Rosewood Post #5

Twitter is the new Nielsen. At least that’s how I am viewing it to get an accurate account of how viewers are responding to Fox’s new comedy-drama series “Rosewood”. Twitter provides the reason why viewership for certain series has soared or fell flat over the course of a week. According to TheWrap, there were many harsh tweets about the series premiere, calling it “cheesy” and “painful.” A good portion of the backlash on Twitter is centered on the series’ writing and casting choices. Many viewers believed the writing was cheesy and the casting especially of Detective Annalise Villa, played by Jaina Lee Ortiz, just was not right. Many were angry that Rosewood’s love interest was not of African American descent. One twitter user tweeted, “Was it too much to ask for Morris Chestnut’s love interest to be a black woman? I mean really?! ‪#Rosewood” I will be interested to see if the producers of “Rosewood” will take feedback from Twitter users, and make some changes.

Rosewood-Post #4


“Rosewood” premiered last night on Fox as the only series premiere of the night across every network. According to Variety, “Rosewood’s” 2.4 rating in 18-49 makes it the young season’s No. 4-rated series premiere, behind “Blindspot,” “The Muppets” and “Life in Pieces.” Majority of viewership came half way through the show, which comes as no surprise since the season 2 premiere of “Empire” was immediately after “Rosewood.” Also, the show advertised a sneak peak clip at the “Empire” season to come in the commercial breaks during “Rosewood.” Thus, “Empire” helped to draw many viewers to the series premiere of “Rosewood.” “Rosewood” managed to pull one of the top ratings across every network, making it a series to look out for this season. I would be curious to find out if fans of “Legends” and “Nurse Jackie” tuned in to see Morris Chestnut as a leading role. Chestnut has had his share of secondary parts amongst TV series. Looking at the series premiere reviews of “Rosewood” it seems as if viewers agree that it was Chestnut’s time to have his own series.

Blindspot – Post #1

“Blindspot” is a sci-fi/thriller/drama that stars Jamie Alexander (Thor, Rest Stop) and Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire). Alexander plays Jane Doe.  A character who wakes up in the middle of Times Square with no recollection of herself or how she got there.  Adding to the mysterious aura surrounding Doe she has tattoos all over her body, including a back tattoo of the name of, F.B.I. agent, Kurt Weller.  Why does she have these tattoos all over her body? Specifically one of an F.B.I. agent? Where is she from? What is her real identity? You can find out when “Blindspot” premieres Monday, September 21st at 10pm on NBC.

“Blindspot” is taking the time slot of “Night Shift” from the Spring 2015 television season.  Following NBC’s two hour block of “The Voice”, “Blindspot” goes up against the long running series, ABC’s “Castle” and CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles”.  The pilot episode leaked online a month prior to the show’s premiere date, so it will be interesting to see how the ratings reflect that.


Weird Loners – Blog Post 3

Casting galore! Reports state that Becki Newton may also guest-star on the show’s sixth episode. Newton — known for The Goodwin Games, Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother — may make a meaningful addition to what may turn into a hit show.


Something tells me FOX is shaking in their boots. All these “guest” appearances seem to be their primary publicity ploy. I can only imagine what are they trying to compensate for…

Why bother launching a show you think will tank? Time will tell!

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