary of the series, directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes. Skyfall came very close to the #1 spot at the box office the first weekend of December, with Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 barely edging it out. Skyfall helped break the domestic box office record for Thanksgiving weekend, raking in $290 million. The previous record was $273 million in 2009. This was also the first Bond film to ever appear in IMAX.

In addition to the US market, Skyfall was a sensation in foreign markets, not only as the most succesful film of 2012 at the UK box office, surpassing Dark Knight Risesbut also as the highest grossing film in the UK box office history, surpassing AvatarOn its opening weekend in various foreign markets, it debuted as number one in 25 different countries.
[17] [18]


On November 21, MGM released a remake of the 1984 film Red Dawn, grossing a domestic total of $38.4 million as of December 5, yet with an estimated $65 million production budget. Despite the famous stars of the movie, such as Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, and Chris Hemsworth, this action remake has received negative ratings amongst the critics, with a small 12% score from Rotten Tomatoes, a popular website that reviews films. Filming of Red Dawn was completed in 2009, and was set to be released in November 2010, but MGM’s financial troubles made this difficult, therefore the film was not released until two years later.

“Red Dawn” (2012) movie poster


International deals: 

In September 2012, pay TV company C More Entertainment renewed a multi-year licensing agreement with MGM, giving this Nordic region TV channel provider the rights to air a large selection MGM’s movie library on linear and on-demand channels. This gives C More the right to air both movies that have already been released, such as Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and movies that have yet to be released, such as The Hobbit trilogy. This deal also ensures that C More subscribers can watch all the movies on different platforms, such as computers and mobile devices via their internet service, C More Play.

This is the logo for C More Entertainment, a pay TV company for the Nordic region.


MGM renewed partnership with Sky Italia, a new Italian satellite platform, enlarging MGM’s library on Sky Cinema. Starting in September, Sky Cinema Classics began hosting the best of MGM catalogue in high definition, with almost 200 titles per year. These films will also appear on Sky On-Demand, a new innovation from Sky Italia.

Sky Italia’s logo


Upcoming projects:

MGM and Paramount Pictures will co-produce Hercules, a famous fiction movie about a heroic man. MGM was initially the only studio involved in the project, but Paramount recently signed on to produce as well. The film is set to start filming in the beginning of 2013, with Brett Ratner as the director. The film has confirmed Dwayne Johnson to star in the film. Ryan Condal wrote the script, which he adapted from the novel, Hercules: The Tharacian War.

To keep updated with all of MGM’s other projects, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


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Emmis Communications Corporation

by Mia Kuhn

The Emmis Comunications Corporation’s logo. Image courtesy of Emmis Communications.

Address: One Emmis Plaza
            40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
E-mail: IR@emmis.com
Phone: 317.266.0100

Website: emmis.com


As the 9th largest radio group in the United States, Emmis Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: EMMS) owns and runs several magazine and radio systems. Emmis operates on the medium to large scale for its market size and has been formally acknowledged as the Most Respected Radio Company in a poll by some of the industry’s leading CEOs. [1]

Company Overview:

New York City’s source for all things Hip-Hop. “Where Hip-Hop Lives.” Image courtesy of WQHT-FM.

Emmis has been evolving since 1979 when Jeff Smulyan and a couple others bought WSVL in Shelbyville, Indiana. One purchase after another, the company has accumulated properties to build what is now a global enterprise with stations from Austin, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri to Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Emmis went public in 1994 and now holds ownership over some of the nation’s largest markets, such as New York City’s WQHT-FM (Hot 97) and Los Angeles’s KPWR-FM (Power 106). [2]

As one of the best places to work in Indiana 2012, Emmis stands for a conducive working environment while it also maintains reputable radio, publishing, digital, social impact, and TagStation® and NextRadio™ operations. The company has embodied a definitive “Emmis  culture,” where they believe in risk-taking and positive guidance of employees in order to get innovative and creative outcomes while having fun.

Emmis Communications Corportation was voted one of the best places to work in Indiana in 2012. Image courtesy of emmis.com.

