by Katie Mason


Meredith Corporation
1716 Locust Street DES MOINES IA 50309-3023
Phone: +1 (515) 284-3000

Key Figures:

 Stephen M. Lacy: Chairman, President and CEO

Joseph H. Ceryanec: Vice President and CFO

Paul Karpowicz: President, Local Media Group

Company Overview:


Edwin Thomas Meredith founded the company in 1902 with its first publication, Successful Farming.  Meredith Corporation has its roots in magazine and print publications and later began expanding into other markets such as digital and broadcasting media.

“Meredith Corporation is a media and marketing company. The Company is engaged in magazine publishing and related brand licensing, television broadcasting, digital and customer relationship marketing, digital and mobile media, and video creation operations. The Company operates two business segments: national media and local media.  The local media segment consists primarily of the operations of network-affiliated television stations, related interactive media operations and video production related operations.” [3]

Meredith Local Media Group:

The Television sector of Meredith Corporation, Meredith Local Media Group, spans nation wide.  Meredith owns twelve affiliate stations across the country, six of which are in Top 30 markets. They deliver local news with the help of advertising and the other Meredith brands.

CBS Atlanta 46 CBS Atlanta (WGCL 46)
Atlanta, GA
Phoenix, AZ
FOX 12 Oregon KPTV FOX 12 Oregon (KPTV)
Portland, OR
Portland, Oregon
WFSB Channel 3 WFSB Channel 3
Hartford/New Haven, CT
WSMV Channel 4 WSMV Channel 4
Nashville, TN
KCTV Channel 5
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, MO
FOX Carolina 21 FOX Carolina (WHNS 21)
Greenville, SC – Asheville, NC
FOX 5 Vegas FOX 5 Vegas (KVVU)
Las Vegas, NV
WNEM Channel 5
Flint/Saginaw, MI
CBS 3 Springfield WSHM CBS 3 Springfield (WSHM)
Springfield/Holyoke, MA


As part of Meredith’s Local Media Group, there is an entity known as OneService.  It has close local ties to Meredith’s affiliate stations.  Because local newspapers and newspapers in general were becoming obsolete,  Meredith came up with this service to help share time sensitive information, more specifically obituaries, on a bigger and more effective scale.  People were too tied down by the schedules of the newspapers that this important information could not be released properly.

The information that family members provided would be broadcast over the air on obituary websites in which Meredith has set up.  This information would also be available for up to 4 days including the day of service.  Along with the information and obituary would be the deceased’s name, picture and short bio. [5]


Paul Karpowicz, the President of Meredith Local Media Group, is the manager of all twelve affiliate Television stations.  This sector of Meredith Corporation accounts for over 25% of Meredith’s total revenue.  These twelve stations reach about 10% of the country’s population. [6]


Recent News in Meredith Local Media Group:

July/August: Meredith Corporation and Time Warner Cable were involved in  retransmission talks.  On July 25, 2012 Meredith’s channels, KCTV-CBS and KSMO-MyNetworkTV in Kansas City, WSHM-CBS in Springfield; and WSMV-NBC in Nashville, were going to be off air for Time Warner Cable customers.  Meredith Corporation gained an extension through July 31st so they can continue talks with Time Warner. [8]  They reached a deal on July 31, 2012 but information has not been disclosed. [9]


September 10, 2012

Meredith Corporation CBS affiliate, KPHO 5, located in Phoenix, Arizona fights for viewers with KPNX Phoenix on the digital platform.  KPNX designed a “paid content model” [10] in which their users get a certain amount of stories for free per month and then they have to pay for an “all-digital pass,”  all on their website  Ed Munson, Vice President of Meredith’s KPHO, retaliated by making promotions and ads against their competitor KPNX and told their viewers that their website,, remains free for all users. [10]

Munson states that he doesn’t believe KPNX’s motives are all true and about preserving good journalism.  He says, “But where I disconnect is that it’s not about saving journalism. This is about money.” [10]  All though break news and public safety alerts will remain free on KPNX’s website, Munson believes that Arizona residents, especially those in Phoenix, will remain loyal to his station because they don’t like being told what to do. [10]


October 25, 2012

Meredith’s broadcast network revenue was up 26% from the previous year financial recordings. [11]  Revenue from advertising and this year’s election definitely had a great impact on their quarterly numbers.  “While $12 million of political advertising paced the local media group, broadcast’s core ad revenue grew 5% in the quarter.” [11] They reported increased revenue from all of their affiliate stations, all of which broke records.  The two leaders were their Las Vegas and Hartford stations.  In addition to political ad revenue, automotive ad sales increased to 12%.


Paul Karpowicz also commented, “We are focused on keeping the momentum going in non-political advertising revenues, along with maximizing our political advertising opportunity this election cycle.” [11]

Relationships with the viewers deemed valuable and profitable especially during this fiscal quarter.  Ratings for the morning shows in Phoenix, Portland and Greenville increased. [13]




 Meredith Corporation crossed above its average “200 day moving average.”  As compared to a year ago, its stocks are worth more.  Their 52 week low is $26.89 a share and their 52 week high is $32.72. Their trades are up 4.5%. [14]


Meredith Corporation “reported fiscal 2013 first quarter earnings per share increased 15 percent to $0.55, compared to $0.48 in the year-ago period.  Revenues rose 8 percent to $354 million.  Total Company advertising revenues increased 12 percent to $207 million.” [13]
Other News:
October 22, 2012
Meredith Corp. wants to begin expanding into the digital medium and create original content for its subscribers and viewers.  They made a deal with CelebTV, which fits their demographic of American women perfectly, to make and produce original daily HD content for Meredith’s Divine Caroline. [16]



J.R. McCabe, Meredith’s Vice President/ Chief Video Officer, talked about how CelebTV will provide content that will make women of all ages entertained and intrigued.  And that this new content will compliment what Meredith already has to offer. [16]
McCabe further stated that although this CelebTV content will only be available on Divine Caroline in its inception, Meredith in the future will consider expanding it to other platforms and other Meredith digital sites. [16]
October 25, 2012
Meredith renewed The Better Show for its sixth consecutive season. [13] It is a daily nationally-syndicated lifestyle show that reaches 80 percent of U.S. television households, including 9 of the Top 10 markets. [16]  This show “aims to make your life “Better” by focusing on Easy Recipes and Low Cost Meals, Beauty Breakthroughs, Money Matters, Health and Wellness, Sex, Decorating and all hot topics that affect your family and relationships.” [19]
November 20, 2012
Meredith announces they will present at the UBS 40th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference.  CEO Stephen Lacy and CFO Joseph Ceryanec will discuss  “key strategic initiatives” and their commitment to “Total Shareholder Return.” [20]
December 4, 2012
UBS 40th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference.  Lacy presents a powerpoint package.  Specifically for Meredith Local Media Group,  the presentation showed that non-politcal ad revenue was up on all affiliate stations, as well as professional services and automotive ads.  Also, the presentation showed when the affiliate stations will be renewed. [21]


Works Cited:
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Tribune Broadcasting

by James Natalie


Tribune logo image courtsey


Founded in 1847, the Tribune Company has demonstrated its powerful stance in the media industry as its newspapers, television stations, radio stations, and websites now reach over 80 percent of households nationwide. [1]

After its television division started out in 1948 with the establishment of WGN-TV in Chicago and WPIX-TV in New York, two stations that proved to be the heart of Tribune Television, Tribune Television continued to prosper and in 1981 the Tribune Broadcasting Company was born. Already having acquired a third television station, Denver’s KWGN-TV, Tribune Broadcasting went on to buy stations in Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston in years to follow.

