Lowell C. McAdam

Verizon Communications, Inc., or more commonly known as Verizon, is a holdings company that utilizes its subsidiaries to offer several different services. These include, bur are not limited to, communications, information, and entertainment products and services to consumer, businesses, and government agencies. Verizon is currently one of the top communications companies in the world, as they hold the 15 spot on the Fortune 500. They have recently become the largest 4G LTE distributor within America, as well as having the premier all-fiber broadband network. Verizon serves 150 countries worldwide, and has a reaches over 112 million people through it’s network.

Currently, Lowell C. McAdam, is currently both the CEO and chairman of the company. He was appointed CEO in 2011, and chairman in 2012. McAdam’s has been a prominent figure in wireless communications even before joining the company in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has been able to buy out Vodaphone’s 45% share of Verizon Wireless.

Although most see Verizon as simply a service provider, their subsidiaries are extensive and give them a broader reach that meets the eye. Two companies that stand alone from Verizon’s usual business ventures are AOL and The Huffington Post. AOL is a media company and news source that provides email services along with other things, and The Huffington Post is a liberal online-exclusive news source that comes out of New York City. Some other ventures of note include Verizon Fios, which is an internet, television, and phone bundle for private residences, and Verizon Business, which provides a similar service, except in this case to small businesses.

AT&T and Verizon stand atop the competition for mobile carriers, far surpassing the likes of  Sprint and T-Mobile. The race for the most subscribers has gone up and down over the years, however Verizon has recently peaked over AT&T in the number of people using their service. And, despite the fact AT&T have always created more revenue from the services than any competitor, Verizon has been slowly catching up to the competition coming in at only a little over a billion dollars below AT&T last year. Although AT&T claims a faster network, Verizon has far better coverage, as they are a better provider throughout America with less bad spots in their coverage.

Currently, one of Verizon’s largest issues has been protesting. Last week 36,000 workers walked off the job after their was a failure to reach a labor agreement. It’s currently the largest strike since Verizon workers walked off the job in 2011. Luckily for the company a lot of the employees on strike work for the landline providers as well as there Fios broadband network. This won’t have as large of an impact on the financial standing of the company, being that the largest stake of the company, Verizon Wireless, is left relatively unaffected by the issues brought on by the strike. The union on strike, the 201604570bf6a891606Communications Workers of America, is working to get a better contract offer for their workers, who have gone without one since August. Most of the issue the union has with Verizon lies within the characters they’re currently employing. Verizon has started outsourcing for a lot of their jobs: around 5,000 jobs have been giving to workers in second and third world countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic. These workers will work for far lower wages and are non-unionized. Verizon is also apparently asking their employees to work out of state for often months at a time. Despite the claim that Verizon is cutting costs to increase its already growing profits, most of these profits are coming from it’s wireless service, which these employees have no part in whatsoever.

This issue has factored into the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination heavily. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have voiced their support to the protestors, but both have different stakes in the situation. Verizon has been a huge supporter of the Clinton campaign. She’s received tens of thousands of dollars in support for her campaign. In May of 2013, she was payed $225,000 to give a speech, along with between $100,000 to $250,000 given to the Clinton foundation. Clinton did come with a statement in support of Verizon and the strikers reaching an agreement, but came off as ingenue and paled to the support of her rival. Sanders, on the other hand, has been continuously attacking the company in support of the strikers. He was most recently found marching alongside the strikers, and making heartfelt speeches on their behalf. In a recent speech, he called out Verizon as being “one of the largest, most profitable corporations in this country” and further attacked it on blatantly not supporting it’s workers. He promised that he would continue to stand behind the strikers throughout his campaign until a fair contract is reached by both parties involved.

Louise Brown walks down King Street during a Black Lives Matter march, Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. The event honored the Emanuel AME Church shooting victims. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

As far as quarter 1 has gone for Verizon in 2016, they’ve surpassed already lofty expectations. Verizon was able to beat all four quarterly estimates of 2015, and seems to be carrying the trend into 2016. Although they only beat the Wall Street quarterly estimate by 0.5%, even exceeding expectations slightly is a huge gain. Their projections had them doing better than they had all of last year, so this is seen a victory.

One of the biggest stories of recent is Verizon’s current bidding war for the tech giant Yahoo. Among competitors to absorb Yahoo are Verizon’s rival AT&T, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and the former partner of AOL, Time Inc.. Verizon’s goal would be to merge Yahoo into AOL in a way that would be one of the largest platforms for online advertising, rivaling the likes of Facebook and even Google. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is the one administering the possibility of acquiring Yahoo, with him and Marni Walden, current Verizon Executive Vice President, operating the would be combination. Verizon is willing to even take on Yahoo’s Japanese assets, a project that has been perpetually losing money since it’s inceptions. Despite the fact that the company has had major issues as of late, Verizon sees Yahoo’s business to be worth around 8 billion dollars.

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Radio One is targeted at minority audiences and was itself founded by an African American woman, who continues to own a majority stake in the company. Catherine Hughes began her career in gospel radio in Washington DC, before eventually buying her first station with the help of bank loans, her own savings, and a loan from the African American venture capital firm Syncom, which funded African American media start-ups. Hughes’ overcame constant struggles with debt, eventually hosting her morning drive show herself as the bank refused to allow her to pay a salary for someone to host the slot.

Gradually, Hughes’ venture achieved profitability and expanded, though she still had to contend with banks that insisted she programmed her stations to include white music for white audiences. Hughes was convinced that black programming was the way to profitability, and the entire history of her company vindicated her insight and self-belief.

Hughes retired in 1993 and was replaced by her son Alfred C. Liggins III, who oversaw the massive expansion of the station in the 1990s, following the relaxation of ownership rules. Ironically, Hughes had feared that relaxing ownership rules would concentrate ownership in the hands of a few large corporations: Radio One has become the largest African American owner of stations in the United States [3]

In 2012, Radio One was expected to generate revenues of $433 million dollars. When asked how she had the vision to start such a venture, Hughes pointed to her need to take care of her son. She did not want him to become another statistic as part of the loss of African American youth in our society [4].

In 2013, Radio One acquired a majority stake in Reach Media. This allowed the company to expand its black talk radio programming, designed to offer an alternative voice to white conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh. The network features the Reverend Al Sharpton and other popular African American hosts and commentators [5].



