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Company Background
The Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (SBG), is the largest broadcaster of television content in the United States. Sinclair owns and operates the majority of 164 television stations in 79 US markets, and owns the rest through local marketing agreements. The company reaches the largest and smallest US markets and controls the largest number of ABC, CBS, CW, FOX and MYTV affiliates in the country. Sinclair also operates 3 radio stations in the Seattle-Tacoma Market [3].

SBG Network Affiliates (photo courtesy of [2]

 The Maryland-based broadcaster is the nation’s leading local news provider, has recently begun the distribution of premium college and high-school sports programming, and operates the American Sports Network and the Ring of Honor Wrestling league.  After making making several lucrative deals to acquire stations in new markets, including a re-negotiation with DISH Network, Sinclair now reaches 37.6% of U.S. television households. Recent success has given Sinclair the opportunity to pursue new business ventures and acquire new assets [4].
One Media

ONEMedia logo, one of Sinclair’s most recent technology investments [19]

Sinclair also makes strategic equity investments through its Business Venture subsidiary. The company holds interests in multiple media and technology companies such as Acrodyne Services, ONEMedia, and Dielectric, as well as in real estate properties [5] (Scroll to investments).

David D Smith, President & CEO (Photo courtesy of [6]

  • David D. Smith, President & CEO
  • Frederick G Smith, Vice President
  • Dr. J Duncan Smith, Vice President
  • David B. Amy, Executive VP & COO
  • Christopher S. Ripley, CFO





For further Bio’s of Sinclair Executives:


Julian Sinclair Smith

Julian Sinclair Smith, Founder (photo courtesy of [10]

  In 1971, Julian Sinclair Smith started the Chesapeake Television Corporation, which operated one station in Baltimore. That one station would eventually be the cornerstone of the nation’s largest broadcast company. Julian’s sons David, Fred, and Duncan would take over the company, and in the early 1980’s change the name to the Sinclair Broadcast Company, Inc. David D. Smith took over the company as president and CEO. Throughout the 1990’s, the brothers would go on a buying spree of content that allowed Sinclair to dominate the industry, increasing its number of television stations from 3 to 59. They purchased content in markets across the country, large and small. The passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 allowed for some deregulation of buying control by the FCC, which allowed the company to make more important station acquisitions. This entrepreneurial attitude and progressive vision is still integrated throughout the company today [9].


The Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. went public in 1995 and is currently traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market at $35.36 per share. The company has just released its Third Quarter Financial Results, revealing that the executives expectations were exceeded over the past year. Compared to the 3rd quarter of 2014, Sinclair realized a massive 10.8% revenue increase of $548.4 million versus $495.0 million the year before. The total yearly revenue increased 17.9% to $1.6 billion, versus $1.36 billion in the prior year period [7].

According to a late September Financial presentation at the Deutsche Bank Leveraged Financial conference, Sinclair reported a large increase in the amount of money the company can use to pursue its current ventures and find opportunities to enhance shareholder value, purchase more assets, and branch out to other revenue streams [8].

 This influx of revenue has allowed Sinclair to work on technological advances to the company, a new initiative it has been following over the last year.

Key Initiatives 

Sinclair has been on a buying spree throughout the past quarter.

The American Sports Network (ASN), Sinclair’s premiere sports division, broadcasts sports from 18 different NCAA athletic conferences [12]. The games are aired over stations that Sinclair owns or are syndicated through non-Sinclair stations. The ASN, launched in 2014, just made two deals in September with ESPN to carry Mid-American Conference football and basketball games, and to broadcast 10 American Athletic Conference Men’s basketball games per year on the large new sports platform [11].

File:American Sports Network Logo.jpg - Wikipedia, the free ...

American Sports Network logo (photo courtesy of [15]

Sinclair is being aggressive in order to bolster the progress of the ASN. They are currently negotiating a $500 million deal to buy the Tennis Channel, which operates 90% of Tennis content in the U.S. reaching 35 million homes [13].

On October 31st, the first-ever 24/7 Sci-fi multi-channel network was launched through a joint venture between Sinclair, MGM, and Michael Eisner’s Tornante investment company. The network is called COMET, and was the largest multicast channel release ever, reaching over 60% of the country [16]. The deal notes an effort by Sinclair to own its content due to the fact that it has almost reached the FCC limit for television ownership.

North Logo

COMET logo, Sinclair’s newly owned Sci-fi Network (photo courtesy of [14]

On November 4th, Sinclair closed a deal with Pappas Telecasting and Lincoln Broadcasting in Central Nebraska to purchase a Fox affiliate and multiple ABC affiliated news stations. Sinclair purchased the stations for $31.25 million and the FCC has approved the deal [17]. This is a basic transaction for Sinclair in their pursuit of owning  broadcast platforms in more markets.