Corporate Philosophy (1 being most important):

  1. Take care of your audiences and advertisers – think of them and you’ll win.
  2. Be passionate about what you do and compassionate about how you do it.
  3. Be good to your people – get them into the game and give them a piece of the pie.
  4. Never jeopardize your integrity – we win the right way or we don’t win at all
  5. Believe in yourself – if you think you can make it happen, you will. [3]
Despite the radio industry weakening with the emergence of online radio presence and more popular news and music acquiring devices, Emmis proceeds to shed positive light on the matter by embracing its corporate philosophy. The corporation’s administration is currently following its eleven commandments to create new and interesting projects.

“Great media. Great People. Great Service.” Screenshot of a graphic of Emmis Communications Corporation’s logline from emmis.com.


Board of Directors:

Jeff Smulyan, Chairman of Board, President, and CEO of Emmis Communications. Image courtesy of emmis.com.

Jeff Smulyan is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Emmis Communications. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Telecommunications and History from University of Southern California. Smulyan’s education propelled him into radio. He managed a station in Indianapolis and Omaha prior to forming Emmis in 1980. Smulyan has held several high-esteemed positions in the radio field; he is the former director of the National Association of Broadcasters, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Radio Advertising Bureau, and past chair of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership. [4]

Patrick Walsh, EVP, CFO, and COO of Emmis Communications. Image courtesy of emmis.com.

Patrick Walsh has been the Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of Emmis Communications since 2006. Walsh earned a degree in business from the University of Michigan and gained much of his experience from being the CFO and Senior Vice President at iBiquity Digital Corporation. [5]

Company Officers (In addition to Jeff Smulyan and Patrick Walsh):

  • Rick Cummings –  President of Programming for Emmis Radio
  • Scott Enright –  Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Greg Loewen –  President of Publishing and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Paul Brenner –  Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer
  • Ian D. Arnold – Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
  • Ryan A. Hornaday –  Senior Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
  • Valerie C. Maki –  Senior Vice President – Emmis Radio Division, Los Angeles Market Manager
  • Deborah Paul – Executive Vice President – Editorial Director – Publishing
  • Traci L. Thomson – Vice President of Human Resources

Board of Directors:

  • Susan Bayh – Visiting Professor, Butler University
  • Gary Kassef – Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Richard Leventhal – President & Majority Owner of LMCS, LLC.
  • Peter Lund – Media Consultant and former President & CEO of CBS Television
  • Greg Nathanson – Former Television Division President
  • Lawrence Sorrel – Tailwind Capital Partners

Other Key Executives

  • Angie May Cook – Vice President, Emmis Digital
  • Sarah Harris – Founder, Incite
  • Alexandra Cameron – Senior Vice President, Emmis Radio Division; New York Market Manager
  • Amy Saralegui – Vice President/Group Publisher, National Sales, Emmis Publishing [6]


Most Recent Financial Data:

A press release from October 12, 2012 describes Emmis Communication’s second quarter as being negatively impacted by “station divestitures.” The past year illustrates net revenue for the second fiscal quarter increased 1 percent, from $54.4 million to $55.0 million.  Pro forma radio net revenues increased 2 percent, from $41.4 million to $42.0 million. This growth in radio revenues exceeded market revenue growth in the quarter, which was less than 1 percent. The Motley Fool nasdaq report card contains the most recent analysis and assessments of NASDAQ:EMMS. [7]

Emmis Communications Corporation notes solid growth in second quarter pro forma revenue growth. This table reconciles reported results (dollars are in thousands). Image courtesy of emmis.com.

Emmis Communications also has a more detailed and consolidated version of their second quarter Financial Data and Subsidiaries Report available for viewing.

Emmis Communications- Class A (EMMS) Snapshot. Screenshot courtesy of investing.businessweek.com.


With the radio industry already struggling with the emergence of MP3s, Internet radio, and specializing radio services, it doesn’t help Emmis Communications that it has to compete against bigger radio corporations. The company’s top three competitors are Clear Channel Communication, Inc., Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, which was bought by Cumulus Media, and CBS Radio Inc. [8]

Companies financially relative to Emmis Communications. Screenshot courtesy of Google NASDAQ data.