TEGNA Inc. Logo [7]

7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22107-0150


Gracia C. Martore President and CEO

Gracia C. Martore
President and CEO [3]

TEGNA Inc. is a broadcasting and digital media company founded on June 29th, 2015 as Gannett Co. Inc.’s successor. It is currently being led by CEO Gracia C. Martore who is credited for the continuous growth of the company since its split from Gannett Co. Inc. Within TEGNA, there are two divisions each with their own president: TEGNA Media and TEGNA Digital. [3]

David Lougee President of TEGNA Media

David Lougee
President, TEGNA Media [3]

TEGNA Media is led by its President Dave Lougee.[3] This group monitors existing tv stations owned by TEGNA and searches for new possible stations to further the company’s reach in the media. TEGNA currently owns and operates 47 stations in 38 markets nationwide, some of which were acquired when Gannett Co. split and gave TEGNA Inc. ownership of those stations. Other stations were acquired afterwards under the guidance of CEO Martore. It is currently the largest independent owner of CBS and NBC affiliates and the fourth largest owner of ABC affiliates. Some of TEGNA’s stations include NBC’s KPNX, KUSA, WXIA and CBS’s WUSA. [2]

John A. Williams President, TEGNA Digital

John A. Williams
President, TEGNA Digital [3]

TEGNA Digital’s president is John A. Williams. [3] This section of the company controls TEGNA’s digital assets. Their most recent addition was Sightline Media Group, an online newspaper company that distributes content pertaining to the different branches of the US Military. Other groups owned by TEGNA include a car buying and selling site named, a marketing solutions company called G/O Digital, and whose revenue TEGNA plans to increase by “offering software as service.” [1]


TEGNA is a publicly traded company whose stocks became available for trade on the New York Stock Exchange on June 29th, 2015. On the morning of June 29th, 2015, TEGNA shares rose 1.3% whereas its predecessor’s, Gannett Co., fell by 3.6%. [4] Several months afterwards though, TEGNA shares continued to decrease until October 2015 when the shares began to rise again. [8] Currently it is an $8.34 billion dollar company with plans to continue expanding its digital media and broadcasting content.

Source: CNN Money

TEGNA’s stock prices from June 2015 to November 2015. [8]

TEGNA Media believes that there will continue to be a steady cash flow from its digital and broadcasting markets, especially with the upcoming 2016 presidential election. TEGNA currently owns 38 markets, some of which include Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Seattle, New Orleans and Portland. TEGNA also owns 47 different tv stations including several news stations like NBC’s 12 News, 9 News, 10 News, News Channel 5 and WF My News 2. With markets in such popular states and TEGNA’s large share of CBS and NBC affiliates, TEGNA claimed that they plan to “take full advantage of increasing political advertising spending.”[9]

Source: logo [11]

Furthermore, TEGNA reported that their Q3 earnings this year were stronger than ever. A big factor for this increase was because of TEGNA’s acquisition of Previously, TEGNA (which was Gannett at the time) had been a partial owner of along with several other newspaper companies, until later when TEGNA negotiated a deal that allowed it to become the owner of in exchange for getting the other newspaper companies’ interests bought out. After becoming the new owner of, TEGNA expanded and grew the website until it had become the second most popular website to go to for selling and buying cars. TEGNA profited a net income increase of 17.6% largely because there was a 72% increase in digital revenue. [10]

TEGNA vs Dish

In October of 2015, TEGNA had a dispute with Dish Network over distribution fees during the process of renewing their contract. This resulted in a 24 hour blackout in 38 markets over 33 different states. [12] TEGNA had increased the rate of retransmission consent fees, which Dish refused to pay claiming that TEGNA was asking for “above-market rate increases” that were twice the original amount of what satellite broadcasters were currently paying. [13] TEGNA replied saying they could not accept Dish’s newly proposed contract because Dish was trying to prevent “its customers from accessing valued channels, even as customers continue to pay for that content.” [2]

Source: International Business Times

Dish Network subscriber’s tweet regarding the 24 hour blackout. [6]

With the contract issue at a standstill, Dish stopped showing any stations owned and operated by TEGNA for 24 hours. This blackout angered many of Dish’s subscribers for two reasons. Firstly, the NFL games were just around the corner and many of Dish’s subscribers became angry and worried they would not be able to watch the upcoming NFL games over the weekend. [6] Secondly, Dish subscribers, like any other subscribers of a satellite broadcasting company, pay a monthly fee to gain access to certain tv stations and channels. The prospect of not being able to have that access whenever the subscriber wanted to despite paying for it made many subscribers furious. [13]

Fortunately for Dish’s NFL loving subscribers, TEGNA and Dish reached an agreement for a multiyear contract on October 11th, 2015 which several days before the NFL games started. It is believed that both TEGNA and Dish felt an urgency to quickly reach a negotiation with the pressure of viewers wanting to watch the NFL games that was coming around the corner at the time. [5]


Although TEGNA Inc. appears financially safe due to its large collection of tv stations and expanding digital media outlets, TEGNA is appearing rather often in situations that don’t appeal to the public.

Dish Network's Logo

Dish Network’s Logo [15]

Although the decision of the 24 hour blackout was Dish’s decision, many people blame the ordeal on both TEGNA and Dish claiming the two companies inability to negotiate with each other ended up putting the subscribers in an unfavorable situation. While the number of people cutting the cord had increased since before this ordeal took place, the 24 hour blackout did give more people reason to end their subscriptions with satellite broadcasting companies. Dish in particular lost at least 134,000 subscribers. [14]

KGW's protest against TEGNA's reforms.

KGW’s protest against TEGNA’s reforms. [16]

Furthermore, TEGNA Inc. was also involved in a dispute with Portland NBC affiliate KGW during October 2015 over KGW’s labor forces. News reported that TEGNA wanted to fire current union members by deleting the jurisdiction clause in union contracts and to replace those workers with more cheap, non-union labors. KGW fought back. KGW’s business representative, David Twedell claimed such changes in the workforce is, “…a matter of public safety. If there are amateurs producing that content, that information is more likely to be incorrect or cause a public safety issue.” Whether the quality of the news will fall or not is debatable, but this issue has also portrayed TEGNA in a negative way to the public. [16] How much affect the public’s opinion will control TEGNA is unknown, but if TEGNA wants to continue to grow and expand, their public relations must improve.


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by Nicholas Matarazzo
Relativity Media Logo

[1] Relativity Media Logo


Relativity Studios, or simply Relativity, consists of the film and television divisions of Relativity Media LLC. Founded by Ryan Kavanaugh in 2004, the company has produced, distributed and structured financing for over 200 feature films garnering 60 Oscar® nominations. Led by President and Chairman Tucker Tooley and President of Production Robbie Brenner, Relativity has released No. 1 box office openers such as Immortals, which grossed $83 million domestically [2], and produced Academy Award Winning films such as the Internet biopic The Social Network (2010) and The Fighter (2010).

[2] "The Social Network" is one of Relativity's most critically acclaimed films, winning Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Film Editing at the 2011 Academy Awards.

