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by Carly Port

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By Carly Port


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CBS Radio operates as a division of Columbia Broadcasting System and as one of the leading providers of original media content across an array of platforms. CBS Radio delivers material to an audience of over 72 million and owns and operates 126 radio stations in 27 markets [2].

CBS made its debut network broadcast on September 18, 1927 at 3 p.m. Sixteen stations from Providence to St. Louis were present that Sunday. In January 1941, CBS launched Latin American stations in eighteen countries [3]. In 1974, CBS Radio reignited the radio drama craze with its introduction of CBS Radio Mystery Theater [3]. In November 1995, CBS was bought out by Westinghouse Broadcasting [4]. CBS Radio became a part of Infinity Broadcasting in June of 1996. In September of 1999, reports announced that Viacom would acquire CBS Corporation for nearly 37 billion dollars [5]. Finally, in 2005, Infinity Broadcasting rebranded itself as the new and current CBS Radio [6].

Key Executives                  



[b] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Radio President & CEO Dan Mason [7] 2008 Most Powerful Person in Radio              

[c] CBS Local Media Chief Operating Officer Anton Guitano

[c] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Local Media Chief Operating Officer Anton Guitano

Scott Herman

[d] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Radio Executive Vice President, Operations New York Market Manager Scott Herman

Michael Weiss

[e] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Radio President of Sales Michael Weiss

Ezra Kucharz

[f] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Logal Digital Media President Ezra Kucharz

In September, CBS Corporation added John Vilade as Vice President of National Digital Sales for CBS Local Media. In this position, from a strictly radio focus, Vilade will work directly with Michael Weiss to expand opportunities and conveniences for interested advertisers and expedite revenue expansion [8].

Additional Executive Biographies


CBS Radio’s top competitors in the market are Iheartcommunications and Radio One [9].



CBS Radio provides industry-leading, play-by-play sports content to stations nationwide. CBS Radio Broadcast caters to over two dozen fan-favorite franchises of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB all over the board featuring the Boston Celtics, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Red Wings, New England Patriots, New York Giants and the New York Yankees. CBS Radio boasts beloved personalities as a key factor of its broadcast success such as Carson Daly, Ryan Cameron, Mike Francesa and Kevin and Bean to name a few [10].

Local Digital 

CBS Local Digital Media accumulates well-known, dependable media brands providing consumers with a unique, “local” experience. This multimedia venture combines pertinent characteristics of CBS’s radio and television departments to create over twenty major market doorways into exposure of news, weather, traffic, sports and entertainment, industry-leading music and lifestyle sites. Portals into offer live and on-demand visual and audio content and Eventful presents a terminal for event discovery. The on-the-go aspect of CBS Local Digital Media keeps nearly 50 million consumers content and happy on a monthly basis [11].


CBS Radio has made listening to consumers’ favorite radio stations easier than ever. With CBS Radio’s new mobile approach, audiences can access their favorite sports outlets, latest-breaking news sources and most diversified music programs in the most portable manner yet, available as apps on an eclectic assortment of devices. Not only are 150 radio stations now available in mobile form, but also news clips and video interviews with the hottest athletes and artist can now be viewed on the majority of user-owned devices [12].

CBS Sports Radio

Only two years old, CBS Sports Radio is available in all of the Top 10 markets nationwide. A hybrid of CBS Radio and CBS Sports, CBS Sports Radio covers a vast range of sports and features experienced, renowned broadcasters such as Jim Rome, Tiki Barber, Doug Gottlieb and Scott Ferrall among many others [13].


market share

[g] Photo Courtesy of; CBS Corporation Stock Market Summary at the Close of 12/1/2014

At the end of the day on December 1, 2014, CBS Corporation was down 0.41% at $54.47 a share. The year change was down 7.63% and was lowest in October, at $48.91 a share. The highest stock price this year was in March at $67.55 a share [14].

CBS Corporation successfully ended its third quarter with revenues of $3.37 billion, a 2% increase from last year’s third quarter revenues of $3.30 billion. Recent successes can be attributed to CBS’s Television Networks, specifically Thursday Night Football. Net earnings decreased from last year’s third quarter revenues of $431 million to a current $400 million, related to increased foreign exchange rates [15].

CBS Corporation’s Executive Chairman Sumner Redstone summarized the company’s reaction to the third quarter statement [15]:

“CBS continues to succeed on the strength of its tremendous content… Les and his team are optimizing the Company for future growth at every turn, and I have the utmost confidence in their ability to increasingly drive shareholder value in these dynamic times of great opportunity [15].”