Chicago Cubs playing at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
photo courtesy

However, popular for its Chicago Cubs baseball broadcasts on WGN-TV and WGN Radio, Tribune Broadcasting Company’s first order of business in 1981 was stringing a deal with the Wrigley family to purchase the Chicago Cubs baseball team for a total of $20.5 million. WGN-TV, along with WGN Radio, have been broadcasting Cubs games ever since. [1]

Noteworthy events for Tribune’s television stations:

  • 1958: KGWN-TV begins as Denver’s first television station.
  • 1958: Los Angeles’ KTLA-TV is first television station to own a helicopter for news reporting.
  • 1959: WPIX-TV introduces the instant replay method during a New York Yankees baseball game. [1]

Key Personnel

Nils Larsen photo courtesy

Samuel Zell – Chairman of Tribune Company

Eddy Hartenstein – President and CEO, Tribune Company; Publisher and CEO, Los Angeles Times

Nils Larsen – Chief Investment Officer, Tribune Company; President and CEO, Tribune   Broadcasting [2]


Current Rankings

The Tribune Company is currently ranked as the 22nd most leading media company in the United States. As of September 30th, 2012, Tribune Company has recorded a 3% decrease in net U.S. media revenue from $3.20 billion in 2010 to $3.11 billion in 2011. Within that span, Tribune’s broadcast TV medium (Tribune Broadcasting) net U.S. revenue also dropped from $748 million to $715 million. [3]

However, Tribune Broadcasting has affiliates in New York (WPIX-TV), Los Angeles (KTLA-TV), Chicago (WGN-TV), Philadelphia (WPHL-TV), and Dallas-Fort Worth (KDAF-TV). [4] According to the Nielsen 2012-13 DMA ranks effective September 22nd, 2012 for the 2012-2013 TV season, these markets rank 1-5 respectively and are estimated to reach nearly 19.3% – almost one-fifth – of the United States collectively, totaling 22,019,930 homes. [5] With these affiliates representing WPIX, WGN, myTV, and CW, they carry a number of popular syndicated programs such as Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Friends. In addition, with these WPIX, WGN, myTV, and CW stations having their own local news, Tribune relies heavily on these five stations as a constant source of revenue despite the recent downward trend. [6] [7] [8] [9]

FOX photo courtesy

Tribune Broadcasting has bigger affiliations with major networks such as FOX and ABC. Tribune has seven FOX affiliated stations, all within Neilsen’s top 50 estimated markets for the 2012-2013 TV season – Seattle-Tacoma (#12), Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto (#20), Indianapolis (#26), San Diego (#28), Hartford & New Haven (#30), Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek (#39), and Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York (#43). Tribune’s one ABC affiliate in New Orleans ranks just outside the top fifty, coming in at #51. For the full rankings click here.

ABC photo courtesy

FOX has enjoyed the early 2012-2013 season success of its shows such as New Girl and The X-Factor, while ABC has watched its 2012-2013 season start with a bang as its popular programs such as Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, and The Middle dominated the season premiere ratings. These affiliates prove to be some of Tribune Broadcasting’s biggest investments for constant revenue. [10]

Current Activities

Samuel Zell photo courtesy Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press

The Tribune Company is clearly experiencing financial difficulty and trying to stay alive in the broadcasting industry to keep up with its competitors. In December 2007, Tribune was bought out by current Chairman Samuel Zell for $8.2 billion, but a year later in December 2008, Tribune filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Zell’s buyout is believed to have been completed by using mostly borrowed money from banks, therefore raising Tribune’s debt to $13 billion at the time bankruptcy was filed. Much of the turmoil over the past years has not fully receded, but Tribune is now on the back end of this deal and concentrating on solving it. [11]

July 23, 2012

Tribune Company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy was signed off by Judge Kevin Carey, allowing the company to be owned by a number of hedge funds and banks.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. photo courtesy

Under the order, Oaktree Capital Group LLC, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and Angelo, Gordon & Co. will be the new primary owners of the Tribune Company. [12]

August 9, 2012

Several groups objected the decision by Judge Kevin Carey and filed appeals to stop Tribune’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy until a higher court can oversee the situation. Among these groups are Aurelius Capital Management, but more interestingly, Samuel Zell, the very man who people blame Tribune’s problems for. Tribune complains that a delay to exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy can cost anywhere between $1.5 billion and $3 billion. Staying in bankruptcy could disable potential broadcasting partnerships and other strategic opportunities, and Chief Executive Eddy Hartenstein says it will put Tribune at a competitive disadvantage, forcing them to play “catch-up” with other companies. Although Zell’s comments were not provided, challengers to the ruling such as Aurelius Capital Management said that a delay would not harm Tribune, stating that Tribune has instead benefited and seen its value increase since they have been in bankruptcy. Tribune’s attorneys attribute this trend to Tribune’s exemption to pay interest on its loans, allowing them to increase profits. [13]

August 25, 2012


Cablevision photo courtsey

Cablevision dropped several Tribune Broadcasting stations over its continued fight over retransmission fees. On August 17, 2012, Cablevision dropped Tribune’s CW affiliates in New York (WPIX-TV), Denver (KWGN-TV), and Waterbury, Connecticut (WCCT-TV), and its MyNetwork affiliate in Philadelphia (WPHL-TV). Cablevision added on to that list of valuable stations with new losses of Tribune’s FOX affiliate in Hartford (WTIC-TV) along with WGN America nationwide. Cablevision is one of the most popular television services in the New York metropolitan area and other Western states that reaches millions of customers. [14] Cablevision stated that Tribune removed these stations “even after Cablevision agreed to pay all the fees they demanded.” Tribune countered that by saying they “never made any threat to withdraw these stations or demand that Cablevision remove them.” [15] [16]

September 21, 2012

As a result of Judge Kevin Carey’s decision to release Tribune from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company has been looking to restructure. At the head of the list of CEO possibilities is Peter Liguori, as sources believe he is the “leading candidate.” Mr. Liguori has previously been President of Fox Broadcasting and Chief Operating Officer of Discovery Communications. Peter stepped down from his role as COO of Discovery Communications to become a strategic advisor for the telecommunications and media team of the private equity firm, Carlyle Group LP. If Liguori was to become the new CEO of Tribune, he would replace Eddy Hartenstein, who has been serving since May 2011. However, appointing a new CEO will prove to be a time consuming task. Tribune must first receive permission by the Federal Communications Commission to fully emerge from bankruptcy. Also, Tribune has to form a new board of directors and have that, too, approved by the FCC. Then, the company’s new projected owners, Oaktree Capital Group LLC, JP Morgan & Chase Co., and Angelo, Gordon & Co. have to approve Mr. Liguori as the new CEO. Before Peter Liguori, other powerful names such as Jeff Zucker and Michael Eisner had been rumored to be the leaders for the new CEO of Tribune. [17]

November 16, 2012

The Federal Communications Commission approved Judge Kevin Carey’s decision and granted waivers for Tribune Company to emerge from bankruptcy. Tribune and the FCC agreed on equal distribution of power within public airwaves between Tribune’s new primary owners, Oaktree Capital Group LLC, JP Morgan & Chase Co., and Angelo, Gordon & Co. Tribune is expected to fully exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy within the next several weeks. [18]

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Paramount Pictures

By, Anthony Mormile


Company Description

Paramount Pictures Corporation is subsidiary of Viacom. It is a production and distribution company for film and television. Paramount is famed for continuously producing top-grossing motion pictures.

Paramount Executives

BRAD GREY Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paramount Pictures Corporation

FREDERICK HUNTSBERRY Chief Operating Officer, Paramount Pictures

ROB MOORE Vice Chairman, Paramount Pictures

ADAM GOODMAN President, Paramount Film Group

Paramount Pictures Public Relations

Official Website:

Twitter Handle: @ParamountPics

Facebook Page:

Youtube Channel:

A Brief History

Paramount was the byproduct of Adolph Zukor’s Famous Players Film Company merging with Jesse L Lasky’s Lasky Feature Play Company in 1916. Paramount Pictures recognizes Zukor’s company’s establishment date as their own (1912).