Sinclair has taken advantage of its recent success to pursue initiatives that technologically advance the company and continue its dominance over the broadcast industry. One way to increase its footprint in an increasingly digitized world is the ability to broadcast and advertise on mobile platforms and enhance the broadcast experience. ONEMedia is working with all levels of the broadcast industry, from content producers to distributors, to design the “Next Level Broadcast Platform” that integrates mobile devices, creates an Ultra High Definition layout to broadcast, and creates new business models that improve upon the current structure of the industry [18].

Marketron's Logo

Marketron Logo, Sinclair’s newest business partner. (Photo courtesy of [25]

In late November, Sinclair and the leading media software provider Marketron negotiated a multi-year contract for Sinclair’s stations to use Marketron’s location-based mobile advertising. By studying demographics and utilizing mobile networks, Marketron allows advertisers to maximize accuracy and reach. This is a tactical move for Sinclair as it adds revenue streams by attracting potential advertisers to Sinclair’s growing reach [20].

Sinclair was recently part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pearl TV, a partnership of 9 leading broadcast companies, and Samsung Electronics America, the nation’s leader in television sales for the last 9 years [26]. The MOU will sustain technological advances in the industry and look to develop new ways to broadcast premium content to consumers. The three companies will implement the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) to overlook and advance the technical standards for broadcasting [21].

Image result for samsung logo

SAMSUNG Electronics Logo (photo courtesy of [22]

To more accurately monitor the affect of these technological advancements on consumers, Sinclair signed a new deal with Rentrak, a demographic rating service, on November 11th. Rentrak has already been working with Sinclair on a smaller deal, but will now cover all of Sinclair’s stations. Rentrak will provide Sinclair with accurate qualitative data from large sample sizes that will benefit all of Sinclair’s advertisers [23].

Sinclair is looking to consolidate the growing responsibilities of the company in order to streamline the organization of new assets. On September 10th, Jerry Lilly, a former CNN executive, was named to the new position of Vice President of Operations. He will work closely with the VP of Data Systems and the VP of Engineering to incorporate new workflows into the company and ensure that Sinclair’s TV facilities around the country are equipped with the most up-to-date technology [24].

The buying spree that Sinclair has been on recently has brought it close to the FCC station ownership cap of 39% of TV homes [27]. The company will look to start owning more of its content to create revenue streams, while still upholding its current re-transmisison and affiliate contracts that have put Sinclair at the top of the broadcast industry.


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Sinclair Broadcast Group

by Victoria Pane

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.59.55 PM[14]

Sinclair Broadcasting Group Inc. is one of the largest broadcast companies to date. SBG owns and operates programs or provides sales services to 112 TV stations that span 61 markets nationwide. Sinclair Broadcasting Group reaches about 29.8% of U.S. TV households. Station affiliates include FOX, ABC, MyTV, CW, CBS, NBC, MTN and Azteca.

Headquarters Address: 10706 Beaver Dam Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030

Telephone– (410)-568-1500

Social Media- Facebook  LinkedIn

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.40.21 PM[15]


David Smith– Chief Executive Officer

David Amy-Chief Financial Officer

Steven Marks– Chief Operating Officer

Barry Faber-Executive Vice President

David Bochenek-Chief Accounting Officer


Located in Hunts Valley, Maryland, the Chesapeake Television Corporation was founded by Julian Sinclair Smith in 1971. Station ownership started in Baltimore (WBFF), Pittsburgh (WPTT/WPMY) and Columbus (WTTE). The last of the remaining stocks were bought by Smith’s four son is 1985 and since then the company has been named Sinclair Broadcasting Group. David B. Smith has served as

urlPresident and CEO since 1988, while the other three brothers hold various executive positions. With the help of the brothers the company has done nothing but grow in audience size and content range. The year 1995 changed it all when the company became publicly traded. Sinclair owns the majority of its stations, but they do operate some affiliates for the networks using local marketing agreements.