Michigan News Network

Townsquare Media

[h] Courtesy of; CBS Radio & Townsquare Media Partner to Create Michigan News Network

On September 2nd, CBS Radio and Townsquare Media partnered together to form a news and sports all-Michigan network, Michigan News Network. The network provides content for nearly twenty affiliate stations across the state of Michigan. MNN provides top-of-the hour updates Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. as well as 60-second sport broadcasts three times a day. CBS Radio will provide the original content while Townsquare Media will have exclusive syndication rights and deal with affiliate relations with stations ranging from Ann Arbor to Detroit. CBS Radio’s Detroit stations such as WWJ Newsradio 950 have always topped Michigan radio charts and have established themselves as the leading voices for Detroit, so the move towards providing content for the entire state has been readily anticipated [16].

“We are excited to be working with Townsquare to distribute our award-winning programming to listeners across the entire state of Michigan, while also realizing the highest value for our content.” –CBS Radio CEO & President Dan Mason [16]


“We Can Survive” Concert


[i] Photo Courtesy of; Pharrell Williams at the 2nd Annual We Can Survive Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl attendees were in for the experience of a lifetime at CBS Radio’s second annual We Can Survive Concert. As part of CBS Radio’s special events platform and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two dollars of every ticket sold aided two organizations, Young Survival Coalition and Living Beyond Breast Cancer, which cultivate and assist families and women that have been touched by and endured breast cancer [17].

[j] Video Courtesy of

The night was filled with emotions and female-centered song choices with Pharrell Williams beginning his set through a narration of his personal accounts of dealing with cancer in his family and statements about the pertinence of females to mankind and survival. Williams performed an eclectic set, and was joined by Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, and Alicia Keys for her first year at the event, as well as other top-tier performers. The music performed covered everything from Country and R&B to Hip-Hop and Top 40 [17].

[i] Photo Courtesy of; Taylor Swift at the 2nd Annual We Can Survive Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

[k] Photo Courtesy of; Taylor Swift at the 2nd Annual We Can Survive Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

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CBS Radio/Infinity Broadcasting

CBS Radio – Courtesy of

by Elgin Panetto

The media conglomerate known today as CBS Corporation Inc. was created in 1927, when a talent agent named Arthur Judson started his own radio network in order to showcase his own roster. He named his newly created network United Independent Broadcasters, but after a crippling amount of debt was accrued sold it to a man named William Paley for $400,000. [1] Columbia Broadcasting System, or CBS, has gone on to become one of the largest media companies in the world, with ventures in TV, Film, and Radio. In 2006 Viacom Inc., under the leadership of Sumner Redstone, decided to break up its entities to discontinue the age of media conglomerates and improve stock performance. During the split previously named Infinity Broadcasting, with their 179 stations at the time, was renamed CBS Radio and became a part of CBS Corporation under the leadership of Les Moonves. [2]

Company Overview:

CBS Radio currently holds 127 major market radio stations in 28 major markets throughout the United States of America. CBS Radio station formats run the full gamut including news, sports, talk, rock, country, Top 40, classic hits and urban. [3]

CBS Radio’s radio personalities attract almost 70 million weekly listeners. One of CBS Radio’s greatest strengths is their attention to on-air talent, in an age of radio where more automation usually means more dollars. In a recent interview with CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason, he explains the importance CBS Radio puts on the personalities who speak between playing music. “I don’t think the temptation is there to extract talk to add more commercials, the temptation is there to extract talk and thinking that was the clear pathway to get ratings. I believe that there is a fine line, a balance, that can’t be tilted to one side or another…” The rest of that interview with Mark Ramsey can be seen below:

CBS Radios Dan Mason on Radio’s Brands and its Digital Future from Mark Ramsey on Vimeo.

As stated before, CBS Radio stations can be found in 28 different major markets. In many of those markets CBS Radio finds itself with the #1 total rating. The list below, provided in the CBS Corporation 3rd quarter 2012 Investor Newsletter, shows CBS Radio’s strong performance regarding revenue in some of the largest markets in the country.

CBS Radio Revenue Ranking in Top 10 Markets
New York No. 1
Los Angeles No. 2
Chicago No. 1
San Francisco No. 1
Dallas No. 3
Houston No. 2
Philadelphia No. 1
Atlanta No. 2
Washington, D.C. No. 3
Boston No. 1

In each of those markets, CBS Radio’s high arching influence over both music and talk format stations can be easily seen. Below are just some of CBS Radio’s most influential channels across the United States.