Founding Fathers of Paramount

Throughout the the 20th century, Paramount went through its ups and downs, inventing and re-inventing itself while changing hands of ownership many times over. It entered new prosperity under Gulf + Western thanks to Robert Evans‘ leadership. This lasted through the 70’s into the 90’s. In 1994, Paramount Communications (the parent company for Paramount Pictures, at the time) merged with Viacom, putting it under its ownership. In 2005, Brad Grey was appointed Chairman and CEO. Grey has continued the quarter century long tradition of unwavering success. In 2011, Paramount produced six-consecutive films that broke the 100 million dollar box office gross mark; an unrivaled achievement. They are now, in 2012, celebrating Paramount’s centennial. [29]

Paramount Activity

In the fiscal third quarter, parent company, Viacom was down from 2011. Paramount’s theatrical revenue being down by 52% – as a result of fewer summer releases – did not help matters. Several of these releases during the summer reflect partnerships that no longer will exist with Paramount moving forward. These include the Marvel (now Disney IP) and DreamWorks Animation (20th Century Fox IP) films. This demonstrates Paramount’s dire need to find new, fresh content and put out more theatrical releases. The only other Paramount summer releases included one original film Sacha Baron Cohen‘s The Dictator. The rest were re-releases of films like Titanic. [28]

Now in the fourth fiscal quarter, Viacom reports a stronger quarter, but is still not doing as well as they should be. Paramount has reportedly done better but is expected to report losses in the upcoming year’s fiscal first quarter. It is anticipated it will gradually improve thereafter. [27]

With the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise, Paramount Pictures created a new company called Insurge Pictures in 2010. The goal of the company is to duplicate that franchise’s success by producing a series of micro-budget films and giving them wide-releases. It’s a low risk, but potential for high-reward venture. To this sub-divisions credit are the succeeding Paranormal Activity pictures, The Devil Inside, and both the Katy Perry and Justin Beiber movies (Part of Me and Never Say Never respectively). [26]

See Insurge Pictures’ website here:

Recent News

December 4, 2012

A new international trailer is released of Paramount’s upcoming film Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise. This trailer reveals more characters than previous ones. [25]

November 20, 2012

Paramount sets Paranormal Activity 5 release date for October 15, 2013. There is also discussion of developing a spin-off franchise. [24]

November 15, 2012

The highly anticipated Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away premieres December 21st in 3D.

November 14, 2012

The first 9-minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness to air before the IMAX theatrical showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. [23]

November 13, 2012

Joel Silver has been given a deal by Paramount to produce his next horror flick, Sanctuary. The story centers around a fictitious, secret Vatican-run program that aims to train the demonically possessed to use their powers against evil. [22]

November 8, 2012

Michael Bay cast Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4 slated for release June 27, 2014. Wahlberg also stars in Bay’s upcoming film Pain and Gain, another Paramount release, on April 23, 2013. [21]

November 7, 2012

Paramount is producing Brett Ratner‘s Hercules alongside MGM. It will begin production in 2013 and is based on Radical Studio’s graphic novel. [20]

November 5, 2012

Anheuser-Busch, a brewing company, has asked Paramount to hide or remove the Budweiser logos from the newly released Denzel Washington film, Flight – a movie about an alcoholic pilot. Legally, Paramount is not obligated to. [19]

John Singleton settles in his lawsuit against Paramount Pictures and MTV Films. [18]

October 29, 2012

Paramount gets Nia VardalosLeftovers, an “anti-romantic comedy.” It is still in-development. [17]

October 25, 2012

Paramount pledges to put Adam Sandler‘s new western comedy, The Ridiculous 6 into production in April 2013. [16]

Insurge Pictures and Yahoo! announce the 2-season renewal of Burning Love, a comedy series which plays on Yahoo! Screen and is produced in part by Ben Stiller’s company, Red Hour Digital. [15]

October 24, 2012

Paramount Insurge acquires Jayson Rothwell‘s script, Patrol. A story about Marines met by an unexpected twist after chasing drug smugglers to a remote island. [14]

Paramount closes a deal to acquire Our Name is Adam; a project that already has Tom Cruise attached to it. Cruise, as an astronaut, goes back in time to work with his younger self. [13]

October 19, 2012

Paramount acquires Wayne Kramer‘s pitch for a new movie called, The Circuit. He will write and direct the picture. [12]

October 11, 2012

Fans vote worldwide on where Paramount Pictures will pre-release the fourth installment of Paranormal Activity prior to the overall theatrical release. The contest was held through a voting application integrated in Facebook. The application is called “Want It” which plays into the franchises long-standing PR “demand it” campaign. [11]

October 5, 2012

Melrose Investors 2 amends a lawsuit it has against Paramount for holding out on profit-sharing by mis-reporting film earnings. They now are going after parent company Viacom and holding them responsible. [10]

Paramount picks up Michael Bay-produced “found-footage” movie called, Almanac. The project is “top secret” and being kept under wrap for the time being. Dean Israelite makes his directorial debut with this film. [9]

October 4, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen, once again, teams up with Paramount for a follow up to The Dictator. This new comedy, The Lesbian, will center around the Hong Kong billionaire’s reward to marry off his lesbian daughter to any male suitor. [8]

John Singelton‘s suit against a contract breach with Paramount is given a court date. The case is Singelton’s grievance with Paramount Pictures and MTV Films for rescinding on a two-picture deal he alleges he was promised after allowing them to acquire 2005’s Hustle & Flow. [7]

October 3, 2012

Trailer released for The Guilt Trip starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand. Christmas Day theatrical release. [6]

Also in the news today…

Paramount acquires the rights to the Clark Baker‘s sci-fi horror short Vessel. Stephen Susco is on board to adapt it for the big screen. [5]

September 4, 2012 reached a deal with Epix to gain high-profile films for its instant-streaming service. Included in the deal are many films from the Paramount catalogue. [4]

September 3, 2012

Paramount celebrates 100 years of movies and music by hosting an event at the Hollywood Bowl. Paramount played clips from its vault of classic and contemporary films. These clips were accompanied by a live orchestra which played pieces from some of their most famous films’ soundtracks. [3]

August 20, 2012

DreamWorks Animation no longer to distribute through Paramount. They move to a 5-year deal with Twentieth Century Fox in pursuit of “more favorable economics overall for DreamWorks Animation…” [2]

August 16, 2012

Paramount pictures gears up to develop its animation department. Following the success of Rango, their first animated project since separating from a brief DreamWorks affiliation, the company will make a second Spongebob Squarepants movie and other movies based off of Nickelodeon IP. Paramount, prior to this, had not had its own animation division officially since 1967. [1]

“To start filling a pipeline, Paramount chief Brad Grey is turning to sister division Nickelodeon to supply much of the IP. Though development has not begun yet, possible Nickelodeon products that could be turned into films include Dora the Explorer, The Legend of Korra and Monkey Quest. Company boasts a strong consumer products, travel and resorts biz to boost future pics’ earnings potential.” – published in Variety


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Raycom Media

        by Katherine J Hart

Courtesy Raycom Media

Raycom Media is a broadcasting and television production company. It is one of the nation’s largest broadcasters with regional cable deals and exclusive digital media rights to the Atlantic Coast Conference college athletics. Rraycom owns and operates Raycom Sports, Tupelo-Honey Productions and Broadview Media. The company affiliates with national broadcasting leaders like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and MNTV for local news. This network reaches 37 regional television markets with 48 different stations, is watched in 12.6% of U.S. television households, and is viewed in 18 states. (1)


Raycom Media Inc., RSA Tower 201 Monroe St. 20th fl., Montgomery, AL 361404. Telephone: 334-206-1400. Fax: 334-206-1555.

Courtesy Raycom Media

Paul McTear, President and CEO

Courtesy Raycom Media

Wayne Daughery, Executive Vice President and COO

Jeff Rosser, Don Richards, Leon Long, and Brad Streit are all Television Vice Presidents

Raycom Media was created in 1996. Bert Ellis formed the Ellis Communications group in 1992 with control over 13 television stations and two radio stations. Ellis then went on to purchase Raycom Sports, a marketing firm that had already been in business for 15 years. The merge to become Raycom Media occurred after Ellis sold his share to a growing media group that had ownership in the South and Midwest region of the country. Three parties, including Federal Broadcasting’s TV Group, Retirement Systems of Alabama and the original Raycom Media came together to expand their broadcasting power. This new Raycom Media corporation joined with Malrite Commuications in 1998 and acquired The Liberty Corporation in 2006. Lincoln Financial Sports was also bought by Raycom Sports in 2007 and the company continues to look for ways to grow today.   (2)

Raycom Media, Inc. Current Events

September 7, 2012, Raycom Sports announced the start of the “Ultimate Road Trip” Contest. This event ran from September 8 to November 8, 2012 and was sponsored by Chevrolet and the ACC. The ACC Road Trip Driven by Chevy is a television program on Raycom Sports and it launched this sweepstakes. Two grand prize award trips for the 2012 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee were up for lottery as well as speciality prizes that were drawn throughout the two months. Fans entered online by visiting the site, or going to The  promotion rewards those who tune into the weekly program and linking the love of football to the love for country music. The ACC Road Trip Driven by Chevy program highlights the traditions, campuses, and tailgates of the ACC college games and has been honored with Emmy Awards and Telly Awards. The host, Tommy Kane brings a comical narrative with spunky energy to the inside look of what makes every college in this conference unique and fun. (3)