[3] “The Social Network” is one of Relativity’s most critically acclaimed productions, winning Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Film Editing at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Relativity produces films for large audiences both foreign and domestic, which provide entertainment for a wide variety of target audiences and demographics. With genres ranging from heart-felt romantic dramas to action packed, adrenaline filled thrillers, Relativity strives to bring premium feature films to theaters all over the globe. Some of Relativity Studios’ most successful films include Limitless (2011), starring Bradley Cooper, and Mirror Mirror (2012), starring Julia Roberts.

In addition to film production Relativity also houses both financing and distribution divisions, equipping itself as a fully fledged vertically integrated company. The company has the resources to finance, produce and distribute a film from start to finish and has done so even more effectively since 2010 when the company absorbed the marketing and distribution holdings of Overture Films.



Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media

[4] Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media

Tucker Tooley, President and Chairman of Relativity Media

[5] Tucker Tooley, President and Chairman of Relativity Media

[6] Robbie Brenner, President of Production of Relativity Studios

[6] Robbie Brenner, President of Production of Relativity Studios










Relativity ranks 9th in overall film distributor companies, owning 2.5% of the total market share as of April 12, 2015. The company’s total gross is $73.6 million with 4 films released thus far in 2015 [7]. Relativity has improved in market share from the previous year, ranking 9th with 1.8% market share and grossing $186.5 million with its 8 films that were released in 2014 [8]. Relativity saw a 22.7% decrease in gross between 2013 and 2014 due in large part to the lack of success of the McG action flick Three Days to Kill [9].


“Desert Dancer” (2015)

"Desert Dancer" is biographical drama based on the cultural repression of Afshin Ghaffarian, an Iranian dancer.

[10] “Desert Dancer” is biographical drama based on the cultural repression of Afshin Ghaffarian, an Iranian dancer.

The biographical story depicts the life of Afshin Ghaffarian, a dancer who fled Iran in 2009 due to cultural repression. The film originally debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in May of 2012. In 2013, the distribution rights were acquired by Relativity at the American Film Market and the film was slated for release in the spring of 2015. In limited release, the film opened on April 10, 2015, in 23 theaters in the US. The film has a current domestic gross of just under $60,000, as of April 16th, 2015 and will move to expanded release on the 17th [11].  Andy Webster of the New York Times says “The fictionalized biopic “Desert Dancer” explores fascinating aspects of present-day Iran but suffers mightily from simplistic and sentimental tendencies” [12].



“Black or White” (2015) 

Starring Academy Award Winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, "Black or White" follows a young girl caught in a custody battle, mixed within racial qualms of two seemingly different families.

[13] Starring Academy Award Winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, “Black or White” follows a young girl caught in a custody battle, mixed within racial qualms of two seemingly different families.

The heart felt drama was released on January 30, 2015, and saw a domestic gross of $21.5 million. In it’s opening weekend, Black or White ranked third among weekend releases, opening in 1,823 theaters, and averaged $3,408 per theater, attributed to 28.9% of the total domestic gross. Against a production budget of $9 million, the film failed to make budget in its first weekend with a $6.2 million weekend gross [14]. The film received mediocre acclaim for it’s simple and overly-stereotypical characters, and failed to live up to the promised look at the diverse world the audience is brought in to. With a 37% rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes (from 83 reviews) [15], and 45 out of 100 rating on Metacritic [16], it appears that the “inspired by true events” drama garnered average reviews at best. Says the critic consensus on Rotten Tomatoes “”Black or White” has more on its mind than your average family drama, but the film’s approach to its thought-provoking themes too often lives down to its title.” [17]

“The Lazarus Effect” (2015)

Released on February 27, 2015, this horror-thriller starring Olivia Wilde, opened at No. 5 on the weekend box office. The Lazarus Effect, opened in 2,666 theaters; the film averaged $3,827 per theater and grossed a weekend total of $10.2 million which made up 40.1% of the total gross [18]. Despite a strong weekend opening against a production budget of $3.3 million, the film’s success was short lived due to poor critic reviews. Critical consensus on the popular website Rotten Tomatoes said “”The Lazarus Effect” has a talented cast and the glimmer of an interesting idea, but wastes it all on insipid characters and dull, recycled plot points” which is no surprise given its 14% rating [19].


“Masterminds” (2015) 

Originally titled Loomis Fargo, and based on the true story of the 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery, in which a vault supervisor for the bank stole $17 million and fled to Mexico, Masterminds is the latest comedy from Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess. The film stars Zach GalifianakisOwen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Ken Marino, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie JonesEastbound & Down producers Jody Hill and Danny McBride both worked on the script and executive-produced [20].


With few releases slated for in the first half of 2015 and even fewer in the coming months Relativity is looking at yet another decrease in total gross. Looking forward, it appears that the amount of pressure on such upcoming summer releases as Masterminds, Big Game, and Jane Got a Gun is becoming more apparent. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year pans out for Relativity, heading into a shaky second quarter, after a not so strong first.


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by Daniel Bayliss

Hulu Logo. Courtesy of [1]

Hulu Headquarters

12312 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064 [2]

Phone: 1-(310) 571-4700 Website:

Twitter: @hulu

Key Executives [3]

Mike Hopkins, CEO

Mike Hopkins, CEO

Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President & Head of Content

Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President & Head of Content

Tian Lim, Chief Technology Officer

Tian Lim, Chief Technology Officer

Elaine Paul, Chief Financial Officer

Elaine Paul, Chief Financial Officer

What is Hulu?

Created in 2007, Hulu is a premium, over-the-top service that distributes content to millions of users that stream its  programming. The Hulu destination website was created in 2008.

Users can stream TV shows like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, and Glee. That list is much more expansive, as Hulu offers programming from NBC, FOX, ABC, etc. In addition, Hulu offers numerous movies, documentaries [4], clips, its own original content, and more.

In addition to the free Hulu service, there’s also a paid subscription service called Hulu Plus. For $7.99 per month, subscribers can watch from a library of streamed shows, movies, clips, etc. that is significantly larger than the selection offered by the free service. There are also a number of electronic devices, like XBox, tablets, and phones that have the ability to stream Hulu Plus.

Photo courtesy of app This picture shows just several devices that you can use to access Hulu Plus.

Photo courtesy of app This picture shows just several devices that you can use to access Hulu Plus.

Hulu’s original programming also brings their own advertising and sponsorship opportunities into the mix [5]. Hulu also works with websites like Facebook, Yahoo!, MSN, and others to provide web syndication abilities.


Due to Hulu being a privately held company [6], the only public monetary updates come from within the company.

The year 2012 was significant for Hulu financially. According to former CEO Jason Kilar, the company brought in approximately $695 million in revenue [7], which was a 65% increase from 2011’s revenue totals.

Hulu Plus Graph

Photo courtesy of This graph shows a consistent increase between the fourth quarter of 2010 to the fourth quarter of 2012, a factual example of Hulu Plus’ increasing popularity.