Emmis Radio:

August 22, 2012, Emmis Communications’ Terre Haute, Indiana sector signed an agreement to add an ESPN brand station, WSDM-FM, to its collection. It also managed to acquire WSDX-AM. Both of these stations were signed over by Crossroads Investments LLC. Both groups also signed a Local Programming and Marketing Agreement (LMA) that allowed Emmis-Terre Haute to organize and sell advertising on the stations. This agreement went active Septembers 1, 2012. [9]

WIBC, 93.1 FM, Indy’s News Center. Image Courtesy of WIBC and Emmis Communications.

On November 17, 2012, Emmis bought an Indianapolis- area translator for $375,000 from Kaspar Broadcasting, Co., Inc. The official document filed with the FCC stated the new acquisition will rebroadcast Talk WIBC, Indianapolis. [10]

In addition to these recently acquired stations, Emmis currently has these FM and AM stations nationally and internationally –

Austin, Texas

KGSR-FM (93.3)

KLBJ-AM (590)

KLBJ-FM (93.7)

KROX-FM (101.5)

Comedy 102.7


KBPA-FM (103.5 BOB)

St. Louis, Missouri


KPNT-FM (105.7 The Point)

KFTK-FM (FM NewsTalk 97.1)

KHIT-FM (K-Hits 95)

Indianapolis, Indiana

WLHK-FM (97.1 Hank FM)

WIBC-FM (93.1 FM)

WFNI-AM (1070 The Fan)

WYXB-FM (105.7 FM)

Network Indiana


WTHI-FM (99.9 FM)

WWVR-FM (105.5 FM)

WFNF-AM (1130 The Fan)


X Radio Expres


Radio Star FM

Radio FM+

Radio Fresh [11]

Emmis Publishing:

Screenshot of “Los Angeles Magazine” graphic. Image courtesy of www.lamag.com.

Emmis currently has publications in California, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and Texas. The corporation has been involved magazine publication since 1988 and is currently operating 6 different magazines. In California, “Orange Coast” and “Los Angeles Magazine” in Georgia, “Atlanta“, in Ohio “Cincinatti” , in Indianapolis, “Indianapolis Monthly“, and in Texas, “Texas Monthly“. [12]

December 2012 Issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Screenshot courtesy of www.lamag.com.

Features of December 2012’s issue of “Los Angeles Magazine” include winter escapes, a holiday gift guide, and seasonal delicacies. The magazine concentrates on providing consumers information on what’s best in LA. From “The Guide” giving the 30 best places to go this month to what films are must see. [13]

Emmis Digital:

Emmis is keeping track of their mentions using the Twitter handle of @EmmisDigital. This sector is strictly social media content. Emmis is also present on Facebook. [14]

Emmis Communications Applications:

October 4, 2012, Emmis Interactive was sold to Marketron in order to provide Emmis Communications Corporation the ability to maximize commercialization of its FM/Analog Radio Smartphone application. Although Emmis sold their property, they still proceed to work with Marketron Interactive on their future developments and distributions of the renowned Digital Suite of software and services. These deluxe systems include BaseStation®, GeoStation® and Guidable™.  Emmis Communications remains a primary customer of Marketron and will gain a portion of its economic successes. [15]

NextRadio is the future of smartphone radio reception for Emmis Communications. Screenshot courtesy of www.tagstation.com.