Courtesy Raycom Sports

On October 10, 2012, Raycom Media released a statement on the website titled “Proud of Our Management Diversity.” The main page of the company website highlights the initiative to stay involved in the communities it serves, and to provide various viewpoints on news and local issues. This goal is in constant progress, and as the news release states, Raycom is successful in this work. The National Association of Black Journalists has recognized Raycom Media as having the highest diversity index of all broadcast groups surveyed. 31 of its 179 television newsroom managers are people of color, and overall, at least 60% of the companies stations have one person of color or more in a ranking position. Raycom had made an effort, starting in early 2012 to work with the National Association of Black Journalists to focus on the promotion of the people of color perspective. According to Bob Butler, Vice President of NABJ, Raycom is the only television group to welcome the diversity initiative and create such quick progress across their companies leadership portfolio. (4)

WXIX-TV, a Raycom owned station in Cincinnati, Ohio is making news of its own for some bad reasons. On November 14, 2012, Tricia Macke, a co-anchor for the evening newscast, was suspended by her station for making remarks that have been interpreted as homophobic. The comments were written on Facebook and were directed at Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC host. Bill Lanesey, the general manager of WXIX-TV kept Macke off air for two days as she worked to mend the controversy. The GLAAD division in the Ohio area demanded a response from the vocal news anchor. Tricia Macke apologized online for any offense caused by her comments, and she made it clear that her words in no way reflected the opinion and position of her employer, WXIX-TV, and more broadly, Raycom Media.  (5)

Raycom Media Networks Current Events

Raycom Sports: Raycom Sports is the most prominent division of Raycom Media Inc. With owned television rights to the Atlantic Coast Conference, ACC, since the 1980s, Raycom Sports is the central viewing station for these college football and men’s basketball games. A sublicensing agreement was met with Raycom Sports and ESPN in 2012 that Raycom will be the national syndicator for the ACC conference and this deal will continue until at least 2027. Raycom Sports created the Belk Bowl, a tournament featuring the Big East versus the ACC leagues. Raycom is involved in the operations of these games and also organizes the ACC Championships. Ken Haines and about 50 employees working under him, run Raycom Sports in Charlotte, North Carolina. (3)

Courtesy Louisville Cardinals

September 9, 2012: Viewers express unhappiness with Raycom’s coverage of Clemson University football games. Commercials for local business often interupted the video feed, and even some blank screens have appeared during the broadcast. Fans of ACC football worry that this quality professionalism from the network will lower the status and reputation of the league overall.

October 26, 2012: Business Journalist, Erik Spanberg, in Charlotte, NC speculates that the new network Speed, a News Corp. owned property could grow in the Charlotte area to become an all-encompassing sports channel. This would mean new competition for Raycom Sports who is also based in Charlotte. Raycom Sports provides general sports news and specializes in ACC college athletics. With Speed moving into the area, Raycom Sports could lose viewers.

November 20, 2012: Raycom Sports recieved six nominations for the 27th Annual Midsouth Regional Emmy Awards. The winners will be announced in January 2013. “Havoline Football Saturdays in the South,” “Kings of the Court,” and “ACC Road Trip” were nominated this year.

Bounce TV: Bounce TV features programing of movies, sports, documentaries, and original television shows that are all centered on African American perspective. It is the first broadcast network of its kind and was founded by Martin Luther King III, Will Packer, and Rob Hardy, along with many other contributors. Currently the station hosts its own shows such as Back Stage Pass, Off the Chain, and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. (6)

September 26, 2012: On the network’s one year anniversary, the company has seen great growth and has expanded to Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Orlando. IT has reached an estimated 80% of African American homes and at least 60% of all U.S. television households. The station will start airing African American focused movies, such as Monster’s Ball and Pride coming up soon this year. (7)

October 3, 2012: Bounce TV announced it will be premiering its newest series, “Off the Chain”, hosted by Rodney Perry.

November 7, 2012: Bounce TV announced that they will air their first boxing telecast and will continue airing matches throughout the season.

Raycom Media Program Current Events

Right this Minute: Raycom created this weekday television show that covers news and pop culture. This program is interactive in that it is paired with a website and video blog. It is different than most telecasts in that its material is supplied by citizen journalists. Most of the video is supplied by cellphone, webcam, digital cameras, and Skype feeds from average people all over the world. Viral video sensations are highlighted on the show and it is up to date and current for new viewers to relate to. Interestingly, this program is a cooperation of Cox Media Group, Raycom Media Inc. and E.W. Scripps Company, along with MagicDust. (8)

September 4, 2012: The program expands into seven more markets in its second year in production. It will now be available in Detroit, Denver and San Diego which spreads its reach to about 30% of U.S. TV homes and 45 TV markets.



Cox Radio

by Kadisha S. Phillips
Cox Media Group Logo

Courtesy of

6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Atlanta, Georgia 30328.
Phone: 678.645.0000 | Fax: 678/645.5002


Formerly known as Cox Radio, the radio division of Cox Media Group  is ranked the 5th among all radio media companies in the United States.  Spanning over 20 markets, boasting 86 radio stations; 15 AM and 71 FM CMG’s portfolio provides listeners with a variety of that ranges from Hawaiian to Classic Rock to Country.

The combined weekly listenership of all of CMG’s 86 radio stations is more than 18 million. [1]


In 2011, Cox Media Group’s radio division reported a revenue of $350 million. Below is a break down of CMG’s radio station properties and their total revenues for 2011:

Courtesy of

With all other divisions included, CMG’s total revenue for 2011 was $1.7 billion.

The Parent company of Cox Media Group, Cox Enterprises is ranked 8th among all U.S media companies with a 2011 reported revenue of $11.99 billion; a 1.5% increase from 2010. [2]




Key Executives

President of Cox Media Group, Doug Franklin has been an employee of Cox since1977. He joined as “a door-to-door circulation solicitor for Dayton Newspapers, Inc.” In January 1996, he became the chief operating officer of Cox Ohio Publishing; president and chief executive officer in 2004 and president of Cox Media Group in March 2011. Under Franklin’s leadership CMG is looking to focus on larger markets in order to create a heightened impact by using cross-media collaboration. [3] [4]


Michael J. Joseph is an Executive Vice President at Cox Media Group. Joseph is responsible for all Cox Media Group radio and television stations in Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. The radio stations that Joseph oversee include WQNU-FM, WRKA-FM, WSFR-FM and WVEZ-FM of Louisville, Kentucky and WHIO-AM/FMWHKO-FM and WZLR-FM of Dayton, Ohio. [3]


In July 2012 Kim Guthrie became the Senior Vice President of Radio for Cox Media Group. Under the group’s strategic new leadership plan, Guthrie now oversees all radio markets. In 2012 Guthrie was honored in Radio Ink Magazine’s as one of the “Most influential Women in Radio,” for the second year in a row. Under her leadership, many stations and personalities have been nominated for and won awards for their programming excellence and more. [5]

*Note: images courtesy of


WSB AM/FM Atlanta, Georgia (@WSBradio)

Courtesy of

WSB 750 AM/95.5FM was the very first radio station to broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia. Purchased by Cox Enterprises founder Governor James M. Cox of Ohio, WSB is Cox Media Group’s flagship radio station. With both frequencies garnishing top rankings in revenue among all CMG radio stations, WSB 750 AM especially carries some of the most popular News/Talk shows in the country. [6]

In 2011, WSB AM reported a revenue increase of 12.5% at $27 million. WSB FM made a slight decrease in earnings at $15.7 million. [2]


The Clark Howard Show 

Courtesy of

A 2007 Georgia Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Clark Howard is a financial guru. For decades he has aimed to help Americans save money and has done so through his nationally syndicated radio show– The Clark Howard Show. The show originally broadcasts from WSB AM 750 and can be heard on 200 different radio stations every day or online as a podcast. [7]