The revenue increase also brought about an increase in Hulu Plus subscriber totals, bumping the total up from 1.5 million subscribers in 2011 to 3 million subscribers in 2012. These totals are the result of Hulu investing upwards of $500 million in content in 2012, in addition to the running total of $1 billion that has been paid to the content owners since Hulu’s launch back in 2007 [8]. Hulu also served over 1,000 advertisers in 2012, which was 28% more than in 2011 [7].

Hulu experienced more financial success in 2013 [9]. Their revenue and subscription totals rose to $1 billion and 5 million paying subscribers, respectively [10]. And under the assumption that it holds onto its subscribers for a year, Hulu is set to make $479 million just in subscription revenues.

In July 2013, the three companies that own Hulu — Fox Entertainment Group, NBCUniversal and Disney — invested $750 million in Hulu for its future endeavors and investments. As of September 28, 2013, Hulu had collected a total of $380 million of that number [11]. This investment came on the heels of the three companies deciding against a sale of Hulu.

Within the Company 

A huge part of Hulu’s success is due to all their advertising efforts, which includes branded content like the Fordsponsored show Escape My Life and Subway-sponsored The 4 to 9ers. While branded content is an increasingly popular trend, one that Hulu has taken advantage of in the past [12], November’s departure of Bryan Thoensen, the head of branded content at Hulu, from the company has caused Hulu to change its efforts. Hulu’s new plan will revolve around sponsorships sold for the their self-produced content [13]. This is different from the past when Hulu would also bring along shows and combine them with brands from the start.

Photo courtesy of This screenshot of Hulu's NewFronts portion of their website shows some of its brand content work for 2014.

Photo courtesy of This screenshot of Hulu’s NewFronts portion of their website shows some of its brand content work for 2014 [13].

 Back in October it was reported that CEO Mike Hopkins was considering reducing the amount of advertisements that pop up on Hulu Plus [14]. No definitive answer has been issued as to whether or not this will happen. Some executives within the company encouraged the idea due to statistical data suggesting the company’s heavy ad usage. In a study conducted by  Comscore in December 2013, Hulu showed users 82 ads per month, while YouTube monthly total for ads seen by users was about 32 [15].

Photo courtesy of app This picture shows the Hulu app on an iPhone. There's a "free" selection of videos as well as the possibility of upgrading to Hulu Plus, as seen in the upper-left hand corner.

Photo courtesy of app This picture shows the Hulu app on an iPhone. There’s a “free” selection of videos as well as the possibility of upgrading to Hulu Plus, as seen in the upper-left hand corner.

Apples decision back in 2011 to receive 30 percent of each Hulu Plus subscriber’s monthly bill was finally justified this year. In early October it was confirmed that Hulu’s most recent update made it compatible with iOS 8 and on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The Hulu in-app update also gives users the ability to subscribe to the Hulu Plus service as soon as they open the app [16]. which means that Apple takes over the billing relationship for those customers.

Hulu also confirmed in late October that it has renewed its distribution deal with Viacom. In the newest deal was the agreement to continue streaming shows like Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “Workaholics,” MTV scripted shows “Awkward” and “Happyland,” and numerous Nickelodeon shows due to the desire for a more expansive selection for kids [17].

More Content Updates

After they were cancelled by ABC, comedy shows Selfie and Manhattan Love Story have been picked up by Hulu [18]. Selfie’s creator Emily Kapnek tweeted the news out on November 20. Kapnek also said that the show’s six remaining un-aired episodes would also immediately be made available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of This photo shows the main cast of the show, which is now available on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of

Hulu will also now stream “HuffPost Live Conversations” as agreed upon between Hulu and the Huffington Post’s digital video branch last month [19]. The deal, which Hulu hopes will increase its informative news display, will span three years.

Original Content Updates

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Among the many items offered on Hulu are some shows created originally for Hulu. Hulu’s original content selection received a huge boost when the company issued a straight-to-series order for a show based on a Stephen King novel. J.J. AbramsBad Robot Productions will produce 11/22/63, which was originally written by King in 2011 [20]. The intense, thriller will revolve around a teacher that has to travel back to 1963 to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating then-president John F. Kennedy.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Due to its increasing popularity, the company has decided to bring back Hulu Original “The Wrong Mans” for a second season [21]. A joint venture between Hulu and BBC Comedy, the show will return with four brand-new episodes that pick up with characters Phil Bourne (James Corden) and Sam Pinkett (Matthew Baynton), who were assumed to be dead, coming back and venturing off on some journey across the world. The season premieres on December 24.

Hulu has also started planning for 2015 with news of another original content piece [22]. The company ordered a new TV show called Difficult People to begin production early on next year. The show comes with executive producers Amy Poehler and Dave Becky, and Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner will star in Difficult People [23].


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 by: Andrea Lopez


Pandora Image –   [1]

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.57.34 PM

Pandora App Icon [2]


2101 Webster Street, 16th Floor                                                                               Oakland, CA 94612

Tel: (510) 451-4100                                                              


Pandora is a free progressive music service provider that strives to provide a top of the line variety of music experience to its listeners. Through Pandora, people can experience a personalized interactive experience with the music of their choice on their devices at anytime and any place. [3] 

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 6.17.56 PM

courtesy of : Human Genome Project – [4]


By way of a devised system, better known as “The Human Genome Project,” Pandora has enabled listeners to plant a seed -selecting an artist, song, or genre of their choice that will then generate music of the same genre for the listener. [3] This is all composed through a music taxonomy system created through Pandora, ultimately creating a positive listener experience. [5]


Free to sign up for users, Pandora enables listeners to create up to 100 stations depending on their musical preference. By searching an artist, genre, or song, users can create station that will play only music similar to the item searched. The image below exhibits a user’s profile with their selected stations on the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.58.03 PM

Image of Users Profile [6]


Founded in 2000 by Tim Westergren, Pandora is rooted in Oakland, CA where the company opened their first offices [7]. In less than a decade, Pandora had impressively raked up approximately 30 million registered users and earned $40 million in revenues [8].

Back in 2009, Pandora opened a new world for their users when they introduced the ad-free radio service for 36 dollars/year, Pandora One. However, between 2009 -2013, Pandora experienced an increase in rising licensing costs to SoundExchange, currently still growing. With these new setbacks, Pandora has now increased their monthly subscription from $3.99 to $4.99. Current subscribers are safe for now with their $3.99 monthly payment, but by 2015, the going rate with be the same across the boards with subscribers [8].    