As of November 28, 2012, the new HD radio application called NextRadio™ was in the final steps of beta testing, according to Emmis. The corporation intends on marketing NextRadio™ to wireless carriers so consumers can listen to live and local radio without having to absorb their data plans. Emmis Communications Corporation continues to build their current TagStation® application and have high hopes for a successful launch of the NextRadio™ service. [16] [17]



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Buckley Radio

by Ben Aaron

Contact Buckley Radio:

166 West Putnam Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: (203) 661-4307


Buckley Broadcast Group (or Buckley Radio) is a privately-owned company that operates about 18 radio stations in New York, Connecticut and California. The company also owns the WOR Radio Network, which independently produces and distributes syndicated radio programming to about 390 affiliated stations through WOR 710, its historically successful flagship news/talk station. [1]

Station List:

New York

  • WOR and the WOR Radio Network (Based in NYC, both are in the process of being sold to Clear Channel)
  • WFBL and WSEN – Syracuse (sale pending to Leatherstocking Media Group)



  • KLLY
  • KKBB
  • KNZR
  • KSMJ
  • KWAV
  • KIDD
  • KYZZ
  • KUBB
  • KHTN
  • KSEQ


Buckley Broadcasting was founded in 1956 by Richard Dimes Buckley. The company operated modestly, acquiring a few properties for its first few years, until Buckley’s son took over as President in 1972. His father had a strong influence on him both in business strategy and in the commitment to keep the business family-owned and operated. Stations in small and medium-sized markets like Hartford, CT and Fresno, CA (Q97 and WDRC) have remained the company’s focus. Buckley owns several of some of the United States’ oldest radio stations, including WDRC 102.9 and WOR 710.

WFBL Syracuse was the first station to receive an FCC license, and WOR 710 has remained one of New York’s most succesful talk radio stations since it became the first NYC-based station in 1922. Buckley purchased WOR in 1989, keeping almost its entire format the same while changing a few personalities. Then-president Richard Buckley refused offers to sell multiple stations including WOR and its nearly one million listeners.

After Buckley’s passing, current CEO Joe Bilotta sold WOR 710, and the WOR Radio Network with it, to Clear Channel Communications. It marks the sale of Buckley’s most popular and profitable station, which is reportedly causing people to anticipate the total dissolution of the company. [2]

WOR 710 Personalities:

Joan Hamburg                                                     Gov. David Paterson

                   Joe Bartlett                                                               Dr. Joy Browne


              Mike Gallagher                                                           The Frommers

               Dave Ramsey                                                         Dottie Herman


The stations owned by Buckley Radio cover seven markets ranging from relatively small (those in Connecticut and parts of Fresno) to the large NYC market reached by WOR. Programming distributed by the WOR Radio Network includes The Frommers, Top 40 charts, and Warren Eckstein.
The sale of WOR to Clear Channel is ongoing and expected to end by Jan. 2013. Buckley and Clear Channel have long been competitors in the California, Connecticut and New York markets, and WOR 710 will be Clear Channel’s sixth station in New York, and one of the nearly 900 properties owned by Clear Channel. The station is expected to see a dramatic ratings increase with the implementation of Clear Channel-owned programming like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, causing investors to worry that Buckley will not be able to come back after losing its biggest property.


As president of Buckley Broadcasting for nearly 40 years, Richard Buckley worked extensively in the broadcast industry and received numerous accolades. He served as President of several Buckley-owned California stations for a number of years, and temporarily served as the music director for WNEW-AM. He was named one of Radio Ink’s 40 Most Powerful to being inducted into the New York State Broadcaster’s Associate in June 2011. Buckley unfortunately passed from a brain embolism a month later. Joe Bilotta was immediately promoted from Chief Operating Officer to President and Chief Executive Officer, and issued a statement.

Said Bilotta, “It is with a deep and profound sadness that I must inform you that early Sunday morning, Rick Buckley passed away… He led the company that bears his name for over 4 decades and did so in a style and manner that reflected the family nature of his business. He loved Radio, loved his company and cared deeply for all of his employees.” [3] 

Bilotta has extensive experience in the broadcast industry. He’s on the National Broadcasters Association’s Board of Directors, and serves on the Executive Committee for the Radio Advertising Bureau. Other key executives include Kathy Baker, the Executive Vice President of West Coast operations, and General Managers Eric Fahnoe and Steve Darnell.