On the 29th of November, 2012 Clark Howard and WSB Radio, a COX Media Group Radio Station, kicked off their 22nd annual Christmas Kids season. Christmas Kids is a partnership with the Georgia Dept. of Family & Child Services that helps fulfill the Christmas wish-list of every foster child in Georgia. Running from Thursday November 29th to Sunday December 9th, on six different days The Clark Howard broadcast team will set up for 5 hours at a Wal-Mart and encourage customers to purchase presents that foster children have requested. In 2011, 4500 donations were made. [8][9]

The Neal Boortz Show

Courtesy of

Hosted by The Talkmaster Neal Boortz, The Neal Boortz Show has been broadcasting on NewsTalk 750 WSB for the past 19 years. Boasting nearly 6 million weekly listeners on 230 radio stations, Boortz’s claims that his show is “your daily dose of insensitivity training.” Each day from 8:30 AM – 1 PM Boortz discusses topics mainly on politics. This year Boortz was a finalist for the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year Award. [10]

In 2012, Boortz announced that he will be retiring in January 2013. After he retires, Boortz will hand over the torch to Republican Presidential frontrunner Hermain Cain. In an interview: “He may be “The Talk-Master,” but Neal’s listeners know I’m the ‘The Dean of the University of Common Sense,” said Cain in an interview. [11] [12]

The Rush Limbaugh Show (@RushLimbaugh)

Courtesy of

Syndicated by Premiere Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Program garnishes 20 million listeners per week on nearly 600 radio stations. Additionally, it is the top-rated radio show on air and moved to Cox Media Group’s WSB 750 AM in October of 2012. In this acquisition, The Clark Howard Show was bumped from the daily lineup as its biggest audience is online. Currently The Rush Limbaugh Program can be heard daily from 12 Noon to 3 PM EST. [13] [14]

The News/Talk WSB 750 AM line-up:

Courtesy of

Recent Events

September 2012

Courtesy of

In September 2012 Cox Media Group announced that in January 2013, Belinda’s Atlanta Lifestyles will debut on 750 WSB AM. Somewhat similar to the “Pinterest, Martha Stewart or the Oprah brand,” Belinda’s Atlanta Lifestyles will be a show about every-day things such as picking a summer camp or where to go to dinner for your anniversary.

Skelton is currently the Executive Producer of The Neal Boortz Show and has been working for WSB Radio for almost two decades. Her show comes just as Boortz plans to retire and although it will not replace The Neal Boortz Show, Belinda’s Atlanta Lifestyles brings an exciting twist to WSB Radio’s current lineup.Skelton notes that Boortz may even make a guest appearance or two on the show. 

Belinda’s Atlanta Lifestyles will broadcast on Saturdays from 1 PM to 3 PM following Boortz’s retirement in mid/late January. [15]

November 2012

Courtesy of

In mid-November, Cox Media Group brought America’s No. 1 sports-radio network to Orlando, Florida on WBDO 580 AM. On November 12th, ESPN Radio (@ESPNRadio) began to broadcast on this station, moving WDBO’s News/Talk programming to WDBO FM 96.5. Not only did Mike and Mike in the Morning (6 AM to 10 AM EST), The Herd with Colin Cowherd (10 AM – 1 PM) and SVP & Russillo (1 PM -4 PM) debut on 580 AM but the most up to date local news coverage will be available on the station and

Coverage of special sports events will become a part of programming in a partnership between ESPN 580-AM and ESPN Wide World of Sports including “the BCS (with a full slate of regular season college football); the USGA’s U.S. Open; the 2014 FIFA World Cup; and the Open Championship.” [16] [17] [18]

November 2012

Courtesy of

In a combined donation of $75,000 Cox Media Group radio stations in Long Island and Connecticut along with Cox Reps in New York, gave aid to those who suffered from SuperStorm Sandy. Star 99.9 and WPLR FM in Connecticut partnered with Fairfield County’s Child and Family Services to support a relief fund to help the agency regain all losses due to to the storm. In Long Island, Island Harvest received aid from 102.3 WBAB and 106.1 WBLI for their programs that help feed those who are in need.

Cox Enterprises and the James M. Cox Foundation also gave to those in need by donating $100,000 cash to the American Red Cross. [19]



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Gannett Broadcasting Company

by Andrew Muckell


Gannett Co., Inc.
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22107-0150


Gannett Broadcasting is the television division of the Gannett Company, Inc., which was founded in 1923. The founder and first president, Frank Gannett, originally intended the business to specialize in the newspaper industry. As the century passed and technology moved forward, however, Gannett delved into other industries. [2]

By the 1930s, the Gannett Newspaper Group was recognized as the largest upstate New York chain. The company resembled Hearst and other large players in the print industry with its ambitious expansion, and, like its competitors, expanded into new markets and industries. Gannett added its first two radio stations in 1936 and first two TV stations in 1953. [2]

Four years later, the aging Gannett passed the reigns on to his successor, Paul Miller, who took Gannett’s 25 newspapers and created a nationwide brand. The company expanded ruthlessly and became one of the first public newspaper companies in the U.S. In 1971, Miller averaged one newspaper acquisition every three weeks, eventually bringing Gannett’s holdings to 79 papers by the time of his retirement in 1979. [3]

Miller also oversaw the development of the broadcasting division of the company from 1957 to 1973. Under Miller, Gannett added three more stations to its repertoire, and this was only the beginning. By the late 1970s and early- to mid-1980s, Gannett Broadcasting, Inc. acquired about a dozen stations.

Today, the Gannett Broadcasting division of the company owns 23 stations in 20 different markets and is the largest owner of NBC-affiliated stations. [4] These stations cover 18.04% of American households, indicating the company’s market reach of 20.1 million households. [5] Gannett Company, Inc. is considered the number one newspaper publisher in America in daily circulation with 81 newspapers, most notably the U.S.’s first national newspaper, USA Today. The company also owns 13 digital assets such as and [6] Stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (GCI), and Gannett is listed on the S&P 500.


Mr. David T. Lougee, President of Gannett Broadcasting- Lougee was made president of the television division of Gannett Co., Inc. in 2007. He serves as Chairman of the Television Bureau of Advertising and is on the Board for Mobile Content Venture. He has worked in the television industry since 1981, both with Gannett and Belo TV, and in the Denver, Washington D.C., Dallas and Seattle markets. [7]

Gracia C Martore, President and CEO of Gannett Company- Martore succeeded former CEO Craig Dubow in October 2011, who retired for health reasons. She started her career at Gannett in 1985 as an assistant treasurer after a dozen years in the banking industry, and by 2003 she became CFO. Since 2011, Fortune Magazine named her one of the “50 most powerful women” in business, and Forbes listed her as one of business’s “100 Most Powerful Women.” [8]

Other notable members of the Gannett Broadcasting Division are:

• Ms. Dodie Cantrell-Bickley, President and GM of the Jacksonville Stations

• Mr. Ken Tonning, President and GM of WTSP-TV

• Mr. Steve Carter, President  and GM of WCSH-TV [9]


Currently, Gannett is doing very well financially. The company averages $7.6 billion in annual operating revenue and employs about 52,600 worldwide. [10] In 2012, the company made a profit of $588.2 million and saw 6.8% and 7.5% revenue increases in digital and television broadcasting, respectively. [11] Gannett is listed as number 465 in Fortune 500 and averages $5,239.99 million in sales.[12]

In the past year, Gannett (GCI) saw highs and lows on the stock market. On June 1, the stock price dropped to $12.33, but three months later on September 21 the price rose to $18.75, the year-to-date high. The all-time low price ($2.14) came in March 2009, shortly after the start of the recession, while the all-time high in April 2004 was $90.42. The closing price on December 3 was $18.04. [13]


Part of the reason for the rise in stock prices in late summer and early fall was due to the Olympics and ads for the presidential campaigns. The media company earned $133.1 million ($0.56 per share) in July, August and September, which went up 33% from the $99.9 million a year before. As compared to quarter two, quarter three revenue grew three percent from $1.27 billion to $1.31 billion. [15]

Assets [16]

Gannett Broadcasting currently owns 23 stations in 20 markets across the nation. The list below includes the locations, names, and affiliates of these stations:

• Arizona- KNAZ– NBC (Flagstaff)

• Arkansas- KTHV– CBS (Little Rock)

• California- KXTV– ABC (Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto)