Since the beginning, Pandora has strived to allow an easy streamline service to its users through its free subscription, and now ad-free subscription, which in 2013 was reported to have reached 72 million monthly listeners. [9]


BrianMcAndrews – Pandora CEO          Courtesy of [10]

Mike Herring – Pandora CFO       Courtesy of [11]

Tim Westergren - Pandora Founder  Courtesy of:

Tim Westergren-  Pandora Founder Courtesy of: [12] 



As reported in the SQ Press Release of Financial Results, Pandora reached 218.9 Million dollars in total revenue and is projected to reach 895 Million – 915 Million for the 2014 total yearly revenue [13]. The SQ revenue increased by 38% since the prior year’s SQ revenue results. The suggested increase in revenue is said to have resulted from investments in mobile and local advertising, demonstrated in the 39% advertising revenue increase and the 35% yearly revenue increase in subscriptions [14].

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.30.10 PM
Pandora Financial Revenue Growth from ’12-Q1’14                                                                          Courtesy of [15]

Pandora’s yearly revenue over a two year span between 2012 and 2014 indicates approximately a 50 million dollar increase. Initially, when Pandora was first launched, they experienced far less competition. As more and more music streaming companies are introduced into the market, Pandora, although still providing service to a plethora of  devoted users, has experienced somewhat of a sluggish increase of revenue despite what was predicted for the company.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 3.06.14 PM

Graph of Edison Survey Results                      Courtesy of [17]

Over the years, Pandora has grown exponentially as a company and dominated in its listener audience numbers compared to its competitors. Among Pandora’s competitors, including iHeart Radio, Spotify,Google Play All Access, Rhapsody,and Slacker, Pandora still exhibited exceeding results in the Edison Research study taken in March 2014 [16]. iHeart Radio, Pandora’s most prominent competitor reported to have 9% of the listener population, while Pandora ranked in                           at 31% of the listener population. Over 2,000 people were interviewed for the Edison Study with a demographic of individuals raging in ages from 12 +. [18]

Click here to read about Forbes content contributor Amadou Diallo‘s personal opinions when comparing three different music streaming services: iTunes Radio, Pandora And Spotify.


Pandora is now available in car radio systems, cellular devices, iPads, laptops to even Blu-ray players. This multi faceted, multi-platform side of Pandora allows for so many options for users to stream their music. [19] It was reported in 2009 that Pandora’s 43 million users accessed their accounts on 100 different consumer devices other than a computer [20]. This is simply a number that demonstrates just how widely attainable streaming music is across  different platforms.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.02.41 PM

Pandora’s Many Platforms             Photo courtesy of     [21]


For such a wide scope of listeners in terms of age, Pandora has provided a great service, largely due to the interactive qualities of the site. Not only does Pandora possess the users  profile information about them, the company also takes note of the user’s music preference and times they are actively listening. Through the “thumbs up, thumbs down” buttons on the users profile, further explained at 13:50 of this video, Pandora receives information on media you both like and disliked. [22]


Pandora’s great success has not only sustained  its current prosperity, but promises for it’s bright future as well. In the interview conducted at Hivios first ever Radio Ideas Festival in 2013 between Mark Ramsey and Pandora CTO Tom Conrad, the future plans of the company are somewhat touched upon. Not only is Pandora certainly withstanding any threats from competitors today,but the executive board is constantly looking for new ways of improvement. Conrad alludes to Pandora’s hopes and explorations into livening up the interactive aspects of the site. He goes on to explain the possibility of venturing outside the lines of music and comedy and delving into sports entertainment and possibly weather.

Further explained is Pandora’s intentions of understanding their audiences to a higher level. Already Pandora has taken exceptional steps towards fully emerging their users into an interactive world where their music preferences are key, but Tom Conrad foreshadows taking the leaps as Facebook has when it comes to audience fragmentation. This meaning that listeners are divided based on interest. From this, Pandora understands their audience better catering to their needs and wants.

What's Ahead for Pandora? CTO Tom Conrad talks to Mark Ramsey [23] 

 Look Below for question conducted in the interview:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.43.52 PM

A recent article titled “Will Pandora Survive 2015,”  explains the possible decline of streaming music sites due to the increase in royalty rates. [24] With this possibility, it could be possible for Pandora to steer clear merging with big names in the industry like Apple, and instead conducting business with a small scale radio broadcaster, ultimately conserving revenue. [24]. Although, it is safe to say that with constant new artists, no matter big or small, someone, somewhere desires to be noticed. Music is constantly created, therefore driving the industry.


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Universal Pictures


By Jamie Savarese


Universal Pictures

-Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of [1]

Contact Information: [2]
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Phone: 818-777-1000

Fax: 818-777-6431

Twitter Handle: @UniversalPics
Facebook Page:

Key Executives:


Donna, Langley, Chairman [3]

Peter Levinsohn, President and Chief Distribution

Peter Levinsohn, President and Chief Distribution [4]

Jeff Shell, Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment

Jeff Shell, Chairman [5]







Company Overview:
Universal Pictures is one of Hollywood’s “Big Six” film studios and is owned by Comcast through its subordinate company, NBCUniversal. The company distributes filmed entertainment for a growing global marketplace. They develop films internally, co-produce and distribute films developed by outside partners. Universal produces and distributes direct-to-DVD titles. The company has partners with a variety of leading international film companies in order to make and distribute films for wide commercial release. Their content is available through pay and free television, cinematic exhibition and subscription on-demand services. Universal has a diverse film pool and has showcased numerous classics including Jaws, E.T., Back to the Future and the Jurassic Park series. [6]

Brief History

Universal logo

Universal Logos Through the Years, Photos Courtesy of [7]

In 1912 Carl Laemmle, a film exhibitor turned producer, founded Universal Pictures. Universal is the world’s third oldest major film studio, and the second oldest in Hollywood. [8] In the early years of the studio it was a top producer of popular low-budget serials. It took the name of Universal-International for a while. In the early 1970s the Music Corporation of America purchased Universal. In 2004 Universal Pictures (as part of Vivendi Universal Entertainment) merged with the National Broadcasting Co., Inc., to form NBC Universal. [9]

Box office wise, currently Universal is ranked 5th with 11.2% of the market share, grossing $1,023.9 million from its 17 films. This marks a 26% decrease from the prior year. In 2013 Universal was ranked 3rd with 13.1% of market share, grossing $1,433.3 million from its 17 films. The gross difference between 2013 and 2014 is -$358,971,454. [10]

Right Here, Right Now
In 2014, Universal Pictures released thirteen films and two are currently still in theatres: Dumb and Dumber To and OuijaThis fall Universal released six of its thirteen 2014 films: Get On Up, As Above/So Below, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Dracula Untold, Ouija and Dumb and Dumber To.