Picture above[16]

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 9.09.23 PM


See all stations under Sinclair’s control here

Picture Right [17]

Recent News

Since the beginning of the New Year SBG has been placing new General Managers in many of its markets across the country. On January 2, 2013. Noreen Parker was named GM of WTTA-TV (MY TV Tampa Bay) in Tampa, Florida. On January 3rd Sinclair announced that Jim Lapiana would be the new GM of WPGH-TV (Fox 53) and WPMY-TV (MNT 22) in Pittsburgh.  Also on January 3rd Ronna Corrente was named GM of WDKY-TV (Fox 31) in Lexington, Kentucky. And lastly on March 7th, Terry Gaughan was named GM of WCGV-TV (My 24) and WVTV-TV (CW 18) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Another major piece of employee news is Steve Pruett joined senior management team as Chief Operating Officer of Chesapeake TV. Pruett has meny years of experience in the media, up until recently he was the CEO of Communication Corporations of America (CCA). Along with being the COO of Sinclair Television Group in the mid-sized market, Marks will also oversee the Company’s most recent strategy for small markets.

During February, Sinclair Broadcasting Group made a deal hoping to create initiative for small market television. The company signed an agreement to purchase stock and broadcasting assets of four television stations owned by COX Media Group. The deal was set for $99 million. These stations operate four different markets and reach about 0.9% of U.S. TV households. David Smith, President and CEO of Sinclair was quoted: “Over the past 18 months, we have led the industry’s consolidation efforts in the mid-sized markets, purchasing 30 TV stations and creating over $400 million of equity value. We believe our platform size and leadership position allow us to bring meaningful purchasing power and negotiating leverage to these stations. Including synergies, we believe the CMG stations can generate approximately $20 million of cash flow, on average.”

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 11.23.05 AM[6]

Also in February of this year, Sinclair reached an agreement with DirecTV regarding the retransmission consent agreement. They have entered a short-term extension to the existing contract so that both parties will be able to enter into a formal agreement. In conclusion, DirecTV will continue to carry all of Sinclair’s stations.

On February 28th SBG announced an agreement to purchase 18 television stations owned by Barrington Broadcast Group, LLC for $370 million. It also entered agreements to operate or provide sales services for another six stations. These 24 stations are located in 15 different markets and reach 3.4% of U.S TV households. David Smith commented: “This week, we launched our small market television group when we announced we would be acquiring certain of the COX Media television stations. The Barrington stations are an important part of that strategy, providing meaningful scale to the group. Including synergies, we believe the Barrington stations can generate approximately $71 million of cash flow, on average.­”

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 11.38.43 AM[8]

Conflicts with FCC ownership rules have forced Sinclair to sell its station WSYT (Fox) in Syracuse, NY and assign its local marketing agreement and purchasing option on WNYS (MNT) in Syracuse. The Company also sold its station WYZZ (Fox) in Peoria, IL. The license assets of four stations will be bought by Cunningham Broadcasting Corporation and Howard Stirk Holdings (newly formed and controlled by Armstrong Williams who is the founder and CEO of Graham Williams Group).

On April 2nd, SBG announced its full support of MobileDTV. Over the next six months, the Company will being to broadcast 10 mobile-cable signals in nine different markets. This is in partnership with Cunningham Broadcasting Company that broadcasts two stations in Columbus, Ohio (WSYX-TV and WTTE-TV). Consumers in these markets will be able to use MobileDTV on their smartphones or tablets to enjoy local over-the-air broadcasting for free simply by installing a plug-in adaptor. Sinclair has long been a mobile tv advocate has committed to offer some FOX affiliates on this developing platform. MobileDTV is expected to help with targeted advertising and the TV anywhere anytime for consumers.

Find a list of available stations and markets here.

SBGI Financial Reports

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 10.23.03 PM[13]


Sinclair announced its first quarter of 2013 estimates of a net broadcast revenue of about $251.9 millon to $254.9 millon. Also an EBITDA of approximately $90.3 million to $93.3 million. The Board of Directors declared a $0.15 dividend to all Class A and B stock holders as of close on March 1st, 2013. The dividend became payable on March 15th.

Listen to the First Quarter Earnings Webcast and Conference call here

Financial Events Calendar

May 1, 2013- First Quarter 2013 Earnings Report

June 6, 2013- Annual Shareholders Meeting

August 7, 2013- Second Quarter Earnings Report

November 6, 2013- Third Quarter 2013 Earnings Report


Industry Conferences

March 4-6 dbAccess Media, Internet and Telecom Conference Palm Beach, FL.

April 8-9 Wells Fargo Investor Forum at NAB Las Vegas, NV.

May 7-9 Jefferies 2013 Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference The Westin, NYC

May 20-22 Barclay’s High Yield and Syndicated Loan Conference Chicago, IL.

May 30th– The Benchmark One on One Investor Conference Milwaukee, WI.

Sept 30-Oct 2 Deutsche Bank’s 21st Annual Leveraged Finance Conference Scottsdale AZ.