• Colorado- KUSA– NBC, KTVD– MyNetworkTV (Denver)

• Florida-  – WTLV– NBC, WJXX– ABC (Jacksonville); WTSP– CBS (Tampa-St. Petersburg)

• Georgia – WXIA– NBC, WATL– MyNetworkTV (Atlanta); WMAZ– CBS (Macon)

• Maine – WLBZ– NBC (Bangor); WCSH– NBC (Portland)

• Michigan – WZZM– ABC- (Grand Rapids)


• Minnesota – KARE– NBC (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

• Missouri – KSDK– NBC (St. Louis)

• New York – WGRZ– NBC (Buffalo)

• North Carolina – WFMY– CBS (Greensboro)

• Ohio – WKYC– NBC (Cleveland)

• South Carolina- WLTX– CBS (Columbia)

• Tennessee – WBIR– NBC (Knoxville)

• Washington D.C.– WUSA– CBS

Recent News 

Paywall Working for Gannett

Studies have shown recently that, unlike many media competitors, Gannett Co., Inc. is making money through the use of paywalls. Out of 80 U.S. newspaper markets, 49 use paywalls, but despite a slight decrease in website visitors per month, revenue has risen. Experts have attributed Gannett’s success with “paywalling” to its prior customer brand loyalty. This can be seen with similar brands, such as the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Gannett expects to make $100 million in 2012 from its paywalls. [18]


Gannett Picks Up Blinq

On August 21, Gannett Co., Inc. acquired the “social marketing solutions provider” Blinq for an undisclosed amount and terms. Blinq is one of Facebook’s favored Marketing Developers and was one of the first marketing companies to gain access to the site’s API. Blinq now will operate under the Gannett name, but the current CEO of Blinq, Dave Williams, will now report to the President and CEO at Gannett Digital Marketing Services Vikram Sharma. Other than this, though, Blinq will not change too much: the company will still work with its current clients and out of its pre-established headquarters. [20]

Gannett Company CEO Gracia Martore said she hopes the acquisition will create a “one-stop shop for all marketing needs, including social.” The hope for marketing self-sufficiency within Gannett could very well pay off for Gannett. estimates social media ad revenues will rise 48.5% this year to $7.7 billion, and Blinq may make Gannett’s slice of that pie even bigger. [21]

USA Today Gets Makeover

In 1982, USA Today was introduced to the American public as the country’s first national and color newspaper. Since, it has become the most widely circulated newspaper in the U.S., despite some criticism for its emphasis on graphics, pictures and concision. For the first time in 30 years, USA Today adopted a refreshing new look in September. The paper added more color, a new logo and a cleaner look that adapts well to tablets.

The purpose of the new layout is to re-establish the newspaper as a current, interesting source for readers and an attractive investment for advertisers. The public has met the new look with some hostility, saying the format is harder to read [22], but overall sales have been steady since the change. [23]

Scuffles between Dish and Gannett Rise

On October 8, Dish and Gannett agreed to a new distribution deal after a few weeks of talking over new prices for licensing fees. Dish claimed that Gannett was trying to triple its previous rates, but Gannett representatives said that they were only keeping with market rates.

The dispute was also over Dish’s new DVR that allows customers to play back shows without the hassle of commercials. The service, called Hopper, negatively impacts advertisers by decreasing consumer reach. Gannett executives felt the service hurts the company’s relationship with advertisers and were thus much more cautious in reaching a deal.

If the deal was not made, two million viewers in 19 cities would have lost access to local Gannett stations, many of which are affiliated with CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC. Shortly after the deal, both companies lost at least $0.11 on the stock market. In the long run, however, the deal is perceived as mutually beneficial for the companies. [24]


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Belo Corporation

by Breanna Andrade

Picture courtesy of Belo Corporation

Headquarters: Belo Corporation/400 S. Record St./Dallas, Texas 75202

Phone: (214) 977-6606


Brief History

Originally A.H. Belo Corporation was founded in 1842 by Alfred Horatio Belo. Since its date of origin A.H. Belo Corp has encompassed both newspapers and television industries. After over hundred years of managing two industries the company split in 2008. Currently Belo Corporation only deals with the Television industry and A.H. Belo Corporation with Newspaper industry.

About Belo

Belo Corporation Headquarters
Picture Courtesy of WOLFGANG DEMINO

Belo Corporation is one of the leading TV broadcasting companies. Belo Corp is based in Dallas Texas and TV media revenue includes not only cable-news channel properties but also local-TV retransmission fees paid by cable systems and satellite TV services.  Belo Corp. has thrives on creating a relationship with their small-screen fans.  Belo currently has 20 local television stations that serve markets in 10 states. Most of their stations though are based in Texas and Washington. Belo is affiliated with the four major broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX). They are also affiliated with a few independent stations as well as mini-networks like The CW and MyNetworkTV. Belo corporation also has two of the  highest ranked stations; these being WFAA of Dallas and KHOU of Houston. Belo also operates in a small number of local and regional cable news outlets, including NWCN in  Seattle and TXCN in Texas. [1]


  President and Chief Executive Officer 

Belo’s Chief Executive Dunia Shive. Picture courtesy of Belo Corp.


The President and Chief Executive Officer of Belo Corp is Dunia A Shive. In 1993 Shive firsted joined Belo as a corporate controller and was promoted in 1995 to Vice President/Controller. Shive was then promoted to president of Media Operations and Executive Vice President of Belo until 2007 when she earned her current position. Shive holds a bachelors degree of business administration in accounting from Texas Tech University. [2]

Belo’s Board of Directors

Belo Corporation has eleven Board of Directors. The Board of Directors includes: Robert W. Dechard, Dunia A. Shive, Wayne R. Sanders, James M. Moroney III, Henry P. Becton Jr, M. Anne Szostak, Judity L. Craven, Lloyd Ward, Dealey Herndon, McHenry Tichenor Jr, and Peter Altabef.  Each of Belo’s directors serves on each of the three standing committees of the Board.  Although Belo is managed by the board of directors it is interesting to note that Chairman Robert Decherd and his family control about 55% of Belo’s voting stock. [2]


All Board of Directors Pictures courtesy of Belo Corporation.



Belo Corporation has 20 local television stations these include; KVUE-TV,KTVB-TV,WCNC-TV, WFAA-TV,WVEC-TV, KHOU-TV, WHAS-TV, WUPL-TV, WWL-TV, KASW-TV, KTVK-TV, KGW-TV,KENS-TV, KING-TV, KONG-TV, KREM-TV, KSKN-TV, KMOV-TV, KMSB-TV, KTTU-TV. [3]

Picture courtesy of Belo Corp.




Below is a chart that encompasses the call letter, affiliate, market, reach, and market rank of all of Belo’s 20 Broadcast Stations.

Reach Calculated from 2012 TV Factbook


Belo’s Top 3 Competitors

Lin TV Corp

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.


Where Belo Corp Stands in the Ranking

Belo Corporation is currently Ranked 10th among Broadcast Television according to[5]

Picture courtesy of


Below is a chart documenting Belo Corporations current financial progress over the last two years. [6]

Photo courtesy of

Recent News

September 27 2012: Belo Corp. Launches Private Advertising Marketplace

Belo has announced that they will launch a Belo Private Ad Marketplace. This marketplace  is a new digital platform that connects different advertisers with Belo’s digital advertising inventory across its websites.  This new digital platform will allow advertisers to have direct access to Belo’s 17 million online consumers. This program helps advertisers provide more influential media placements online, while also offering more targeted brand display advertising. On the Belo’s website it states that “Belo’s Private Ad Marketplace was created to partner with select advertisers to leverage the high demand for its local sites..It also gives advertisers the opportunity to more efficiently partner directly with Belo, an award-winning producer of quality digital news and information.” said Joe Weir, Belo’s Vice President/Digital. [7]


October 30th 2012: Belo Corp. Gains Big From Political, Olympics Revenue

Strong political and Olympic advertising revenue gave Belo Corporation a lift in their third quarter.  Belo generated $17.7 million in political revenue and $13.4 million in Olympics revenue. Both of these statistics are significantly higher than what was recorded in their third quarter in 2008.  Net earnings nearly doubled, from 13 cents to 24 cents a share. During this time period Belo’s TV station business also  had a 50% improvement in cash flow, which includes earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Belo’s total spot revenue when political revenue is added climbed up to 18%. Without political their spot revenue was still up 5.1%. This increase came from the 4.6% improvement in local spot business and a 5.8% gain in national spot revenue. The political campaign and Olympics had a great affect on Belo Corporation’s third quarter revenue due to their success in spot advertisements. [8]


October 30th 2012: Third Quarter Results

On October 30th 2012 third quarter results reported that Belo’s net earnings per share of $0.24 compared to net earnings per share of $0.13 in the third quarter of 2011. Dunia Shive stated that “our strong cash generation has allowed for a special dividend and for the early redemption of our May 2013 notes in a net present value cash-positive transaction.  Our solid financial position gives us the flexibility to pursue acquisitions and investments and consider further opportunities to increase shareholder returns.” [4] [9]

View complete Third Quarter Report.