This year marks the 120th anniversary for the Ouija board. Writers Juliet Snowden and Stiles White devised Ouija, a terrifying horror film based on an unexpected death. A group of friends attempt to uncover the secret behind their best friends hanging, and end up awaking the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. [35]

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of [36]

Horror films are a great source of revenue for production companies because they are usually low budget projects. Ouija cost $5 million to make and left the studio with a worldwide profit of $67,840,000. This is a surprising profit considering sites like Rotten Tomatoes said only 29% of audiences liked it.[37]

Dracula Untold
Dracula Untold is a dark tale set to take place in Romania during the Turkish invasion. The main character Vlad (Luke Evans) sells his soul in an attempt to save his homeland. This choice forever dooms him as a creature of the night. Directed by Gary Shore and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. [16]

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of[15]

In its opening week (October 10-12), Dracula Untold topped the foreign box office, edging out Gone Girl and Annabelle overseas with a $33.9 million haul. [12] Universal spent $70 million on the movie, and worldwide it accumulated $86.1 million after two weeks of release. As of today, the movie’s worldwide total is $212,691,880 million. Rotten Tomatoes gave the Dracula Untold a 61% for audience acceptance, were critics only gave it 23%. [13][14]

The Years Success
Neighbors, Ride Along, Lucy and Non-Stop are ranked the top four movies of 2014 based on total gross. [11]

This action-thriller Lucy tracks the story of a woman, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), who is accidentally caught in a dark deal. The package that her kidnappers expect her to carry ends up empowering Lucy. With this new mental capacity she turns the tables on her captors and turns into an unstoppable warrior evolved beyond the human logic. Luc Besson directs the film.[17]


Photo Courtesy of [18]

In its opening week, Lucy accumulated a total gross of 34.7%, making around $43 million. Its widest release was 3,202 theatres. It’s total profit worldwide is $458,863,600 million compared to its $40 million dollar production budget. Luc Besson had the best opening of his career with Lucy in Turkey, Hungary, the Philippines, French-Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, where it also became Universal’s third-biggest opening of all time. [19][20]

In Other News:


Photo Courtesy of [21]

On 15 July 2014, Elevation Pictures’, a Canadian indie distributor, co-presidents Laurie May and Noah Segal announced that Universal will be releasing its home entertainment product locally. The deal permits Elevation Pictures to handle Blu-ray and DVD sales of current and upcoming films into the Canadian market. Mike Flanagan’s Oculus was the first film to be handled by Universal’s Canadian home entertainment arm.[22]



Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of[34]

On 17 November 2014, Universal Pictures and Comcast brass gathered for an opening ceremony in Beijing. This signaled Universal’s push into China with their new office. The company stated that this office was a sign of proof to establish the future investment they wish to have within the region. [23]




Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of[24]

 On 24 November 2014, Universal stepped up to adopt the high-profile Steve Jobs movie from Sony. The Hollywood Reporter states that their sources have the deal between the two companies priced more than $30 million. The film is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography Steve Jobs, which hit stores in 2011. The script was written by Aaron Sorkin and is set to be directed by Danny Boyle. [32]



What’s To Come: 
Universal will release its popular comedic sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, on 15 May 2015. The film revisits the Barden Bells as they progress past domestic competition, and prepare for the international acapella competition that no American team has ever won. The film is directed by Elizabeth Banks and written by Kay Cannon and based on the book by Mickey Rapkin. [25]

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of[26]

The newest hype in Universal has come from its recent release of the Jurassic World trailer. The Jurassic Park series comes with many fans, and much promise for a good opening week. The movie comes out in 3D on 12 June 2015. Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce, and Colin Trevorrow comes on as director. [27][28][29]

-Video Courtesy of[30]

Future of Universal
The future of Universal looks positive and optimistic. The sequel movies Pitch Perfect 2 and TED 2 will bring a lot of people into theatres. Along with these, the well-known Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World, will spike much commotion. Another big prospect is the release of the popular novel adapted movie 50 Shades of Grey. With such high-discussed movies on the horizon, it only looks like the company will go up from here. [31]

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20th Century Fox

By: Yonah Nimmer

– Photo Courtesy of [I]


Contact Information: [II]
Phone: (310) 369-4636
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
10201 West Pico Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California 90035


                                                        Key Executives:

         Rupert-Murdoch   771304-chase-carey
                    Rupert Murdoch                                          Chase Carey
          (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)      (President and Chief Operating Officer)

         – Photo Courtesy of [III]       – Photo Courtesy of [IV]


        jrm new cropped 3  john-nallen-final  david_hill_color-correction

James Murdoch                    John Nallen                        David Hill
            (Co-Chief Operating Officer)              (Senior Executive Vice Presidents)

– Photos are Courtesy of [V]


                                                       James N. Gianopulos
                                                   (Chairman and CEO of Film)

– Photo Courtesy of [VI]


Company Overview
          Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, commonly referred to as 20th Century Fox, is one of the six major American film studios. The company was founded nearly eighty years ago on May 31st, 1935, as a result of the merge between Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film Corporation [VII]. Fifty years later, in 1985, this studio continued to blossom, becoming a subsidiary of News Corporation [VIII]. In 2013 however, News Corporation separated into News Corp and 21st Century Fox, with the latter preserving Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Based in Los Angeles California, this studio is currently the second largest film studio, following Warner Brothers [IX]. While involved in all aspects of the film industry, this company mainly focuses on film production and distribution. 20th Century Fox is infamous for creating everything from their thriving Star Wars series to the highest grossing film worldwide, Avatar [X].


          In 2013, 20th Century Fox had a total domestic gross of $1.06 billion dollars, a 4% growth from profits in 2012. Having 18 films released that year, each film made an average of $87.5 million in profit [XI]. So far in 2014, (through December 1st), 20th Century Fox has seen their best results of the past decade, grossing a total of $1.5 billion domestically [XII].
          In the 3rd quarter of 2014, including the months of July, August, and September, the studio grossed $427 million through 9 films that played in theaters around the globe. Only 3 of these, Dawn of the Planet Apes, Let’s Be Cops, and The Maze Runnerwere actually released during this time period though. With budgets of $34 and $17 million, both Let’s Be Cops and The Maze Runner were successful in breaking even during opening weekend. Nonetheless, neither of them can compare their profits to Dawn of the Planet Apes. While the budget for this sequel was $170 million, the film gathered a total gross of $708 million. From just this one movie, 20th Century Fox profited over $530 million [XIII].
         In the 4th quarter on the other hand, a mere 2 films were produced and distributed, Gone Girl and The Book of Life. Both of these movies were a huge success, grossing $416 million for the studio [XIV].