Kathy Baker, Executive Vice President of Buckley Radio-West Coast

Richard Buckley, former President (1972-2011)

Joe Bilotta, current President & CEO 





Radio continues to be relevant as new platforms emerge. 93% of U.S. citizens claim to regularly use radio, and 56% of people use online radio. Several Buckley stations are listened to via TuneIn’s streaming service in countries outside the U.S. Commercial radio use is increasing by over 300% in countries such as Africa and India, 30% of men in Pakistan listen to the radio on their phones, and 75% of people in multiple countries including Peru listen to the radio daily. While new platforms continue to emerge and the internet’s popularity booms, radio is certainly still being used. [5] , [11]


Buckley has seen limited integration into platforms outside of radio. Every Buckley-owned station has a corresponding website with diverse features including event calendars, merchandise stores and memberships for communicating with other fans. The company partnered with online radio-streaming service TuneIn in late March 2012 to provide streaming for 12 of the more popular Buckley-owned stations including WOR 710 and KUBB 96.3. The streaming platform reaches tens of millions of listeners in over 100 countries, including Buckley stations. [6]

The company operates a YouTube channel focused on Monterey, CA events, specifically those attended by the Monterey-based Z97.9. Videos include KWAV 96.9 FM at the Monterey County Fair, and the following clip of KWAV at Central Coast’s Got Talent.

Recent News and Looking Ahead:

The continuing sale of WOR 710 and the WOR Radio Network is likely to have a moderate impact on Buckley Radio’s future growth and business model. The revenue from distributing WOR-produced programming is substantial, leading some to think President Bilotta is looking to sell the company after 50 decades of family ownership. Bilotta said of the sale, “For more than 23 years, Buckley Radio has been the steward of one of the most legendary radio stations in broadcasting history and I would like to sincerely thank all of the wonderful people who devoted their time, energy and efforts over the years to WOR Radio. By passing the baton to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, WOR listeners, advertisers and employees will gain access to the unparalleled resources of a worldwide, multi-dimensional media and entertainment company.” [7]

The new presence of Bilotta has come with several promotions and layoffs. John Sterling was promoted to General Manager of KSEQ and KIOO radios in Fresno, CA. Stuart P. Gorlick was hired as Buckley’s Director of Sales in October. He has extensive sales experience and has worked as an on-air radio personality. [8]


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Cox Radio, Inc

by [Isabel Herrera]

6205 Peachtree | Dunwoody Road | Atlanta, GA 30328| Phone: 678-645-0000| Website: www.coxmediagroup.com

Major Market Competitors:

▪       Clear Channel Communications, Inc

▪       Cumulus Media, Inc

▪       CBS Radio, Inc


Cox Radio, Inc is a radio company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1934 by James M. Cox, Cox Radio, Inc continues to deliver quality radio content, reaching 18 million radio listeners across the country. Cox Radio prides itself in establishing the first FM station in the south during 1964. [1]

Company Overview:

They operate as a division of Cox Media Group, Inc, a subsidiary of conglomerate Cox Enterprises. In 1996, Cox Radio became a publicly traded company.  However in 2009, Cox Radio, Inc made the transition from a public company to a private corporation. [2] Over the years, Cox Media Group has expanded its television, newspaper and broadcasting services; however, radio remains a relevant component to the company’s overall successful $1.8 billion revenue. Cox Radio, Inc along with Cox Enterprises is considered to be one of the few successful family-own businesses currently functioning in the entertainment market. [3]

Cox Radio is 62 percent-owned by Cox Enterprises, Inc, and is responsible for a total of 86 radio stations (15 AM radio stations, 71 FM radio stations) in locations such as Atlanta, Stamford/ Norwalk, New Haven, Bridgeport Connecticut; Dayton, Ohio, Greenville, South Carolina; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Antonio and Houston Texas; Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville, Florida; Long Island, New York, Louisville, Kentucky, Richmond, Virginia; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. [4]

In Cox Radio Syndication, the company is able to produce and distribute expansive radio programming to approximately 200 affiliate stations through a partnership with Jones Radio Network. [5]

In 2009, Cox Media Group, Inc announced a new model that “reorganized its media businesses by maximizing the expertise and talents of its media across its portfolio or radio, television and newspaper businesses.” Adapting this progressive agenda enabled for the radio division to bring together advertising services and their firms in a costly-efficient manner. [6]