November 7th 2012Belo Corp. Unveils New Small Business Marketing Solutions, Local Events Content

Photo courtesy of DataSphere

Belo announced another agreement to launch a specialized small business marketing solution in fourteen of their markets. Belo’s station websites will now provide small local businesses with the opportunity to advertise to their targeted neighborhood-level audiences through a partnership with DataSphere Technologies. Joe Weir, Belo’s Vice President / Digital stated that “Belo is continually looking for opportunities to help advertisers reach the audiences most relevant to their businesses and investing in solutions to improve the experience for our website visitors.” This new agreement will let Belo’s website users access thousands of upcoming events and activities in each market.  This advertising venture allows  users to find events by neighborhood, event type or specific time frame. [10]

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November 29th 2012: Media Company Belo Corp Launches ScreenShot Digital, Inc. 

Belo Corporation announced today the launch of ScreenShot Digital, Inc., another new digital advertising solutions company. ScreenShot Digital will partner with local and regional marketers across the United States in order to enhance their business objectives through digital media consulting and advertising services. Belo’s investment in the new company shows their commitment to expanding their digital expertise in order to prepare for the inevitable growth within digital media. [11]



Looking at the fourth quarter, Shive said, “we currently expect political revenue to finish
in the range of $29 million to $30 million for the fourth quarter, which would result in $58 million to $59 million of political revenue for the full year. Total spot revenue, including political, in the fourth quarter of 2012 is currently expected to finish up in the range of 11 to 13 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2011″. Over the this semester Belo Corporation has looked into many different ways to enhance their relationship with not only the consumer but also their advertisers in order to expand on a more integrated digital platform. [9]


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Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

By Jimena Wu

Official 20th Century Fox 2012 Logo – Courtesy of Google Images

Company Information [2]

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA, 90064 United States

(310) 369-1000

Brief Overview

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is a subsidiary of Fox Inc., owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. 20th Century Fox Film Corporation’s motion pictures are produced or acquired by the company’s smaller units, including: Fox 2000 Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox International Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios [1].

The company has had major success with motion pictures, including the huge hits Star Wars, Titanic, and it’s most successful in the box office yet, Avatar, released in 2009. Avatar recorded up to a gross of $749,766,139, including nine Academy Awards nominations and three wins. [23]

Top 3 Competitors [2]

The Walt Disney Studios

MGM Studios, Inc.

Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Group

Key Executives [3]

Keith Rupert Murdoch – Chairman of Board & CEO

Ricardo Crespo – Senior Vice President of Global Creative

Eduardo Echeverria – Senior Vice President of Latin America

Pam Kunick-Cohen – Senior Vice President of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products

Robert Marick – Executive Vice President

Brief History: The Formation of Twentieth Century Fox [5]

20th Century Fox was funded in 1935 with the merging of the Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures. It was co-founded by Joseph Schenck, president of United Artists, and Darryl F. Zanuck, former head of production at the Warner Bros. Studio.

Elaboration & Transformation of Company Logo after Fox Film-20th Century merged in 1935 [4]

The company separated itself from others, as the productions of The Grapes of Wrath in 1940 and How Green Was My Valley in 1941 won Academy Awards. However, by the 1950’s, movie attendance dropped, bringing film productions down as well. Consequently, studios couldn’t afford to keep contracts with directors and actors. This event of disappointment led to Zanuck leaving to Paris in 1956, striving to become an independent film producer. The company lost huge amounts of money in between the years of 1959-1962.
In 1962, Zanuck returned as president, and his film The Longest Day, released through 20th Century Fox, got an Academy Award nomination and earned enough revenue for the company to start producing again in 1963. During the 1960’s, Zanuck used the “blockbuster strategy”, consisting of releasing expensive productions. The Sound of Music, released in 1964, brought more than $79 million in revenues.
The 1980’s were hard times since many productions didn’t compensate for their production costs. However, with the entrance of Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, in 1985, the company made it to the top spot among studios, gaining more than 18% of the box-office share in 1991.
Right Here, Right Now

20th Century Fox at the Box Office

The company began the Fall of 2012 with the release of Won’t Back Down in September 28, 2012, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis. However, despite its notorious casting, this movie was ranked as the worst saturated release ever, bringing only $2,603,370 in the opening weekend. The movie made a total of $5,310,554. [6]

Taken 2 Movie Poster – Courtesy of Google Images

In October 5, 2012, the awaited Taken 2, starring Liam Neeson, was released, making $49,514,769 in its opening weekend [8]. Despite all of the critics, Taken 2 was the reason the overall box office was up more than 40 percent over the same weekend last year [7]. The movie scored $361,060,485 worldwide, showing strong results for a $45 million production [8].

Following Taken 2, Chasing Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler, was released October 26th, disappointing with a $2,268,274 debut. The movie made a total domestic gross of $5,843,722, barely one-fourth of its $20 million production budget [9]. However, Hurricane Sandy could have affected this result, as it”may have suppressed business by about 10 percent.” [10]

Wreck-It Ralph Poster – Courtesy of Google Images

As the storm passes, Wreck-It Ralph came to the #1 spot in its opening weekend with  $49,038,712 [11]. This movie has actually become the biggest box office ever for Disney Animations [12]. After five weeks in theaters, it still maintains itself in the top ten, recording a total domestic gross of $159,213,887 and a worldwide gross of $203,213,887 (as of December 5, 2012) [11].

Lincoln opened in limited theaters in November 9, 2012 and released worldwide November 16, recording $944,308 for the opening weekend, and $21,049,406 in its second place, getting into the box office’s top 3. Lincoln, a film produced by Steven Spielberg, remained at #3 for two weekends, including Thanksgiving weekend. As of December 5, 2012, the movie earned a total domestic gross of $87,088,719, already compensating its production costs of $65 million. [13]

Next up for 20th Century Fox was Life of Pi, released November 21, which was considered to be “tough to sell” and a “gamble” for the company [14]. This film’s production budget will definitely be hard to compensate as it cost $120 million to produce, mainly because of its unbelievable graphic effects. The movie did pretty good in the opening weekend, earning $22,451,514, and also performed fairly well during the Thanksgiving weekend in the 5th spot, behind Twilight, Skyfall, Lincoln, and Rise of The Guardians. However, it is still at half its production budget, reporting $51,676,132 in total domestic gross as of Dec. 5, 2012. [15]

Life of Pi – Movie Poster – Courtesy of Google Images

The next movie for Fox is called Parental Guidance, which was supposed to be released during the Thanksgiving weekend but will now be released December 25th, 2012. The movie has high expectancies as it has less competition during Christmas than what it would’ve had during Thanksgiving [16].

First-Quarter Earnings (Quarter ended Sept. 30) – See full News Corp. Earnings Release

Rupert Murdoch led the company to more strong results as the fiscal quarterly earnings for the first quarter, ending in September 30, 2012, reported earnings of $2.23 billion, compared with $738 million made last year. Revenue also rose in large amounts, from $7.96 billion to $8.14 billion. As for the role Twentieth Century Fox plays in this increase in earnings, filmed entertainment reported quarterly segment operating income of $400 million, $53 million higher than a year ago, when the segment operating income was $347 million. This is majorly due to the huge success Ice Age: Continental Drift had in box offices back in July. As of December 5, the $95 million film has earned a total worldwide gross of $874,920,192 [24]. Also, Fox made a licensing deal with Netflix back in May 2012, which contributed enormously to the rise in profit [17]. Through this licensing agreement, Fox classic films were distributed to Latin America. “Our alliance with Twentieth Century Fox continues to get stronger and benefit Netflix’s members across the globe,” said Jason Ropell, VP of content acquisitions at Netflix. [25]


August 2012

Fox to Distribute DreamWorks Animation Movies [18]

DreamWorks has decided to shift from Paramount Pictures to 20th Century Fox looking for a 5-year distribution deal. This deal will place DreamWorks’ animated titles in Fox’s animation division, Blue Sky Studios. This deal will go into effect in 2013.