         Gillian Flynn adapted her best selling novel, Gone Girl, into an American mystery thriller film directed by the infamous David Fincher. This movie tells the story about NickDunne, a husband who discovers his wife is missing. Unfazed by the matter, neighbors question his strange behavior, eventually discovering his web of lies. Family, friends, and acquaintances are all forced to contemplate the same question: Did he kill his wife? [XV]

         With lead actors such as Neil Pattrick Harris, Rosamund Pike, and Ben Affleck, crowds flocked to watch this film on opening night, October 3rd, 2014 Gone-Girl-2014-film-poster[XVI]. Available in 3,014 theaters, this film grossed $37.5 million opening weekend. It topped the box office charts, making more than the new release, AnnabelleWhile that sounds like a large sum of money, it is merely 62% of the $61 million budget. Expanding to 3,249 theaters, the film eventually came up on top benefiting $159 million domestically and $171 million in the foreign market. Currently its in 8th week in theaters, the film has grossed $330 million worldwide [XVII].

The Book of Life

         The Book of Life, an animated film directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, tells the legend of Manolo, a troubled dreamer, who embarks on an epic journey THE-BOOK-OF-LIFE-TEASER-QUADthrough mythical, magical, and mysterious worlds in order to protect his village and rescue his true love [XVIII].

20th Century Fox continues to castA-list actors in the film such as Christina Applegate, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube. This PG rated movie had a budget of $50 million. Released in 3,071 theaters, The Book of Life racked in $17 million on opening weekend, October 17th-19th. It was third on the box office charts, $500,000 behind Gone Girl, (which was on it’s 3rd week at the time). Domestically, this film grossed $48 million, which makes up 55.6% of their earnings. The foreign market on the other hand made $38 million, totaling $86 million internationally [XIX].

What’s in Store for the Future?
         20th Century Fox has already scheduled the distribution dates for their next 46 films, all the way up to the release of Puss in Boots 2 on December 21st, 2018 [XX]. Throughout 2014, the studio has produced 13 films thus far, with the plan of 3 more to come [XXI].


This December 5th, Fox is releasing The Pyramid, a horror movie about a group of
archaeologists that file_122327_0_thepyramidheaderbecome trapped in an ancient Egyptian pyramid [XXII]Gregory Levasseur, the director, is a successful screenwriter in the industry with no previous directing experience [XXIII].
On December 12th, Fox will release Exodus: Gods and Kings, a modern depiction on
the defiant leader, Moses, as he revolts against the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses. With a great use of visual effects and 3D immersion, the budget of this film is much greater than The Pyramid [XXIV]The director, Ridley Scott, who also directed Gladiatorexclaims that “this is his biggest epic yet” [XXV]. This movie includes well known actors such as Joel Edgerton and Christian Bale. With all that said, this film has received negative reviews, a 63% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Nevertheless, 98% of audience members on the website still want to see it [XXVI].


        Lastly, Fox is releasing their last film of the year, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tombon December 19th [XXVII]. Seeing that the original Night at the Museum profited $575 million, the company has high hopes for this sequel [XXVIII]. It is once again directed by Shawn Levy, starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Robin Williams. The biggest difference this time is that the iconic Robin Williams passed away recently. Without a doubt, many viewers will go see the film for the sole sake of seeing one of the last roles played by Williams [XXVII].

Overall, 20th Century Fox has had an extremely successful year. With hit films such as

Dawn of the Planet Apes, Gone Girl, and The Book of Life, they have accumulated 1.5 billion domestically this year. Nonetheless, the studio hopes to end off 2014 with a big bang through there next three upcoming movies. While this year was a success, that simply means they must do even better in 2015.


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NBC Universal

NBC Universal Television


30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY, 10112


(image courtesy of


The National Broadcasting Company began broadcasting cable television in 1939. The television company operating under the same name until a groundbreaking merger with Vivendy Universal in 2003. Vivendi, suffered a major financial blow due to aggressive over-expansion and in turn sold 80% of the company to NBC to become NBCU. The merger gave Universal’s biggest television and entertainment assets, such as Universal Studios, production and distribution units, five theme parks, and cable television channels over to NBC. On May 12th, 2004, the companies were officially combined and renamed NBC Universal Television. While Universal is still based out of Studio City in Los Angeles, NBCU is run from 30 Rock in New York City. [1]



Comcast, NBCUniversal’s encompassing corporation boasted a mildly successful  first quarter on the market, boasting a $0.38 rise over the last six months however the last three months have been rough for Comcast, as the price per share dropped from $53.74 to $49.53. While these figures are representative of the Comcast Corporation as a whole, NBCUniversal’s splashing first quarter accounts for a large part of the company’s share price. [2]





President and CEO- NBCU: Stephen B. Burke


(image courtesy of

(image courtesy of

Burke oversees all assets of the NBCUniversal company, including the television stations, motion picture company, and theme parks. Burke was immediately appointed CEO after Comcast and NBC Universal’s merger in 2011. [3]



Executive Vice President, Content Distribution, NBCU: Matt Bond


(image courtesy of

(image courtesy of

Bond is in charge of steering the strategic direction of all NBC programming, as well as overseeing the NBCUniversal cable channels as well as the owned and operated programming. Bond is another member of the NBCU executive team who received a bump from the Comcast executive board during the 2011 merger.[4]

Executive Vice President, NBCU: Cesar Conde

(image courtesy of

(image courtesy of


Conde controls all of NBCUniversal’s international programming, content, and distribution. Conde joined the NBCU team in October 2013 after serving as the president of Univision for four years. Conde’s astounding international success at Univision make him a unique and well-rounded addition to the NBCU team. [5]



EVP and Chief Financial Officer, NBCU: Stuart J. Epstien

(courtesy of

(courtesy of


Epstien oversees all financial planning and is an integral part of NBCU’s business strategy planning. Epstein joined NBCU after working 27 years at Morgan Stanley. [6]


A Big 2014 so far for NBCUniversal

NBCUniversals’ perennial powerhouse primetime programming continued to be staples in the company’s programming that continue to establish the face of the company, however the last few months brought a lot of change and excitement to the company. NBCUniversal was in charge of broadcasting the Winter Olympics from Sochi and shifted the face of late night television. [7]


The Winter Games

(courtesy of

(courtesy of

NBCUniversal has a contract that allows them exclusive rights to the olympic games for the heavy price of $1 Billion per games. The steep price to the rights puts pressure on the network to generate millions of viewers and millions of dollars of ad revenue. While the numbers for the Sochi games were not at impressive as the Vancouver winter games in 2010 or the 2012 London games (this was expected as summer olympics are more popular that the winter games), the Sochi olympics were a success for NBCUniversal and all of its subsidiaries. The Sochi olympics averaged 21.4 million viewers over the 17 nights of the games, slightly down from the 24.4 generated from the (mostly live broadcasted) Vancouver olympics, but also a 6 percent increase from the Turin Winter Games in 2006. The NBC primetime broadcast won every night of the Olympics compared to 14 of 17 during the Vancouver Olympics and eight of 17 in Turin.[8]

The games also provided a perfect opportunity for NBC to internally advertise for the debut of their all new Late Night programming, as Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show on February 17th and Seth Meyers took over Late Night on February 24th. [7]


All New Late-Night

(courtesy of the hollywood reporter)

(courtesy of the hollywood reporter)

Late Night television is experiencing an overhaul in 2014 and NBC’s two premiere programs are no exception. In a response to ABC moving Jimmy Kimmel Live up from 12:00am to 11:30pm, NBC appointed Jimmy Fallon to take over for Jay Leno adding a younger face to compete with Kimmel and the older (soon to be replaced by Stephen Colbert) David Letterman in the 11:30 slot. The premiere of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon saw a massive 3.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 11.31 million viewers. [9] After a stellar opening week that featured Will Smith and U2 as guests, Fallon remained the king of the 11:30 time slot until the night of April 3rd, when Letterman scored the highest rating the night of his retirement announcement. Fallon has by far the most diverse skill set of all the late night hosts and the variety of entertainment the program brings keeps him atop the ratings charts.