KYW in Philly



CBS Radio has been led by President and CEO Dan Mason for a total of 12 years. Mason started his position at the helm of CBS Radio in 1995 and continued until 2002. After a brief hiatus he returned as CEO in April of 2007. Mason has championed CBS Radio’s industry leading foray into the digital realm. As a keystone speaker at the 2011 RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) Summit Dan Mason talked heavily about CBS Radio’s entrance into digital media, pointing out CBS Radio’s involvement streaming through and Last.FM. He also noted that the profits are not coming yet, but success through digital streaming services will come in the long term. [6] Due to his outstanding leadership of CBS Radio, Dan Mason was awarded the National Radio Award in 2012 by the National Association of Broadcasters. [7]

Dan Mason – Courtesy of


CBS Radio’s performance, as a subsidiary company of CBS Corporation Inc., attributes to the stock performance of CBS Corporation Inc.. At the close of the New York Stock Exchange on December 5, 2012 CBS Corporation Inc. was trading at $35.43 a share. [8]

CBS Radio Stock – Courtesy of

With $5.33 Billion of reported gross income in 2011, CBS Radio saw an increase of $.82 Billion over their reported gross income the previous year. After a steep drop from 2007 to 2009, CBS Radio has steadily increased gross income to the point of surpassing their 2007 mark. [8]

Recent Events

There have been many news-worthy moves by CBS Radio recently, whether it be format changes, new stations, acquisitions, or partnerships.

WODS 103.3 Format Change

At the end of the summer, WODS-FM in Boston changed formats. The switch moved the station from playing hits from the 60s-80s to yet another contemporary hits radio station, or CHR format. CBS Radio Market Manager in Boston Mark Hannon stated, “When looking at the habits of Boston radio listeners, it is clear the music most favored by the biggest group of people is contemporary hit music.” [9] The most recent ratings made available by have WODS-FM as the 12th most popular radio station in the Boston market. [5]

CBS Radio News receives Murrow Award

This past October the RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association) awarded CBS Radio News its fourth consecutive Edward R. Murrow Award. CBS Radio News was given the award due to excellence in broadcast and online journalism. At the awards CBS Radio News correspondent Cami McCormick, who was injured while reporting in Afghanistan, accepted the award for all of CBS Radio news. [10]

Edward R. Murrow Award – Courtesy of

CBS Radio steps up Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the immense damage done to the east coast, CBS Radio used its vast resources and connections in the Music Industry to organize celebrity endorsements for donations to the American Red Cross. Some of music’s biggest stars such as Usher, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney recorded messages imploring audiences for donations. Usher’s public service announcement can be heard HERE. [11]

CBS re-ups contract with the Chicago Bears

For 13 years WBBM Newsradio in Chicago has been the exclusive provider of Chicago Bears live play-by-play announcement. The Chicago Bears have granted CBS Radio an extension of the companies exclusive rights to do the football team’s radio broadcast. The Bears have one of the largest fan bases in the entire sport, a size reflected by the astounding five CBS Radio stations that will simulcast each and every Bears game. [12]

Chicago Bears – Courtesy of

CBS Radio buys 101.9 WRXP in New York

In early November CBS Radio announced the purchase of 101.9FM in New York, NY from Merlin Media for the sum of $75 Million Dollars. CBS Radio purchased the station in order to begin simulcasting WFAN on the higher definition 101.9FM. WFAN became the first ever all-sports talk station in 1987, and has pioneered the now insanely popular and lucrative 24/7 sports radio news cycle. WFAN houses many of sports radio’s biggest stars, including Boomer & Carton, Mike Francesa, and Joe Benigno. It also is the sole broadcaster of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, New York Mets, Brooklyn Nets, and New Jersey Devils. This move by CBS Radio signals a response to ESPN NY’s recent decision to simulcast on 98.7FM. [13]

WFAN Logo – Courtesy of

 CBS Radio announces launch of CBS Sports Radio Network

Perhaps the biggest news in the radio industry in the past few months has been CBS Radio’s announcement of CBS Sports Radio. In their press release the company called the  newly created station, “the largest major market sports radio network in the nation.” The network will launch on January 2, 2013 in at least eight stations full time. At the time of the announcement the station was reported to be carried part time in 14 more stations, and through a distribution deal with Cumulus Media Networks an additional 47 Cumulus stations. [14] Since then it’s been announced that the station will be on around 100 stations, with a reach of about 10 million households. While its estimated that ESPN Radio will continue to dominate with 350 full time stations in 30 million households, Dan Mason stated, “ESPN affiliates are in small markets. Maybe you find that adds up to a lot of audience.” [15]

CBS Sports Radio – Courtesy of


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