Notable Key Executives:


Courtesy of Google Images

James C. Kennedy is the grandson of the legendary founder is currently the Chairman of the conglomerate Cox Enterprises, Inc. Prior to his position as Chairman, he was CEO from 1988 to 2008. James Kennedy also serves as Chairman of the Board for Cox Radio. [9]


Courtesy of Cox Media Group

Robert Neil as Executive Vice President of Cox Media Group supervises several radio, television, newspaper, and digital research operations within the company. He joined Cox in 1986 as Station Manager of WSB- AM/FM and by 1988 was named VP and General Manager WWRM-FM. Eight years later, he was named President and Chief Executive Officer of radio when Cox Radio became a public company (1996). [7]

Courtesy of Cox Media Group

Charles L Odom serves as Chief Financial Officer & Principal Accounting Officer has served Cox Radio since January 2009. Charles joined Cox Radio in 1996 as Manager of Financial Reporting, and served as Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis from 2001- 2008. [8]


Courtesy of Cox Media Group


Neil Johnston  currently serves as the Executive Vice President, Strategy and Digital Innovation. He oversees Strategic Development, and the digital expansion of Cox Media Group. Neil was also Cox Radio’s Chief Financial Officer for the past nine years, and he has currently stepped down from the position. [9] [10]

Finances/Market Revenue:

After announcing their transition from public to private in 2009, it was reported that Cox’s revenues increased from $1.8 billion to $15 billion. Nonetheless, in 2011, Cox’s annual earned profits was $14.6 billion, falling -0.7 percent short from the previous $15 billion revenue. [11]

Specifically, over the past year Cox Radio’s revenue has increased 1% compared to radio’s overall revenue, which fell by 2%. Similar to other radio companies, Cox Radio, Inc is currently threatened by the ipod effect and the general struggle to maintain profitable radio advertising results in the market. [12] [13]

Popular Radio Shows: 

Alan Cox Show Flyer. Courtesy of www.wmms.com


Kono 101.1 flyer. Courtesy of www Kono 1011.com


Cox Radio reportedly experienced a $404 million loss due to weak advertising revenue. This equates to a $4.08 per share relative to the net income of $1.8 million and earnings back in 2007. Particularly, the general economy and the advertising market contributed to the 7.2 percent decrease in local revenue, while national revenue decreased at an astonishing 11.7 percent. [14]


Interestedly enough, Cox Radio, Inc acquired Valpak of Jacksonville in order to best cross-promote their radio services along with advertising incentives to radio listeners. Valpak mails over 20 billion coupons and targets about 100 markets in 48 states and four Canadian areas. They also integrate digital advertising into their promotions through Smartphone apps, QR codes, and phone messaging interaction. This opportunity will provide a unique outlet for local Cox Radio stations to market their shows and upcoming events. [15]

Cox Radio is set to expand their radio news service throughout their Atlanta-based locations. The news stations will provide regional weather coverage, sports information, and regional weather coverage that w. They decided on this news alternative after seeing an opening where Clear Channel declared closure for their Georgia News Network by the end of this year. [16]


Once again, Cox Radio stations experienced budget cut expenses. Cox Radio has released two of the most charming radio personalities: the amiable Steve O. Sellers and the laid-back Katrina Curtis. The cuts were not done on personal ends, but simply because it was a  “business decision.”  Loyal radio listeners were a bit gloomy, considering there no indication of a goodbye announced through the radio on behalf of the Disc jockeys themselves.  An interesting comparison was made recalling how in the 70s and 80s Disc Jockeys dominated stations, and the ratings correlated with the sales of ads, respectively. Nowadays, large companies are far more concern with cutting costs even if it means getting rid of the most important element in radio shows: the talent. [17]

Cox Radio supports The Internet Fairness Act , which will help end the discrimination against online radio. Their decision to stand in favor of this act demonstrates the acceptable shift between traditional radio and modern radio alternatives. This is certainly a pivotal step towards the merging direction our radio culture is intended to encounter. [18] [19]



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