(courtesy of

(courtesy of

On May 12th, 2103, NBC announced that Seth Meyers would take over Late Night for Jimmy Fallon once he moved up to the Tonight Show. [12]. Late Night with Seth Meyers premiered on February 24th following the conclusion of the olympics. Just like Jimmy Fallon’s first show in 2008, the premiere got great ratings but only mild reviews.  Amy Poehler and Joe Biden were the guests on the talk show’s premiere. Fred Armisen, Meyers’ long time friend and cowriter and cast-mate on Saturday Night Live leads “The 8G Band”, Meyer’s house band. Seth Meyer’s first night as host of “Late Night” drew 3.4 million viewers, the most for a Monday show in nine years. [12] The show has since smoothed out and dominated late night ratings along with The Tonight Show.



The Voice

(courtesy of

(courtesy of

The Voice has emerged as NBCUniversals’s premiere reality program over the last three years, since its debut in 2011. NBC has dominated primetime ratings on Tuesday nights among the big four networks since it’s air. The Voice, a singing competition that features a star studded judging panel has been a perennial success for NBC network. [11]



What’s Ahead for NBCUniversal

The company had an extremely busy first half of 2014 and no major events or changes look to be in store for the rest of the year. With the exception of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and PGA Tour Golf, NBC will shift its focus towards the Superbowl in 2015 and to 2016 when they are once again in charge of broadcasting the summer olympics from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.




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By Carlos Bonachea
IAC Logo

Courtesy of IAC Press Kit [1]

555 W. 18th St.
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-314-7300

Key Executives

Barry Diller - Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC & Chairman and Senior Executive, Expedia, Inc.Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC - Chairman and Senior Executive, Expedia, Inc.

Barry Diller – Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC & Chairman and Senior Executive, Expedia, Inc.
Courtesy of the official IAC website [2].

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Courtesy of the official IAC website

Jeff Kip – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Courtesy of official IAC website [3].

Victor Kaufman – Vice Chairman, oversees all strategic planning, financial and legal matters.
Courtesy of official IAC website [4].

      IAC remains at the forefront of internet commerce, communication, and media by strategically managing the investment, acquisition, and sale of some of the worlds most innovative companies [5]. IAC began as Silver King Communications Inc., a television company led by Barry Diller, who previously was in charge of Fox Broadcasting as well as Paramount Pictures prior to that. [6]

      IAC now boasts over 1.3 billion total monthly visits amongst it’s network of sites and controls over 150 brands and products all at the cutting edge of web commerce and modern living. IAC has spawned six independent publicly traded companies – Expedia, TripAdvisor, HSN, Tree, Interval, and Live Nation (formerly Ticketmaster). Simply put IAC is the 9th largest network in the world and one of Fortune’s most admired companies in the internet services sector. [5] [7]


Some of the many brands owned by IAC.


From April 22 2013 to April 17, 2014 stock prices of IAC (IACI) have risen 55.2% from $44.25 a share to $68.67 a share, proving IAC’s value to it’s investors. [8]

2013 Q4 statements show that revenue for IAC is down 5% from 765.3M in Q4 2012, to 724.5M.

IAC Head Quarters in NYC Photo courtesy of Vimeo on Flickr.

IAC Head Quarters in NYC Photo courtesy of Vimeo on Flickr.

IAC saw a 48% adjusted EPS growth from 0.7 in Q4 2012 to 1.04 in Q4 2013.

IAC also has enjoyed and increase in adjusted net income of 38% from 66.2 in Q4 2012 to 91.1 in Q4 2013.

Thus IAC has now entered its 19th consecutive quarter of double-digit operating income before amortization growth.

Financial Statements courtesy of IAC’s public quarterly report [9].


Logo courtesy of IAC official Profile

Logo courtesy of IAC official Profile

      Vimeo is one of IAC’s hottest commodities and a worthy innovator in the realm of web video and user generated content. Vimeo currently has over 100 million unique monthly users and over 22 million register users which provide content. Vimeo is known to be the best video player “in the galaxy” which attracts some of the best independent filmmakers. Though Vimeo is within the media branch of IAC which accounts for a relatively small portion of revenue compared to ‘web search and applications’ or the Match group the media prospects of IAC prove to be some of the most innovative. [11]

      As edea.cameo_transparentof March 18 2014, Vimeo has acquired ‘Cameo‘ a video making app which the leaders at Vimeo say is going to be independently run much like the recent acquisition of Echograph about a year prior. This is very much inline with the philosophy of supporting new ideas which is so close to the core idealsCH-Logo-300x186_black of IAC. [10]
Another company in the Media branch is CollegeHumor which, thought it does not directly create a majority portion of IAC’s revenue, it has a huge impact in pop culture and the multimedia habits of the 18-14 demographic. It draws over 100 million monthly video views and the number 9 most subscribed to channel on youtube. [12]


      The Match group of IAC is comprised of all the the websites and brands which deal Match_logo_300x186with dating and matching people together. being the primary website but also including many other brands. Meetic, the European leader in online dating,, okcupid, and tinder. There are also some brands which specialize in helping advertisers find their audience. recently made an exclusive MLBpartnership with Major League Baseball to further find matches based on team preferences. This joint effort can mean serious revenue for the Match group in future quarters. [13]
IAC in an effort to restructure some of the company for unknown reasons recognized Greg Blatt as the new Chairman of the newly created Match Group, on the Board of directors as of December 19 2013. This strategic moves serves as an indicator of the companies success in the Match department.

IAC thus far has proven to be a very innovative company which has harnessed the reach of its network to self facilitate more growth across company and brand lines. This innovative approach is reshaping not only pop-culture and the way we access media but the daily lives of the average person. IAC will continue to shape the way the internet does business and the way people interact. With projected financial statement the decrease in operating costs will lead to a great deal of profit in the following quarters which will more than likely prompt another large media acquisition given the highly increased capital which IAC now has.


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