DreamWorks Logo – Courtesy of Google Images

Company Perspective: “DreamWorks Animation is a great company that makes terrific films and everyone here feels privileged and honored to have been chosen to distribute their marvelous work throughout the world,” stated Fox Filmed Entertainment CEOs and Chairmen, Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman. “We are particularly excited to add DreamWorks Animation’s films to the strong and growing slate of movies from our outstanding Blue Sky Studios division, which is coming off another global blockbuster with Ice Age: Continental Drift, and has Epic and Rio 2in advanced production. Together we will be a dominant force in animated entertainment for years to come.” [19]

September 2012

Fox Hoped To Boost Movie Downloads By Offering Titles Ahead of Discs [20]

In order to increase movie downloads, Fox has decided to offer the option to downnload movies through Amazon, CinemaNow (Best Buy), iTunes, PlayStation, VUDU (Walmart), and Xbox, before the home video or DVR formats are available.

November 2012

Sony, Fox, and Universal Sign On For PGA’s Producers’ Mark Credit [21]

Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, and Universal Pictures signed on to apply the ‘Producer’s Mark’ Certification. This is a huge advancement in the industry and a step forward to protecting the right of producers and the ‘produced by’ credit.

Independence Day ‘3D’ Cancelled [22]

Independence Day (1996) – Movie Poster – Courtesy of Google Images

Plans had been made by 20th Century Fox to produce a 3D adaptation of the 1996 blockbuster, Independence Day. However, due to difficulties in reuniting the original cast, the company has decided to cancel it. The movie was due for July 2, 2013, which was perfectly timed for it to be released during the Independence weekend. This would’ve potentially help the movie top the box office during the opening weekend and gain high revenue for the company.


Coming Soon (Click to see the trailers)

Broken City

Parental Guidance


A Good Day To Die Hard

The Heat



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Emmis Communication

by Longwei Deng
Emmis Logo

Emmis Communication Corporation’s Logo. Picture courtesy of Emmis.

Address:EMMIS Communications
One EMMIS Plaza
40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
                                                                              Voice: (317) 266-0100 Fax:(317) 631-3750


Emmis (the Hebrew word for “truth”) Communication Corporation (formerly Emmis Broadcasting) was founded in 1979 when its founder Jeff Smulyan purchased his first radio station, WSVL-FM Shelbyville, IN. Smulyan wanted to build a tower close to Indianapolis and broadcast a competitive signal into the market. This goal was realized when he changed his radio station from country music to adult contemporary form and also changed its name to WENS. WENS became very successful in the Central Indiana market and it also led Smulyan to purchase more radio stations throughout the country. Emmis Publishing was created in 1988 with the purchase of Indianapolis Monthly. Emmis also started its television business with the creation of Emmis Television in 1998.  In 1994, Emmis went public.[1]
Company Overview:
Emmis Communication Corporation is a diversified media company, but it principally focuses on radio broadcasting. The Radio Division brings more than 90% of the company’s overall cash flow. Emmis is the 8th largest publicly traded radio portfolio in United States in excess of 23 stations in 7 markets, including the nation’s top three markets- New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.It also operates the two most influential hip hop stations in the world, Power 106 in Los Angeles and HOT97 in New York City. [2][3]

Emmis Communication Corporation is the eighth largest radio company. It is publically traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. It boasts over 23 stations in 7 states. Current stock price is $1.75 per share.[2][4]



Jeff Smulyan, Chairman, President and CEO of Emmis. Picture courtesy of Emmis Website

Jeffrey H. Smulyan is the Chairman of the Board of Emmis Communications Corporation. In 1980, Smulyan formed and became principal shareholder of Emmis. As a principal shareholder, Smulyan led a group that bought the Seattle Mariners baseball team in 1989 and sold it in 1992. During that time, he served on the Mjor League Baseball owner’s Ownership and Television committees.[5]

Radio President

Rick Cummings, President of Radio Division. Picture courtesy of Emmis Website 

Rick Cummings joined Emmis Broadcasting as its first Program Director at flagship station WENS-FM, 97.1 Indianapolis. He became the National Program Director for Emmis. In 2002, Rick became President of the Radio Division of Emmis Communication. [6]


Emmis Communication Corporation is the eighth largest radio company. It is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. In 2010, it boasted revenues of $242 million. And it increased to $250 million in 2011[7]

For the Second Quarter this year, the company’s reported results are negatively impacted by station divestitures over the past year. But on a pro forma basis, net revenue for the second fiscal quarter increased 1%, from $54.4 million to $55 million. Pro forma radio net revenues increased from $41.1 million to $42.0 million. This growth in radio outpaced market growth in this quarter. Its latest stock price is $1.75 per share, which was less than 1%. [8]


Stock Portfolio for Emmis Communications. Chart courtesy of NASDAQ Global Select Market

“We are actively pursuing a refinancing of our entire capital structure that will dramatically reduce our interest expense and increase our free cash flow going forward,” Chairman Smulyan said during the Second Quarter conference. [8]

What’s happening:

In 2010, A Hungarian court ruled in favor of Emmis Communication Corporation- owned Slager Radio that the National Radio and Television Board (ORTT) illegally awarded a national radio broadcast contract to FM 1. This ruling shows that Slager was one of only two bids in the recent tender for Hungary’s two national radio. Emmis won the broadcasting license in 1997. Emmis and Slager invested $170 million in Hungary’s economy, provided employment to its all Hungarian staff in 12 years.  [9]

In 2009, Emmis announced that it had formed a strategic alliance with StreamTheWorld, which is a radio industry’s streaming technology and services company, to collect all Emmis radio stations on a complete new streaming platform. And also in 2011, Emmis entered a partnership with LA-based MediaLeaders to increase the use of social media to generate revenue and market share in both terrestrial and digital platforms. The MediaLeaders team is a grassroots social media strike that helps Emmis establish more connection with its listeners and advertises in a meaningful way. [10]

In September 2011, Emmis Communication Corporation announced the launch of Incite(,which is a full-service social impact marketing firm, tend to use its radio brands to drive community impact. Emmis built a team focused on delivering high-impact social marketing programs for nonprofit organizations, government agency and corporate clients to confront great social challenges, from climate change to transportation, education to community building. [11]

In January of 2011, the stock price of Emmis surged 42% as insiders speculated that the company could be close to selling off some of its radio stations. In that January, filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Emmis reported that it had the necessary cash to survive through this February. After that September, Emmis survived from that criss.

In November of 2011, “Emmis announced that it has launched a modified “Dutch auction” tender offer to purchased up to $6,000,000 in value of shares of its 6.25% Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, par value $0.01 per share at a price per share not less that $12.50 and not greater that $15.56. ” A “Dutch auction” tender offer allows shareholders to indicate how many shares and at what price they want to tender their shares within the share price range.” [12]

In June 2112, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment announced an agreement to add 106 Cox Media Group and Emmis Communication radio stations to its iHeartRadio digital platform. This will result in more choices and better programming options for iHeartRadio users and also provide more convenient and advanced service for Cox and Emmis listeners. Cox Media Group and Emmis will continue to stream their stations on the station websites and smartphone apps. iHeartRadio has already reached 10 million registered users this past May.[13]

What’s next:
Emmis is building on the momentum of its successful  TagStation® product and introducing NextRadio, the app for FM and HD Radio enabled smartphones. NextRadio is being marked to the wireless industry as an app that shows the best radio listening experience on the smartphone. The product which is specific to local FM and HD Radio allows listeners to listen to local radio without using their data plan for pure internet streaming. “NextRadio™ leverages the efficiency and scalability of broadcast radio improved by the phone’s data channel to deliver an interactive artist and ad experience,” said Paul Brenner, Chief Technology Officer with Emmis Communications.  [14]


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